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Faith: Altar Server Annual Picnic

FAITH: Every October, the parishes and various Catholic group join together for a Eucharistic Procession on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.  Hundreds come together for a public proclamation of faith and prayer for two hours. We departed from Star of Sea professing the Rosary to the 24th Street Pavilion for various readings, before returning to Star of the Seas singing hymn of praise. This year, the rain held off, and the event made for a great afternoon. 



Family: Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary Mass, Dinner and a Movie!

 August 15 is the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary.  This year, the Knights of Columbus honored Our Lady in service during the Mass in our green shirts as ushers, readers and Extraordinary Ministers at St. Gregory the Great.  Then we joined in support of Deacon Darrell after the 6:00 evening mass by preparing and serving food to parishioners, family and friends in the school cafeteria.  Knights cooked WHAT for over NUMBER who came to share in the communal support, which was then followed by the movie "Jesus Feeds The Hungry"

Life Hope4Life Van Cleaning and Rosary

Every Columbus Day, in honor of our namesake, we gather to say a Rosary outside Planned Parenthood.  This year, several members started early, joining early to meet at the Council to clean the Hope4Life mobile van. 

Community: St. Joseph Project Tackles Food Pantry "Fixer Upper"

This fall, our Council is rehabbing the St. Gregory's Parish Food Bank.  This project, while not a Chip and Joanna Gaines special, will nonetheless transform the inside and outside comforts and efficiency of the Food Bank.  Every Saturday, we will be tackling a new area.  Follow our progress on our Facebook page.

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Mayflower Marathon

Over a dozen  Knights and family members were at Pembroke Mall Saturday evening 23 November to help unload cars and pack up boxes of food in support of the annual Mayflower Marathon for FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. Over 700,000 meals!

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VKCCI   Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc

Helps support those citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia who are unable to provide support for themselves or their family members.


PKD   Penny a Knight per Day

Virginia State Council charitable fund that is used specifically to promote and support the deacons, priests and sisters that serve our Church.


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