K of C Council 14512

Welcome Knights of 14512
New Knights - November 8, 2020

Congratulations to New KC14512 Knight
Doug Massey and Family
November 29, 2020

Welcome to Father Jared Loehr and Kirk Geohegan of KC 14512 and Terry of KC 6557 December 19, 2020

Charity,Unity & Fraternity Ceremony November 8, 2020
Welcome NEW Knights of 14512

Chili cook-off 2018

Knights of Columbus in Solitude with God and Country

Annual Chili Cookoff benefitting the KC Wheel Chair Ministry.

KC 14512 cooking for Assembly 2683 (2013)

KC 14512 "The passion to Serve"

Food Drive 2020 for NAM/St. Vincent de Paul

Beautification MASS to be HELD on OCTOBER 31, 2020 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Thank you St. Edward Parish for your gifts of food and money to Local Food Pantries

Zoom Meeting for introduction to Knight prospects from St. Edward

Have you thought about joining the Knights?

The Diocese of Galveston-Houston Award for Outstanding effort in Ceremonies. K of C 14512 was a part of this team effort

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Council Announcements

We are proud to announce that so far this year 4 members of our Council
have performed 159 hours of Volunteer Service in our parish and our community.

K of C Council 14512 Membership Drive for the Fraternal Year of July 1, 2020, to July 1, 2021


The Knights of Columbus at St. Edward CC in Spring, Texas are looking for Catholic men that want to be better men by joining close to TWO (2) million men WORLD-Wide, that strive to live their lives by the virtues of:

  1. Charity- Love of the fellow men and women and want to support their Church and Community in SERVICE.
  2. Unity- belonging to a group that wants to serve and give back, you can do far more than one individual. Power comes from the UNITY of many.
  3. Fraternity- NO one individual is supposed to go through life alone. In a brotherhood that serves and gives back to their community and provides dedicated service for their families, the Knight does not feel alone living in good times and bad. The fraternity of others of like mind raises their spirit by support.
  4. Patriotism - Love and Pride of your country (USA) help us to unite to all walks of life.


Please check out these invitation videos that will give you an insight into OUR FAITH IN ACTION AS KNIGHTS of Columbus

                  LINK 1: https://youtu.be/uRR6lXGxEk4

            LINK 2. https://youtu.be/u-i_DAfSL_I

CONTACT: Christian Frando or Chris Tate (Membership Directors- KC 14512) at 940-447-4121 or email- christian.frando@gmail.com or 936-672-0936 christopher.tate1974@gmail.com   

PEACE BE WITH YOU and your loved ones.




Columbia Magazine for 2020 Link: 


___________________________________________________________The Knights of Columbus vigorously defends the dignity of each human being at every ... Lead your community in the spiritual fight to establish a culture of life.  

Council 14512 Knight SK Mark San Miguel evangelizes his "Faith in Action"ministry of http://www.wannababies.com.


WANNABABIES © 2011 creates a unique approach to the Pro-life battle with a comic strip offering an imaginative glimpse of life in the womb and a depiction of the abortion debate from the perspective of the unborn. The purpose of Wannababies is the greater consideration of the "life choice" for our unborn 


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Brother Knights:
Do you know someone including yourself that would want to advertise their business in the "Council Market CENTER" in the upper right-hand corner of the kofc14512.org website?
VERY VERY COST effective and helping out the Council and Church with sponsorship at the same time. For as little as $100 per year, you can promote your business.
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Your Field Agent

SK Henry Rangel

I'm your Council's Field Agent.

Click Here to visit my site.

About Our Council

Council Membership Meeting Schedule

1st Monday of the month at Zoom or St Edward C

Council Business Meeting Schedule

3rd Wednesday of the month at Zoom or St. Edward C

Meetings Location

2601 Spring Stuebner Road
Spring, TX 77389 US

Council Officers

Family of the Month

SK David and Lady Diane Skouby

SK David and Lady Diane Skouby
Family of the Month
March 2021

Knight of the Month

SK Charles Gustavus

SK Charles Gustavus
Knight of the Month
March 2021

Family of the Year

SK James Hatcher and Lady Janis Hatcher

SK James and Lady Janis Hatcher
Family of the Year 2020
Well Deserved and Thank you

Knight of the Year

SK Michael Stolarski

Michael Stolarski- Knight of the YEAR 2020
Congratulation Michael Well Deserverd