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Tootsie Roll Drive - Campaign for People with Intellectual Difficulties

The drive will take place from Wednesday, Sept 13 to Sunday, Sept 17. We have received permission from the state to solicit at the Wine and Liquor Store all five days. Pete and Joe Prococini will be calling and emailing the members to help solicit for two hour time slots at the store fronts in Salem.


Pete made mention that this drive raises funds for Salem programs for "Helping People with Intellectural Difficulties" and on the days of the campaign, many of these folks turn out and help raise funds. And they do a very good job at it!


A special shout out to Bill Silvestri, who wrote the application letters to the stores from his vacation spot in Florida. (I don't know Bill's travel plans for this year, but in the past he has shown up on the first day and stayed to the last day working full day shifts. I think he camps out in the boat tent and never leaves the lot for the week. - ed)

Activity Reporting

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Activity Report form for BLOOD DRIVE only

Activity Reporting

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Council 2 Council Grant Program

Bishop Peterson Council 4442 of Salem is offering a financial grant program to encourage other New Hampshire Councils to undertake projects and programs that might not otherwise be undertaken because of limited financial resources. Our program is intended to provide financial assistance to councils that are willing to take the lead in developing projects or programs that will boost their council’s image within their community, raise awareness within their local parishes and create activities that promote the missions of the Knights of Columbus. The ultimate goal is to build enthusiasm within those councils and give enhanced visibility in the community.

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