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Urgent Christmas request, for a Christmas blessing for a family

Make a Donation for Adopting Ruzek Family with VENMO
Simply use your VENMO APP and note "Donation for Adopting Ruzek Family" in Comments section using the VENMO Council Code: "@StJude-Council11293"



This is the location where you can Pay your Dues, Order KofC Polo or Dress shirts, Make a donation, purchase Committee of 1000 Pins, etc. An e-mail notification will be sent to the Council Treasurer and you will also receive a receipt of the transaction. If any further information is required you will be contacted.

New KofC Council #11293 and Assembly #3553 Logo Store

The long awaited GRAND OPENING of the Knights of Columbus Logo Store is here.  Well, this may be the first you have heard of it, but others have been merciless in their demands that the store be open for business.  There is almost always a sale, so remember to activate the coupon before you start shopping.

There is still one omission in the logo/sleeve rank combinations.  The KofC Emblem on the left chest, with the 4th  degree rank on the left sleeve is still missing but it will be added shortly.

There are two ways to shop in the store:
OPTION #1:    
Shop by product type, say polos, on the left side of the page. You will then see 72 polos that are offered. 12 unique polos, each with 6 (soon to be 7) different logo/sleeve rank combinations. The picture of the modeled garment with the logo shows the left chest logo. When you move the mouse pointer over the picture it will either enlarge the left chest logo (if there is no sleeve rank) or show the sleeve rank available with that left chest logo. There are 3 different embroidered left chest logos, the 4th degree Coat of Arms designed by Ron Staes, the 4th degree emblem with the text St. JP II Assembly 3553 and the 1st degree emblem with the text St. Jude Council #11293. Each comes with the choice of no sleeve rank and the 3rd or 4th degree rank for the left sleeve, if appropriate. There will be no right sleeve ranks offered in the store. If you are a 1st or 2nd degree Knight, you should only wear a shirt with the 1st degree emblem with the text St. Jude Council #11293 left chest logo and no sleeve ranks. A 3rd degree Knight should wear the 1st degree emblem with the text St. Jude Council #11293 and either no sleeve rank or the 3rd degree sleeve rank (the emblem of the order with no text on the left sleeve) or the 4th degree sleeve rank (the 4th degree emblem with no text) if you are a Sir Kni! ght. Sir Knights who are wearing an Assembly shirt can choose either of the two assembly logos for their left chest (the 4th degree Coat of Arms designed by Ron Staes or the 4th degree emblem with the text St. JP II Assembly 3553) and either no sleeve rank or the 4th degree sleeve rank (the 4th degree emblem with no text.
OPTION #2:    
Shop by Logo/sleeve rank combination at the bottom of the page , say 4th degree Coat of Arms. The store has 61 items with that logo combination. If you click on the 4th Coat of Arms and the 4th degree sleeve rank you only have 18 choices because sleeve ranks are only sold on short sleeve dress and polo shirts. The 61 items included t-shirts, bags, jackets, sweatshirts, etc.

Enough preamble, get to shopping.  We have kept prices low on the items so that you are paying less for your logo wear and the Council/Assembly is also making a small amount of money.

Start saving at your Online Store now - take $25 off your order of $75 or more until July 21! Click below for this great offer.
Password:     KofCLogoWear

SK Joseph E Collard, Jr


DUES OPTION 1: We ask that you please forward payment to the financial secretary as soon as possible. Checks should be made payable to St Jude Council, 11293 and sent to: 1120 Highridge Farms Rd, McKinney, TX 75069-1086.


DUES OPTION 2: Should you prefer to use a credit card, please use this PayPal link. Note: you do not have to have a PayPal account. Paypay is merely our card processor.

Pay Dues with PAYPAL Here

Dues Options


DUES OPTION 3: Pay Dues with VENMO


Note: If you would prefer electronic dues payment, if you could purchase with VENMO so the council can save on processing fees.Simply use your VENMO APP and note Name, COUNCIL Dues Payment in Comments sectioning the VENMO Council Code: "@StJude-Council11293"Council #11293 Dues: $40 Annual Membership Dues must be paid to remain in good standing in the order. Dues pay for the administration and expenses of council activities, as well as support of parish charitable programs. Additionally members receive a number of Fraternal Benefits supported by dues.Council #11293 Charitable Contribution. Council membership support includes a voluntary, $10.00 contribution to the Knights of Columbus Texas State Charity Fund. Seventy percent (70%) of the money raised in the Dallas Diocese, after expenses, come back to Bishop Farrell for the Disability and Deaf Ministries. The remaining 30% will be used to fund the other State Charity Programs such as Special Olympics, disaster relief, educational grants, and other worthy causes. Our objective with the voluntary charity portion is to support the Bishop Farrell Disabilities and Deaf programs and all the special programs that Texas StateCharities Fund supports. Please include your support of our Texas Sate Charitable Fund with your dues for a total of $50

Committee of 1000

The Committee of One Thousand is a project of The Dallas Diocesan Chapter, a representative group of all Knights of Columbus councils in the Dallas Diocese. Membership contributions are periodically presented on behalf of the Committee members to the Office of Vocations of the Dallas Diocese. These contributions are used as a discretionary fund by the Director of Vocations to provide financial assistance to seminarians. Various uses in the past have included books, tuition, emergency trips home, required physicals, and Christmas spending money. The Committee accepts annual $10.00 contributions from individual Knights as well as their spouses, associates, and friends, whether or not in the Dallas Diocese. The only common denominator they have is their desire to support seminarians. Many Committee members are multiple donors throughout the year. Several Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies have budgeted annual contributions to the Committee. The symbolic "praying hands" pin identifies members of the Committee. Join the Committee of One Thousand "in support of vocations"! Checks may be made payable to the "DDC Knights of Columbus" and given to the council District Deputy at each Council meeting. The D.D. will present the pin to you immediately. Further information may be obtained from the DDC Committee Chairman Joe Picard by email to

St Jude KofC Store: General Donations

Generic or Specific Donations can be made here for any amount.

Form 100 - New Member Application


To assure proper handling of our Form 100 Membership forms, please immediately take a cell phone or PC scanned picture of all new Form 100 forms and e-mail to:


                 KofC Council #11293 New Form 100 Submission


 Those interested in becoming a knight can also fill out this online form on the Supreme Website:


Thank you for your interest in the Knights of Columbus.


  • Complete the form below, after which a Knight in your area will contact you.
  • Have a conversation with him about the Knights of Columbus in your community.
  • Browse this Website for more information on the Knights of Columbus as a whole.
  • Complete a Membership Document - the Knight who contacts you will be able to give you one.
  • Attend the next initiation ceremony in your area.

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