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Chris Duffett Receives Circle of Honor Award

Every year the State Council selects 10 District Deputies, 2 from each Diocese, to enter the Circle of Honor.  This is the highest award that a District Deputy can receive.  It is from this elite group of gentlemen one is bestowed an additional honor in being chosen the District Deputy of the Year.  Also keep in mind that there are 71 District Deputies within the state so selection to the Circle is the crowning moment to a District Deputy and it doesn’t come lightly.


Selection to the Circle of Honor is both a privilege and as the title states an honor.  Many factors are considered before a District Deputy is selected.  Some of these could be resulting of the starting of a new council, increase of a council’s growth, and Star Councils.  Also his involvement with the church, community, his councils and State programs are also factored in but here are others.


Chris Duffett, District Deputy # 69, based upon his performance was more then qualified for this award.  He showed that he was the right man for the job and this award.  He was always looking for ways to make things better.  It further shows that the State recognized his tireless work for the good of the Order.


Take it from one who knows as I was fortunate to make the Circle twice during my term.


Congratulations Chris on a well deserved honor.



George V. French