October 2023

Brian Atwood

Just some guy who does things from time to time.

February 2020

John Pressley

John leads our council degree team. He is the Grand Knight of the
Degree team. He takes this role seriously. Twice within this past month
there was a need to hold a first degree on very short notice. John
organized the team and got two new brothers into council 7736. He has
decided to stay on as the Grand Knight going forward with the new
degree format, we are grateful and lucky for his choice to do so.

December 2019

Jim Conner

You can tell that Brother Jim Conner loves being a Knight. He is at every meeting, He is our council Warden and volunteers for just about every event we do as a council. Jim is also very active at the Mansfield seniors center. Thank you for all you do to help others Jim. You defiantly act on the Knights first principal.. Charity.

October 2019

Larry Ciarkowski

Larry is always willing to help at council events. He attends all our meetings, and will step up and Chair events as well. Larry Chaired the Mansfield Music Festival this month. He was extremely organized and made sure that he had enough brothers to help where he needed. Larry also donated over 130 gift bags for our golf tournament. Thank you Larry!!

June 2018

Bill Tillotson

Bill is a past Grand Knight of our council and he keeps on giving. He is our webmaster and is one of our council trustees and is a member on our councils 1st degree team. He helps out and leads many events whenever possible and heads up the most popular Easter Egg hunt for the children of St. Jude and is one of our sound men for the Super Bowl Party each year. He is on the parish’s Finance Committee and has been a lector for many years. Thanks Bill, for all you do and God Bless You and Your Family!

May 2018

Scott Brinkman

Scott has been a Knight for less than a year, but he is on fire. He has two girls and has been a soccer coach for as long as he remembers and he said that this is his last year as coach and then he wants to devote more time to the Knights. He has jumped right in, he is Mr. French Fry because whether at the Lenten Fish Fry’s or the Pickle Parade he has manned the French Fryer and has figured out exactly how much time it takes to cook a perfect French Fry. He recently attended his major degree and know is a full 3rd degree brother knight. Thanks Scott, for all you do and don’t lose that passion. God Bless You and Your Family!

March 2018

Johnny Ross

From running the grill, the fryer, or coming up with the best darn po-boy we can serve. Johnny is up to the challenge. Johnny we appreciate your commitment to our council and to our parish. Keep up the good work and thank you for all that you do.

February 2018

TJ McCormack

Although TJ is new to us, this has not slowed him down. TJ is a phone call away to assist. From loading the festival trailer, to usher at the youth masses. TJ is becoming a very active brother in the council and in the St.Jude parish. For this TJ, we are very thankful. Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to see you at the major.

January 2018

Brian Atwood

From faith formation, to reader, to Eucharistic minister, to the big cheese of our local cub/boy scouts. Brian is a very active member of St. Jude and the Mansfield community. His leadership of the youth of this parish is outstanding. His example will produce many future Knights, and great leaders of our communities. Thank you Brian for everything you do for us.

December 2017

Tom Wilson

A lot of behind the scenes happens with the Knights, and thankfully we have Brother Tom. Tom formats and publishes our monthly new letter. Insures the format is correct and the information is available to publish. When he’s not publishing, Tom can be found at the food pantry, pickle parade, church festival, or at the rear of the church ushering. Tom, Thank you for being a Knight, and Thank you for being our brother.

November 2017

Michael Austin

A few months ago a stranger was read and voted in. Very soon after that stranger joined our brother hood thru the rite of admittance. From that day forward Michael has hit the ground running. If you attended our meeting, bingo, Halloween in the Park, and the church festival, you have worked side by side with Michael. The brother who stood on Michael’s behalf stated, “he will be an asset to our council.” Michael you are an asset to this council, Thank you. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

October 2017

Jim Connor

They say Good things come in small packages, and Jim fits that to a T. From his volunteer hours throughout the Mansfield community, to his countless hours of dedication to the Knights. You can always count on Jim, rolling up his sleeves and getting involved. "Jim we appreciate everything you do". Semper Fidelis

September 2017

Mike Eastman

Mike Eastman is an exemplary Knight. At a moment’s notice Mike will always answer a call for assistance. Whether that’s a sign for the fish fry, bingo or some fundraiser, he’s there. Mike’s attention to detail is paramount to creating and maintaining wonderful activities and games for the youth of our parish. His hours of painting, creating, and exploring the World Wide Web to facilitate wonderful adventures for our youth has not gone unnoticed. Thank you, Brother for being a role model to all.

August 2017

Jerry Rodriquez

JRod exemplifies the meaning of Brother Knight. From his duties on our 1st degree team, to the BBQ dinner for our youth confirmation retreats, to the endless hours preparing three briskets and 50 yard birds for the officer installation. You can bet your bottom dollar, JRod will rise to the occasion and provide the best darn BBQ in Texas. Jerry we salute you, “Pit Boss 7736”.

July 2017

Monsignor Ray Mullan

Monsignor (Fr. Ray) Mullan is one our council’s chaplains, and although he is retired, he says a priest is never really retired. If you have not been to his 12:10 pm weekday Mass you are missing some homily’s that are succinct, that is, short and to the point. If you happen to stay after Mass, he can also fill you in on his volumes of jokes that require understanding wit. Most of all he takes his priesthood very seriously and well he should. Fr. Ray just celebrated his 55th year as a priest and to make it more special, he was ordained on the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29th 1962. He also celebrated his 80th birthday in May as well as becoming a 4th degree knight. Our council is lucky to have such a priest that is always ready to serve. Thank you Fr Ray, for all you do. God Bless you!

June 2017

Keith Roemeling

Keith is our councils Financial Secretary, but I think a new title is in order. How about Financial Wizard? Well, maybe not changing his title, but Keith is a wizard when it comes to keeping our council in good standing with Supreme and our Trustees. From the Retention committee forms that are required to send to Supreme, keeping track of our members (resignations, new members, Safe and Sacred training just to name a few), keeping the financial records up to date, keeping track of our councils different committee expenses and revenue margins, planning the councils yearly budget and many other reports he generates. How do you spell Financial Secretary? WIZARDRY!
Thank You Keith, for all you do. God Bless you!

May 2017

Father Thu

Talking about a “full plate”. The meetings and coordination with all the involved ministries began weeks before the Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil), culminating with the three Masses on Easter Sunday. The planning, hours of preparation, practice and implementation that Fr. Thu envisioned was an overwhelming success for all of us and all of the St. Jude parish. Speaking of a “full plate”, on Holy Thursday, Fr. Thu also cooked up some pretty tasty lamb and chicken, along with some good vegetables and (vino) to wash it all down with. Along with all his other priestly duties, I think Fr. Thu deserves a big “ATTA FATHER” for the lead by example work ethic that he displayed.

Thank You Father Thu, for all you do. God Bless you!

April 2017

Dan Gietl

Not long after Dan became a 1st degree, then 2nd and 3rd degree knight, he was attending meetings, helping with events and now he is an usher. He can always be counted on to help with any Knight sponsored event, especially when it comes to serving people. I don’t think he has missed a Friday in lent, helping in the kitchen, and talking it up and does it all with a smile on his face. Thanks Brother Dan, for all you do. God Bless you!

March 2017

Pedro Rios

Pedro can always be counted on to help with any Knight sponsored event, especially when it comes to serving people. He is very active in all cooking events, which include pickle parade, parish festival, Lenten fish fry, and all the pancake breakfasts’ events. And most of all he always does it with a big smiley face  Thanks Pedro, for all you do. God Bless you!

February 2017

Pat Hergenrother

Pat is the “main man” when it comes to fitness. His certified personal trainer experience has been a valuable asset to the new KofC Temple Keeper’s program. From the beginning planning meetings Pat took the lead on which exercise programs would best fit our parishioners. Each week Pat sends out the exercise routines that will be used for the Saturday morning class. This takes time to plan, as there are many different routines, such as warmups, weights, and cardio. The St. Jude parishioners are keeping their temples clean, both physically and spiritually and loving every Saturday morning. Pat also helps with the food pantry and picking up food from the local Walmart and transporting back to the food pantry. Thanks Pat, for all you do. God Bless you!

January 2017

John Pressley

John knows what it means to get involved, because he is involved in just about everything that is going on at St. Jude and in our council. He is a Eucharistic Minister, Lector and Sacristan and is a regular for standing honor guard whenever needed. He is a leader in our council by regularly attending and taking an active part in our monthly business and planning meetings. He is one of the organizers when our pits are needed for an event, brats, Halloween in the Park, Family picnic and especially the Special Olympics. He is also the Grand Knight and leader of the 1st degree team for our council. John, thanks brother, for being there whenever you are needed.

December 2016

Ethan Whitt

Ethan is an inspiration to all brother knights. He always has a smile on his face and given the chance, will tell you how lucky and happy he is to be a member of the Knights of Columbus. He regularly attends our monthly business meetings and helps at mass as an usher. In October, Ethan became a full 3rd degree Knight as he attended a major degree. He is very involved in the Special Olympics as an athlete. Keep up the good work and keep smiling.

November 2016

Dan Gietl

Dan joined our council earlier this year and has been very involved in many different activities. He attends our regular meetings, Saturday morning mens bible study, has helped out on several events and most recently he and his wife, Donna, have been regulars on Friday nights during the 40 Days for Life praying at the abortion clinic. This is most important as we get close to the end of the “Year of Mercy“. Thanks Dan and keep up the good work.

October 2016

Pat Henz

From being the Master of Ceremonies at the Religious Appreciation Dinner, coordinator of the Honor Guards for Corporate Communions, Blue Mass, Chalice Fund Presentations, Funerals and other activities, Pat is always doing something. He is a regular at the Parish Festival cleanup on Sundays and is the Lecturer for our council. He currently holds a position at the Diocesan level in Texas and just enjoys being a Knight and a valued member in our council.

September 2016

Fr. George Foley

Job Well Done and Congratulations are just a couple of words to describe Fr. George. After 57 years of service to the priesthood, Fr. George gets to enjoy golf and his other hobbies a little more as he retires. Those he has served from St. Jude, all of his previous parishes, the Knights of Columbus and the military and anyone who has had the pleasure to know him is truly blessed. Thanks Fr. George and if you ever need anything the K of C council 7736 will always be there for you. God Bless You!

August 2016

Tom Scott

We are lucky to have Tom in our council. He came to us as a transfer from Alabama and jumped right in as our Chancellor and membership director. In a little over a year he has made a huge difference in organizing our blitzes and following up with the potential candidates. Having just completed a very successful 1st degree held at St. Jude’s on July 28th where we welcomed eight new members as well as one transfer into council #7736. Tom thanks for all you do and keep up the outstanding work.

July 2016

Jim Connor

Truly an asset to the K of C and our council is lucky to have him. Jim is always recruiting and it seems like he is always asking for more form 100’s. Even with some health issues over the last year, nothing stops him. You can see him standing Honor Guard with the 4th Degree and helping at Bingo, Knights Breakfast, you name it he is always around. He regularly attends council and assembly meetings and he is an officer in our council, Jim keep on truckin’ thanks for all you do.

June 2016

Pedro Rios

This young man since joining our Brotherhood a little over a year has accomplished his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degrees and can be seen at just about all of our events to include breakfasts, pickle parade, bingos and cookouts. Just a great asset to this Council. Thank you so much for what you do Pedro. God bless you and your family.

May 2016

Bob Murzin

Bob was very active in the selling of Scholarship Raffle tickets this year and in years past. He also was involved in the Denim N Diamonds event and is an active member of the parish in many ways. Thank you Bob for your help to the Knights and the Parish.

April 2016

Joe Shannon

Brother Shannon has been very active in Knights activities. Latest event was the Fish Fry, did not miss a Friday-he put in many many hours at this event and the Pickle Parade. So Joe, we thank you for your dedication and willingness to help.

March 2016

Ed Haidusek

Have you seen those pits? Those guys are the direct result of Ed’s hard work and passion for the Knights! Thank you Ed for all that you have done and continue to do.

February 2016

Ken Coleman

Ken has been in the council for a few months and has already participated in Bingo, the Church Festival, Turkey and Brauts sales and numerous other events. He started as soon after he joined us here at St Jude's and continues to serve. Thanks for all your help Ken.

January 2016

Don Mayo

Don has been a fantastic contributor to our council, he works tirelessly at the food pantry, thanks Don for your constant support.

December 2015

Bill Tillotson

Even being our District Deputy, Bill still takes time to help out in our council events such as, Bingo ,Coats for Kids, Turkey Raffle, Reader, Choir, and many other events. Thanks Bill for taking time to help.

November 2015

Mark Von Plinsky

Mark is our current Deputy Grand Knight and most recent was instrumental in the success of the recent Family Picnic. Mark is involved in Bible study, Bingo, Honor Guard, Parish festival and helps out at our various events and is always available to help out. Thank you Mark for what you do for the Knights and the Parish.

October 2015

Joe Shannon

Brother Shannon has been very active in Knights activities. Just last 3 events- Wurstfest, Parish Festival and Golf tournament-he put in many many hours at these events. So Joe, we thank you for your dedication and willingness to help.

September 2015

Larry Ciarkowski

Larry spearheaded the "Pavers Project" which was a tremendous success. Larry is also available to help the Council when and wherever he can. Thank you for all you do for the Parish and the Council.

August 2015

Brandon LeClaire

I just could not pass on this one. Our Brother Knight Brandon has answered the call to serve the Church. He will be entering the seminary real soon to begin his Journey. His Brother Knights wish him well and our prayers will be him. Thank you Brandon for what you did with the Knights in such a short time. Special Olympics, Breakfasts, fish frys, and many cooking events. You are an asset to our Council and we wish you well.

July 2015

Keith Roemeling

Keith is the newly appointed Financial Secretary for the Council and very much involved in many parish ministries to include usher, RCIA, Bible Study and Pro-Life. He is a great asset to our Council.
Thanks Keith

June 2015

Mike Goodnight

Mike has been an excellent addition to our council involved in various church ministries and functions. Participates in numerous knights events; pickle parade, breakfasts, Bingos and many many more.

May 2015

Greg Ipock

Greg serves on our council as the inside guard, event chair for our fish fry, helps at breakfasts, bingo and other events. Always there when we call out for help. Helping out the 4th degree with its car show, he is a tremendous asset to our council. Thanks for all you do!

April 2015

Jesse Zamarripa

Jesse is a tremendous asset to the council. He helps at events like Bingo, Pickle Parade, Breakfasts, and fish frys even helps other parish organizations at their breakfasts. Thanks for all you do Jesse.

March 2015

Tony Ayala

Since becoming a Knight Tony has been very active many events from Pancake Breakfasts to Bingos and the most recent fish frys. He is also involved in parish activities. A true asset to our council.

February 2015

Chris Heath

Chris is on the Degree Team, Diocesan Prolife Coordinator, liaison to our food suppliers, Usher Lead, Recorder for the 4th Degree Assembly, responds to any events and there when needed, he is a true asset to our council.

January 2015

Tom Syverson

Tom has been very instrumental in the Family Memorial Project and is always volunteering for various projects that involve workmanship and building experience. He is always pitching in grilling or at fish fries he is an asset to our council.

December 2014

James Connor

James is involved in numerous events from fish fry’s ,honor guard, selling rosaries, he volunteers at nursing home and recently became a 4th degree.

November 2014

Kyle Henson

Kyle has been a force when we ask for help for different events. They include fish fry’s, bingos, selling rosaries, food sales etc. He is a great asset to the council

October 2014

Mike Barboza

This young man became a Knight in Jan 2014 and has since participated in all of our events. Festival, bingo's, fish fries. Octoberfest and pickle parade. He just became a fourth degree knight. Way to go Mike!

September 2014

Cliff Vittorio

Thank you Cliff for being there for us at our events and for answering the call when clean ups are needed, bingo food needs to be prepared, and for the many other things that you have done for our council!!

August 2014

Chris Heath

Without a doubt, our Family Event at the Air Hogs game was one of the best in recent memory. Chris worked for several months putting the program together with the Grand Prairie Air Hogs, and they truly made us feel like VIPs! Thanks Chris for all you continue to do for our council!

July 2014

Donald Mayo

Donald has been a fantastic contributor to our council, he works tirelessly at the food pantry, thanks Donald for your constant support

June 2014

Albert Gutierrez

Albert work tirelessly at the special Olympics year. Whether it was cutting the vegetables or cooking the meat, Albert was ready to jump in and help with a smile. Thanks Albert for your constant support.

May 2014

Lee Livingston

Lee is one of the hardest working Knights around. Among his numerous duties around the church, he still makes time for the Knights and helping out where he can. At the State Convention, Lee was an instrumental player in making the Country Store an overwhelming success. Thanks for all you do Lee!

April 2014

Brandon Le Clair

Brandon has been a fantastic contributor to our council over the last year! When we see Brandon at the council events, he is truly a Jack of all trades.Thanks Brandon for always lending a helping hand no matter what is being asked.

March 2014

Chris Jacquez

Chris did a fantastic job recruiting new members over the last few months. I thank Chris for his dedication and effort to our new member growth.

February 2014

Mark Von Plinsky

Mark did an outstanding job coordinating our Blitz in January. New members keep our organization strong and helps us promote the ideals of charity throughout our community. Well done Mark!

January 2014

Tim Henz

Tim, who is currently serving as our Faithful Navigator for our 4th Degree Assembly, always makes time for his council. On an icy day in December, Tim and his boys answered the call to clear the walkways in front of St. Jude for the Saturday evening Mass. Tim's charitable spirit should be emulated by all of us.

December 2013

Bill Tillotson

Even though Bill has taken on new responsibilities as our District Deputy, he still makes time to give back to his council. Bill was instrumental this month in pulling together the Coats for Kids drive. Bill, your work here has been and continues to be appreciated by our council.

November 2013

Ed Haidusek

Have you seen those pits? Those guys are the direct result of Ed’s hard work and passion for the Knights! Thank you Ed for all that you have done and continue to do.

October 2013

Chris Heath

Chris is a genuine asset to our council. A fervent protestant against abortion, Chris has been a relentless warrior against this abomination. We are proud of Chris’ efforts this month for continuing to spread the message about the murderous practice of abortion.

September 2013

Kyle Martinez

Always around to lend a hand- that’s how I would describe Kyle this month. Helping with Chapter meetings, peer ministry, or cooking spaghetti, Kyle was working hard and making us laugh!! Thanks for all your help, Kyle!

August 2013

Chris Heath

Without a doubt, our Family Event at the Air Hogs game was one of the best in recent memory. Chris worked for several months putting the program together with the Grand Prairie Air Hogs, and they truly made us feel like VIPs! Thanks Chris for all you continue to do for our council!!

July 2013

Marvin Sulak

Marvin is one of the most humble men you will ever meet. Marvin’s role as Financial Secretary has made him the backbone to our success as a council over the years. Thank you Marvin for being a role model, confidant, and a measuring stick for our council’s knights!

June 2013

Brandon LeClaire

Brandon is one of the newest members of our council. Brandon made his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees inside of a week and has hit the ground running. Brandon help on Mother's Day by participating in every duty available and helped make our Mother's Day Breakfast a success. At the Special Olympics, he and his Mom were up to the task of cooking hamburger for the volunteers. Keep up the good work Brandon!!!

May 2013

Ray Reyes

We affectionately call him Ray Ray! That affection comes as a return of the love that Ray shows for his brothers. Thank you Ray Reyes for being there for us at our events and for answering the call when clean ups are needed, bingo food needs to be prepared, and for the many other things that you have done for our council!!

April 2013

Speedy Gonzales

Pickle Parade Cook, Pickle Parade Representative to the City of Mansfield, Chief Raffle Sales Person at all Masses, Honor Guard Participant, and Movie Knight Organizer are a few of the titles that Speedy has worn this past month. Thanks for always answering the call when the council needed you. Your help is greatly appreciated!!

March 2013

Mark Von Plinsky

Mark Von Plinksy was blessed at birth to be born into a family with terrific initials. And, Mark truly lives up to his MVP status. You can find Mark at all of our events, willing to lend a hand, or offer suggestions on how we can improve. The Knights are in need of people with great character, and 7736 is very proud to have our very own MVP.

February 2013

Kevin Henry

Kevin’s passion centers on helping the youth of our community. Kevin teaches the game of basketball to many children each year in an effort to pass on the love he has for the game. We consider ourselves lucky to have Kevin organize our council’s Free Throw contest. Thanks Kevin!

January 2013

Tom Wilson

Tom is on of our newly inducted 4th degree knights, who is dedicated to helping out the council. At this month’s bingo, Tom spent his time working in the kitchen while cheering on his wife as she tried to win some CASH! Thanks for all your hard work Tom!!

December 2012

Bill Tillotson

Anyone ever heard of this guy? Of course you have! After being one of the most successful Grand Knights in recent history, Bill has not decided to rest on his laurels. He continues to support our council in more ways than most people realize. Bill has taken on the communications chair and web master for our council. This is on top of all of the support that he gives us at all of our events. Thank you Bill for your tireless support!!

November 2012

Kyle Martinez and Dennis Levine

Grill Masters Kyle Martinez and Dennis Levine had a busy October! Their work behind the pits earned them the title of Grill Master after the Halloween in the Park event. These two brothers flame broiled enough bratwurst and sausage on a stick to feed two armies! Your work gentlemen is appreciated!!

October 2012

Marvin Sulak

Each council has one. Some are good, and some are...well, they give good effort. Whether you all know it or not, Marvin Sulak is one of the best Financial Secretaries around. The council has been blessed to have Marvin working for us. There is a reason why the FS is included on the Star Council awards alongside the Grand Knight. It is because so much work goes into running the financial portion of our organization. Marvin not only keeps us in check, but keeps us out of trouble with the State, Supreme and even the IRS. Thank you, Marvin, you truly are a the light that guides our pathways!!

September 2012

Scott Blue

Scott transferred into our council last year and was asked to take on the ProLife chair for 7736 because Chris Heath had moved on to the diocesan level. Scott has been instrumental in in putting together the upcoming rosary awareness weekend and the 40 Days for Life campaign! Thank you Scott for your time and dedication!!

August 2012

George Kimmel

George was elected Chancellor of our council in May of this year, and has hit the ground running. The role of the Chancellor is key to the success of any council. George successfully organized our first membership blitz in July that has us positioned for a great year in 2012-2013. Thank you George for all your hard work in recruiting our new brothers.

July 2012

Tim Henz

Tim is a past Grand Knight of our Council and is instrumental in the success of our scholarship program. At Tim’s direction, our outside panel of judges were able to review all scholarship applicants anonymously. The integrity of our selection process has been tremendous due to Tim’s efforts.

April 2012

Larry Evans

We had very successful Fish Frys this Lent. A lot of guys worked very hard, but no one put in more time than Larry Evans. Larry headed up every Fry this month and kept up a positive and cheerful attitude throughout! Thank you for all your hard work, Larry!

March 2012

Gregg Ipock & Cliff Vittorio

I couldn’t decide who deserved this honor this month so I gave it to both these guys! These two new members cam out and worked their TAILS off at the Super Bowl Turkey and Brauts. They then came out and worked the first Fish Fry as well as the Bingo the next night! These guys have really jumped in with all four feet! Thanks guys!

February 2012

Speedy Gonzales

It would be hard to recognize anyone OTHER than Speedy Gonzales for the February Knight of the Month. Speedy coordinated a successful membership blitz and got 11 guys to our First Degree last month. What a great job! And he still has leads he's working for February!

January 2012

Kevin Henry

Kevin has taken on youth sports programs for the Council. Kevin was already heavily involved in various sports activities but wanted to do something for the Council as well. In January, he will be coordinating our Free Throw contest for Council 7736. This event has been dormant for several years and we're very excited to have it back. Thank you for all you do, Kevin.

December 2011

Gary Marcucci

Gary is a real fixture in our Council. Over the last year, he has coordinated our Bingo activities and built it into a great fundraiser. Gary always brings a great sense of humor to all he does and makes it fun.

Thank you Gary for all you do.

November 2011

Adolfo Rubio

Since joining the Council in September, Adolfo has been a very active member. He came right out the September First Degree and worked a full day at the Parish Festival. Adolfo also had his son out helping. Adolfo was also at the Halloween in the Park to help cook and sell turkey legs and sausage on a stick to help raise funds. Adolfo is planning on attending his Major Degree in November as well.

October 2011

Brett Cleary & Kyle Martinez

Brett and Kyle are friends who just joined the Knights after finishing high school. Both were active as youth peer ministers prior to joining the Knights and are still helping Bill Bellman. These guys have been great Knights since making their First Degree. They came and watched the First Degree in September. They have come out and prayed during thr Forty Days for Life. And they were out working all day at the Parish Festival. Young guys like this are always welcome in the Knights and we need more like them. Thanks Brett and Kyle!

September 2011

Cesar Balderas

Cesar made his First Degree in July and decided his first event to volunteer for would be the Mansfield Wurstfest on August 13. Little did he know the event would be five times larger than expected and he’d be serving like a madman for 5 hours straight! Cesar performed like a champ and has actually been seen at events since then! Way to go Cesar!

July 2011

Ricardo Villareal

Ricardo is a new member who has jumped in with both feet. He has already made his Major Degrees in May. and he also was out for most of the Special Olympics grilling hamburgers. Ricardo is a great guy with a good attitude towards work and we ar proud to call him a brother Knight.

June 2011

Fabian Madrigal

Fabian is a guy doing much behind the scenes that few ever see. He is one of the first guys to jump in and help when a brother Knight is in need. He has been there to help several brother Knights with house and childcare duties at all hours of the day and night. Fabian is quietly and humbly living the first principle of Charity and deserves to be recognized. Way to go Fabian!

May 2011

Larry Evans

Larry did a tremendous job heading up the Lenten Fish Fires this year. He took charge of running the operation right from the get go - was the first one there and the last to leave every time. Larry did a great job and deserves the thanks of every man in this Council.

April 2011

Chris Heath

PGK Chris Heath hasn’t slowed down much in the past year. Chris continues to head up our Prolife efforts. He also is helping with the Fish Fries and in several other areas as well. Thank you Chris for all you do!

March 2011

Ed Haidusek

Ed has worked tirelessly with his uncle over the last several months to reconstruct one of our smokers. The finished product was on display at the Super Bowl Turkeys and Brauts and it looked beautiful.

Thanks should go to Ed for all his efforts in renovating this smoker which will prove to be a great asset to our Council in the coming years.

February 2011

Larry Ciarkowski

Larry has been doing a great job with running the Bingo food, which is a very profitable endevour for our Council. He makes sure there is enough food, cooks the food, and cleans up after BINGO. Laryr is a great asset to our Council.

January 2011

Speedy Gonzales

For all your help with the most successful Membership Blitz the Council has had in a long time.

December 2010

Tim Henz

Tim really helped with the Christmas Parade by bringing his trailer and old tractor to run through the parade. He and his family also decorated the float which made the parade a joy for so many of us to enjoy. Thank you to Tim for all you do for our Council.