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Tom has requests funds of total $3,000. The funds are divided between two organizations. $1500 to Coastline Women Center and $1500 to Birthright of Georgetown. This information is viewed to be voted on the next Meeting.

Council Charity


Who are thE

Knights of Columbus and what do they do?


We are a proud Catholic fraternal organization and the first principle of our order is CHARITY. Here’s what our council does:



Each year we purchase over 160 new coats for the children in the community that cannot afford them. We may not get snow but, it gets very cold in the winter.



Helping Hands is a Myrtle Beach organization that feeds those that cannot afford to feed themselves. We have over 18 volunteers making 11 pickups per week of food from supermarkets and deliver the food to Helping Hands for them to serve to the needy. We have delivered over 100,000 pounds of food over each of the past several years.



With our “Tootsie Roll” program we provide significant financial assistance to Special Olympics, SOS Healthcare for Autism, Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society, Grand Strand Citizens for Life and the two Seminarians from St. Andrew that are currently studying for the priesthood.



Other activities for children include: “Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest,” “Essay Contest” and “Free Throw Basketball Contest.”



We are always promoting the Right to Life. In October of each year, we sponsor several Right to Life programs. In January, we participate in the Right to Life march in Columbia.

All of the above activities require capital and we raise over $50,000 annually to accomplish them. The charitable activities include the following:


  • Members volunteer to work at the Pelican games and generate over $5,000 annually.
  • We hold a Golf Outing and raise over $8,000 annually and

have some fun while doing it.                                                                                                            

  • We conduct our Tootsie Roll program throughout the    You may have seen us outside Sam’s Club or Kroger or after each of the weekend Masses in our parish. We usually collect over $20,000 annually.


  • We also hold collections each month for the support of Helping Hands. We have collected about $15,000 annually.


While our service to the needy is extremely important, we are also proud to be active within the Church serving in the following capacities:

Lectors, Cantors, Eucharistic Ministers and many of the other St. Andrews ministries. We are especially proud of the Knights serving as Altar Servers for the past 6 years at the Saturday evening Masses.



The above are just the highlights of the many activities and contributions that we perform each year.


Would you like to join us in our efforts? We would love to have you. Do as much as you want or as little as you can. Every bit helps.


We meet on the first Monday of each month at

The Community Life Center.


If you would like to join us, contact our Membership Chairman:

Bob Rooney (516) 456-5738 –



We are starting up the Pelican games again with our first game on April 5. Last year, we netted almost $6,000 with the games which enables us to make the many charitable donations during the year.

The signup list is out there and is very simple to access. To signup for a game, go to the following web address:

You will then have 2 options. Click on the option for "Pelican Volunteer Signup". You will be asked to login with your email address. Simply enter your email address and there is no password necessary. After you click SUBMIT, you will be given the list of available games. Just click the "Add your name" button next to the game you want and you will be signed up for that game. Done!

If you have any problems, you can call or email me and I will help you out.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Bob Rooney, Coordinator
(516) 456 5738

The other 2 coordinators that will be working with me are John Walters and Tom McElligott. However, for website help, call me.

Golf Outing At Arrow Country Club




If you were a player or a sponsor in last years Knights of Columbus tournament we thank God for you and hope you can support us again this year. We raised over $8,000 for the Downs Syndrome Society of Myrtle Beach and our other critical charities!  The flyers for the upcoming Golf Tournament on November 6th are attached. Please prayerfully consider helping us again this year or making this your first year joining us.  Feel free to email or call me with your team and/or sponsorship. We also need silent auction items!
In God's Service,

Dean Nikodemski and The Knights of Columbus at St Andrews





Columbiette Keep in Christ in Christmas

volunteer needed at helping hands


I received a request from Donald Smith at Helping Hands. They’re in need of front desk greeters. 

Please spread the word and among our council and the Columbiettes. 



Vivat Jesus

John Peters

Mobile: 540-314-8945

Begin forwarded message:

From: Donald Smith <>
Date: May 2, 2022 at 1:02:24 PM EDT
To: John Peters <>, Lori Kutz <>
Subject: Helping Hand Front Desk Volunteers


Good Afternoon John 


Thanks for your help.


Helping Hand is looking for volunteers that work our front desk operation. 


The duties of the front desk Greeter are;

  • Greeting clients when they arrive
  • Helping client with "client assistant forms, ( Ticket ) 
  • Tickets need; Date, time, name, Address, family members
  • Check with the client to determine needs: Food, Rental assistance, etc,
  • Front desk volunteer works closely with the Care Client specialist to determine if the client is eligible for Helping Hand assistance.

John, thanks for your help coordinating this request with Knights of Columbus. If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


Don Smith 


Pantry Coordinator

Helping Hand of Myrtle Beach


The resolution below is made based on discussions held by eleven officers of our council at a meeting on April 25, 2023.  At that time our Grand Knight, SK Ramon Gutierrez, reported on a meeting held with our Pastor, Father Morgan.  One of the topics was the consideration of current needs in our church for which the council may be able to offer financial assistance.   Among several items offered for our consideration, our consensus was that the one presented below would be the most appropriate and within the current financial capability of our council.

Material information pertinent to the review is summarized below.   As required by our constitution, this resolution is being communicated to all members during our regular May 1, 2023 Membership Meeting, as well as by broadcast email and posting on our council website.  The membership present at the following regular council meeting on June 5, 2023 will vote on the question, with a 2/3 majority of those present and voting required for passage.


WHEREAS, St Andrew Parish is engaged in a major facility renovation made possible through significant funding already committed by parishioner donations.

WHEREAS, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic delays along with the loss of parishioners to the new Blessed Pier Georgio Frassati Parish have affected both construction costs and funding levels negatively.

WHEREAS, our Pastor is therefore continuing to seek donations in support of the project’s completion, and has made suggestions to this council for our consideration.

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic and after effects forced cancellation of most of our traditional council fund-raising activities.

WHEREAS, alternative fund-raising activities, including an annual golf tournament and operation of the Pelican concession stand have been very helpful in enabling the council to continue significant charitable contributions, though not to the level previously achieved.

WHEREAS, the current balances in our council’s accounts, as of May 1, 2023 are as follows:

Operating account   $  14,439.01

Charity account        $    8,196.81 (dedicated to Columbus HOPE charities)

                        Total                 $  22,635.82

WHEREAS, the Supreme Council recommends that local councils maintain operating and charitable fund account totals at or below $10,000.

WHEREAS, under the presumption that Pelicans work efforts and golf tourney results remain the same, and dues collections remain constant, the Council is in good financial shape to make a multi-year commitment as proposed below.

WHEREAS, Council 5086, in keep with the principles of our Order, is committed to being a positive contributor and provider of support to our parish community.

WHEREAS, Our officers believe a specific suggestion to make a donation for one of the new pews ($5,000 spread over 5 years) had the most appeal and could be supported financially given our current balances and anticipated income.


That Council 5086 will pledge a donation in the total amount of $5,000 to St Andrew Parish, attributable for one new pew.

That the pledge will be paid over 5 years, in two semi-annual installments of $500.

The initial installment will be made upon coordination with Fr. Morgan or parish staff, and thenceforth at every 6-month interval until 10 installments are paid.


The resolution was drafted by Tom Setty, Trustee and approved by Ramon Gutierrez, Grand Knight


Paul Flood needs volunteers to help with scoring for the Diocese of Charleston Youth Basketball Tournament to be held at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center, 2115 Sports Way, Myrtle Beach, 29577 February 25-27, 2022.

Games are scheduled for:
Friday February 25th 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday February 26th 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Sunday February 27th 9:00 AM to Noon

Paul Flood will host a brief brief tutorial on score keeping on Wednesday or Thursday prior to the tournament. 

Score keepers will not have to keep up with things like assists turnovers and rebounds. They will have to track scores individually and for the team and then fouls individually and for the team and communicate with officials when excessive foul counts are committed.

Please contact Paul Flood if you have any questions or want to volunteer.

Phone: 843-385-7361


Tom Mc. is requesting funds near $500 aid for the new ASAP PROJECT. This program helps women after their Pregnancy. next month we vote on this project. for more information contact Tom our contact person for ProLife.


this will remain posted for 30 days.

Pasta Dinner Benefit

Pasta Dinner Benefit


The following is the Pasta Dinner Benefit. Unfortunately cannot be Broadcast through the Email Please Download and Circulate.


Dan Fuller

Ron Ray



Helping Hand Food Bank Pickups


We are expanding our ministry and will have 14 pickups each week starting February 10, 2024.


We are adding pickups on Saturday and Sunday starting February 10th at Publix Market in Coventry Market Place, 955 Wood Duck Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC. 


We currently pickup at Lowes in Carolina Forest, Food Lion in Forestbrook, Walmart Neighborhood Markets in Market Commons and 17th Avenue South.


The pickups usually take 15-20 minutes and unloading at Helping Hand is another 15-20 minutes.  Including drive time 1 hour is all you should need to complete the task.


We need a volunteer for Sunday pickups at Publix Market in Coventry Market Place and more substitute drivers that can be available for Saturday and Sunday pickups.


Weekend pickups are expected between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM and are delivered to The Fresh Brewed Coffee House at 933 Broadway Street in downtown Myrtle Beach.  Since Helping Hand is closed on weekends TFBCH will hold the food in their freezers over the weekend and Helping Hand will pick them up on Monday.


For weekend pickups you’ll need an SUV, minivan or pickup truck to hold the donations. Publix told us that all of the donations are in boxes (10-15) so you won’t need any containers to transport the donations.


During the week Helping Hand has a minivan that you may borrow.


We can use your help even if you are only available one or two times a month any day of the week.


For more information, please contact our Community Activities Chairman, Brother John Peters at 540-314-8945


Vivat Jesus

Pelican Games/Volunteers 2023

Pelican Volunteer sign up

Dear Brother Knights


The Pelicans Games are upon us. The 2023 Volunteer Sign ups are now out. This year we have Team Captains will be supervising the games and Ramon and I will be Coordinating.

to access the signup process for the Pelican games please use the following internet address:

all in lower case. The original instructions were in capital letters and it has to be lower case.

If your email address is rejected, send and email to Bob Rooney at:

and he will set you up and get back to you.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of this important fund raising activity.

Bob Rooney

Team Captains

Bob Rooney 516-546-5738

John Walters 631-926-0994

Tom McEligott 908-418-7948



Ron Ray

SV 843-945-2225

SM 843 - 945-0414

Ramon G.

Phone 917-609-9268


Into the Breach - A must view series for all Catholic men.


The above link will take you to all the segments of the Into the Breach series. Any or all of the segments  of this series captivate the attention and interest of the viewer. An excellent production of topics and information for Catholic men. These presentations will move you to think about your life, faith, family, and all whom with you come into contact. 
You will come away with a better frame of mind, a warmer heart,  and a better person for the brief time you spend with this wonderful series.
Contact Dean Nikodemski if you have comments or questions. He has been our wonderful guide on this journey as the members have gathered to view and discuss this most valuable resource. Thank you Dean. 

Faith In Action Programs

All Knights should be familiar with the Faith in Action Programs prescribed by Supreme for all councils. What do you know about these programs? Please use the link here to browse and review these important activities. Our council must schedule, plan, and implement some of these programs as they are required by Supreme for all councils.


Becoming familiar with the Faith In Action Program is important for all members because:

  • you need to be able to communicate with others about the different programs and their purpose and goals
  • our council needs members to step forward who have a special interest or talent which they can offer to the success of these types of activities
  • it is suggested that you find a friend within the council who has a similar interest and agree to chair or join a committee together
  • it is a wonderful way for our members to serve our church, families, and community
  • these are things that we all really have in common with each other

Let us know if you have a special interest or talent that you would like to share with our council to help us move forward in this endeavor. 



As members we receive an email with a description, excerpts, and links to the current Knighline.  Since you are here, you must be looking or thinking of all that is KofC. 


Click HERE to access the current or archived editions of Knightline.


We are all a smaller part of a very big organization. Reading the Knightline gives you some perspective of the big picture. Enjoy. 



Duties & Responsibilities of Council Officers

Although this information is available at, it has been downloaded and is available on this website. It is not necessary to publish this information for the public at large, so it is available thru the Council Documents Library.


To access, follow these steps:

1. Go to Members Only (left side of this page)

2. Enter your member # and birthdate (just the digits, no format)

3. Select Council Documents Library (Documents available here are not for public viewing)

4, Select Duties and Responsibilities of Council Officers


As a member you are welcome to browse any resource in this library.





Posting Your Volunteer Hours and Visits

Posting Your Volunteer Hours and Visits

As you may have noticed, the volunteer hours have have been reset for the next fraternal year. Of course last year's totals are available for viewing. Please set your goal and begin recording your time for this year. There are many ways that our council benefits from this information. Our council deserves to be recognized for the time and effort of our hard-working membership.


Click the above link for instructions about posting and tracking your volunteer hours and visits throughout the year. Print and keep for a reference. Thank you for your cooperation.