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Council Regular Meeting Schedule

4th Tuesday of the month at Mary Mother of God

Council Officers Planning Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of the month at Mary Mother of God

Council Program Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of the month at Mary Mother of God

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2745 North Ridge Trail
Oakville, ON L6H 7A3 CA

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Mary Mother of God Council 14446
2745 North Ridge Trail
Oakville, ON L6H 7A3

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Mary Mother of God
2745 North Ridge Trail
Oakville, ON L6H 7A3 CA
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Mary Mother of God Council 14446 beginning

This Council, No 14446, was granted its CHARTER from Supreme on January 1, 2008, (Feast Day celebrating Mary, Mother of God), to coincide with and honour the Parish to which it calls home, Mary Mother of God Church. But really its history begins with our founder Fr. Michael J. McGivney, on March 29, 1882, the date when the Knights of Columbus was granted its Charter. Through his foresight, this Order has developed into the foremost Catholic fraternal benefit society currently comprised of 1.9 million men and their families.


Mary Mother of God Parish, having recently moved from our temporary home of St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic School, where we had celebrated Mass for some seven years, to our newly constructed “Church”, many men felt it would be appropriate if we tried to start our own Knights of Columbus council in the parish. The turning point came in the summer of 2007, after having received support from our parish priest, Father Charlie Jordan, when a group of men, already knights belonging to Marian Council, # 3881,started soliciting the support of men in the parish. Under the guidance of then District Deputy, Dennis Ross, the process began in earnest. With the dedication of Gerry Kupferschmidt, Henry Thissen and Milt Cowan and so many others, the phone calls, the talking to potential candidates, the collecting of Form 100’s, the dotting of “ I”s and crossing of “T”s we soon knew it was going to be a reality.


On December 6, 2007, an organizational meeting was held at the Church chaired by District Deputy, Dennis Ross. At this time our Fraternal Benefits Advisor, Mario Rodriguez was introduced to the new council members present. Mr. James Smith, New Council Development Director from Ontario State Council reiterated his own and “Congratulatory” remarks from Ontario State Deputy Nat Gallo.


On January 9, 2008, a 1st Degree was held in the Council Chambers of Mary Mother of God Church where the first of our newly admitted members received their “Degree”.


On January 22, 2008, Milt Cowan, Charter Grand Knight of Council 14446, held the first General Meeting of Mary Mother of God Council and the “Journey of These 48 Charter Members” began.


May we continue to honour the founding Charter Knights. Let us continue to honour their dedication and may we continue to support and grow our Order and Council in the same manner as these Honoured Men.

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Position Name
Chaplain Rev. Charles Jordan
Grand Knight Milt Cowan
Deputy Grand Knight Gerry Kupferschmidt
Financial Secretary Brendan Saunders
Chancellor Henry Thissen
Recorder Robert Dorey
Treasurer Ron Kwapis
Advocate Ron Gauthier
Warden Gabe Salvatore
Inside Guard Manuel Medeiros
Outside Guard Pliny Noronha
Trustee Year 1 Curtis Allen
Trustee Year 2 Joseph A. Taylor
Trustee Year 3 Tom Schramm
Editor & Communications Brendan Wall

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Charter Members of MARY MOTHER OF GOD Council 14446

Chartered January 1, 2008  
Rev. Charles Jordan  
Rev. Mr.James K. Whittaker  
Allan J. Frost McCandlish, Paul J.
Almeida, Robert W. Medeiros, Manuel M.
Anthony, Thomas Tony Menezes, Oscar E.
Arthurs. Paul K. Myers, Paul J.
Civitarese, Ronald C. Nahdee, Jarvis G.
Cordiano, Joseph Noronha, Pliny Xavier 
Cowan, Milton W Pothier, Glenn L.
Crozon, Marcel R. Safronetz, Lyle G.
Curtis G. Allan Salvatore, Gabriele
Demchuk, Larry Saturno, Antonio
Dorey, Robert J. Saunders, Brendan L.
Eichenberg,James S. Schramm, Thomas W.
Fisher, David J. L. Sincich, Victor
Foran, Daniel L. Sommers, John M.
Gauthier, Ronald Steinhubl, John R.
Joseph Arthur-Hall Taylor Steven Zetts J.
Kovacs, Gabor Sullivan, Ronald R.
Kupferschmidt, Gerald J. Taylor, Joseph R.
Kwapis, Ronald M. Thissen, Henry J.
Lalonde, Martin J. Thissen, Martin J.
Land, Brian C. Walker, Peter G.
Lesperance, Kenneth J. Wall, Brendan G.
Luciani, Joseph P. White, Michael G.

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Milt Cowan (*Charter Grand Knight):

January 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009


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Gerry Kupferschmidt:

July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2011

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Henry Thissen:

July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

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Brendan Wall:

July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2014

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Robert Castonguay:

July 1, 2014 - current

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David Fisher:

July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2018


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SK Rory Facca

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2020


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Other Council Appointments and Awards


2008-2009 - Rev. Charlie Jordan (*Charter Chaplain)
2009-current - Rev. John Van Hees



2009 - Gabe Kovacs
2010 - SK Ron Civitarese
2011 - SK Rob Castonguay
2012 - SK David Fisher
2013 - Bros Mark Miziolek and Joe Luciani
2014 - Brother Tony Saturno



2010 - SK Bob & LADY Jeanne Dorey
2011 - SK Manuel & LADY Loudes Medeiros
2012 - SK Rob & LADY Teresa Castonguay
2013 - Bro Frank D'Aurora & Gracinda Ruiro - D'Aurora
2014 - Brother Jim & Nancy Eichenberg



2007-2008 - Best Newsletter - Division 6 - Honourable Mention
2008-2009 - Founder's Award - Insurance
2009-2010 - Trillium Award
2009-2010 - Pro-Life "Buy a Rose_Save a Life" Program
2009-2010 - Best Newsletter - Division 5 - 1st Place
2010-2011 - Best Newsletter - Division 5 - Honourable Mention
2010-2011 - Double Star Council
2010-2011 - Membership Quota Award Division 5_Honourable Mention
2011-2012 - Established 1st Degree Team
2010-2011 - Trillium Award
2010-2011 - Vocation Sponsor Award
2011-2012 - Trillium Award
2011-2012 - Best Newsletter - Division 5 - 1st Place

2017-2018 - Best Bulletin Award Division 3 - 1st Place

2017-2018 - Best Overall Bulletin in Ontario



The Sir Knight Nathaniel Haynes Columbian Squires Circle was chartered on January 7, 2012 with 3 Knights of Mary Mother of God Council 14446 serving as Counsellors and 17 young men of Mary Mother of God Parish as its Charter Members.

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