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Brother Knights Relief Fund



The current Covid-19 health crisis has hit us all in one way or another.  Whether it’s health, isolation or financial, we’ve all been touched.  The uncertainty may be the worst part.


We have all been praying and looking out for one another through messaging or personal phone calls. Your officer team has decided to take another step by initiating the “Brother Knight Relief Fund” to enable Brothers who are currently financially secure to donate to a relief fund to assist Brothers who have been touched financially by this crisis through unemployment, furlough or severe reduction in pay. 

How this will work:

  • Brothers can donate three ways: through the ‘Donate Now’ button on this email; through the ‘Donate Now’ button on the Home Page of the UKnight website; or by check made out to "Knights of Columbus Council 9706" and mail directly to Treasurer Dick Neal, 5448 Lake Station Ln, Noblesville   
  • Our goal is $10,000 initially. You may donate one-time or monthly.
  • NOTE: Because our Council is not a 501(c)(3) exempt organization, these donations are NOT tax-deductible
  • Brothers seeking assistance will contact Dick Neal directly via email:

Dick is the ONLY Knight that will see the source of the request.  He will share it anonymously with GK Spina & Trustee Haselhorst. 

  • Knights trust each other as strong Catholic men, minimal questions and/or documentation is needed. Our hope is to be able to fulfill the request w/in 48 hours.
  • Initially, we will limit requests to $500/month. You may make additional requests in subsequent months and we may raise the support based on donation balance and number of requests for assistance received.
  • Our plan is to keep this fund open even after this crisis has subsided for any financial calamity that might befall a Brother Knight. Funds could also be used to enhance our gifts to our on-going charities. Example: OLG Parish or St Vincent dePaul. We would only do this after an official motion and vote at a Council meeting.


Additional Help is available through other sources:


Please pray for an end to this crisis & success of this campaign.

Please feel free to contact  Mark Spina  or Dick Neal with any questions.



Please feel free to contact  Mark Spina  or Dick Neal with any questions.


Vivat Jesus!