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Meeting Schedule & Location

Council Business Meeting Schedule

3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in Chambers

Council Officers Meeting Schedule

1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in Chambers

Meetings Location

St. John - Waunakee & St. Mary - Westport
209 South Street
Waunakee, WI 53597-0322 US


Mailing Address

PO Box 322
Waunakee, WI 53597-0322

In Support Of:

Saint John the Baptist
209 South Street
Waunakee, WI 53597 US
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Saint Mary of the Lake
5460 Mary Lake Road
Westport, WI 53597 US
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Fathers William & Christian Nellen Council 6371

Council History

Our local Knights of Columbus Council is council number 6371. Our group was started in 1972 by 62 conscientious parishioners who wanted to do more to live out their faith. We serve the St. John the Baptist Parish in Waunakee, and St. Mary of the Lake Parish in Westport. Our name, Fathers Nellen Council, honors two priests who were brothers that were instrumental in founding our council.


Council Charter

Charter Dated: April 12, 1972

If you look closely at the Charter you can see the four principles of Knighthood emboldened in round symbols in the four corners of our Charter.

  • The upper left hand corner shows CHARITY. Charity is symbolized by the compass that always points us to remember charity. We are committed to helping the less fortunate.
  • The upper right hand corner shows UNITY. Unity is symbolized by the anchor, which represents strength in our order, and unity in religiously-grounded moral values.
  • The lower left hand corner shows FRATERNITY. Fraternity is symbolized by our Knights of Columbus logo. By banding together, Knights support each other, we support our parish, our school, and our community.
  • The lower right hand corner shows PATRIOTISM. Patriotism is symbolized by the 4th Degree Emblem, and demonstrates a witness to the values of devotion to God and loyalty to our country.

Also shown on the side and top and bottom border of the Charter are scroll letters. Starting on the left border is the letter T, followed clockwise by F M M. These letters stand for: Tempus Fugit Momento Mori. This means "Life is short, remember death." Life on earth is fleeting; we need to be active at the earliest opportunity and at every turn to serve and support each other.



Charter Members


A.J. Adler J. J. Andrewjeski A. Ballweg
D. Ballweg J. Ballweg N. A. Ballweg
R. J. Ballweg R. Ballweg A. Barman
P. J. Benards H. Benson T. Block
M. Breunig J. J. Capaul R. Carberry
B. Cleary G. Dahmen C. Diericks
Rev. E. Dietze A. Dittman G. Dorn
J. Dresen A. Endres D. J. Endres
J. E. Endres L. Endres V. Endres
L. Fitzgerald R. Greiber D. Heim
G. Heyn A. J. Kaltenberg J. Kaltenberg
R. J. Keller B. J. Kennedy A. Koch
M. J. Koch V. Koch A. Kuehn
L. A. Kuehn J. LaBerge J. Meffert
R. Meffert J. Meyer P. Miller
R. Murphy H. M. O'Conner D. D. O'Malley
T. L. Otter T. Poelma R. Raemisch
L. R. Ropella V. Schmidt R. Schmidt
W. Schmitt M. Schwab R. C. Shepherd
T. Uebersetzig F. H. Vasen A. Wipperfurth
H. Zandar R. Ziegler  


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