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Council 7641 Members have the option to pay annual dues online.

As usual, you will receive the Annual Dues notice from the Financial Secretary.  You may still pay by mail, in person at a meeting or  pay online with a credit card. 


Council 7641 uses PayPal to accept your Credit Card payment.   You can pay using your Credit Card without a PayPal account.


The bank charges Council 7641 a processing fee for each online payment.  For example, for $60 annual dues, is $3 in fees. 


Remember to choose your payment option from the dropdown list and enter your membership number before selecting the 'Pay Now' button.


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Blood Drive August 21



Blood drive Saturday August 21, 2021 and the CarterBloodCare bus will again be parked at the front entrance.  


You may ask why so many blood drives?  The answer is the blood bank is flatlining around zero, nada because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Very few people are stepping up to donate blood. I met with CarterBloodCare and walked away in shock to learn how little blood is available to the public. It is so bad that Carter is calling hospitals asking them to test for blood type to see if Carter has supply before resorting to using blood type O, the universal donor blood type, in order to stretch the blood supply.  


Blood is an irreplaceable gift that saves lives. Only you can give that gift of life. It is also important to know that each drop of blood donated stays in Texas to serve our community.


This QR code will take you to the KofC Blood drive sign up page using your cell phone.



Or you can use this link to sign up on your computer.


Aug1-Sept11 2021_Limited Edition Shirt_Email.jpg (133 KB)

Remember, saving a life could be yours or a loved one.

There is currently a very low blood supply available to those who need it.  In donating a pint of blood, we are truly giving the gift of life!  It takes so little effort on our part, but the return for the community and, potentially, our loved ones, is huge!  Let's make this drive a great success and help fill the banks so that all who need blood will have it!

Saturday, August 21, 2021
9:00 am - 1:30 pm

1319 Brown Trail
Knights of Columbus #7641 - Bedford # - Carter BloodCare Bus
Bedford, TX 76022

Philip Wierzbicki
Volunteer Drive Coordinator


Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Fundraiser

Reminder card

Link the Knights of Columbus Council 7641 to your Tom Thumb Rewards card and Tom Thumb will donate up to 1%  to the Council.   Simply link KC 7641 account number 2427 to your Reward Card the next time you visit Tom Thumb.



Request for Funds

Members only.  Need reimbursement for Council 7641 expenses?  Complete and submit the Request for Funds form.  The form includes instructions.  Click here for the form.Request for Funds

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Council 7641 Announcments and Calendar Events are always welcome.  Simply send your fully-worded announcement with details and photos to email 'admin @ kofcbedford .com' (remove all spaces) for publishing in the Calendar and/or announcements.  .pdf flyers work well for event announcements.

Questions, suggestions, comments about the Council 7641 website should be directed to email 'admin @ kofcbedford .com' (remove all spaces)

eMail Council photos to email 'photos @ kofcbedford .com' (remove all spaces)

Bereavement Committee

If you know of the death of an immediate family member (spouse, parents, and children) of a Knight, please notify Les or Eileen Ewell. They can help with notifications and send flowers from the council call 817-540-3078 or send e-mail to

LeslieEwell @ (remove spaces)