2021 - 2022

David Listol Steve Cyrs

2019 - 2020

Nicholas Ramirez

Nick Ramirez distinguished himself as the Knight of the Year for Council 367 by sustained superior performance throughout the entire fraternal year. His tireless efforts set the standards for other Knights to emulate. Specifically:

- As the Youth Coordinator he led the efforts to coordinate and conduct numerous programs to include the Catholic Essay Contest, Basketball Free Throw Contest, Soccer Contest, and Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest. His efforts resulted in a significant increase in youth participation in Council activities.

- As the contact person with CTK Catholic School he coordinated the completion of two projects that directly helped beautify the school. He organized Knights to do a gardening clean-up effort and to move furniture in the classrooms. He also helped to coordinate a teacher appreciation luncheon at the school. His efforts helped to solidify the relationship between the Council and the school.

- Almost single handedly collected the most coats for kids in Council history. He coordinated the collection of coats from military units by himself. His efforts resulted in the Council collecting over 250 coats this year.

- Coordinated a VIRTUS training program for Council members. He liaisoned with the Diocese to set up a training session at the Council and get an instructor so that Knights could complete the course.

- Eagerly participated in numerous Council charity fundraising events to include KOVAR, VKCCI, and Special Olympics. He led by example to help the Council aggressively raise funds to support our charities.

Nick Ramirez continuously set the highest standard for devotion to the ideals of the Knights of Columbus the entire fraternal year. He exemplified what a real Knight is. Without his aggressive and tireless participation during the year, the Council would not have achieved the goals that it set. He was a true asset to the Council. He is most highly deserving of his selection as the Knight of the Year.

2018 - 2019

Napoleon Caragan

In his first year as a member of the order and the Council, he has steadfastly supported almost every event at the Council. He is a tireless supporter, actively engaged and always involved. He has consistently exhibited selfless dedication to the Council and the home corporation.

He advanced quickly through the degrees so he could serve as a Council officer. He was elected as Outside Guard and volunteered to step up to Warden when the incumbent had to relocate.

He has assisted in all Council charitable fundraising activities including manning the Craft Beer Stand at the TIDES games and is an invaluable member of the kitchen staff for monthly family breakfasts, Lenten Friday fish fries, and the annual oyster roast. He helped the council collect over 130 coats for the annual Coats for Kids Drive and helped identify needy children to receive the coats.

As a groundskeeper, he organized and executed an extensive grounds rehabilitation, replanting, and restoration for Sacred Heart parish and is a part of their Environmental Committee. He also organized and supervised an extensive rehabilitation and cleaning project for the Columbus Club storage areas.

He is very active in the camping activities and service projects for Troop 1 in the Boy Scouts. He is responsible for administering the Troop’s website, a Troop Committee member, participates in the Scout’s Review Board to award new ranking and a Merit Badge Counselor.

Norfolk Council 367, The First Council in the South, is proud to announce our Knight of the Year, Brother Napoleon Caragan.

2017 - 2018

Thomas Horsch

This Brother Knight is a current officer and can be found at nearly every Council Meeting and supporting every function. He volunteered to Co-Chair the family picnic and is an integral part of Sacred Heart Parish’s round table. He is also an active member of the Ghent Area Ministries (GAM) which is a local faith-based ministry called to serve impoverished and homeless people in the Norfolk community through caring and advocacy, such as food pantries, coat closets, transportation, medical and financial assistance and access to medical and vision care. He is the Soup Kitchen Captain for every 3rd Sunday of the month at his Parish to feed the homeless. He is an Usher for his Parish and volunteered at the Parish's Emergency Shelter Team by leading his Council's involvement with preparing, providing, and serving the meal to the homeless.

He provides guidance to his Pastor in the finances of the church while serving on the Parish Council. He helped with the Council's event for the Special Olympics and was the coordinator of our Lenten Fish Fries for the 6 Fridays of Lent. He served food and cleaned up for our Spaghetti Dinner, annual Oyster Roast, and provided help during our Knighthood Degree.

He headed up the Board of Directors for our Columbus Club to get more brothers involved in fixing up the building and grounds due to many building issues and outdated amenities. He is not only involved with just his parish, but with the other parishes we serve. He is a great family man and involves them with Council events. He is a man of deep faith and always a joy to be around. He is well known at his Parish for the time and effort that he puts in there. He is a strong contributor in getting members of his Parish to join our Council, he is the Council's second leading recruiter of new brothers this Fraternal Year. He has volunteered to move up as the Columbus Club President next year to ensure our Council will always have our own place to call home. He is always there to lend a hand at the Council, no matter what comes up.

It is my Distinct Pleasure to announce the Knight of the Year for 2017-2018 Fraternal Year as Thomas C. Horsch.

2016 - 2017

Daniel Doyle

This Council has many great Knights that will step up and help you with any event that you ask of them. To pick one out of these tremendous Brothers is not an easy feat.

You look back at the year and see what events they helped with, what new ideas they brought and implemented to the Council, what support they gave to their parish and other parishes, and mainly just being supportive to me and everything we do here as a Council.

What separated this Brother Knight from others were two things. The first, was the new ideas he’d come up for this Council to try. He’d suggest to me that we ought to try this and the next thing out of his mouth, which you don’t hear a lot, is that he’d also chair or run the event or program.

The second thing is what I admire most about this Brother Knight. He never has a negative word to say about anything or especially about anyone. You hear people all the time saying how things should be run, but never step up to help change it, and unfortunately at times, you hear people negatively talking about a person which just builds animosity within us. The only thing I’d hear from him is that we should pray for this person. He is a true example of what a Brother Knight should be.

This Brother Knight has done several things this year.

-During Council events, he was a tremendous help with our Lenten Fish Fries, our Lenten Shrimp Dinner, our Fabulous Family Breakfasts, the Oyster Roast, our Spaghetti Dinner, Special Olympics, our Third Degree Exemplification, and KOVAR.

-He has also worked numerous games selling beer at the Craft Brew Hut during the Norfolk TIDES games.

-He was the Coordinator for his parish for the Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team and was also there helping with every one of our other Parishes that had a NEST program.

-He is the Council’s Church Director and Vocations Chairman where he passed out over 250 rosaries to our parishes for First Communion, Confirmation, and RCIA candidates.

-He held two different officer positions as a Guard and Warden due to the vacancy of the Chancellor’s position .

-For his parish, he is an usher, a Round Table Coordinator, and a Knights representative on his Parish board.

-He assisted an elderly lady in his Parish to receive a VKCCI grant for her broken heater.

-He’s a member of the VFW where he volunteers to cook at their events.

-He gave financial support to the Franciscan Sister to help repair their home after a hurricane.

-He chaired the event at his Parish during the Knights United at Mass to honor their selectees for Young Woman & Man of the Year.

-He is also a great recruiter for our Council as he has helped build the membership of his parish by 3 times to what it was at the first of this Fraternal Year.

-His great idea to hold our first ever Essay Contest for 8th thru 12th graders which the subject was about “Religious Freedom”, was a huge success. Our winner from St Pius X, Mary Catherine Warner, went on to win the State Competition as well.

-He is also a great family man with a lovely wife and three beautiful and very active daughters that are involved with both their parish and schools.

It is my pleasure to announce Norfolk Council 367, “The First Council in the South” Knight of the Year Award for Fraternal Year 2016 – 2017 to Sir Knight & Brother, Daniel T Doyle.