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Assembly 1251 Sir Knight of the Year for 2023 - Mark Hampson

      Sir Knight Mark Hampson exemplifies everything that is good in America and in our Assembly. For example, daily attends to a neighbor who is suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). He asks nothing in return and performs this service privately and without fanfare. What an example of brotherhood.

     Sir Knight Hampson serves our Council as Bingo Manager of our weekly charity bingo. He is a member of the Exemplification team and has varied offices in both the council and assembly. He is also a member of the Assembly Honor Guard and regularly dresses out in uniform for special functions/masses/programs etc. 

     Sir Knight Hampson has been married 42 years and is the father of two adult children. He is a walking example of the four principles of our order and richly deserves this honor. 


Fourth Degree Family of the Year - 2023 - The Juan Carlos Garcia Family

     Although this Sir Knight has only been a member of the Knights of Columbus and a Sir Knight for only a short time, they have been very active in our parish for years.

       Both Juan Carlos and his step-son Edwar are members of Council 802. This family has been intimately involved in the weekly Spanish Mass that our Parish celebrates. Juan Carlos has served as the Altar Server, Lector, and he handles the duty of translating the Mass Plan from English to Spanish to help the Parishioners who do not speak English well understand the announcements and Prayers of the Faithful.

     They have been a cornerstone in the Hispanic Community, organizing Prayer Nights, Rosary gatherings, socials that celebrate the American ideals of this community etc. Juan Carlos is a member of the Assembly Honor Guard and he is very proud of his US citizenship.

     He and his wife Blanca have four children, Edwar age 20 (stepson), Juan Pablo, age 11, Fernanda age7, and Fatima age 0. Both of the younger children in this family attend our Catholic School and are excellent students. They are both Altar Servers. Edwar has served in multiple duties for the Spanish Mass and also did as a youth during the Youth Masses when he was in High School. He has been a straight “A” student throughout his life and now, in college as well.

     This family is generous with their time and they never say no when asked to help or participate in a program. In fact it is most likely they will volunteer themselves before being asked. Assembly 1251 is proud to select the Garcia Family as our Family of the Year.

Knight of the First Quarter - Tom Zettler, PSD

     Our congratulations go out to our Knight of the First Quarter, 2023, Past State Deputy Tom Zettler. Everyone knows that Tom is not in the best of health, but that has not slowed him down. He works Bingo every Thursday night. When it became impossible for him to work the floor, he took over the window.  He is there before 6:00 PM and stays until the end. Tom also puts our Intermission packs together for Bingo on his own time at home.

     He attends all of our meetings, both Council and Fourth Degree and actively participates in those meetings. He attends daily Mass at St. Patrick Church. Over the past several weeks he has also given the reflection after the gospel at the children’s Mass on Thursday.  This requires him to be at the church at 8:15 AM and you can count on him being there. The children love his reflections as he is very used to talking to small children.

     Father Augustine always calls on Tom to do a Communion Service during the week when both priests are out of town. Tom never says that he can’t. Tom sets up Eucharistic Adoration on a weekly basis and spends an hour with our Lord after doing so.

Tom is the epitome of a Knight who keeps on going even when dealing with physical problems, and that is one of the many reasons we have chosen him as our Knight of the First Quarter, 2023