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Diocesan Lenten Retreat Update Details


Hello Dear Potential Participants in the Lenten Retreat:


Here is an update for you regarding details for Saturday. The video that Fr. Keeler created will be up on the diocesan website at by Friday and you can preview it then. Fr. Roger provided 10 very good questions you can use when you meet with your group for discussion. The questions that expand topics on his preaching are listed below. The questions will form the bases for your discussion. Remember, if your people are unsure what to do on Saturday, they should be reminded of the following:

1. First go to www.dioslc. and click on the top "ribbon" that says Diocesan Lenten Retreat. You then select Bishop Solis' Introduction and Prayer. It is about 11 minutes long.

2. On the same diocesan website, you will see an option to select a speaker. Click on the link for Fr. Roger H. Keeler. Watch his video of Lenten preaching on " Renewing Faith, Hope and Love in the Year of Saint Joseph."


The videos will be up online all during Lent, so you might want to use them for other groups as well. There are many topics that Fr. Roger covers and they are great messages of Hope for all.


Please know of my deep appreciation of your "yes" to the invitation to lay leadership at this event. Our Bishop has been pleased with the good response from laity.


Yours faithfully,


Susan Northway

Office of Faith Formation.




Phone or text:  801-455-3530




1)      Where have you seen examples of “creative courage” over the past year?

2)      How have you exhibited “creative courage” in your own life?

3)      Identify some of those people who “live in the shadows” who have made our living possible.

4)      How has your personal prayer changed since this all began?

5)      How has your work changed since this all began?

6)      Who do you miss most being with?

7)      How have you successfully maintained a sense of community? Of belonging? Of being connected with others?

8)      What do you miss doing most?

9)      What is one take away from Fr. Roger’s presentation on Saint Joseph?

10)  In light of what you have heard, is there something you think you would like to change in your life? How do you think you might accomplish that?

KofC Red Cross Blood Drive at Christ The King March 15, 1-6:30 pm

First Parish Blood Drive of 2021

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Welcome Brother Christopher Nowak our Newest Knight

Welcome to Christopher Nowak who decided the time was right to become a Knight and join our Council on Sunday, 2/7.
Please make our newest Brother Knight welcome as we work to schedule his Exemplification into our order.
Chris is married and the father of three young children.  The oldest is close to nine and the youngest is close to three years old.  He and his family are very engaged in our Parish.  In addition to his primary job as a 911 Dispatcher, Chris maintains Christ the King facilities and plays a leadership role in our Parish Safety & Security Team. His wife Miriam is the Director of Faith Formation for our Parish.   Chris is an Army Veteran and a rotary and fixed wing pilot.  

Vivat Jesus
David Webb

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