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Blessed Michael McGivney Fund Grant (365 club)

By clicking the "Donate" button above you can choose the amount of $4.25 a penny a day plus $0.60 PayPal fee. 

Blessed Michael McGivney Fund Grant Guidelines:
1. Applicant must be a Oregon Knight, the widow or orphan unmarried child under age 26 of such Knight, 2. Applicant must have been in the Order for at least one-year 3. Applicant must be in "good standing", Applicant must be a member of the requesting Oregon Council

1. Grants are provided based on financial need, not on the applicant's activities as a Knight Funds are for the "Necessities of Life." Example: housing, utilities or food - not to reduce debt Applicant cannot receive two grants for the same situation 2. The situation should not pre-date the applicant's entry into the Order 3. Applicant cannot receive a grant more often than once every two years 4. Funds cannot be used to purchase real property or automobiles for the applicant
If the applicant is the Grand Knight or Financial Secretary, the District Deputy should make the investigator selection and sign the application as the FS or GK

Oregon State will not provide application status to anyone except the Grand Knight. The State Secretary is the only one who may contact the council for clarification. If possible, screening committee members are asked to respond to the application within 24 hours. E-mail your recommendation to the State Secretary and to all the screeners who are evaluating the same application.

Spaghetti Dinner

By clicking the "Donate" button above you can place your order just how you would like. Do include your mailing information so we can contact you if needed. Pick-up will be Sunday after 8:30 & 10:30 Mass. NOTE: right under the donate button will be a spot to include number of meals and any special instructions.

Green Sheet

Dear State Officer’s, Past State Deputies, Directors & Chairmen,                                                                                                                                                           June 25, 2022 The State Charities Fund established in 1980 so members could individually donation to a non-profit group. The State

Charity is totally depended on these contributions from Council members, our family members and friends of Knights of Columbus in Oregon and you.


Our first and foremost principle of our Order is Charity, the greatest of all virtues and the crown glory of a Christian life. The Oregon State K of C Charities gives the opportunity for Council Members and member of our community to assist those Catholic Charities in the state Oregon and full filling our Corporal Works of Mercy.


During the 2021/2021 Fraternal Year the Oregon State K of C Charities has received the following amounts:

Magdalene House in Medford           $750.00   Archdiocese of Portland Youth    $500.00

Rachael Pregnancy Center in Baker $750.00   Baker Diocese Youth                  $500.00

Grandma’s House in Bend                 $750.00   S.I.T                                           $500.00

Bethany Home in Gresham                $750.00   McKenzie Long Term Recovery $500.00

Fr. Taaffe Homes                             $6,500.00   Pennies for Heaven               $33,000.00

KBVM                                              $1,000.00   Pre-Seminarian                       $1,000.00

Ultrasound Initiative                       $51,323.35   Food for Families                  $24,250.00

Special Olympics                             $4,081.00

Our current “Green Sheet” list the groups that we have contributed to the last few years. You may choose one of these or you can list General Fund.

There are several ways to donate:

  1. ) Fill out the Green Sheet and return it with a check made out to “Oregon State K of C Charities
  2. ) Send the check directly to the Oregon State K of C Charities: State Charities Secretary Ken Anderson, 11863 SW Greenburg Rd, Apt #8, Tigard, OR 97223.
  3. ) Visit the Charity web site at

If you have questions, please call me at 503-730-1986 or email: Sincerely,

Ronald J. Boyce,

Immediate Past State Deputy & Charity President 503-730-1986