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Executive Officers - 2022-2023 Fraternal Year

At our May General Meeting held on Monday, May 16, 2022 the following members were elected / acclaimed to hold the following positions to lead our Council for the 2022-2023 Fraternal year effective July 1.

  • Grand Knight – SK Br Marc Vallee
  • Chaplain – (to be confirmed)
  • Deputy Grand Knight  - SK Br Larry Coleman
  • Chancellor – SK Br Murray Harris
  • * Financial Secretary – SK Br Antony Osula
  • Recorder – Br Dan Lovell
  • Treasurer – Br Mark Danelon
  • **Lecturer – Dr Br Louis Shallal
  • Advocate – SK Br Mark Kowalsky
  • Warden – Br Scott Westrop
  • Inside Guard – Br Alex Berg
  • Outside Guard – Br Ron Wilkinson
  • Trustee – 1 Year – SK Br Garry Hawco
  • Trustee – 2 Year – SK Br Chris Kowalsky
  • Trustee – 3 Year – Br Tom Brownlie

*Appointed by the Supreme Knight in New Haven

**Appointed by the Grand Knight

Our District Deputy was in attendance to oversee the final process that was co-chaired by 2 of our Past Grand Knights -  Brothers Chris Kowalsky and Marc Morneau.  

This new team of Officers brings a wide range of talents, experience and youth a significant reflection of our membership which of course is parish based.

All of these Knights are thanked for stepping up in leadership roles. 

Our out going Grand Knight Brother Dave Blain is owed a debt of gratitude for his leadership and service for the last couple of years.  We have remained active and engaged more than many similar organizations during the pandemic and continued to meet monthly at both Executive and General membership levels, 

Brother Brandon Bernardon having served for  a few years as a Guard is stepping back now while he starts Law School in the fall promises to remain active and help when he can.

Our members owe all of these members a big 'thank you' for their commitment and dedication and keeping our Council on course and continuing to hold our heads high as one of the leading Councils in our District and in the Windsor - Essex region as a whole!