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Chalice Program at St.Sebastian

Brother Knights,


As you may know, we have recently passed a vote to fund the Chalice of Ordination to honor and remember our Brothers who have passed. For those not familiar with the chalice programs our council supports, the following is a helpful synopsis by Dr. Bob:


Our council has two Chalice related programs which the Knights sponsor at St. Sebastian Parish. One is the program where families take a Chalice home each week and pray for vocations to the priesthood, the consecrated religious life and the permanent deaconate.


The other is the program which was started by the Fourth Degree several years ago after receiving a direction from the Supreme Master nationwide. Every 12 to 18 months, each Fourth Degree Assembly is directed to purchase a Chalice dedicated to the memory of those Sir Knights who passed away since the previous Chalice was purchased. Their names are engraved on the bottom of the Chalice and a raised Fourth Degree emblem is affixed to the base of the Chalice.  The recipient of the Chalice is asked to pray for our deceased Brother Knights in their daily Masses.


Traditionally, here in our Assembly, we have always given priority in determining the recipient of the Chalice to a Seminarian in our Diocese who is in need of a Chalice for Ordination. Chalices are often purchased for a Seminarian by their families, but many of the Seminarians in our Diocese have no families in the USA or simply can't afford the cost. I am currently the Vocations Chairman for our Third Degree Council and I receive the name of the recipient from the Diocesan Director of Vocations, Father Brian Lehnert.


For the past two years, Council 8009 has also participated in this program by paying half the cost of the Chalice and its case. Therefore, all deceased Third and Fourth Degree Knights names are engraved on the Chalice. We have a recipient for this year's Chalice. He is Deacon Frank D'Amato who will be ordained to the priesthood on May 21, 2018.




Ryo Isshiki on behalf of Dr. Robert P Christopher


We need Fourth Degree Color Corps New Members

We would like to beef up our ranks with more members so we can participate in additional church, community and K of C functions. We will provide you with your color corps regalia and train you as well!  All you will need is your tuxedo.  We do have one spare tuxedo for any potential Color Corps member that needs one.  
If you are interested in joining please contact SK Bob Kwiecinski:  772-571-6056 or email:
Vivat Jesus!
SK Bob Kwiecinski

4th Degree Color Corps Drill Manual


This manual provides the accepted drill procedures of the Fourth Degree 

Knights of Columbus. It has been developed for use by Fourth Degree Color
Corps as a standard for uniform drill procedures; Honor Guard/Color Guard
procedures; and the Manual of the Sword.
Uniform drill procedures will enable individual Sir Knights to drill with
other assemblies, and will facilitate participation of entire assemblies to drill as
a part of a larger unit. Sir Knights can drill with confidence of knowing that
their participation will be compatible anywhere.