June 2024

Gregory Dombecki

Gregory is selected twice this year for good reason. He's always there when anyone needs help. In May he also helped replace a roof on a barn at no cost to the widow. He is the new Chancellor for the 2024_5 Fraternal year. Thank you Lord for sending Gregory to us!

May 2024

Father Louis Lapeyre

Father Lapeyre has been a model priest and chaplain for our parish and council. He supports the Knights and always provides a good direction for us to follow and especially in proclaiming the Word of God and administering the Sacraments. He is very dedicated to the parish and also serves as the rector for our Catholic schools. He is very open to all and resembles in so many ways the one he serves. Thank you Lord!

April 2024

Tom Schweihofer

Tom is an exemplary brother Knight who gives his all to live his life for faith and family. He is also active at the parish, community and council serving as our treasurer for many years. Like his brothers and dad he doesn't look for any recognition but is always hard at work sharing his time and many talents. Blessed be God in all his wonderful creations!

March 2024

Don Schweihofer

Don is always there to help any time he is called. He doesn't much attend meetings but works on the Fish Fry, ushering, helping to maintain Holy Cross church and looking after his parents widows. There are too many things to list here that Don has done for our church and community. Thank you Lord for Don!

February 2024

Judson Gilbert II

We are very fortunate to have Jud in our brotherhood of Knights. He is always ready to help out whenever and wherever needed and especially with the Life and Faith programs. He recently led the Rosary for the Nine Days for Life Novena at the daily Masses at St. Catherine. It is there that he is our staple Lector and does the job with absolute grace and love. Thanks be to God!

January 2024

Dan LaVere

Dan has been a good role model as an officer and catholic gentleman and has been a guiding light for our council. He is currently our lecturer and Faith Director and has worked the bingo program every week for the last several years which is our main fundraiser that helps support the school. Over the many years Dan and Jean have been involved in just about everything in our council and we are happy to show our thankfulness in this award.

December 2023

Scott Brickner

DGK Scott has been a good role model as an officer and catholic gentleman going through his second year in this position. He is very active in the church, council and community and also helps on as many programs as he can. He is very dedicated to the faith will be attending classes at the seminary early next year.

November 2023

Gregory Dombecki

October 2023

Gary Gilbert

September 2023

Al Rumball

August 2023

Jason Borys

July 2023

Father Lapeyre and Father Dumas

June 2023

Teddy Abrams

May 2023

Ed Terhune

Ed has been an exemplary brother knight since he joined the council almost 60 years ago and a faithful member of the church. Ed will always be remembered for owning and running the GM dealership next to the church which is now the Water Street Inn. He has been the staple usher at the 6 o'clock Holy Mass for many years. Thank you for all the dedicated years you served our parish and community. Ed is at the top of the list of the best we've ever had!

April 2023

Richard Quenneville

Richard has been an exemplary brother knight since he joined the council and a faithful member of the church. Richard worked two jobs at time to support his lovely wife of many years while raising 5 children. Richard also helps out with the bingo on Wednesdays and works out at the gym to stay in good shape. Thank you for all you do to make our parish and community a better place!

March 2023

Matt Zammit

Matt has been an active, faithful member of this council and the Head coach of the Cardinal Mooney Cross Country team. Matt and Marisol are active members serving with the Marines while raising a large active family. Matt also helps out with the ushers and trains the altar servers at the church. Thank you for all you do for our parish, schools and community!

February 2023

Bob Thomas

More to come here....

January 2023

Paul Burger

Paul is a PGK and PFN and very active in the council and parish. He selflessly donates his time to run the bingo and so, so, so much more. Thank you Paul for all you do for our family!

December 2022

Tom Cook

November 2022

Don Schweihofer

October 2022

Scott Brickner

September 2022

Gary Nizza

August 2022

Forrest Walker

July 2022

Theodore (Teddy) Abraham

May 2022

Scott Brickner

April 2022

Mike Path

Mike worked at the fish fry's during lent and has been a steady crew member for years. His wife Margaret and son also worked at the fish fry's also. Mike also volunteers for many events at Holy Cross school. More to come on this and Thank you Lord for this wonderful family!

March 2022

Jim McPhee

Jim has been a very active member in Council 856 and consistenly rises up and answers the call. Not only does he rise up, more importantly HE SHOWS UP! If there is anything that is needed in a moments notice, Jim is the go to guy. There is going to be a long list here so get ready...He is a PGK and has held most all other officer positions in our council. He is instumental in most all the electronic things in our parish including the live streaming of the Holy Masses and our council meetings. He has worked on the council newsletters for many years and is even the webmaster for this website. He has also been very committed and has been the president of the Port Huron Minor Hockey Association for 20? years WOW! He has helped out with Silver Stick in Port Huron for atleast 25 years. He plays music and does the pyrotechnics for Silver Stick, and the music and lights for the Port Huron Prowlers Hockey Team. He DJ's music and special lights at weddings for about 20 years. He has been a usher at Holy Cross for 15 years. Did I mention he works a full time job too..Stop it!
Praise the Lord for blessing us with Jim and his wife Patti!

February 2022

Bill Zweng

Bill has recently joined the Knights despite 40 plus years of many people asking him to join, and are we ever excited! Bill has been active in the church which will help us all in more ways than we can imagine. He has been a Lector for many years, serves on the finance council, hospital board and also many positions in the community. We must also mention his lovely "better half" wife Betty who is also a godsend to our church and community. Thank you Lord!

January 2022

Don Schweihofer

Don is always there to help any time he is called. He continuously works on the Food Pantry, ushering at Holy Cross and recently spent approximately 16 hours on the concrete for the lift installed for Brother Jim Alexie. There are too many things to list here that Don has done for our church and community. We must also mention his wonderful wife Kathy who is also active taking care of the family and involved in church prayer groups and sacristan. Thank you Lord for the Schweihofers'

December 2021

Pat Lomasney

November 2021

Gabe LaVere

October 2021

Bob Thomas

August 2021

Bill Roland

Bill is always willing rise up to serve and is a model man to his brother knights and parish and is active at many levels. At the parish, he is a true Catholic gentleman and regularly attends Holy Mass. At the KofC council level he is very active . He is also involved in several fundraisers and
Bill has made significant contributions to the church community by serving as a member of the Parish council.

July 2021

Tom Cook