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Learn about Christopher Columbuis - more than sound bites

Columbus day is this month. 

The attached video, provides a clear and powerful rebuke to the pernicious narratives being spread about Christopher Columbus.  Special St. Francis tidbit, Christoper Columbus became a third order Franciscan. 

You will be likely surprised by what you see, and how history has been in some cases distorted.


View the video at this link


Thank you!

KofC Christmas Wreaths

Dear KofC Brothers

Enjoy a non-contact Christmas Wreath purchase from the comfort of your home. There are 11 items available, wreaths, door sprays and table top trees. The Holiday Evergreens you purchase for yourself, family, and friends will be delivered via Fed-X in a festive carton with your personalized message November 16 - 23. A tree will be planted for every item sold. Free Shipping! Free Wreath Hanger! Please order online at and use our coupon code KNIGHTVA003.


St. Francis of Assisi  Knights of Columbus THANK YOU!



Now through Dec 31, enter Promo Code MCGIVNEY2020 for 12 months of free online membership.  Click here to join

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How to help recent Afghan immigrants UPDATE

UPDATED as of 20 September


There are many Afgan refugees coming to the US and many will end up in this area.  There is also about 5,000 that will be housed temporarily at Quantico Marine Base.  Even amid COVID lockdowns there are many ways to make a difference. 


The first list is Catholic Chariities needs for immigrant settlement, these are people in the pipeline before the Atghan refugees at the end of August.  They need your help, and it is easy to give.

The second list is for the Quantico temporary refugees. that is at the bottom.



Arlington Catholic Charities has a migration and refugee services component that provides many refugee services for immigrants settling in the area.  They will be pledged to take care of a certain number of families.


(URGENT) Temporary & Long-Term Housing - If you know of friends or others who own properties for rent, it would help to provide stable housing for families as quickly as possible. MRS provides financial support towards rent but without credit or work history, it can be difficult to secure leasing for newly arriving SIV families. Our families benefit greatly from being near their family and friends in the area and so we are urgently looking for housing in:  
a. Fredericksburg, VA
b. Sterling, VA
c. Woodbridge, VA
If you have contacts in other areas of Northern Virginia, please send them along – we are trying to work with ALL housing leads!

Furniishings and household items are on Hold as CCDA has no more space at this time.2

Again, thank you for your interest and help! If you any have questions, please email: for further information.
Lourdes Iglesias
Community Engagement Specialist, Migration and Refugee Services (MRS)
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington
Migration and Refugee Services
8247 Shoppers Square
Manassas, VA 20111 office: 703.520.4011 | website:




They are housed at Camp Upshur at the western end of the base. 


Most urgently needed. 

1) People who can deliver items to the base.  You must have a CAC card, and be approved by DHS to access the area of the base. 

2) People who speak the various Aghan dialects.  Farsi (also called Aghan Dari), Pashto and some of the other minor languages. 
Calls for material items are beign worked through Francis House
Fr John also received a call from the Director of Catholic Charities saying they want to coordinate with us (St Francis parish) in collecting items needed by the refugees.

For more information and current needs, please contact Francia Salguero at (703) 221-6344 or

Signups for RE Traffic control by school - need 2 for each week

Brother Knights;

Please use the SIgn Up Genius link  to volunteer for the school traffic control. 


What is involved,

One person at each end of the sidewalk in front of the school.  You keep traffic moving, parents are supposed to park cars in the lot and walk the kids in, Middle school kids can walk themselves in.  No cars (except handicap or Emergency vehicles) go down the drive in front of the school. Be there by 9:00, it is mostly over by 9:30, when RE starts.


Based on the first week, most people got the message and do what is required.  We had to tell a couple of people and it was no problem, all smiles.


We have safety vests for this.

Thanks Dan Sullivan, event chair.

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