February 2020

Donald Morse

January 2020

Stanley Jones

December 2019

Quartarro Joseph

October 2019

Harold Whisman

September 2019

John Hammer

July 2019

Alvin Aldana

From chipping in with CRHP to stepping up for Italian Fest, Alvin's been a mainstay in the kitchen!

June 2019

Michael Carlson

May 2019

Glenn Hart

Thanks for your leadership on Mother’s Day breakfast and the St. Joseph Project

April 2019

Alan Morrison

March 2019

James Iles

February 2019

Fran Pyne

Congratulations and a BIG Council 9056 Thank You to Fran Pyne for all of his help with Project Joseph - he is recognized as our Knight of the Month for February 2019. Well Done as our GK is fond of saying.

February 2019

Francis Pyne

January 2019

John Cadell

December 2018

Brian Banazwski

November 2018

Tom Ricapito

October 2018

Michael Carlson

September 2018

John Hammer

September 2018

William Filbert

August 2018

Ryan Hildreth

Thanks for all your great work running the galley for Italian Fest

July 2018

Bryan Newlin

Thanks for all you efforts, especially with the back room, hard work in the kitchen for Italian Fest

April 2018

Lionel Medeiros

March 2018

Alvin Aldana

January 2018

Glenn Hart

Thanks for your support. If there is an event Glen is there

September 2017

Chris Schuck

August 2017

Tom Fletcher

Thanks for your support to the Family Night

July 2017

Dan Nunn

Thanks for your help with both Christ Renews His Parish weekends and Italian Fest. Great job in the kitchen

June 2017

John Hammer

April 2017

Glenn Hart

Thanks for Fish Fryin'

March 2017

Roger Ballou

January 2017

Pete DiNardo

Thanks for your support in the March for Life for the Council and Church

December 2016

Richard Agnello

Thanks for a great Christmas Party!

November 2016

Brandon Womack

Thanks Brandon! A new Knight, you've jumped in with both feet and remind and challenge us to serve our community and Church!

October 2016

John Hammer

July 2016

Roger Cote

Thanks for your great cooking and "galley leadership" for ItalianFest!