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May 23, 2022

Meeting with Father Dave

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Gentlemen, please allow me to give you my whole report and then we will try to answer any questions you may have.

First, we thanked Father for taking time to meet with us. Second, we stated we represented the K of C group and had questions concerning the new church.

As Knights, we want to help with Dinners, Breakfasts, Etc.  We wanted to put out the thought that we will need use of the hall and kitchen.

We asked what are your ideas for fund raising?

Father Dave’s response was he has contacted a professional fund-raising person for suggestions.

We had a list of questions we wanted to ask. Jerry, Dave and I met to refine the questions we wanted to ask and discuss before we met with Father Dave.

Our Questions:

Are there any pictures or drawings of the new church? 

Answer: NO, not yet. Father and Don are meeting with an architect on 5/26/22 to discuss a new church and other buildings etc. We talked about putting up a picture of the land and a drawing of a new building once we have them in hand. He thought this was a good idea.


How much have we raised so far?

$112 thousand.  There is another 300 thousand we can use from the sale of church-owned land in St George. We need to raise around $3.6 million which is about 60% of the 5-million-dollar project for the new buildings.


We asked about preparing a graph showing the amount raised.

Father Dave said that will happen when we have raised more funds.


Do we have a date for breaking ground?

No not yet. Once we have that information, we can inform our parishioners.


Do we have an architect? Order of building i.e., church first, hall, rectory, another thrift store?

We are sure that the meeting with the architect went well.  We discussed the advantages of a hall first over a church.  There may be a rectory and thrift store on the property as also the possibility of a day care.  Parking is concerned because of city laws and rules. Some of this will be discussed with new committees as they are formed.


Are we going to have input as to what the parishioners want or need for a new church?

Father Dave stated “YES, committees will be formed for building, finance and fund raising”.


How much of thrift store money goes to new church. 

Money from thrift store stays here and is used for the new church and our building fund to be used for future renovations and maintenance of our buildings we have now and in the future. 


How can we help you?

We discussed ways we can inform our parishioners as to what is happening and what we need from them. This information can be done in mass and at dinners etc.  When all the information is available, we can start informing the people.

End of Report


Gary Stolz


May 22, 2022



I want to thank all who helped at our monthly breakfast and all who attended. Chef Sal will be on vacation next month, so we will be discontinuing these breakfasts for the summer and look at our options in the fall.

Since Kuzy Hall is now available for social events and Covid has subsided quite a bit, it has been suggested that we, the Knights, resume our dinners and perhaps monthly pancake breakfasts or donuts and coffee after Sunday Mass.

Before we pursue this any further, we need a core of volunteers to cook, serve,  tend bar at the dinners, set up and clean up the Hall.  These volunteers could be Knights and/or anyone from the Knight’s family.

These events are good fund raisers as well as good social events for our parishioners.

October would be a good time to start with OKTOBERFEST.

The more volunteers the easier the work.

If you would like to support/volunteer for this project, please email me:

George D'Apuzzo



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