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How to Access the MEMBERS ONLY Area & Update Personal Information

1. Click MEMBERS ONLY (left column)

2. Enter Member Number (user name) and birth date (pass code) > Click SUBMIT

3. Click ACCESS COUNCIL MEMBERS LIST > scroll to your name > Click UPDATE button

4. Enter new information where it is needed




The database used for the members only list is generated by our Worthy Financial Secretary and is what is on file with Supreme. If the information is incorrect, anytime we add new members a new list must be uploaded to the website.  When you update your information on this website, an email is automatically sent to alert the Financial Secretary of the discrepancy.


Please make changes to your contact information (if necessary) so we can officially update your information. There are surprisingly many errors on our council roster that we are looking to correct so everything works smoothly on the website. We also want everything to be accurate so your information is up-to-date with our council and Supreme!


REMEMBER: your e-mail address is never actually shown.


There is only a button to send e-mail to communicate with other brothers in our council.


Information on these pages are only available to membership!

Current Degree Schedule

Here are links to upcoming degree dates from the NJ K of C website. 


Admission (1st) Degree

Formation (2nd) Degree

Knighthood (3rd) Degree)

If you are interested in making your 1st or next degree, please email the contact person for the particular event that you will be participating. You must also let our worthy Grand Knight that you plan on attending. Click Here to Email Him


The preferred attire is coat and tie for candidates. For observers, coats and ties are preferred, but sport shirts and slacks are acceptable. Please remember to bring your signed membership card.