March 2019

Jim McBane

February 2019

Henry (Hank) Walker

Hank Walker only joined our Council and the Knights of Columbus in August 2018 but immediately participated in meetings and helped at our functions. Hank attended the first available major degree after his initiation to become a 3rd degree Knight. When Jim McBane asked him to help with the Christmas Advent Fellowship Sunday for vocations, he agreed. This is a major event that our Council would be doing for the first time. Little did Hank know that Jim would be away during part of this event and would need Hank to manage the Advent Fellowship Sonday for both Saturday evening Masses and the Masses Sunday morning. Hank accepted the challenge, worked with the team he and Jim developed, and made sure these Masses were covered. He worked all the Masses, except for a short trip home, to take care of the pets (his goats). Even after Jim McBane arrived, Hank continued to work through the last Mass. Thank you Hank for all your hard work and everything else you have done for the Council since you joined. Congratulations Hank.

January 2019

Paul McGarraugh

November 2018

Dennis Coburn

Knight of the Month (December 2018) Congratulationss

October 2018

SK D. Dennis Majeski

Brother Dennis transferred to our Council in June of this year and immediately began working to help us become a better council. He took on the difficult, demanding, often thankless, and extremely important job of Membership Director. He quickly reviewed the membership status with Supreme and initiated the process to get everything current. He then took on the task of arranging the August 1st degree for candidates already approved, contacted candidates recruited, and recruited candidates. He marshalled through the approval process transfers and new brothers. He went 100 miles an hour at the August 1st Degree getting candidates checked in, payments received, and moving the process forward. He is in constant communication with the Worthy FS Larry, DGK Merv and your GK on issues of membership. Yet he does not consider himself finished as he presents new ideas and keeps your GK honest on the membership process. He has not focused only on membership but encouraged the council to sell Advent and Easter magnets to help raise funds. He encouraged us to step up or honoring of Brother Knights who passed away. Thank you Dennis for your commitment to the Knights of Columbus and your hard work for our council.

September 2018

Bill Vacek

September 2018 Knight of the Month
Brother Bill is one of the first brother Knights to step forward when help is needed. On most hall work weekend you can find him out edging along the fence line and around the hall building. Then he cleans up all the areas he works. He has worked on our gutters so that they will no longer cause water to leak into the building. Bill is a member of the Home Association and actively participates there. Bill is an Usher at the 7:30 am Sunday mass and when he is scheduled he is there to serve. When someone is needed to help on Sunday all one needs to do is ask. Thank you Bill for your service.

David Lewis

August 2018

SK Sam Watkins

Knight of Month for August 2018

July 2018

SK Fernando Flores

Knight of the Month July 2018
SK (PGK) Fernando Flores

May 2018

Richard Carter

April 2018

Don Shaheen

March 2018

Samuel Watkins

February 2018

Gary Maly

January 2018

Matt Maciejeski

December 2017

Bob Crisman

November 2017

Sammy Sedita

October 2017

Todd Dorn

September 2017

David Lewis

August 2017

Paul McGarraugh

July 2017

Hugo Espinoza

June 2017

Steve Danko

May 2017

Tim Thibodeau

April 2017

Joe Delahanty

March 2017

Clay Evans

February 2017

John Clark