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Officers for the 2022-2023 Term

Potomac Council Offers for the 2022 2023 Term

Grand Knight              Troy D'Augostino, PGK

Deputy Grand Knight  Paul Ross, PGK

Chaplain                     Fr. Christopher Dunn, OFM

Chancellor                  Wilson Caba

Recorder                    Edgar Deomano

Treasurer                    Eric Schwarz, PGK

Warden                      Mr. James Casey Sr., PGK

Inside Guard,             Mr. John Enzmann, PGK

Outside Guard           Mr. Greg Nevens

Trustee for one year  Mark Formica, PGK

Trustee for two years   Ryan Sullivan

Trustee for three years  Steven Matias, PGK

Congratulations and best of luck for a great year.


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Potomac Council annual dues are 36.00 per year
We meet at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Triangle Virginia and members are active in wide range of activities.  We would be glad to meet you!

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Our meetings are normally 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the Month at 7:30 PM
We look forward to meeting you!

Learn about Christopher Columbuis - more than sound bites

Columbus day is this month. 

The attached video, provides a clear and powerful rebuke to the pernicious narratives being spread about Christopher Columbus.  Special St. Francis tidbit, Christoper Columbus became a third order Franciscan. 

You will be likely surprised by what you see, and how history has been in some cases distorted.


View the video at this link


Thank you!

Potomac Council Announces Officers for the 22-23 Fraternal Year

Congratulations to the new team of officers for Potomac Council.  

New officers for the 2022-2021 Fraternal Year will be:

Grand Knight - Troy D'Agostino, PGK

Deputy Grand Knight - Paul Ross, PGK

Chancellor - Wilson A Caba

Recorder - Edgar Deomano

Treasurer - Eric Schwarz, PGK

Advocate - vacant

Financial Secretary - Dan Sullivan, PGK

Warden - Mr. James R. Casey, PGK

Inside Guard - Mr. John P. Enzmann, PGK

Outside Guard - Gregory P Nevens

Trustee for one year - Mark A Formica, PGK

Trustee for two Years - Ryan Sullivan

Trustee for three Years - Steven J Matias, soon to be PGK

If you are an elected officer and would like your picture on the website - please send it to



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The Optional Penny per Knight per Day (PKD) is a Virginia State Council charitable fund that is used specifically to promote and support the deacons, priests and sisters that serve our Diocese.


Payment Amounts


If the amount of your invoice is not payable by the choices, then send a copy of the bill with a check for the due amount to:

KofC 9259

PO Box 26

Triangle, VA. 22172


How to use the website

Welcome to the new Council Website.  There are many new features in this site.  

Click on members and you can send an email to other members, and you can send an address or email change that will get the web site and the KofC records updated.  You can also add a picture of yourself. 

The event calendar is designed to show the Council events.  Clicking on the event brings up information about the event and how to sign up and participate.  

If you are an event chair - we can set up your event information for you.