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2020 Sunshine Game Winners - Mar 2019 thru Feb 2020

Click to Open PDF - 2020 Sunshine Game Results - Mar 2019 thru Feb 2020

The Sunshine Game supports our seminarians, whom we celebrate at Clergy Night (when there is not a pandemic).  After many successful years of running the Sunshine Game, Brother Knight Ray Lakoske will be passing the 2021 Sunshine Game to Brother Knight Mike Boylen.  Our Council is deeply grateful to Brother Ray for the wonderful job he has done and to Brother Mike for stepping up to continue the tradition.

Five New 4th Degree Knights - Paul Berg, Keith Liscio, Matt Elakatt, Vince Romano, Jim Iverson

In February, five of our brothers became Fourth Degree Sir Knights: Past Grand Knight Paul Berg and Past Grand Knight Keith Liscio, Matt Elakatt, Vince Romano, and Jim Iverson.  Keith came in from New York to make his 4th degree with us.  It was a wonderful time.

Two New Fourth Degree Knights - Grand Knight Pat McLaughlin and Inside Guard Ben Nano

A Letter to Our Council from Father Marco Franco

Click to Open PDF - Letter from Father Marco Franco

Our council provided a check to support Marco Franco in his studies at Mundelein Seminary, and he is now Father Marco Franco.  Father Marco wrote us this wonderful letter expressing his gratitude and describing his interesting life.