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Black Diamond Food Bank donation


Thanks again to our parishioners the 2017-2018 Food for Families Program was a great success,  we were even able to exceeded last years donations. Our total food donations came to 7617 pounds and we were also contributed $500 in cash. The program also included our very popular 40 Cans for Lent program which brought in over a ton of canned food.

Parishioners are asked to bring food donations to church and every week the Knights weigh the food and take it to the food bank. For every 1000 pounds of food, up to 5000 pounds, our council applies for and receives, $100 from Knights of Columbus Supreme. Our council then donates the $500 to the food bank. Once again we want to thank our parishioners for all their donations.


Refund Support Vocations Program

For the last several years the St. Barbara Knights of Columbus have been involved in the Knights RSVProgram. Through this program a council gets assigned a seminarian that they then help financialy as the seminarian makes their journey to priesthood. This year we were assigned a new seminarian, as our first one, Fr. Colin Parrish, was ordained into the priesthood this past June.

We are happy to introduce our new seminarian, Carlos Orozco. Carlos sent us the following information as an introduction.

 "A bit about myself: I was born in Mexico and moved to Seattle at the age of eight. After high school I started taking classes at the local community college with the intent to transfer to a four-year university and major in biology and work doing research and teaching. Shortly after starting college I went through a period of atheism but providentially found myself at a Holy Thursday mass. During this mass, when I saw the priest take off his chasuble to begin the washing of the feet, something happened in me and all the doubt and sadness I felt from not believing in God became an awareness of the certainty of God’s existence and love. Not only did I receive the gift of faith, but I had this inner desire, an unexplainable need, to replace that priest I was looking at on the altar. I had an encounter with Jesus that night that completely changed my life. 
I was 18 when I had that moment of grace, and wanted to get some life experience and buy a car first before entering seminary which I finally did at 24. I did three years of college seminary at Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon, then transferred here to Mundelein Seminary in Chicago for theological studies. I am now in my 6th year of seminary formation. This fall I started my studies as a 3rd Year Theology student, meaning that, in God’s grace, by the end of this school year I will be ordained a transitional deacon. This past summer I did a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma, WA. It was a beautiful experience of learning from people in their suffering. I have been able to have various formative experiences like these which are made possible thanks to the prayers and financial support from all of you. It allows me to focus on growing in my spiritual, academic, pastoral and human dimensions without having to worry so much about finances. 
A few novelty facts about me: I love the creative. I like to draw and take photographs both of nature and some more directly religious inspired themes. I am on a mission to visit all 58 national parks within the U.S. In the last few years I’ve visited 22, mostly on my drives between Seattle and Chicago. If any of you have Instagram, I post my hike photos @eyeofcarlos, and my seminary life, art, and creative photos in @mindofcarlos. Aside from art and hiking, my other hobby is fish keeping. I am limited now as a seminarian but have kept fish for many years and really enjoy doing elaborate natural fish tanks. 
I look forward to hearing from you, and know that you also count with my prayers for all of you and your families." 
In Christ,
Carlos Orozco
At our November pancake breakfast we received $1200 in donations from our generous parishioners, Carlos will be receiving the full amount. We will also be able to send Carlos an extra $200 as Supreme gives us $100 for every $500 we are able to contribute to Carlos.

2022 Tootsie Roll Drive

2022 Tootsie Roll Drive

For the past two years, due to COVID, the St. Barbara Knights were not able to participate in our Annual Tootsie Roll Drive.  This drive helps charities that work with the disabled. This year our Knights and their family members were able to participate once again!  Thanks to the Bonney Lake Fred Meyer and Wilderness Village QFC we are able to pass out tootsie rolls in front of their stores. The Knights picked two weekends in September and October to hand out tootsie rolls. In return, customers could make a monetary donation. 100% of all the proceeds go to three different charities that the St. Barbara Knights have decided to support. The charities are Special Olympics, Northwest Center and Arc of King County. All three charities help people with intellectual disabilities. (To find out more about these great charities, you can go to our Links of Interest section.)  This year we were able to raise a little over $1700 for our charities. All councils that are involved with this program give 20% of their donations to Columbus Charities Fund. The fund then gives all that is collected through this program to Special Olympics. Since the program's inception, in 2011, the Knights of Columbus has raised money that has benefitted many charitable organizations, including Special Olympics. Thanks to Brothers Doug Marsh, Eric Doan, Tony Stevenson, Gabe Hanzeli, Zack Midles, Gerald Korst and Gary Reed!  Special thanks to Karen Stevenson, Debbie Reed and Kathy Doan, and the children; Jacqyuelyn, Kennedy and Torin!  TOOTSIE ROLL PHOTO GALLERY