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Uknight Interactive and your Council have the absolute right to reject any ad deemed inappropriate or in conflict with the values or mission of the Order. Please be mindful of the following rules when constructing your placements.

  1. The following resolution adopted by the Order's Board of Directors in 1985:

    “VOTED, that the Board of Directors reaffirms its position that fraternal publications, (state, chapter, council assembly or corporations) are prohibited from accepting advertisements and news items relating directly or indirectly to the sale or servicing of life or health insurance other than advertisements and news items promoting the Order’s insurance program, and that a violation of this rule by any publication will constitute cause to prohibit the further use of the name and emblem of the Order by said publication
  2. Excepting restaurants, bowling alleys, event centers, social clubs, and other establishments where adult beverages are not the primary focus of the business, advertisements that include beer, wine or liquor or of establishments designed as places where their sale and consumption is the primary focus of the business are not permitted.
  3. The publication of political advertisements or announcements of candidates for public office or for office in another society or in the Order is not permitted.
  4. Publication of appeals for aid or contributions to a worthy cause require the prior approval of the Council.
  5. Any announcement that is deemed to be detrimental to the harmony and good order of the Order, or tending to create discord and dissension among the members or create public scandal.
  6. Making unjust or false statements, accusations or personal defamation of or against any officer of the Order in his official capacity or statements tending to defame or bring into disrepute officers or directors of the Order or decisions, rulings or actions of the officers or directors of the Order or its policies without permission of the Board of Directors;
  7. The Order Clip Art images, whether printed or in electronic form, are property of the Order and are protected by state and federal law.
  8. These rules are in effect and apply to any placement in your Council’s UKnight Market Center

All business ads are monitored for ethical and moral content.