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Feb 2024 Safe Environment Practices For Children

In addition to our council’s commitment to comply with the national Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program (SEP) for Children (, the Holy Ghost Council #4977 (HGC4977) agrees to comply with the requirements of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Safe Environment Compliance Guidelines as administered by our parishes St. Theresa and St. Thomas of Villanova.  The Archdiocese of Chicago has issued a “Safe Environment Compliance Guidelines Chart”, dated July 2023 for the period July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.  (


Row 6 of the archdiocese’s chart (entitled “School volunteers and all parish volunteers who serve with children and/or youth”) denotes the applicable requirements which would potentially apply to our parish HGC4977 activities and events.  However, a review of our council activities and events with the parish staff of St. Theresa and St. Thomas of Villanova have found that all current parish HGC4977 activities and events where children are present are accompanied with their parents, guardians, or chaperones during the event.  As a result, our parishes have determined that “Row 6” of the archdiocese’s chart is not applicable to our HGC4977 activities and events.  Technically, the child’s parent, guardian, or chaperone is responsible for a safe environment of the child at all parish council activities and events.  Our parish’s staff have determined that HGC4977 Knights are bound to be watchful for a safe environment for all children, but it is not the responsibility of HGC4977 Knights to supervise them.  To clarify, our parish’s staff have determined that our HGC4977 activities and events are different than Religious Education, where the practice is that the child is left alone with the catechist.  In this case, the catechist MUST be in full compliance with “Row 6” requirements. 


In an abundance of caution, the parishes have advised that we would be in compliance with archdiocese guidelines by having one (1) Knight who would supervise each of the HGC4977 parish activities or events and who is compliance with “row 6” requirements.  Both parishes suggest, and the Grand Knight agrees, to be the responsible individual for this compliance.  The Grand Knight also agrees to complete “row 6” Safe Environment training and other requirements.  The Grand Knight further agrees to personally attend, or assign another responsible Knight, all parish HGC4977 activities and events where children are present. 


Holy Ghost Council #4977 will continue to coordinate with the parish staff of St. Thomas of Villanova and St. Theresa to ensure that HGC4977 continues to maintain compliance, as these requirements may change from time to time.  

BLOOD DONORS - Please Go to Community Donor Centers

Please read this message offered by Vitalant, the blood drive partner of the KofC Holy Ghost Council #4977.

The local Vitalant Blood Donation Centers are:

  • Arlington Heights – 25 W. Rand Road
  • Schaumburg – 211 W. Golf Road

Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. To put it bluntly, the demand for blood is constant.


Our friends at Vitalant need our help to ensure there is blood available for patients in need.  The response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused schools, businesses and places of worship to cancel upcoming blood drives.  This is putting our blood supply at risk. 


Right now, there is an urgent need for healthy donors to continue to donate blood to ensure hospital patients have what they need to survive.  Patients cannot wait for coronavirus to go away. An available blood supply is critical for them as they undergo cancer treatment, surgeries or to fight traumatic injuries.


If you are healthy and eligible to donate, please consider donating blood, platelets, plasma or red cells to help these patients. 


Donating blood only takes one hour.  Vitalant has 17 community donation centers in the Chicagoland area. If you are able to donate, please visit or call 877.25VITAL and schedule your donation today.  


Vitalant is absolutely committed to safety for patients, donors and our communities. Learn more about Vitalant’s response to coronavirus.


Thank you for your dedication to helping patients who need donated blood to survive, heal and recover.

Original Holy Ghost Council Charter Located!

CLICK HERE to examine the original Charter of the Holy Ghost Council


With the untimely passing of PGK and Founding Charter Member John Busch, members of our council were requested to review items that had been stored by John.   We are excited to have located the Original Charter for our Council.   Plans are being made to publicly display this important Council document.   Please click the attachment to get a more detailed look!