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Council Business Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm

Council Officers Meeting Schedule

4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm

Council Admissions Committee Meeting Schedule

2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm

Meetings Location

10118 St Stephen Circle
Riverview, FL 33569 US

Mailing Address

5607 Shady Creek Court
Valrico, FL 33596 US

In Support Of:

St. Stephen Catholic Church
10118 St Stephen Circle
Riverview, FL 33511 US
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About Us

Our St Stephen Council was chartered in June 2006. We are a very diverse and extremely active Council with over 300 members representing various age groups with a multitude of God-given skills and talents that we use to serve in His name within our unique Parish and throughout our surrounding Communities. Our Council is representative of our vibrant St Stephen Parish, and in our ten years of existence our members have created an environment that has earned us many Supreme and State Council awards.

Our Council is characterized by three main attributes. We are an 'Active Council', where every member is expected to participate in one way or another in the activities of the Council. Every Brother is requested to be a member of one our superbly led Service Program Committees which include Membership Activities, Church Activities, Community Activities, Pro-Life Activities, Council Activities, Family Activities and Youth Activities, and Columbian Squires. It is this involvement in our Programs where we as Knights and families make a difference throughout our Parish and Communities.

'Family Involvement' is at the core of who we are and what we do. We realize that it is a difficult choice to give up time with the family to commit to Council projects and events; therefore, we ensure that we make every event an opportunity to include family participation and encourage the involvement of our spouses, children and friends. It is our belief that the more our families know about what we do and get to know our wonderful Brothers and their families, the more amenable they will be to both our involvement as well as their potential involvement in the life of the Council. Moreover, we are especially proud hosts to our St Stephen Squires Circle #5209, chartered in June 2008, and to our Columbiettes Auxiliary, installed and chartered in February 2010.

Finally, what we believe to be our most important attribute is our passion for 'Spiritual Growth'. We cannot be effective 'Defenders of the Faith' if we do not know our Faith. Therefore, together we strive to become more knowledgeable men committed to the principles and practice of our Catholic Faith and God's Commandments. The members of St Stephen Council 14084 of The Knights of Columbus, stand united, with our families, as men of faith, guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by our belief in each other, and in ourselves. As Knights of Columbus, we firmly believe that as men we are defined by our actions as followers of God and as leaders in his community.

I invite you and your family to join us and become a part of our St Stephen Council Knights of Columbus Family. For more information, please contact me at grandknight@kofc14084.org

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