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K of C Basketball Free Throw

This is an update on the K of C Basketball Free Throw coming up on Saturday February 16th. The event will be taking place at Pearson / Assumption High School located at 1433 Headon Rd. in North Burlington. The timing will be exactly as it was planned for the original date. Students should arrive by 9 AM and if they have registered at the school or if their registration information has been sent to the organizers before the day of… they can go directly to the gym and go to the table/basket for their age and gender...they can take a few practice shots if they wish. Please enter the school through door number 4 at the rear of the school as it is closest to the gym. The parade in will start at 9:20 led by the K of C colour guard and the opening ceremony will start at 9:30. Competitions should be underway by 10 AM and should finish up by noon.

List of Events - updated August 27, 2019

List of events updated August 27, 2019

Here is the list of events for our council for the current fraternal year. This is intended just for general planning purposes so please remember that all  dates are subject to change so please check with the events calendar for updates.