June 2024

Robert Schumacher

May 2024

SK Pat Mohn

April 2024

Jerry Warych

March 2024

Ramon De Los Santos

February 2024

Howard Vill Neuve

January 2024

Denis Dolan

December 2023

Dr. Stephen Brown

November 2023

John Crandell

October 2023

Michael Pelfini

September 2023

Andrew Chantri

August 2023

Martin McDavitt

May 2023

Michael Pelfini

April 2023

Michael Chaump

March 2023

Calen Wells

February 2023

Michael Pham

January 2023

Daniel Deblasio

December 2022

Christopher Gorham

December 2022

Chris Ordonio

November 2022

Andrew Chantri

October 2022

Dave Patula

August 2022

Fr Honesto Agustin

July 2022

Gary Verbeke

June 2022

Tod Brill

April 2022

Edwin Strickland

March 2022

Bill Jacques

March 2022

Howard Vill Neuve

March 2022

Paul Mc Elroy

February 2022

Michael Downey

January 2022

Dr. Thomas Dose

December 2021

Jobert Lacebal

November 2021

Tom Muller

October 2021

SK David Patula

May 2021

Richard "Junior" Simons

April 2021

John Paul Thompson

March 2021

Robert Hamon

February 2021

Father Patrick Klekas

January 2021

SK James Demetrio, S.K., O.P.

January 2021

Thomas Rammel

December 2020

Robert Hamon

November 2020

Edwin Strickland

November 2020

Patrick J Perry

October 2020

Patrick Mohn

September 2020

Dennis Saxon

August 2020

SK David G Patula

July 2020

Paul F Fromherz

June 2020

SK Matthew P Mareno

May 2020

SK John Long

April 2020

SK Jim Demetrio

March 2020

Frank Noski

February 2020

Marco Lamas

January 2020

Chris Watters

Brother Chris Watters is very active in our parish life programs. He is the chairman of the Right to Life committee and very dedicated to pro-life issues.

November 2019

Michael Pelfini

October 2019

Jobert Lacebal

September 2019

James Pellegrino

August 2019

Senen "Chiqui" Gabaldon

July 2018

Matt Mareno

May 2018

Brent Collamer

April 2018

Steve Rachuy

March 2018

Cecil "Mac" Mc Natt

February 2018

Robert Hamon

January 2018

Chris Welsh

December 2017

Griff Turner

November 2017

Al Goulart

September 2017

Ed Strickland

August 2017

John Wilkins

May 2017

Jim Demetrio

April 2017

Chris Watters

March 2017

Patrick Mohn

February 2017

Robert Hamon

January 2017

Paul McElroy

January 2017

Bill Jacques

January 2017

Howard Villnueve

December 2016

Fr. Tom Nelson

November 2016

Steve Rachuy

October 2016

Andy Chantri

September 2016

Ed Strickland

August 2016

John Long

June 2016

Chiqui Gabaldon

May 2016

Cecil "Mac" Mc Natt

Recognized for his eagerness to fully immerse himself in our council by attending several meetings, helping out a numerous events and attaining his 2nd and 3rd degree.

April 2016

Al Sheakley

Recognized for his leadership with, and successful promotion of, the very successful parish wine tasting.

March 2016

Billy Clifford

Billy is one of our council's newest members. Since joining he has volunteered to help in virtually every way possible. He has taken his 3rd Degree and has expressed an interest in taking on a position of responsibility in our council.

February 2016

Bret Scoggin

Bret has been an active, supportive knight for many years, most particularly involved with working at our social and fundraising activities.
Since the beginning of the current school year, Bret has also been the school principal of our parish school, St. Albert's. Since assuming that role, he has made consistent efforts to foster a closer relationship between parents and the Knights. Thanks largely to his initiative, we have shared profits of our breakfasts this year with the 8th grade class to help their financing of their trip to Point Bonita and to increase our attendance at the breakfasts...a win-win for both school and council. He has also been informing parents and encouraging their participation in our upcoming wine tasting.

December 2015

Chris Gorham

Chris took multiple overnight shifts in support of both the Advent and Lenten Adorations of the Blessed Sacraments, enabling us to keep the church open for everyone even during the wee hours of the morning.

November 2015

Brian Bartlett

Brian is a great example of a knight new to our council who immediately "steps up" and supports our charitable and religious efforts. Most recently, Brian distinguished himself taking personal initiative to see that he represented the knights as needed during our Lenten Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Albert's.

October 2015

Andy Chantri

Andy organized members of our council's fundraising through the Street Vibrations event in Reno this fall. He also spearheaded our council's Fundraiser for the Support of those with Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie Roll Drive) this year.

September 2015

Joe Labuda

Joe has devoted numerous hours in service to the Knights of Columbus and our council in particular. He has been a regular member of degree teams that initiate and advances our brothers throughout northern Nevada. He has been a consistent volunteer at our council's UNR beer booths, an important fundraiser for us.

August 2015

John Crandell

John is our Family Director. He has successfully managed and promoted council and parish events beneficial to not only our council families, but the whole parish community as well.

July 2015

Fr. Honesto Agustin

Fr. Honesto has been a very active, supportive and motivational chaplain for our council since he came to St. Albert's Church. He is now just beginning his new assignment as pastor of St. Albert's. We wish to congratulate him in his well-deserved new responsibility, and express our confidence that he will be a truly inspirational leader for our parish.

May 2015

Rev. Mark Hanifan

Rev. Mark Hanifan, the pastor of St. Albert the Great Church, has been a consistent supporter of our council throughout his time in the parish. Our members have successfully consulted and collaborated with him concerning numerous projects and events over the years, and we appreciate all his efforts on the part of the parish community of St. Albert's.
As he prepares to leave St. Albert's for a new assignment, we wish to honor him for all he has done...and for all he has helped our council to do.

April 2015

Tod Brill

Tod is both the warden and church director of our council; he is also the "music man" for our 1st Degree team. He is a strong advocate for our council's support of veterans' causes. Most importantly, he always helps us focus on what is most important in everything we do and is always there to help whenever asked.

January 2015

Chuck Baird

Brother Chuck Baird is treasurer of our council; he carries significant responsibility for the financial health of our council and for keeping our members informed regarding our council's assets and investments.
In addition, Chuck recently volunteered to chair our spring wine tasting event (March 14th at Aspen Lodge, Sierra Canyon in Del Webb) and to donate the lodge rental fee.

December 2014

Jose Salguero

Jose is a new knight, having joined our council only about four months ago. He has set a great example for new members, already participating in a number of activities and consistently attending our meetings.

November 2014

Rev. Arlon Vergara

Fr. Arlon is the pastor in Portola and Loyalton, two of our three roundtable communities in northern California.. Along with all his work on behalf of all his parishioners, he has also been a consistently strong advocate for the knights and our role in supporting Catholic values.

October 2014

Terry O'Rourke

Terry took charge of the Coats-for-Kids Program for our council this year. He advocated for the program and took the lead so that we obtained coats early enough to get ahead of the cold season. All together, thanks largely to his efforts, we donated over 120 coats.

September 2014

David Queen

David Queen served as GK from 7/1/12-6/30/14 working countless hours on behalf of the knights and the faith community. Since the end of his term as Grand Knight, he has continued to work tirelessly for the council on numerous efforts and activities. He has also offered invaluable support and counsel to the current Grand Knight.

August 2014

Jess Fitch

Jess, one of our brothers from northern California, is being recognized for his significant efforts in support of our Roundtable. Since the Roundtable is still small, there are relatively few men to share all the work, but Jess is one of them. He is consistently willing to help and do whatever is needed.

July 2014

Tyler Allen

One of the items purchased at our council's wine tasting this year was for four knights to spend four hours doing yard work.
Tyler stepped up and agreed to organize and supervise four knights who successfully fulfilled our obligation.

June 2014

Matt Mareno

Matt gets an A+ for effectiveness, conscientiousness, and reliability. He is always "there" for his council and is most deserving of the honor of being our June 2014 Knight-of-the-Month.,

May 2014

James Demetrio

Jim Demetrio was selected by the Brothers of Council 7322 as our Knight of the month for May. Jim's committment to serve the Council as the next Financial Secretary is very much appreciated. He has spent the last six months shadowing our current FS Roy Gulla to learn the ropes so that we may transition seamlessly into this coming Columbian year. His dedication and attention to detail will continue to help our Council be one of the leading Councils in the State of Nevada. Congratulations and Thanks for all you do Brother Jim.

April 2014

Don Fregulia

Congratulations to Brother Don Fregulia, the Council's acting Roundtable Chairman, sa our co-Knight of the month for April! Don has led our Portola Roundtable by helping bring in new members, hosting Corporate Communion, conducting monthly meetings, by participating in Lenten Soup suppers, the annual Parish BBQ, Youth BBQ, and by spearheading the Portola Community Dinner in May 2014 to help the Knights make a presence in the local community and at the Holy Family Parish! Thanks Brother Don for all you do!

April 2014

Joe Labuda

Congratulations to PGK Joe Labuda for being selected as co-Knight of the Month. Brother Joe consistently performs as the DGK on our 1st degree teams. He can be counted on to present the part of DGK, by rote, with dignity and eloquence as he imparts upon our new, and existing members every time we hear it, the lessons of the 1st degree, especially that of Charity. Thanks Joe for your support of Council 7322 and setting a great example to our new Knights.

March 2014

David Bradley

Congratulations to Brother David of the Council 7322 Roundtable for being selected as our Knight of the month for March. David remains involved by driving in from Calpine, CA to attend Council meetings as well as the monthly Roundtable meetings in Portola. He helps with the Stations/Soup Suppers in Portola and assists at the Parish level when he can. He attended the most recent 2nd/3rd degree in Sparks to support the new candidates from 7322. We appreciate all you do for the Council and the Roundtable Brother David.

February 2014

Roy Gulla

Congratulations to Brother Roy who was selected as Knight of the month for March! As our Council Financial Secretary, Roy works tirelessly at keeping the books, ordering supplies, billing for dues, issuing membership cards, completing ceremonial and recognition certificates, processing Wine tasting monies, and working with the accountant to make sure our taxes are filed properly...and that's just on Mondays! Thanks Brother Roy for all you do for the Council and Parish.

January 2014

Tony Pineda

Congratulations to one of our newest Brothers, Tony Pineda, who in his first three months as a Knight, has become the Field Agent for the Reno/Sparks territory, Chaired the Caroling to the homebound, attends our 1st Friday and Council Rosaries, volunteered for our Advent 24 hour adoration. is a leader of the Parish Filipino ministry and Director of the Filipino choir. He is a great and enthusiastic example of getting involved as a Knight of Columbus. Thanks Brother Tony for all you do.

December 2013

Robert Ferguson

For his dedication to the Keep Christ in Christmas program during the Christmas season and for his work as our Church Director. Thanks for your support of and participation in the Parish and the Council Brother Robert.

November 2013

John Crandall

For his leadership as the Council Family Director in coordinating and participating in the Council Family Events including the Parish Family Picnic, Parish Italian Dinner, and our Council Turkey Bingo. Thanks for all you do John.

October 2013

Ron Rountree

For his diligence, enthusiasm, and encouragement for seeking out new candidates for membership in the Knights of Columbus Council 7322 as our Co-Membership Director.

September 2013

Arch Ruth

Brother Arch has continued to set the examples of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity through his leadership as our DGK/Program Director by volunteering and serving at pretty much every event in which our Council is involved. Whether attending meetings, breakfasts, UNR beer booth, Parish Picnic, weekly Mass, yard work commitments, Roundtable events (the list goes on), Arch can be found alongside his Brothers as a volunteer and Leader. Thanks for all you do Brother Arch.

August 2013

Jim Pellegrino

For single handedly restoring the Church apron with brick separators and for the example he sets for his Brother Knights by participating in our meetings as an officer and in our events as a volunteer, i.e. Breakfasts, UNR games, Usher, 1st degrees, Color Guard, etc.