Holy Spirit Council #6517

Pancakes take preparation, right Dan?

You guys absolutely "creched it"

Bravo brothers who braved the BRRRRR

The Cemetery Team

If you're not going to cut up chicken, make yourselves useful!

Nicolas and Andres ... working their magic

September Cemetery Clean-up Leadership

The Man. The Tools. The Legend.

Look at all that chicken!

C'mon guys, this is serious business!

Drill Sergeant David Labbe

At the Shrine, working the tables

Brother Andres, batting clean-up!

Hap! Is that thing loaded?

Wait. You want us to take this down? We just put it up!

What happened to the broccoli?

DK Rich Sghiatti crushes Creche Best Tool Collection 2021 with his awesome tool armamentarium.

Nice touch, Rich

Prep work is never done

Now hear this!

The Omelette crew

How would you like that?

John, you're a natural

Every project needs a supervisor, right?

We live to serve

Work it brothers!

Fish Fry Hush Puppy Prep - Father Atraga is supervising us!


Shelter Food Prep - Chef Dan adding consummate finishing touches.

Shelter Food Prep - Deputy GK Rich making sure everything is done to perfection.

Constructing Creche Deck Framing with Master Carpenters Kelsey, Sherwood, Sghiatti and Labbe. Thanks to Neil Johnson for awesome frames.

Creche Decking Skills

Westview Cemetary Cleanup. It was a beautiful day, and Hap (light blue shirt) is the boss - when he says jump we all say how high?

Summit Meeting with MSGR at O'reilly's Public House

Setting up the Holy Spirit Creche. Neil Johnson wins award for best 2020 tool collection. Word is, he has serious competition this December 2021.

Dinner for the Shelter

Example Frame

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