January 2022

Christopher Marcy

Congratulations to Brother Christopher Marcy for being our KOM for January 2022
Brother Christopher has stepped up for major events that JPI Council 7165 put on for children. He is a quick study when it comes to running these events and is a father figure to the children. During the calendar year 2021, he has chaired the Council’s Easter Egg Hunt and Children's Halloween Party.
Brother Christopher faithfully stepped up to chair the Children's Christmas Party. The event was later canceled due to few numbers of participants. None the less, he provided input to how he wanted to proceed if needed. As the proud father figure of eight children and former catechist, he offers good insight into sharing the HFCC Religious Education optic to make these events spiritually meaningful and fun for the children.
Brother Christopher and his family have been members of the Holy Family Catholic Community since 2004. Also, this year he served as the 2021 HFCC Fun Festival’s Kids/Teens Games Coordinator in assisting with providing a fun-filled fundraiser for the parish. Recognizing the primacy of the Holy Eucharist, he also serves as a Eucharistic Minister.

December 2021

Ifeanyl Rapu

Congratulations to SK Ifeanyl “Rambo” Rapu as our Knight of the Month (KOM) for December 2021.

Brother Rambo has been a Knight since January 2018. Brother Rambo was raised up in the Roman Catholic faith while attending Catholic Boarding School and formally came on board as a Knight of Columbus while during military duty in Ramstein Germany. He arrived from Germany August 2020 following his retirement from the US Army. Brother Rambo is a transfer member from Council 11987, Fr. Kapaun Council of Ramstein, Germany. While there he supported setups and events for both the Knights of Columbus and Parish to include duties as the Sacristan; Usher; Lead Counter; Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion; CPAC Member. He is a SK 4th Degree member of the Fr. Richardson Assembly 3174.

He is the JPI Council 7165, Team Captain of the Exemplification Ceremony program and has performed this duty since joining the council. He has stepped up to be the Warden for the Spanish Degree Team. He is a supporter to the Council’s Bingo Program as a member on Team Three. He has supported the HFCC and JPI Council 7165 i events such as, HFCC Fun Fest, Ushering, and Cross Bearers for the Holy Eucharist during the Easter Season.

Lastly, he loves being a part of the JPI Council 7165 because of the excellent examples of so many brothers during activities that serve families, this parish, and the community. As time goes by, he wishes to pay forward all the training and mentoring currently invested in him. It is his deepest desire to keep supporting with Faith in Action and eventually take on even greater responsibility.

November 2021

Steve Ehrlich

I would like to recognize Brother Steve Ehrlich, as
Knight of the Month for November 2021.
In this year of coming out to more life’s style events
that the Council is known for, Steve went beyond the
call of duty for our PGK Dinner 2021. In this event,
he delegated, coordinated and YES…bussed tables,
served as waiter, and helped in the kitchen. Through
all the logistical ups and downs, Brother Steve did
an amazing job.
Steve is a dependable member of the JPI Family,
and he can be counted on to volunteer his time
when needed. He is a constant at JPI Council 7165
Monday night Bingo. He has successfully moved up
through the officer’s rank/positions to gain valuable
experience to lead the council’s events. His demeanor is low key, a big smile and a can-do attitude. He
has been a brother Knight for over fifteen years and
a 4th Degree Knight for 12 years.
Steve is wearing a dual hat during this Fraternal
year, one as the Worthy Deputy Grand Knight
(DGK) of JPI Council 7165 and the other, as the
Faithful Navigator (FN) of the Father Richardson Assembly # 3174 for the Fraternal year, 2021-2022.

October 2021

HFCC Festival Knights Fairbairn & Pemperton

Brothers, every time I turn around, I see why JPI
Council 7165 is tops in District 12. We are so
blessed with many talented Brothers who know how
to bring back life’s joyous happenings, while still during a worldly pandemic.
This month I found that I could choose many Knights
for this honor. I want to acknowledge all the brother
Knights who worked so hard to make this year’s
HFCC Fun Festival a great success! Some were involved in setting up the booths and tents, tearing
down the exhibits, clean up, assisting with parking
and many other areas. Some sat through hours of
planning meetings and spent hours assuring that all
the electrical needs were met. Many ran booths, assisted with booths, and worked tirelessly to ensure
that the trash was taken care of.
You assisted people in getting to where they needed
to be and, most importantly, supported our parish!
Without your hard work the Holy Family Annual Parish Festival could not happen! Congratulations to all
the Knights who worked so diligently to ensure the
festival success. You are all truly the Knights of the

September 2021

Charlie Chichester

Please join us in congratulating SK Charlie Chichester as our Knight of the Month for Sept 2021
Brother Charlie Chichester has been a Knight since
1977 and is a 4th Degree Knight.
Brother Charlie regularly attends Holy Family,
where he has been a member for 30 years. Charlie
has been a member of JP1 Council 7165 for more
than 25 years. He is a strong supporter to our Council's Bingo program, sub making and sales, KOVAR,
help to homeless shelters and the Food Pantry. He
also strongly supports the Parish school and youth
ministry and has served with the Arlington Dioceses
Work Camp Program for over 19 years as a volunteer contractor. He serves on the Usher Committee
at Holy Family Catholic Church. Due to the COVID19 pandemic he is also supporting projects serving
our parish and congregation. Recently, he has
stepped up to be Chairman of the Family Committee
in the Council’s Faith in Action (FIA) Program.
Thanks Brother Charlie Chichester for being a positive light of Unity, Charity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

August 2021

Robert Michael

Please join me in congratulating our Knight of the
Month for August, SK Robert Michael!
Brother Robert Michael has been a Knight since
1992 and he is a 4th Degree Knight. Brother Robert
transferred from Council #2022 Mount Vernon.
While there, he was continually active within his
council by participating in events such as 4th Degree
Color Guard for parades in Washington DC, Chairman of the KCIC Program and regular attendance at
the Bingo nights.
Now he is a member of JPI Council 7165, and he is
outgoing, energetic and has supported many activities since his arrival, a year ago.
He is a member of Fr. Richardson Assembly. He
regularly attends Council’s business meetings and is
a constant at Monday Night Bingo. He graciously
accepted the role as Chairman of the Community
Group in the Faith in Action program.
He played an important part in one of the Council’s
main events of the year, the 4th July Parade. He
took on the duty of Council representative to the
Dale City Civic Association (4th July Parade Committee) as the POC for procuring Parade Marshalls.
His debut mission was a huge success.
SK Robert Michael has recently volunteered to be a
Council Bartender. Finally, he is setting a great example and making some significant, and welcome
contributions to our Council, and we thank him for
his service!

July 2021

Kevin Dunlop

I would like to proudly recognize our outgoing Grand Knight, Kevin Dunlop. I first met him on my first Adopt-A -Highway community event in May 2017. I was impressed with his leadership, wit, humor and just his genuine friendship. One of his main attributes is his military background and how he blends it into work, personal life and his HOO-AH spirited decision-making skills. His “extra innings” as Deputy Grand Knight provided the Council with his planning skills and attention to detail that helped keep the Council’s schedule and budget on track.

He took the reins from his predecessor, PGK Jim Dart, at the apex of the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing that the Fraternal Year would be anything but normal, he still made it a point to try and do as many events as possible within the Council and at Holy Family, even if it meant thinking outside the box and adjusting how they were run. He kept important focus on the Council’s support to Holy Family during reopening and especially with the Food Bank’s role as one of the focal points in the PWC Emergency Food Bank system.

His “double A” personality type, determination, drive, organizational skills, willingness to take advice, and leadership-by-example were important in keeping the JPI Council active, engaged, and informed during the pandemic. He tried his best to get new Brothers involved and to recognize good works and the many contributions from across the Council. His guidance, organization, and planning helped the Council meet several goals for Supreme and State awards. In short, his leadership was a significant factor in keeping the pandemic from completely dictating how the Council’s year would unfold.

He has been a Knight for 16 years and is a member and officer in Assembly 3174. He previously served as Director of the Life Program and supported many Council activities including Bingo (as a caller), KCIC, KOVAR, Christmas tree sales, March for Life, the Art Auction, support to the Holy Family Fun Fest, and many more events too numerous to mention. He continues as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Holy Family, and in the past, he served as the liaison between the Church, the Diocese of Arlington, and the architect for the building expansion project before leading the Review Committee that studied projects for the recent renovation. He also served as an assistant scout master, camp coordinator, and merit badge counselor in scouts, as well as a youth sports coach for several teams in Lake Ridge.

June 2021

Rich Kadlubowski

Please join me in congratulating our Knight of the
Month for June, SK Rich Kadlubowski!
Rich has been a Knight and member of our Council
for 21 years and is also a member of the Fr. Richardson Assembly. He has supported many activities
and held positions in the Council and on the Charity
Corporation Board of Directors over those years. He
regularly attends meetings and has stepped forward
in several important ways recently. He played an
important part in the Nominating Committee for next
year’s officers. He has taken on one of the Presenter
positions in our Council’s Exemplification of Charity,
Unity, and Fraternity team. He joined and has taken
on a role in the House Committee. Finally, he was
recently elected and will serve as our Council’s
Chancellor for the next fraternal year.
He is setting a great example and making some significant and welcome contributions to our Council,
and we thank him for his service!

May 2021

SK Gunawan Wibisono

Our Council Knight of the Month for May is SK Gunawan “Willie” Wibisono. He has been a Knight and
member of JP1 Council 7165 for just two years, and
is already a 4th Degree Knight. He normally participates in the usher program at the Basilica of The
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. He is
also the Co-Chair of the Council’s Community Committee. Over the Christmas season, Willie chaired
the “Keep Christ in Christmas” sales and did an absolutely outstanding job generating impressive sales
despite reduced attendance. He has volunteered
nearly every weekend at multiple Masses as an usher and greeter since our Church reopened during
COVID (normally helped by his family). In January,
he took on the important role of Usher coordinator
for all the English Masses at Holy Family, a job he
has tackled with incredible zeal, especially during
this year’s Holy Week Masses. He is a “go to” Knight
that steps forward and will help wherever and whenever he can with a cheerful attitude. Please congratulate Willie and thank him for all he does!

April 2021

PGK Keith Kaminsky

Our Knight of the Month for April is definitely no
stranger to recognition in our Council newsletter, and
deservedly so.
He has served in several officer positions in the John
Paul I Council and the Father Richardson Assembly
and is both a Past Grand Knight and Past Faithful
Navigator. He continues now as a Trustee, Membership Chair, and Treasurer of the House Committee
(and Faithful Admiral). He has been, and is involved
in, just about every event and activity in the Council,
works behind the scenes to ensure the Council’s
success, and is a great mentor. He is also a steadfast servant at Holy Family Catholic Church. In the
past few months alone, he had a heavy hand in both
sub sandwich sales, helped shape the new Degree
Team’s successful execution of two Exemplification
ceremonies, and broke new ground chairing our
Council’s recent successful Virtual Art Auction. He
did all this while supporting our Council Bingo program nearly every week

March 2021

Steve Burwinkel

Brother Steve Burwinkel is our Council Knight of the
month, selected for his example of selfless and humble service to others, kindness, and charity.
Brother Steve is a long-time member our Council, a
member of Assembly 3174, and is a Parishioner at
Holy Family where he serves as a lector. This past
winter, Steve took it upon himself to cut cords of firewood, offered it up for anyone in need, and handed
out several cords. He then found that our local Dominican Sisters were in need of firewood and delivered enough to nearly fill three large racks, one of
which he rebuilt and covered. These simple acts resound as great examples of a Knight doing his part
to help others in times of trouble, and without fanfare.

February 2021

Jerry Ingerick

Our Knight of the Month for February has held most of
the key leadership positions in both our Council and
the Assembly, notably Grand Knight, Financial Secretary, and Faithful Navigator. He also served as the
Chief Financial Officer of the John Paul I Charity Corporation. He is an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at Holy Family and an usher at the Basilica of the
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
Brother Jerry Ingerick fills a critically important position in our Council now, that of Treasurer for the
Council Bingo Program. In that role, he weekly devotes significant hours to ensure our record-keeping is
accurate; reporting to the State is timely, accurate,
and compliant; and disbursements are timely and reconciled. Recently, he spent the better part of two and
a half months as point man for the recent and successful State periodic audit of our Council Bingo program. He collected, organized, and shipped two boxes
of records, coordinated with other leaders in the
Council and Charity Corporation, and answered questions in a timely manner to clarify information and ensure all the auditor’s needs were met. The result was
a successful audit, with only minor administrative or
procedural corrections to be made, reflective of the
efficient and professional culture of excellence within
our Council, and confirming that John Paul I well exceeds the standards and metrics for use of proceeds
from our Bingo program.
Please join me in thanking Brother Jerry Ingerick for
his hard work and dedication, well worthy of this

January 2021

Matthew Drabik

Our Knight of the Month for January is Brother Matthew Drabik, in recognition for his amazing
support for our Church and several Council activities.
A Knight for 26 years, he is a longstanding
and dedicated volunteer, heavily involved for years in
activities like the Fun Festival, the Art
Auction Pancake Breakfast, sub sales, KOVAR, and
tree sales. Recent and current highlights of
his service include invaluable contributions to the success of the Virtual Fun Festival Raffle and
Auction, continued duty as a Religious Education
Teacher, working at the food pantry, and
organizing on short notice and chairing the KOVAR at
Christmas drive. In January, he’s already
planning to help run the Free Throw competition.
Please join me in thanking Matthew for his

December 2020

PGK Bill Gleichsner

Our Knight of the Month for November is yet another who is not a stranger to these pages.
Most are familiar with this PGK’s long history of service to our council, from chairing dinners and picnics to pitching in on many other things this council does or has done. But his selection this month is in recognition for the hard work in his most prominent role, our Council Bingo Chair, during what is certainly the most challenging era in our history. PGK Bill Gleichsner has long understood the critical importance of Bingo to our council, and after the covidinduced hiatus of many months, coordinated with the VFW and worked with the Bingo Captains to lead our program back out of dormancy in a safe manner, modified for the conditions. He will be the first to acknowledge the Bingo Team Captains, the Bingo Treasurer, and everyone who comes out in support on Monday nights. However, he himself must be recognized for the long hours he puts in to set conditions for success and make sure every single week’s session runs smoothly. This amounts to roughly eight hours every Monday, plus several hours during the week and surges for things like the mounds of paperwork for re-licensing with the State of Virginia.
I would be also remiss if I did not recognize Patti Ann for the critical role she’s played entry-screening players and Knights to keep everyone safe. Despite friction along the way, our Bingo program is (currently) beating expectations and well on its way towards a new normal, directly as a result of Bill’s drive and dedication.

November 2020

SK Timothee Donangmaye

Our November Knight of the Month is SK Timothee
(Tim) Donangmaye, selected for his steadfast leadership of our Council’s Adopt-a-Highway program. Four
times a year since 2013, Tim has without fanfare publicized each cleanup, ensured sufficient equipment
and supplies were on-site and ready, and picked up
donuts and coffee for fellowship before each event.
He’s often accompanied by at least one family member, and we’re often joined by youth from the Holy
Family Religious Education Program seeking service
hours. One could argue that under his leadership,
we’ve likely removed around 250 bags of garbage
from our stretch of Dale Boulevard! Tim’s service is an
awesome example for each Knight to choose at least
one area supporting our Church, community, charitable efforts, or fraternal activities, then making a difference. Please join in congratulating Tim and thank him
for his quiet servant leadership!

October 2020

PGK Larry Pemberton

PGK Larry Pemberton is our Council Knight of the
Month for October in recognition of his service to Holy
Family Catholic Church.
Larry recently completed six years on the Pastoral
Council, to include four years as its Chair. This was
an often turbulent period in our Parish’s history and
included the loss of our dear Father Gerry, two new
Pastors, the Church renovation, the pandemic, and
countless other challenges. Throughout, Larry led in a
quiet and calm manner, improved communications,
found solutions, and got the right people involved to
address problems. Just one example is our Parish’s
dealings with COVID-19. While he would humbly deflect any praise for himself, he played a crucial role in
bringing live-streamed Masses to parishioners who
could not attend in person. And with COVID’s impact
upon our recent 50th Anniversary celebration, Larry
collected pictures from parishioners and put together
a fantastic video collage spanning the history of Holy
Family Catholic Church.
We’re proud of the example he sets. Please join in
congratulations for Brother Larry Pemberton as the
Council Knight of the Month!

September 2020

Chris Blanchard

Our Council September Knight of the Month is Brother
Chris Blanchard.
Chris joined the Knights in our Council in 2005, and
recently returned to NOVA from Florida where he had
been taking care of his dad, “Pop.” In the past two
months, he has stepped in immediately when needed,
with a “just let me know how I can help” mindset. He
has helped out with our re-emerging Bingo program
and was one of the first to sign up to be an usher
when Holy Family re-opened for public Masses. He
has already volunteered to be a member of our Degree team for the new Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. Twice, on short notice, he’s done a
great job substituting for our Recorder during Council
meetings, and recently volunteered to take over the
position because of the incumbent’s impending overseas deployment.

August 2020

PGK Joe Graham PGK Gray Gagnon

Please join me in recognizing a Knight who is no
stranger to these pages as the Council Knight of the
Month for August.
He has been an active member of our Council for 23
years. Most are aware of his past service in several
officer positions and degree teams, as well as his leadership and support to almost every activity we do. He
has been the House Committee Chair and House Manager for several years, as well as the Chief Operating
Officer of the Charity Corporation. Because he wasn’t
busy enough, he was recently elected and accept the
position of President of the Charity Corporation. His
advice, drawing from all this experience, is always relevant and welcome. Our Council Knight of the Month
is…wait…there’s more. When you get this Knight, you
always get another for the price of one, so it’s only fitting they are recognized together—it was simply not
possible otherwise.
The other half is also very involved, a Knight of over 33
years, and a member of the House Committee as well
as the Board of the Charity Corporation. He is an expert on maintenance issues and audio-visual at the
Council Home. He is the routine behind-the-scene
problem solver and a big reason for the successful operation of the Council Home, from maintenance and
repairs to supply runs. He himself has also seen service in several officer positions and supported almost
every activity in the Council from providing sound support for degrees and dinners to serving as Santa and at
Bingo. He is always willing to help.
Their dedication and teamwork especially over this difficult period has been critical as they’ve solved issues
at our Council Home, handled problems and repairs,
and renovated the store-room in the lounge. They put
long hours into plans, changes to procedures, and
safeguards allowing us to re-open for meetings and
camaraderie. For this commitment, PGK Gray Gagnon
and PGK Joe Graham are the Council “Knight” of the
Month, and well deserving of our thanks.

July 2020

PGK Jim Dart

Congratulations to retiring Grand Knight Jim Dart as
the Council Knight of the Month.
Jim has served in many ways over the course of his
time in our Council. He has led as Chancellor and
two (yes, two) years as Deputy Grand Knight. He is a
member of the House Committee, and was instrumental in the success of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of our Council. He has worked on many of our
Council’s events and fund raisers.
But most importantly and with Karen’s support, he
provided needed leadership to our Council through a
year no one expected. While normal in many aspects
and activities, this year was obviously anything but
normal. Under his leadership, we supported two State
meetings in the popular local venue, Father Griffin
Hall. A call from our Pastor took us into the throes of
renovation and the weekly chair shuffle for two
months. Notably, he led this Council through the past
three months. He led through difficult decisions curtailing our Council’s normal activities that literally
changed our pattern of life, contributed to difficult financial decisions aligning resources to priorities, and
ensured we maintained engagement as brothers either through virtual meetings or other means. Further,
he organized the response when Holy Family was
called into service as a County Emergency Food
Bank. Through it all, with an even keel, a sense of
humor, and a willingness to listen, he served as an
example of why the Knights of Columbus exist – to
serve our community and Church, and to take care of
each other – all evident in the way he led this year.
Certainly, a Zoom Meeting was not the way Jim
thought he would hand off the gavel, but it was somewhat fitting given the trying times he led. We wish Jim
and Karen Godspeed as they start their next chapter—they will always be remembered for this year
(and hopefully will be occasional visitors).

May 2020

George 'Digger' Smith

Our Knight of the Month for May 2020 is George
(Digger) Smith. Digger, who originally joined the
Knights in 1967, is a retired military officer and is not
one to sit idly by.
He believes in helping others and as such he
currently runs the food pantry at Holy Family which
provides food items to families in need. With the
CORONA19 virus impacting everyone's way of life,
Digger recognized that the need would increase and
he asked the council if we could provide additional
food items which we have done twice during this
As the need continued to grow, Prince William County
needed an east end site to assist those in need. With
the infrastructure and organization Digger had in
place, the county designated the Holy Family Food
Pantry as an emergency distribution site. This meant
that the County/FEMA would provide food items and
some workers to assist with distribution. Digger again
reached out and asked if the Knights could support
with some workers as well and we answered the call
with 10 volunteers.
Because of the virus, he developed a plan so that the
workers would have limited exposure to those
receiving assistance and thereby keep the workers
I've learned from those who I have spoken with that
his plan has made it safe and easy to manage while
helping those in need with picking up food items.
He truly “Lets his Light Shine” which is why he was
selected as the Knight of the month.

April 2020

Bill Gleichsner

We have seen a lot these past several weeks and a lot of Brother Knights have been stepping up and communicating on things we should or should not do. With that in mind I have chosen Bill Gleichsner as the Knight of the Month for April.
Bill has been very proactive in his communication with me and the council as it relates to bingo. Bill engaged with the VFW to try to determine how to handle bingo, as well as reaching out to the American Legion and others to see how they were dealing with bingo. Bill also had to communicate with the vendor for bingo game deliveries, and made sure that information from the State Gaming Commission was shared with those of us who needed it. He did all of this while maintaining ―Social Distancing‖ and while seeing to the needs of his own family regarding the coronavirus.
Bingo is a vital financial resource to this council, and while it's easy to cancel, Bill made sure we were looking after our members while trying to determine what others were doing, and what information was available in order to make informed decisions before deciding on how to proceed.
Please congratulate Bill (from a safe distance) when you see him or email him thanking him for all that he does for the council.

March 2020

Joe Anderson

Our Knight of the Month for March Is PGK Joe Ander-son. Joe has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1994. He leads the Rosary for us at almost eve-ry council meeting. He serves as the Worthy Advo-cate, a position that requires him to be familiar with all of the laws of the Order as well as the council by-laws. He a member of the Charity Corporation, is the Color Corps Commander for the Fourth Degree, and participates in many of the council events, and is al-ways willing to lend a hand when needed. In addition, Joe volunteers at the council home as a bartender. Please join me in congratulating Joe the next time you see him

February 2020

Jim Limbach

The Knight of the Month goes to Jim Limbach. Jim is recognized for all he has done as the Degree Team Captain for the old First and Second Degree Teams. Jim was responsible for overseeing the se-lection of team members and helping them to learn the parts. Thanks to Jim’s efforts the degrees were always executed flawlessly. In addition, Jim is a member of the Charity Corpora-tion, which helps to oversee the finances and alloca-tion of funds to projects and charitable causes sup-ported by the council. Jim is a regular at Council meetings and attends many of the Council events. Jim is a founding member of this Council, a Past Grand Knight and former District Deputy, and has been a Knight since 1964. Please take a moment the next time your see Jim, to thank him for his many years as a Knight, and for all of his support to the Knights, and our Council. He is clearly and example that “Lets His Light Shine”. Congratulations Jim!

January 2020

Bob Scheller

Our Knight of the Month for January is Bob Scheller. Bob is a true gentleman who is always ready to lend a hand when needed. In the past he’s been a Council Trustee when asked to fill in a gap that existed in that position. He regularly assists with Bingo. He assisted with the great Chair Shuffle. Bob is always ready to help when the time comes to assemble subs for sales. He is also someone who, when he see’s some-thing amiss in the Council, will quietly pull you asideand explain his concern and offer a suggestion on how to correct it. From sub-sales to bingo, to helping the KC ladies with some of their events and much more, he is someone who you always see helping with whatever is going on and can be counted on. Bob originally joined the Knights of Columbus in 1963and is an example of someone “Lettting his Light Shine”. Please join me in congratulating Bob as our Knight of the Month for January 2020.

December 2019

PGK Larry Pemberton

The Knight of the month for December is someone who is well known by everyone and who always seems to be around no matter the task. He is some-one who’s advice and counsel is always at the ready if needed. Sometimes you may not think you need that advice or counsel but he will set you straight on that. PGK Larry Pemberton is someone who is the con-summate man behind the scenes. For the council he is a bingo caller, brought back from retirement. He regularly attends council meetings and is responsible for the 40 cans for Lent which we expanded this year to “A Can a Knight on Meeting Knights”. He also pro-vided support for the Chair Shuffle. Larry also ar-ranged and coordinated for our recent ethnic night for Philippine food, which was a sell out. Finally, he also served as the alter server for Father Jack at our most recent Memorial Mass at the council home. For the Parish, Larry is an Ad-Hoc Member of the Parish Finance Council which advises the Pastor on matters pertaining to financial affairs of the parish, and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, taking communion to the sick. He has coordinated the Friday Night Lenten Soup Suppers, supports the Par-ish festival and is the coordinator for the circle of car-ing for the Parish, which helps the home-bound and seriously ill parishioners. Just listing these things and others things I’m sure I missed, it is easy to see why I selected Larry as Knight of the Month for December. Please, when you can catch him, congratulate him and thank him for all he does for the Knights and the Parish, for being a clear example of “Letting his Light Shine” as a leader, and someone we should all try to be more like.

November 2019

The Knights of Council 7165

The Knight of the month is a time to think of someone who has gone above and beyond in doing something for the council, his faith, or community. We always have chosen someone who fits that bill, but this month I wanted to do something different when I picked the Knight of the month. So my selec-tion for this month goes to you, the Knights of this Council, who are always there no matter the task. The Knight of the month goes to all of you who regu-larly work bingo. The Knight of the month goes to all of those who regularly attend meetings. The Knight of the month goes to those who help set-up chairs in the church, help make subs, sell the subs, support the 40 cans for Lent, help with KOVAR, KCIC, sell Christmas trees, volunteer to lead an event, and who attend Council events. It is you, the Knights of this Council, who make this Council what it is. So please accept my congratulations and thank you for all you do.

October 2019

Sam DiMascio

Please join me in congratulating Sam DiMascio as the Knight of the Month for October 2019. Sam has been instrumental in overseeing the Holy Family renovations. He is responsible for working with the Archdiocese, the vendors, the church office staff, and the clergy. Sam has been spending so much time at Holy Family recently that his wife, Connie, mentioned that she had to go by the Church just to see him. Sam mentioned that he has retired 3 times but you can’t tell it from the amount of time he has committed to assisting with the renovations being completed on time and on budget. Sam is also the go-to person keeping us up to date, and on schedule for the chair delivery, set-up, and tear down, to facilitate the work being done.
Sam is also a veteran, having served in the US Army with one tour in Vietnam. He is retired from the Navy as an SES, where he was Deputy Commander of the Naval Air Systems Command and Director of the Office of Naval Acquisition. Subsequent to his retirement he held executive positions (Group Vice President and Regional Vice president) in two private firms. Eventually, Dr. DiMascio operated his own Technical and Management Consulting Firm while serving as an Associate Professor for the Florida Institute of Technology Graduate School.
He has been a Knight and member of John Paul I since 1982, and has been involved and served several positions: Chairman of the Church Committee, Manager of the House Committee, Chairman of the Fireworks Sales, and a Member of the Board for Charity Corporation.
He truly lives a life of service to his country, his faith and as a Brother Knight, so please congratulate Sam when you see him and thank him for all his hard work.

September 2019

Joe Graham

My selection for Knight of the Month for September 2019 is PGK Bother Joe Graham. Joe is the go-to-guy when you need help with some-thing. He is part of the house committee, a regular at bingo, and master of audio and visual in the council home. He is the Co-MC at PGK dinners and is al-ways ready to lend a helping hand. Even when Joe is on one of his “adventures” to Florida, Texas, help-ing a friend in Maryland, or elsewhere, he is always reachable via phone to walk you through the “how to fix it” checklist. Joe worked many hours helping to get the council home prepared for the 40th anniversary celebration. From fixing parking lot lights, to music, to photo dis-plays and even shopping for various things needed in the home. His efforts were a big help in making the event the success that it was. No matter the is-sue, he always smiling and happy to help. Joe is a Past Grand Knight, a member of the Council Degree Team and served in the USA. Please join me congratulating PGK Brother Joe Gra-ham on being selected as John Paul I’s Knight of the Month for September 2019.

August 2019

Ray Williams

The Knight of the month for August is our Chancellor,
Ray Williams. Ray has only been with us for a
few years but he has been quick to step up and into
the fray. Ray was the Recorder for the last couple of
years, responsible for all council correspondence
and communications. In addition, Ray took on the
sub sales and has become the “master sandwich
maker”. More importantly Ray has been the council
lead for the Dale City 4th of July Parade for the past
2 years. This past year Ray arranged to have our
Worthy State Deputy selected to be the Grand Marshal
for the parade and the 4th Degree Color Corps
at the front of the parade. With Ray's free time he
volunteers in the Holy Family Food Pantry where he
coordinates donations, and helps distribute the food
to those in need. Ray was also elected to serve as
this year's Chancellor. He has quickly become
someone to count on to get the job done, no matter
what it is.

July 2019

PGK Keith Kaminsky

It is my pleasure to select our outgoing Grand
Knight, Keith Kaminsky, as the Knight of the Month
for July. Keith is always ready to lend a hand and is
always one to lead by example. No matter if it’s cutting
meat for subs, taking new members to other
councils to advance through the degrees, set up a
meeting room, or helping at the adopt a high-way –
he is always there to assist. It is his determination,
drive, and organizational skills that made his Grand
Knight year look easy.
It’s clear to anyone who looks, that he embodies
Faith in Action not only to his Brother Knights but
with the Church as a Eucharistic minister. Keith, always
calm under diversity, was quick to act, train
and assist the newly appointed Deputy Grand
Knight, Kevin Dunlop, when he stepped in halfway
though the fraternal year when Dom Dionne stepped
down for personal reasons. In any other council, this
could have been very disrupting but Keith knew what
to do to make the unexpected look easy.
Please join me in thanking Keith for all he has done
this past year as Grand Knight and, I’m sure, will
continue to do for our Council, our Church and our
Community. Keith, well done!

June 2019

Jim Dart

My selection for Knight of the Month for June 2019 is our current Chancellor and Grand Knight Elect, Brother Jim Dart. Jim started this Fraternal Year off in unusual manner by being elected to his current position of Chancellor for being so well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order... and for not keeping a closer eye on PGK Art Peacott! But the Council greatly benefited by Jim’s election. Having served as our Deputy Grand Knight and Program Director for two terms, Jim is well versed in council operations and has been one of those officers I have counted on during my term as Grand Knight. Jim’s organizational skills, his personality, and his gift for working with people and getting their best out of them, makes him a true asset to the council. I also want to express my thanks to Jim for the exceptional job he did in chairing and organizing the 40th Anniversary Planning Committee. He was instrumental in orchestrating the fund-raising efforts behind the wine glasses, coffee mugs and polo shirts. But before anyone starts busting Jim’s chops on the errors with the shirts... understand that wasn’t his fault, but he did get them fixed! Jim, thank you for all of your contributions during the past Fraternal Year, to the council and for me personally and for taking on an assignment you may not have initially wanted. And our sincere thanks to Karen for her support to you and to the council! Please join me in thanking Jim for what he has done for our council and extending congratulations to him for being selected as Knight of the Month for June 2019.

May 2019

PGK Larry Pemberton

I want to recognize a brother knight that is well
known to many of us, in the council and within our
parish, Brother Larry Pemberton is one of the nicest,
caring men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.
Larry is one of several Brothers I’ve always been
able to count on when I needed an ear to bend, no
matter the subject. The flip side to that is when I see
Larry’s name pop up on my phone… the first thing I
think is, “here’s some bad news or an issue that
needs to be addressed”. But that only comes due to
Larry’s involvement in our Council and the Holy
Family parish. Larry is a very involved, and caring
individual, and this is what makes Larry such an integral
member of the Council.
Larry is a kind hearted gentleman that most definitely
lives up to we as Knights are intended. He gets a
lot of satisfaction from helping people, whether it’s
coordinating Lenten Soup Suppers, serving as a
member of the board of ACTS, supporting The Arc
of Prince William, or supporting the Holy Family parish
as Chairman of the Pastoral Council, Larry truly
loves helping people.
Larry and his bride Rose recently celebrated 53
years of marriage. They are the proud parents of 3
sons and 1 daughter, and are blessed with 10
Please join me in congratulating Brother Larry Pemberton
in being selected Knight of the Month for

April 2019

Steve Ehrlich

I’d like to recognize one of our more recent transfers,
Brother Steve Ehrlich, as Knight of the Month
for April 2019. Steve and his family, wife Jackie and
their sweet, impish daughter Harleigh, moved to the
Dale City area in 2008, relocating from New Mexico.
Steve and Jackie are both federal employees and
regularly attend the 9:00 am Mass at Holy Family;
while Harleigh is a student enrolled in Holy Family’s
Religious Education classes.
In the short time that Steve has been a member of
the John Paul I family, he has been a brother that I
have found can be counted on to step up and volunteer
his time when needed. Steve, along with the
invaluable help of Harleigh, has participated in the
last two sub sandwich sales, providing assistance in
assembling, and selling subs. When another brother
was unable to chair our latest sub sale, Steve gracefully
took on that challenge. Steve has also agreed
to fill in as the Worthy Warden when Brother Ruben
Raimundi departs on his deployment. Steve, Jackie
and Harleigh have taken advantage of the Council’s
programs, as well as coming out and enjoying our
Super Bowl party. I look forward to them being regulars
at our cookouts!
Steve has been married to his wife Jackie for just
over 16 years. He has been a Knight for just over 13
years and a 4th Degree Knight for 11 years. Steve
also transferred into the Fr. Richardson Assembly
Please join me in congratulating Brother Steve Ehrlich
in being selected Knight of the Month for April!

March 2019

Terry Mannion

I am recognizing Brother Terry Mannion as Knight of the Month for March 2019. Terry regularly supports our BINGO program, which we all know is vital for the council. In addition, he serves as an usher at Holy Family.

Terry can always be counted on to provide assistance with many of our programs. Terry is a great example of how, when there’s a task to be accomplished, many hands make light work.

Terry has been married to his wife Mary for 42 years and they have 2 children, Tracy and Sean. Terry has been a Knight since 1998, recruited by our own PGK Peacott.

Please join me in congratulating Brother Terry Mannion in being selected Knight of the Month for March!

February 2019

Wasiu Adedeji

I’d like to recognize as Knight of the Month for February
2019, Brother Wasiu Adedeji, Although many
haven’t met Wasiu personally, myself included, if
you read our newsletter, you’ve experienced his
handiwork, dedication and professionalism! Wasiu
has served as our newsletter Editor since 2013.
Wasiu always does a wonderful job at the editing of
the newsletter! The Senior Director of Programs
and Brand Management at Supreme recently paid
our Council, and ultimately, Brother Wasiu a compliment
about our newsletter! This is one of those tasks that are accomplished
without many of us giving it a second thought, but
without Wasiu’s dedication and professionalism, the
quality publication we accustomed to would not exist.
Wasiu, please accept my sincere gratitude for the
dedication to this task and your professionalism and
patience! Please join me in congratulating Brother Wasiu
Adedeji in being selected Knight of the Month for February!

January 2019

Daniel Lupinetti

My selection for Knight of the Month for January is Brother Daniel Lupinetti.
As many know, Dan has been the lead in a number of the Council’s events; in particular coordinating the logistics and staffing of the beer tent at Holy Family’s Family Fun Festival for several years now. Additionally, Dan has also chaired the Council’s “Keep Christ in Christmas” card sales, and has ensured that we have a successful KCIC campaign.
In addition to these programs, Dan and his wife Jennifer have also run the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt… which I hope they continue to run!
Dan has always been a Brother that can be counted on to lend a hand with the various programs and events where help is needed.
Thank you, Dan, for your service to the Council and the Order! Please join me.

December 2018

Greg Byram

For the Knight of the Month for December, I want to recognize Brother Greg Byram. Over the past couple of years Greg has become more involved with
events at the Council, from serving on the House Committee – helping with the summer cookouts andbar-tending duties, to taking on the position of Outside
Guard. And no small task, this month he’s chairing our Christmas tree sales.
Greg has also taken on more daddy duties with his and Catherine’s two young children, Hannah and Connor now that Catherine is back at work, so you
may not see Greg at all of our events or meetings, but his dedication to his family is to be commended! In addition to his support to his family, Greg also
serves as an usher at Holy Family church and he also plays on the “Holy Family Knights” softball team. It’s Greg’s desire to be involved in giving back to the
Council, the Church and community that led me to selecting Greg as Knight of the Month. When you see him, please let Greg know how much
he’s appreciated, and congratulate him on being selected Knight of the Month for December 2018!

November 2018

John “Joe” Houser

I want the recognize our Knight of the Month for November 2018, Brother John “Joe” Houser.

Joe became a Knight following his stepdad’s funeral, having been recruited by the Knights of that council. Joe tells me these men were like his uncles, having spent a lot of time around those brothers. Joe transferred to John Paul I in 2016 as a 1st Degree Knight, and as Joe puts it, he “grew up with this council”. He earned his 2nd Degree in November 2016, followed in June 2017 with his 3rd Degree. Joe is one of those Brothers who helps out where and when he’s able, having assisted with Bingo, road cleanups, sub sales, and most recently, manning the drink table at our 25th Annual Art Action.

Joe and his wife Shannon were married April 21, 2007. They are the proud parents of 3 wonderful children; Hanna (12), Thomas (9), and Jack (7). In addition to being an active Knight, Joe is also heavily involved with his family. He is a den leader for both Thomas’ and Jack’s Cub Scout den and is very active with scouting. In addition to scouts, Joe also serves as a Religious Ed teacher at Holy Family where he teaches classes that coincide with the lessons his children are learning. This year he is instructing the Confirmation class helping to prepare Hanna for her Confirmation.

Please help me congratulate Brother Joe Houser on being selected Knight of the Month for the month for November 2018.

October 2018

George “Digger” Smith

My selection for Knight of the Month for October 2018 is Brother George “Digger” Smith.
Digger is a recent reentry to our Order, having been a charter member of the Saint Peter’s University Council in Jersey City, NJ, making his 3rd Degree in April 1967, and reentered service in the Knights in November 2014. Digger may not be an active brother around the Council, but that doesn’t mean he’s an inactive brother… quite the opposite! Digger serves as the de facto Director of Holy Family’s Social Ministries. He is responsible for Holy Family’s Food Pantry. Five years ago, after Fr. Creedon officiated at the funeral of a man who froze to death in one of the homeless camps in the county, Fr. Gerry commented to Digger that, ‘surely there is something we could do’. This led Digger to organize a coalition of other concerned churches, Friends of the Unsheltered Homeless which raises funds to provide propane to the homeless during the cold weather months. Digger also serves as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at Holy Family.
Digger married his bride, Jeannie on 4 September 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sadly, Digger lost Jeannie in December 2017. Digger said, “She was and will always be the love of my life. I miss her terribly.” He and Jeanne were blessed with 5 children; Courtney, a script editor in Hollywood; Michael, a project manager for the Navy in Arlington; Kelly, a licensed clinical social worker in Arlington; Caitlin is the sports director for the Army community in Stuttgart Germany; and Kathleen is an architect in DC. Those blessings continued with their 5 grandchildren; Parker 5 and George 3 (Michael); Hudson 4 and Ryder 2 (Kelly); and Emma Grace 1½ (Caitlin).
Digger had an interesting career, he retired from the Army after more than 38 years. After serving on active duty for 10 years, Digger was offered a position with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which “launched” both his Army Reserve career and that as a member of the Intelligence Community. As a function of this, he also retired as a Department of the Navy civilian.
Digger values his membership in the Order, but feels he’s not all that active… I think otherwise, he’s doing some of the very things we as Knights are called to do, by embodying the pillars of our Order: Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.
Please help me congratulate Brother Digger Smith on being selected as John Paul I’s Knight of the Month for October 2018.

September 2018

Forest “Rick” Lindsey

My selection for Knight of the Month for September 2018 is Brother Forrest “Rick” Lindsey.

Rick has only been a Knight for about a year and half, but he’s already left his mark in our community. This year marks the second year that he is chairing the Holy Family Fun Festival. During Rick’s first go ‘round he was introduced to Fr. Gerry’s method of getting a person to volunteer for an event... “Rick, I have a job for you.” But, Rick did such a bang-up job, he was brought back for an encore. This year Rick needed a little back up from, due to a health issue, which happily he overcame, but he was back in the saddle to see the preparations made and another successful Fun Festival! Rick also serves as a Lecturer at Holy Family Church, as well as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

Rick has a history of serving. He is a retired Marine, having served 4 years as an enlisted man during the Vietnam War. Rick was wounded and spent about a year in the hospital recuperating and was then released from The Corps. After which, he completed college and was then asked by The Corps if he would be interested in coming back as an officer… of course, Rick said yes and spent another 23 years in The Corps and retired as a LTC. Thank you for you service, sir!

Rick and his wife Alia have two children, Jenny and Bob, both of whom recently became altar servers.

Please help me congratulate Brother Rick Lindsey on being selected as John Paul I’s Knight of the Month for September 2018.

August 2018

Vic Rivera

My selection for Knight of the Month for August 2018 is our Immediate Past Grand Knight Brother Vic Rivera.

On behalf of the Council, I want to extend our thanks for a job well done in what he accomplished as our Grand Knight during this past Fraternal Year. I think we can agree, Vic had a very interesting year as Grand Knight. He’d barely taken the reins, when he was confronted with the first loss of a brother knight. As he, and probably every Grand Knight before him had to learn, this is one of the toughest situations to cope with but offering our comfort to the family of a brother during this time can be a very rewarding experience, no matter how difficult it is for us.

Vic did a wonderful job as Grand Knight in guiding John Paul I Council to another successful year ...

July 2018

Bill Gleichsner

My selection for Knight of the Month for July 2018 is PGK Bill Gleichsner.

If you don’t know Bill… just show up to the next Council function, chances are likely Bill will be there! He is and has been a mainstay within the Council for a number of years. He has served as the Chairman of our all-important Bingo program for many years. Without the Bingo program, our charity programs would not be what they are today, nor would the Columbian Center exist. It’s Bill’s passion for the Order and our Council that drives him to run such a successful program. He puts in many, many hours of his time to ensure this Bingo program continues to be a success.

And if that isn’t enough, Bill also serves as a House Committee bartender, has worked as a parade marshal during the Dale City Independence Day Parade, manned the Christmas Tree Sales stand, chaired the Labor Day Picnic, and with the assistance of his wife Patti Ann, has chaired several past Ladies Appreciation Dinners.

Along with everything above, Bill has also been a mentor to me, having taken the time to provide guidance to me over the past few years. I recall vividly the first Council meeting I attended when I transferred into John Paul I. Following the meeting, Bill came over and introduced himself and welcomed me to the Council, then he walked me around the Council home, giving me the nickel tour, and a thumbnail sketch of the history of the Council and our Council home.

I thank you Bill for the way you welcomed me to the Council and for everything you have done and continue to do for our Council.

Please help me congratulate PGK Bill Gleichsner as the July 2018 Knight of the Month.

June 2018

Joe Graham

My Knight of the month for April is PGK and Brother Joe Graham. Brother Joe is known to many as the second half of the Council’s dynamic duo or the creative half of the Joe and Gray shared brain. Brother Joe has been a member for over 30 years and is a Past Grand Knight of this council. He is a very active member of this council, and has been a regular as Santa for the council’s Children's Christmas Party and the Breakfast with Santa. Joe is currently on the board of directors of the John Paul I Charity Corporation, a member of the House Committee, and half of the sound crew for the Admissions Degree Team, Formation Degree Team and Birthday Night Dinner Karaoke.
Many may not be aware but many of the council home repairs are done by Joe. He is always working behind the scenes with the setup and cleanup of many of our events. Brother Joe works Bingo on Team 3 and sells pull tabs at all the summer cookouts. He also provides the entertainment for the council’s Christmas party, served as a waiter for the Ladies Appreciation Dinner and sets up the sound system for many of our events. He is currently working with Brother Justin on setting up an electronic message board in the lounge to keep everyone updated on upcoming events.
Brother Joe’s great attitude and his humor are an asset to our council.
For everything he does for the Council, I would like to congratulate Joe Graham as the June Knight of the Month.

May 2018

Gray Gagnon

My Knight of the month for April is PGK and Brother Gray Gagnon.

To say that Gray has been an active member of the council would be an understatement. Gray is always available to provide me with invaluable input regarding our council home. He has been a knight and an active member of John Paul 1 for over 21 years now. His actions over that period are indicative of the esteem he has for the Knight’s principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. He has held several offices, chaired and participated in many activities, and has continued to be a leader and a trusted mentor to many new knights whose aim has been to maximize the benefits of their membership in the Knights and John Paul 1 Council. Gray is currently the House Committee Chair, Admissions Degree Team Member, Formation Degree Team Member, ABC Manager and Charity Corp COO. When Steve Macejka left, Gray made a seamless transition into the role of House Manager. During a recent wind storm a tree from our council home’s property fell onto a neighbor’s property. Gray visited the neighbor that afternoon, assessed any damage and had a crew remove the fallen tree the next day.

He has been a valuable resource to our chairmen within our many events and is an active participant at just about every council and house function or activity. He is half the sound crew for the Admissions Degree Team, Formation Degree Team and Birthday Night Dinner Karaoke. He is always present for the set-up, operation, and clean-up associated with all of the fraternal activities enjoyed by all. His leadership, flexibility and contribution to our council activities over these years has made the council a great place to be for all of us.

For everything he does for the Council I would like to congratulate Gray Gagnon as the May Knight of the Month.

April 2018

Gabriel Churchill

Knight of the month for April is Brother Gabriel Churchill. Gabriel is a past winner of the Protacio Award and has continued to grow within the church and community. Since he obtained all three KofC degrees in his first year as a knight, he has been very active at HFCC. His father is a brother knight and his family has long been involved in the church as catechist or extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. His late grandfather directed the Spanish choir in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Brother Gabriel has been actively involved in religious education for over 8 years. He was a catechist assistant in 2nd grade classes with Brother Mike and Mary Dvoroznak. For 8 years he was a facilitator on confirmation retreats, and for two years he was a Confirmation class assistant with Brother Frank Willy and Lolita Jones. Gabriel was also a teen assistant, and provides additional help at the Sunday youth group Pulse. He is a two-year attendee at the Diocesan Workcamp and is hoping to attend this summer as a graduate workcamper. As a regular attendee of the 10:30 AM Mass, he is occasionally serves an usher at Mass. He is a graduate of CD Hylton HS and is currently a business administration major at Northern Virginia Community College with hopes of transferring to a local university in the next two years. During his free time he likes to draw and is teaching himself to play the guitar.

For all of his contributions to our church and our community I would like to congratulate Gabriel Churchill as the April Knight of the Month.

Thank you Gabriel for all you do.

March 2018

Bernie Bresnahan

My selection for the Knight of the Month for December is Brother Bernie Bresnahan. It was the generosity and support of this council, when his son Ed entered the seminary, that caused Bernie to join the Knights of Columbus. Bernie has been a member of our council since 2005 and went from First Degree to Third Degree within a month and a half. When he joined the Knights, he was assigned to Bingo Team 3 and worked with that team until asked to become Bingo treasurer. He has held that position for 11-1/2 years, and will return to Team 3 in April. Bernie was asked to replace Brian Crowley as treasurer because of his accounting background. Although he may not have worked on as many Knights activities as most of you have, he regularly did the Kovar drive, served on the Finance Committee at HFCC and served as treasurer for counting money and tickets for the Church festival.
Many may not know this, but Bernie graduated from the University of South Florida in December of 1965 and went immediately to work as an auditor for the Naval Audit Service in Charleston, SC. He served 6 years in the Army Reserve, and in 1974 was transferred to the Washington Office of the Naval Audit Service. He later accepted a position with the Navy Finance and Accounting Office Headquarters which later became the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). He retired in 2001 and worked as a government contractor for an additional 12 years.
Bernie married Terry in 1971 and they have 3 children, the first two were adopted. His son, Sam, and his wife Lillian gave Bernie and Terry their first grandson (now age 2-1/2) and their first granddaughter should be born within the next 30 days. His son, Ed, is a Catholic priest, currently assigned as chaplain to Bishop Ireton High School. His daughter, Angela, is working at a hospital in downtown Annapolis and is in charge of organizing the blood donor program for the hospital.
I would like to thank you for your dedication to the Bingo Program, your family and the Knights of Columbus.

Please join me in congratulating Bernie as the March Knight of the Month.

February 2018

Jerry Ingerick

My selection for the Knight of the Month for February is Brother Jerry Ingerick. Jerry is a very active member of the council and has held several officer positions during his time with us. He is a Past Grand Knight of our council, and a Past Faithful Navigator of the Father Richardson Assembly 3174. Jerry was once the Financial Secretary for our council and is currently the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and CFO of the Charity Corporation. Within the Father Richardson Assembly, he has also held the position of Faithful Scribe, Faithful Pilot, Faithful Captain, Faithful Admiral, Three Year Trustee and is currently a Two Year Trustee.
Jerry is very active within our council and Holy Family Catholic Church. He is a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion at Holy Family Catholic Church and an usher at the Basilica of the National Shrine, DC. He and his wife Ann have been residents of Prince William County since 1977 and have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. His son Peter is a 4th Degree Knight.
Most folks don’t know it, but he is New York Yankees fan and President of the Ingerick Family Reunion, Tioga, PA. Jerry has been a member of our council since 1986 and went from First Degree to Third Degree within two weeks in June of 1986. Like many of our brother knights, he has worked behind the scenes in many ways but never requested recognition for his contributions.
For all of his contributions to our council and our parish I would like to congratulate Jerry Ingerick as the February Knight of the Month.
Thank you Jerry for all you do.

January 2018

Bob Brever

My selection for the Knight of the Month for January is Brother Bob Brever. He is our Council’s Finan-cial Secretary and has been a member of Council 7165 since 1979. Bob was able to go through the Degrees quickly and was able to achieve full Knight-hood in 1980. About 4 years later, in 1984, he be-came Grand Knight of our council, and a couple of years after that he served his first tour as our Finan-cial Secretary. He works Bingo, has previously been a caller of Bingo and has also kept the books for the Council’s Bingo operations in some of the early years. He was the State Pro-Life Chairman for 3 years and organized the Marshalls for the March for Life for each of those years.
One of his proudest achievements as a Knight was writing the justification on Frank Gregory the year that he was selected as the State Knight of the Year. Brother Bob has been working with Brothers John Castro, Larry Pemberton, Ray Lopez and Bob Rou-leau to provide transportation on a regular basis for Tyson Johnson whenever he needs to see his doc-tors. For 3 years he was a Eucharistic Minister for the parish when Fr. Griffin was pastor and just this year started a 5 year commitment to be a Eucharis-tic Minister again.
Bob has represented the council in sporting events as well. He was an avid softball player and a mem-ber of the council and parish teams. I actually had the pleasure of being a teammate of his for a couple of those years. Back in the day, when the council had bowling teams, he bowled on one of the coun-cil’s Friday night bowling teams. Bob currently golfs with several Council Knights on most Tuesday’s throughout the year
For all his contributions to our council, our communi-ty and our parish I would like to congratulate Bob Brever as the January Knight of the Month.
Thank you Bob for all you do.

December 2017

Art Peacott

My selection for the Knight of the Month for December is Brother Art Peacott. Art is a long time member of Holy Family Church and John Paul I Council. Through the years, he has served in numerous officer positions in our council. At our November PGK Dinner, Art was officially inducted as a Past Grand Knight. Art is an integral member of the House Committee where he can be found every summer Friday night at the cookouts, and has been an active participant in many of the council’s events. Art has organized the council’s blood drives in conjunction with the American Red Cross for the past several years, and led by example by being one of the first to donate blood. He supports Holy Family as an usher, volunteers at the food pantry, and works helping to feed the hungry at the winter drop-in shelter. You can always find Art with his wife Judi attending, or putting together, many functions for the council. We are fortunate to have brothers like Brother Art who do so much in support of our programs, for the church, the Knights, and the community.

November 2017

Ray Lopez

My selection for the Knight of the Month for November is Brother Ray Lopez.
Over the past several years there are a couple of brother Knights who have provided continuous assistance to another brother Knight who needed help getting to medical appointments. Ray is one of the brother Knights who has volunteered to transport the brother Knight from his home/apartment to various medical offices throughout the Woodbridge area. When the brother was required to begin using oxy-gen on a continuous basis, Ray learned how to make the transition from the home system to a port-able system so that he is never without oxygen. In preparation for the brother moving into an apartment, he was involved in assisting with sorting the household into items to be moved to the new apartment, items to be placed in storage, and items to be donated. He, along with the other brother Knights, was also deeply involved in actually moving items to each location and ensuring that the new apartment was set up for the brother Knight. Ray is also a regular figure helping out at the Council beer tent during the Church Festival and in the kitchen during the Art Auction.
Because of the dedicated and voluntary service of Ray and these other Knights, one of our brother Knights is able to live comfortably and receive necessary medical treatment. He and the other brother Knights are individually, and collectively, examples of the basic principle of our order.
Thank you Ray for all you do.
Please join me in congratulating Ray as the November Knight of the Month.

October 2017

Gerard Borrero

My Knight of the Month for October is Gerard Borrero. He has been a knight since 2008 and started with Council 9407. He and his wife are a familiar face at most of our events. Most recently they both participated in the Corn Hole Tournament and Labor Day Picnic Horse Shoe Tournament. He served as an Inside Guard, Outside Guard, Warden and Chancellor at his old Council. He is currently an Inside Guard in our Council and is looking forward to moving about the other officers positions in our council. He has helped at the work camp training classes and has helped with setting up and clearing up for the Holy Family Festival. In the latest call for help with the Art Auction, he was one of the first brothers to volunteer to help out wherever I needed him.

Please join me in congratulating Gerard Borrero as the Knight of the Month for October.

September 2017

Dave Dewald

My selection for the Knight of the Month for September is Brother Dave Dewald. Last month I got to see firsthand the many contributions Dave makes to our Council. As a member of the House Committee, he arrived hours before the last cookout and started to prep for steak knight. During the Corn Hole tournament he was hard at work with the grill attending to the appetite of the participants and families. He makes himself available during the week, ensuring that the council home maintenance issues can be accomplished during weekday hours, along with accepting biweekly beer order deliveries.

Many of you might not know, but Dave has been a Knight in the council for 32 years, and has also been working bingo since its inception into the council in 1985. He has been a Bingo Team Captain for well over 20 years, and has held an officer’s positions as Outside Guard, Inside Guard, Family Program Director, Treasurer, and acted as a Trustee on several occasions. Dave has also been a member of the bartender staff for many years and the summer cookout staff for the past year. He is a SK and his wife is a KC Lady. For those of you who have attended our Annual Art Auction, Dave has assisted as an accounting verification processor for the invoice tally sheet finalization after Sunday morning sales. He is another member of our council whose behind the scenes contributions go unnoticed, but are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Dave, for all that you do.

Please join me in congratulating Dave as the September Knight of the Month.

August 2017

Lou Byers

Our Knight of the Month for August is Brother Lou Byers. Within the first week of the new Fraternal Year we had the passing Brother Nazir Khan. Lou Byers was instrumental in making sure the family’s needs were addressed. He was the point of contact for the Kahn family and liaison for the council. He coordinated the cleaning up of Nazir Khan’s home. At the request of Nazir’s granddaughter and wife, Lou arranged for Bother Knights to come over on a Saturday morning to take several truck loads to the county dump. Lou kept the council informed of the family’s needs and made sure to communicate to me any news or events regarding the family. When speaking with Nazir’s granddaughter, I could tell there was a sense of comfort with Lou as the lead during this time of sorrow. Lou was a great representative of the council to the family as they were subjected to distress. Lou is a PGK of our Council, a Trustee and is an active member of Bingo. We look forward to Lou’s continued representation of our council at Holy Family and the community.
Thank You Lou for a job well done.
Please join me in congratulating Lou as the August Knight of the Month.

July 2017

Dom Dionne

My selection for Knight of the Month for July is Dom Dionne.

He is our new Chancellor, has served as an Outside Guard and was the chairman of our last sub sale this past Fraternal Year. Dom recently sponsored two new members, his son Gabriel and a friend Corey Hummel. His son has just recently made it through to the 3rd Degree.

When needed, Dom has always been willing to help out and has participated in 2nd and 3rd Degree ceremonies as an escort. Although he is not a parishioner of Holy Family, he is a very active member of the Catholic Community at MCB Quantico. His family is involved in RE, and his wife has planned the volunteer appreciation dinner for the Catholic Community, and a dinner to welcome all the new arrivals to our community. Dom has volunteered to help with our Ethnic Night and is the Chair for the Spanish Night.

Please join me in congratulating Dom Dionne as this month’s Knight of the Month.

June 2017

Vic Rivera

The June Knight of the Month has served this council in several capacities. He’s been a committee chairman and has filled many officers’ positions over the past several years.
Not only is he an active knight, his family is too. His son recently joined our ranks, and during the most recent blood drive, the whole family was on the tables at the same time. That was quite a sight.

But the one fact that I am extremely proud of, is the fact that I am his sponsor. His current position in the council is probably the toughest job on the council level. He serves as Program Director and Deputy Grand Knight. He has done a great job at making sure all programs have been staffed and executed. I could not have gotten through the year without his support and I thank him for that.

My June Knight of the Month, is Grand Knight Elect, Vic Rivera.

May 2017

Larry Pemberton

My Knight of the Month is one of the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet. Recently, because a brother knight was in need of housing and support, he worked tirelessly on this situation, contacting Prince William County Social Services and Holy Family Catholic Church. Housing was found through his diligent efforts, providing much comfort and security.
All the while he continued to meet his obligations as the President of the Parish Council and as coordinator for the Lenten Soup Suppers at Holy Family. He also continued to fulfill his requirements as an usher at the Shrine.
He is always available to assist members in need. He truly exemplifies the first principle of our Order - Charity.
He is also Past Grand Knight and Past Faithful Navigator.
My May Knight of the Month is PGK Larry Pemberton.

April 2017

Bob Rouleau

My knight of the month is a Past Grand Knight and Former District Deputy. He can be seen working at every event. He works bingo, KOVAR, Christmas Tree Sales and bar tends at the council. He also participates with various parts of the degree teams, and used to be a degree team captain.
At Holy Family, he is a Eucharistic Minister and has served as an Usher at the Basilica in Washington DC.
But what I am impressed with the most is how often, how frequent, he posts OUR prayer requests. We have over 360 members in our council, another 100 + in our assembly, plus he also alerts us of people in our parish and people outside of these immediate groups. This is a big job, and he does it fantastically. He has been doing this for many years now.
My Knight of the Month is SK Bob Rouleau. Please take the time to congratulate Bob.
Thank you Bob for all you do.

March 2017

Keith Kaminsky

This Knight has only been involved in our council for about 5 years. Yet his fingerprints are on just about every program we have. At Holy Family Catholic Church he serves as a Eucharistic Minister. He also serves as an usher at the Basilica in Washington DC.

As a Knight, he has served as Recorder for two years and he is our current Chancellor. His passion for being a Knight is overwhelming. Some of the programs and things that he has worked on in just this fraternal year alone include: bingo, Christmas tree sales, Breakfast with Santa, sub-sandwich sales, 4th of July parade Chairman, 5th Sunday rosary lead – twice, and Honey Baked Ham fund-raiser.
He also serves on both the admission and formation degree teams. He is an active member with the 4th degree and also serves on the John Paul 1 Charity Corporation.

His planning and organizational skills are top notch and he has helped keep me and the Deputy Grand Knight well informed.

My March Knight of the Month is SK Keith Kaminsky.

Thank you Keith for all you do.

February 2017

Joe Morano

February’s Knight of the Month has been a very active Knight. He has served on many council committees, he’s chaired many sub-sales, and he works both bingo and KOVAR. Most recently he chaired the Council Free Throw and District Free Throw competition. The event was attended by many youths from Holy Family Parish, and the winners were presented with medals from both the Grand Knight and Worthy District Deputy. As if this weren’t enough, he’s also chaired the soccer shoot out in the past.
He is currently a coach on the Holy Family Lady Falcon basketball team; they recently participated in the league tournament down in Fredericksburg. This past fall, he also coached the Lady Falcons volleyball team, and they won the league title by defeating Aquinas. Go Lady Falcons!
Please congratulate February’s Knight of the Month, Joe Morano.

January 2017

Tom Katrinak

January’s selection for Knight of Month is PGK Tom Katrinak.
Tom supports the Council in a number of ways; he is a member of the Charity Corporation Board, a member of the House Committee, one of the ABC Managers, a member of the First Degree Exemplification Team, and he currently serves as Lecturer.
PGK Katrinak assists with sub-sales by slicing the meats and cheese before all the sales, usually startinghours before the team shows up to begin weighing the meat and assembling the subs.
He is an active member of the summer cookout crew. He’s there rain or shine. Tom is a veteran having retired from the US Army. He is a Past Grand Knight of John Paul 1 Council and a Past Faithful Navigator of Father Edward L. Richardson Assembly, and a Former District Deputy of District 12.
Thanks Tom for your support to the Council.

December 2016

Bill Gleichsner

My December Knight of the Month is a Knight who loves a challenge. He is a Past Grand Knight and has served as bingo chairman for many years, and as you know, bingo is the life blood of our charity program.

He serves as chairman for the Ladies Appreciation Dinner and Labor Day Picnic, and also serves the council as a bartender. If that wasn’t enough I recently asked him to MC the Past Grand Knights Dinner and to quote another PGK, “He did a super job”.

Please take the time to congratulate Bill Gleichsner as the December Knight of the Month.

November 2016

Rick Unverricht

My knight of the month is Brother Rick Unverricht. He is our current Recorder and has also served as Warden. But most notably he just served as Art Auction Chairman. This is also the second year he has run the auction. This is a very challenging endeavor. He worked incredible hours behind the scenes making telephone calls and sending emails. Can you imagine how long it takes to stuff envelopes for a council this size? His organization and persistence made the auction go on without a hitch. I’ve heard rumors that Rick will be back next year. Rick’s “can do” attitude is what this council is all about.
Congratulations, Rick, keep up the good work.

October 2016

Martin Alordzinu

This month’s Knight of the Month is a real inspiration. He has his hand in many activities of our council. He is currently the Inside Guard and has been an officer for the past couple of years. He’s also a member of the 4th Degree and ushers at both the Cathedral and Holy Family Church. He works many activities at the church including the Parish Council. He’s also been responsible for recruiting several new members for our council, and he has a great smile. Please congratulate Martin Alordzinu as our October Knight of the Month.

September 2016

Cookout Crew

This month’s Knight of Month is not one Knight, but a group. This month I would like to recognize “The Summer Cookout Crew”.
They were cooking up brats, ribs, steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs. They were there come rain or come shine, not to mention a few very warm days.

This terrific crew was led by Iron Chef Macejka. His masterful skills of organization and preparations, along with the determination of the team, helped make your Friday night experience a wonderful event. Can’t wait 'till next summer to see what they cook up.

Please take the time to thank the team, Steve M, Terry Kuszewski, Glen Epler, Matt McCarthy, Dave Dewald, Bob Weiss, Tom Katrinak, Gray Gagnon Joe Graham, Tim Bowen, John Dubelko, Ed Fairbairn, and Art Peacott.

August 2016

Frank Willy

The Knight of the month for August 2016 is someone whom many of you probably don’t know, but this gentleman is one of Holy Family’s biggest volunteers. He’s the lead usher for the 10:30 mass. A position he has held for many years. During holidays such as Christmas and Easter he can be found taking lead roles for the various masses, making sure that Holy Family has sufficient ushers to help the mass flow smoothly.
But his real passion is to serve as a religious education teacher. He has taught at many different grade levels, year after year. Some years he has taught multiple classes. He also serves as a coordinator or facilitator at many of the Holy Family religious education retreats.
Being the volunteer that he is, he can be found working at Holy Family’s fun festival; he’s served in various capacities such as running a booth or working directly on a festival committee.
In his spare time, he spends time with his family – spoiling his grandchildren the best that he can.
Our August Knight of the Month is Frank Willy.

July 2016

Mike Dvoroznak

Immediate Past Grand Knight Mike Dvoroznak is the Knight of the Month for July. Mike did an outstanding job as our Grand Knight for the 2015-2016 Fraternal Year, and was present at almost all activities throughout the year.
Mike is always willing to step in and lend a hand. He has taught Religious Education at Holy Family for many years. He has also been a part of the Festival Committee for many years, running the Irish Booth with his wife Mary. Mike has been a Eucharistic Minister and has been very involved in many of the Knight's events. He embodies the true spirit of brotherhood, and for this reason he is the July Knight of the Month.
Congratulations Mike!

June 2016

Jim Dart

Our Knight of the Month for May is Deputy Grand Knight and brother Jim Dart. Jim has just completed two very active years serving as the Deputy Grand Knight and Program Director. With all the activities we do as a council, one year in that position is difficult, two years is a challenge. Nonetheless, Jim came through with flying colors. Jim is very organized and he has a great talent for working with other people. In order to ensure that the planned activities for the Fraternal Year are accomplished, the Program Director has to be able to make the most of his Activity Chairman. Because of his great people skills, Jim was able to do this. As a result, the activities undertaken by the council over the past two years have been successfully and effectively accomplished. As Grand Knight for this past fraternal year, this has been very important to me.
Besides ensuring that our programs were accomplished, Jim’s work over the past two years serves as an example to the brothers who will follow him in this position, of how the Program Director’s job needs to be done. This is important if we are going to continue as a great council in the years to come.
So, THANK YOU Jim for all you have done for both the council and me for these past two years. I wish the very best in the future to you and your lovely wife, Karen.

May 2016

John Castro

Our Knight of the Month for May is Brother, and Past Grand Knight, John Castro. John is an Honorary Life Member of John Paul 1. Over the past year John has been a very active participant or a key advisor to other knights in practically all the activities that the Council sponsors. They include sub sandwich set up and sales, Holy Family Festival set up and takedown, KOVAR, Keep Christ in Christmas Sales, Food for Families and many more. He is a member of the District’s 2nd Degree Team, former Chairman of the Charity Corporation Board, and a weekly regular at the Pull Tab Table for the Council’s Bingo activity. That’s all very impressive but not the sole reason for receiving this award. I think the impressive part of all of John’s activities is the effect it has on our new and younger members – the future of our Council. John is an inspiration to our new generation of members, me included, of what it takes to be a great Knight of Columbus. He has always been there for me, as a regular member and Grand Knight, when I need help or just some good advice.
John is married to his wife Joyce. Joyce is a very active member of the KC Ladies Organization. They raised three sons and enjoy spending time with their grown children and grandchildren. They are members of Holy Family Catholic Church and have served the parish as Eucharistic ministers and ushers for many years. John was active in the Community for many years serving as an executive member of the Prince William Bar Foundation. The Foundation sponsors the “Beat the Odds” program that raises funds to help young people, who need financial help to continue their education past high school, to become successful citizens as adults.
For all of the above and much more, John is our Knight of the Month.

April 2016

Keith Kaminsky

When it comes to being a Knight of Columbus, Keith is the total package. Keith does practically everything a lay person can do to support our sponsoring Parish – Holy Family Catholic Church in Dale City Virginia. He serves as an Eucharistic Minister, and when needed an Usher. He is available to do whatever needs to be done for the Parish Priests, the Church Staff, and the various lay organizations in the Church. He volunteers to work at most of the Social events sponsored by the Parish organizations, and Keith’s service to the Church is not limited to his local Parish. Keith is also a 4th Degree Knight, and on most Sundays throughout the year, Keith is a volunteer Usher at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

Keith takes his pledge to our Core Values - Charity, Unity, and Fraternity – very seriously. Charity involves offering yourself – goods, treasure, and time – for the welfare of others. In the Knights we do that by volunteering our time – one of our most precious commodities – to serve our Parish, Council and Community. Keith’s participation in Council activities epitomizes that commitment. He truly sees himself as one of the “Band of Brothers” in our Council who work together – our 2nd Core Value Unity - to help one another, our Church, and the Community at large. He has served as the Inner Sentinel and has been the Council Recorder for the past two years. Since joining the Council, Keith has been Chair or a major participant for most of the Council’s activities. These include being a member of the Council’s 1st Degree Team, an active Bingo Team member, Chairman for several Sub Sales and a major participant at the others, liaison with the Community for the Bureau’s participation in the Annual 4th of July Parade, organizing the Brothers who serve as Bartenders at the Annual St Patrick/St. Joseph Dinners at Holy Family Church, volunteering for the set-up and take-down of the infrastructure needed for Holy Family’s Fun Festival, Chairman of this year’s Fifth Sunday Rosary activity, and serving with the Team of Brothers that serve the Community by cleaning up trash on Dale Boulevard every quarter.

There is no job – large or small – that Keith has not undertaken or done well. Keith takes our 3rd Core Value – Fraternity – very seriously. He holds all of his Brothers in high esteem and praises their efforts for all the activities that they work on together as a Team. Finally, Keith has been a mentor and a role model to our younger members, showing them the true path to becoming an outstanding Knight of Columbus.

March 2016

Ray Huminek

Our Knight of the Month for March is Brother Ray Humenik. Ray has been with the Council for a long time and is very active. He participates in a major way in all the activities we do throughout the year. He has been there and done that and is a great advisor to all our younger Knights. He is a Past Grand Knight and an invaluable advisor to me and the other Officers to address the challenges we face throughout the Fraternal Year. In addition to being in the Honorary Members Club, Ray is very active in many ways that benefit the Council. He regularly attends Business Meetings and is a regular, every week, at the Monday Night Bingo. His other activities include the Holy Family Festival, Sub Sales, and the Art Auction. In other words, Ray can be counted on to do what needs to be done to keep the Council running smoothly and ensure that all of our goals and aspirations are met. Ray is a model for our younger Members to learn how they too can benefit themselves, their Fellow Brothers and the people and organizations served by our Council. Ray, thanks for all you do and congratulations for being our Knight of the Month for March.

February 2016

Joe Morano

My selection for the Knight of the Month for February is Brother Joe Morano. Throughout his years with the Knights Joe has proven to be available, dependable and effective. As Grand Knight I know that I have no need to worry about any activity that Joe is either Chairing or participating in. Joe’s efforts greatly help me to more effectively accomplish my duties as Grand Knight of the Council. Over the years and recently Joe has Chaired or participated in many of our activities that are directed towards the Youth in our Council. These include Free Throw Competition, Soccer Challenge, and Essay and Art Contest activities. He is also available on a regular basis to help with other activities such as Sub and Christmas Trees Sales. Joe can also be depended upon to regularly work Bingo on the nights his Team is assigned. Joe has a beautiful and young Family that includes his Wife Lorraine and two Daughters Madeline and Mary Beth. Taking care of a young and active Family is time consuming and a great responsibility. The Council is grateful for the time and effort that Joe gives to our activities.
Thank You Joe for all you do for our Council.

January 2016

John & Chris Blanchard

My selections for the Knights of the Month for January are John and Christopher Blanchard. You may ask why two Knights. The simple answer is when you see one you always see the other – John the Father and Chris the Son.
John is an inspiration to all of us. He is one of our Senior Knights and has some difficulty getting around but guess what – that doesn’t stop him. He regularly attends business meetings and participates in most of our programs such as Bingo, Sub Sales, Keep Christ in Christmas Card Sales to mention a few. John is a familiar face at practically any event the Council sponsors. We should all aspire to be the Knight that John is.
Chris is also an inspiration to all of us. He is always there for his Father and helps him to live a very active life. I truly believe that Chris is the example of how God expects us to treat our Fathers. The Council benefits from Chris’s devotion to his Father because we know that he will always be there helping his Father to do whatever THEY can do to make our Council be the great organization that it is.
Thank You John and Chris for all you do.

December 2015

Rick Unverricht

Our Knight of the Month for December is Brother Rick Unverricht.

One of the keys to becoming a good or a great Knight and Knight of the Month is participation.
Participation can be accomplished by being active at our Monthly Meetings, being an active participant or a leader in some of our many programs, and just being available when assistance is needed. Rick meets all of those requirements. He laudably performs his duties as the Council’s Worthy Warden at all of our business meetings. He recently served as Chairman for the Annual Art Auction activity.

As a result of his organization, drive, innovation, and resolve, and especially his ability to work with and take advice from previous Art Auction Chairmen, this year’s Auction turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and profitable Auctions undertaken by the Council. Finally, Rick is one of those guys that can just not say “No” when asked for help or input by the Grand Knight and the other Officers. He is always there to help no matter what the need. For all of these reasons, Rick Unverricht is our Knight of the Month. Congratulations Rick and keep up the great work.

November 2015

Walter Dick

Our Knight of the Month for October is Brother Walter Dick. Walter is an Honorary Life Member of John Paul 1 Council. Over the years there is probably nothing that Walter has not done. This is laudatory in itself but this is not about that. This is about what Walter continues to do for the Council today. On most Monday nights since way before I joined the Council, Walter can be found at the VFW selling pull tabs at the weekly John Paul 1 Bingo Event. Bingo is one of our most important activities. It pays the bills for the Council Home we all enjoy and provides the funds needed to carry out our generous Charitable Program. Walter is a Bingo Legend and probably knows most of the players by their first name. But it’s not just Bingo. It’s the Dale City Parade, Holy Family Festival set-up and take down, selling Christmas trees, preparing subs for our Sub Sale activity and much, much more. Fraternity is one of our principles. Walter is all about Fraternity. He and Barbara, a long-time member of the KC Ladies, are fixtures at the summer cookouts and on Fridays at the Council Home. Walter loves mixing it up with all his Brother Knights – even those that do not root for the Yankees.
For all of the above and much more, Walter is our Knight of the Month. Thanks Walt for all you do.

October 2015

Peter Ingerik

Our Knight of the Month for October is SK Brother Peter Ingerick. Peter has been a Knight since 2003. During that time he’s served the Council in many ways. He became a 4th Degree Sir Knight in 2009. He has served as Director of the Community Program since the 2012 – 2013 Fraternal Year. Peter and his Team have faithfully maintained the appearance and cleanliness of the Section of Dale Boulevard assigned by the County to the Council. He served as Outside Guard in 2011 and Inside Guard during 2012. Other activities that Peter has worked on include the Art Auction, Christmas Tree Sales, KCIC, Fourth of July Parade, and Sub Sales. He has been a very active Knight and serves as a role model to our younger Knights of what is expected from a Knight. It’s early in the year but Peter has been very busy. He is serving as Chairman for the Council’s first Sub Sale and will soon be doing a Dale Boulevard Clean-Up activity. Peter has been a regular participant at the Monthly Program Meeting for many years and is always ready and able to help the Program Director when asked. Peter has become a Knight that you can depend on. For that the Council is thankful. Keep up the good work Peter.

September 2015

John Dibble

Our Knight of the Month for September is Brother John Dibble. Brother John has been an active member of John Paul I Council since 1982. In addition to being in the Honorary Members Club, John is very active in many ways that benefit the Council and the Home Corporation. He regularly attends Business Meetings. This keeps John abreast of everything that the Council is doing and enables him to pass on the benefit of his experience with Council activities to our newer Members and current Officers. He is a Member of Bingo Team 4 and a regular at the Games Table. John volunteers for the Holy Family Fun Festival working on Set-Up/Take Down and the Beer Tent. John serves as Treasurer of the Charity Corporation. In that capacity, John pays all the bills for the building and maintains the Charity Corporation account. Lastly, if you get this newsletter by mail, John picks them up from the printer, puts on the stamp and mails them to you. John is a model that our younger Members can emulate and learn how they too can benefit themselves, their Fellow Brothers and the people and organizations served by our Council.
Thanks for all you do John and congratulations for being our Knight of the Month for August.

August 2015

Alphonse Bassenne

Our Knight of the Month for August is Brother Alphonse Bassenne. Brother Alphonse joined John Paul 1 approximately 2 years ago. He was recruited at a New Parishioner Welcoming Reception at Holy Family Catholic Church. After hearing about all the activities that the Knights and John Paul 1 in particular do, Alphonse was initially reluctant to join the Order because of his work schedule. He was impressed with the fraternal and charitable principles of the Knights organization but his work schedule and family commitments left very little time available in the evening hours to participate in many of the Council’s activities. After more discussion on the subject of about availability, Alphonse joined our Council. True to his interview, Alphonse still does not have a lot of time available. However he is a regular worker at one of our most important Council activities. Alphonse arranged his work schedule to be available to work Bingo as a member of Team 2. He also helps with Sub Sales after the Masses and participates in other activities as time permits. I think Alphonse is an example to bring up to other men who may want to join our ranks but feel like availability is a big issue. Brother Alphonse we are honored to have you as a member of our Council and Thank You for all that you do.

July 2015

Lou Byers

PGK Lou Byers is the Knight of the Month for July. Lou did an outstanding job as Grand Knight for the 2014 – 2015 Fraternal Year. He displayed great leadership throughout the year. Having been an avid participant in all the Council activities for many years, Lou was able broker that experience to ensure that he upheld the tradition of excellence earned and handed down by the Council’s previous Grand Knights. In addition to being Grand Knight and a great Leader, Lou was very active in all Council activities, especially our Bingo activity. As Grand Knight, Lou was an excellent representative of the Council to our Brothers and their Families that were subjected to distress throughout the year, Holy Family Catholic Church, the State and Supreme Knights of Columbus, and to the Woodbridge Community in general. We look forward to Lou continuing his service to the Council, as a Trustee over the next three years. Thank You Lou for a job well done.

June 2015

Jim Dart

SK Jim Dart is the Knight of the Month for June! Jim has served as Deputy Grand Knight this year and has worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our programs were staffed and executed successfully. He did a great job of it. I could not have gotten through this year without his support and organization keeping me on track. Jim has willingly accepted a second term at this challenging job. In addition to everything he does with the Knights he is also active with the local Volunteer Firefighter’s and assists with their bingo program. Please join me in congratulating Jim for a job well done and for being our June Knight of the month.

May 2015

Vic Rivera

Please join me in a warm congratulation to Vic for being the May Knight of the Month. Vic is currently serving as our council Warden. Vic has previously served as the recorder and is line to be the next Chancellor. Vic works in IT for the Prince William County School system and is very involved with his family. Vic and his family have run the children’s Christmas party and participates in other council activities as time allows. He has a balance of Church, family, work and the Knights that serves as an example to other Knights.
Congratulations Vic on being the Knight of the Month!

April 2015

Keith Kaminsky

April’s Knight of the Month is Sir Knight Keith Kaminsky.
Keith is currently the recorder for the council and has been a major force in the activities this year. An active bingo team member, Keith has run a sub sale, acted as the Liason for the annual 4th of July parade, and organized the brothers acting as Bartenders for the Annual St. Joseph/St. Patrick’s day dinner. Keith is a Eucharistic Minister, and participates in many events, including the Annual Parish Festival. He is also an Usher at the Basilica and is an active member of the 1st Degree Team. And when Keith is not running a program he is always involved in the background.
Whether he is helping pick up trash on Dale Blvd, supporting the Subs he accepting any task asked of him with humility and grace. Please join me in congratulating Keith Kaminsky as the Knight of the month for April.

March 2015

Larry Pemberton

This month’s Knight of the Month is PGK Larry Pemberton.
Larry is involved in many aspects of the Council and the Parish. For years Larry coordinated the Usher Program at the Basilica as well as maintaining the council Rosters. Larry works with Father Creedon at Holy Family regularly. He is currently working to set up the Festival Committee for the upcoming Holy Family Festival and has assisted with creating the new parish website.
Larry and his wife Rose made the soups for the first of the Lenten Soup Suppers that were held at the council on behalf of the parish. Larry is generous with his time and spirit, making him our Knight of the Month.

February 2015

Wasiu Adedeji

Our February Knight of the Month is one who is responsible for putting together this wonderful Knightly newsletter month after month. Wasiu has been the newsletter editor for the last two years now. Each month, after the 2nd meeting he gathers the inputs from all the contributors and is charged with fitting all the content onto the 12 allotted pages and making it look so professional.
His dedication to this important task is critical to getting the word out to all our brothers, widows and families and especially those without email or internet service.
Please join me in congratulating Wasiu as the February Knight of the Month.

January 2015

Dan Lupinetti

Dan is the January Knight of the Month. Dan is very active in the council. He is an Outside Guard, has run a sub sale and recently did a great job with the KCIC Christmas Card Sale! Dan has also run the Beer Booth for the Holy Family Festival. Dan is always willing to step up and help where he is needed.
Please join me in congratulating Dan as this month’s Knight of the Month.

December 2014

Mike Dvoroznak

Our Knight of the Month for December is SK Mike Dvoroznak. Currently our Chancellor, Mike is always willing to step in and lend a hand. He has taught Religious Education at Holy Family for many years. He has been a part of the Festival Committee for the last few years, running the Irish Booth with his wife Mary. Mike is a Eucharistic Minister and has been very involved in many of the Knights Events. Mike embodies the true spirit of brotherhood and for this reason he is the December Knight of the Month.

November 2014

Helmut Brokamp

PGK Helmut Brokamp is our Knight of the Month for November. Helmut is currently one of the Trustees and very active in the council, never shy to give advice when it is needed. Helmut is the Bingo Team Captain for team 2 and has assisted with bingo on a weekly basis over the last few years. Not afraid of hard work, Helmut lead the efforts for the 21st Annual Art Auction. The Art Auction is one of our primary fundraisers, and Helmut did an outstanding job at pulling it all together. The evening was entertaining and proved to be yet another success! Please join me in congratulating Helmut as the November Knight of the Month.

October 2014

Festival Knights

This month I found that I could not choose any one specific Knight for this honor. Rather I want to acknowledge all of the brother Knights who worked so hard to make this year’s festival a great success! Some were involved in setting up the booths and tents in unseasonal heat. Some sat through hours of planning meetings and spent hours assuring that all of the electrical needs were met. Many ran booths, assisted with booths and worked tirelessly to ensure that the trash was taken care of. You assisted people to get where they needed to be, you proudly presented the colors at the opening ceremonies, and most importantly supported our parish! Without your hard work the Holy Family Annual Parish Festival could not happen! Congratulations to all of the Knights that worked so diligently to ensure the festival success. You are all truly the Knights of the Month!

September 2014

Greg Short

Greg has been an active member of our council and parish for many years. Greg has been very active in the bingo program, assisting with set up and making sure that Bill has had the support he needs. He has also been producing the Knight of the month and Family of the month certificates for a while. Greg has been a Eucharistic Minister and has been very involved in the Holy Family Festival. Over the years Greg’s contributions to the Parish and the Council have been great! An easy going guy, he has always been willing to step in and help where he is needed. Please join me in a warm congratulation to Greg for being the September Knight of the Month.

July 2014

Houston Bill

Our Knight of the Month this month is Bill Houston. Bill exemplifies the principals of Charity and Fraternity. Always willing to help others with no thought of return for himself. He assists with Bingo, sub sales and many of the Knights events. He can be seen often on Karaoke night up at the microphone belting out the tunes. Bill is a rock of stability for his family, and has seen his son Chris through many painful operations.
Please join me in congratulating Bill as our Knight of the Month for August.

July 2014

Mike Wissel

Our Immediate Past Knight, Mike Wissel has been an active member of the council for several years. As Grand Knight, Mike lead the council to another successful year. Always ready to step in and help where needed, Mike has been a great advisor and guide to the Program Chair, helping to ensure that each activity went smoothly. Mike is also very active in Bingo. In addition to Mike’s outstanding leadership in the Council, Mike also serves Holy Family Parish as a Eucharistic Minister. We look forward to Mike’s service as a Trustee for the next three years and for his guidance as a Past Grand Knight.
Thank you, PGK Mike for your dedicated service.

June 2014

Bill Gleichsner

Brother Bill Gleichsner has been doing an outstanding job this past year as the Bingo chairman. Bingo’s importance to this council cannot be overstated. Bingo revenue funds the mortgage payments on our Council Home and provides thousands of dollars for the charitable donations we give. Leading the Bingo effort is a big job and Bill does it with a lot of pride. Bill is always promoting Bingo and the Council. As he is fond of saying, “John Paul 1 Council is the greatest Council of the Order.” Bill also does a great job as chairman of the Labor Day Picnic and along with his wife Pattiann, the Ladies Appreciation Dinner which are very enjoyable. I am very pleased to recognize Bill Gleichsner as our June Knight of the Month.

May 2014

Matt Drabik

Matt Drabik has taken on the role of KOVAR Chairman and done an outstanding job. The KOVAR chairman position is a very demanding one which takes a commitment of time and planning to achieve good results. Matt did that by starting early to contact stores in the area that would allow us to collect donations. The number of groups competing for these spots has made it more difficult to obtain permission than in the past. But Matt prevailed and even with fewer slots we were able to raise a large amount for KOVAR. For his efforts to raise money and awareness for the intellectually disabled in Virginia, Matt is the Knight of the Month.

April 2014

Keith Kaminsky

Since he transferred into the John Paul 1 Council this past year, Keith has impressed us all the way he has eagerly donated his time to help with so many of our events. He chaired the past Sub Sale, has volunteered for 40 hours, bar tending, bingo just to name a few. He is a regular at meetings and the Council Home. We are very pleased and feel blessed that Keith has joined our Council. Thank you, Keith for your hard work. It’s an honor to recognize you as our April Knight of the Month.

March 2014

Ed Fairbairn

Past Grand Knight Ed Fairbairn has taken on the role of Communications Chairman this year with an emphasis of updating the Council website and streamlining the updating of the council information. We are very pleased with the new website that is easier to use and makes more information available. What goes on behind the scene is a lot of work. As the webmaster Ed is constantly uploading new content, updating information and maintaining lists. With a goal of continuous improvement Ed is always looking for ways to make the dissemination of information better.
For taking this on with his usual tireless work ethic, Ed improves the communication of the council and we thank him for that.

February 2014

Greg Short

Greg Short is dedicated member of our Council and Holy Family Parish where he serves as a Eucharistic Minister.
Greg has been providing an indispensable service to the council by printing all the certificates we need to recognize Brothers for Knight of the Month, Family of the Month and Honoree of the First degree among other printing needs. When I have requested a certificate from Greg he comes through without fail and delivers a quality product to me on time. It makes my job as Grand Knight much easier to know that Greg is there to prepare these certificates.
Congratulations Greg and thank you for a job well done.

January 2014

Ray Lopez

January 2014 Knight of the Month – Ray Lopez
A few months ago a Brother night fell ill and his wife asked for some help getting some furniture assembled and moved into their home to better accommodate his needs. A call went out for help and Brother Ray Lopez answered that call. After several hours of assembly, carrying, and maneuvering the furniture upstairs, the room was ready for our brother to recuperate and convalesce. Ray’s actions are a great example of the third principle of the order, fraternity. We recognize Ray Lopez as our January 2014 Knight of the Month.

December 2013

Jonathan McCoy

We have had several members that have joined in recent years that come in with enthusiasm and desire to help the council and the order. Jonathan McCoy is one of those brother Knights. Jonathan is always pitching in to help with various council events, KOVAR, Christmas trees, sub sales, just to name a few.
Jonathan stepped up to chair our Sub sandwich sale in this past October and did a great job. Our first sub sale of the fraternal year was a great success because of Jonathan’s time and effort. For all his hard work for the council and for being a great brother Knight, we recognize Jonathan McCoy as our December Knight of the Month.

November 2013

Walter Dick

Walter Dick is a long time member of our council and is a stalwart in supporting bingo and the Holy Family Fall Festival.
Walt is an instant seller at bingo every Monday night. On his feet for 3-4 hours with his familiar call “Pull tabs,” ringing throughout the hall Walt sets the standard for the team. Walt’s friendly and genial manner makes him a favorite with the bingo customers.
Putting up the large tents that make up the beer garden for the Festival is no small task. Walt steps up to lead the rest of us in erecting the tent, putting up the fence around it and setting up the tables and canopies for various booths as well. When the festival is over, Walt is there to help take things down and put them away.
A tireless worker who donates his time to the council, it is a pleasure to recognize and honor Walter Dick as our November Knight of the Month.

October 2013

Timothee (Tim) Donangmaye

Tim joined the council this year and in that short time has taken a very active role in the council. Tim agreed to chair the Highway Cleanup events. Four times this fraternal year Council members meet to pick up trash along a stretch of Dale City Boulevard.

With the cleanup completed successfully this past month, Tim is ready to lead another effort in October.

In recognition of his enthusiasm, eagerness and hard work, Tim is our October Knight of the Month.

September 2013

Bob Weiss

Brother Bob Weiss is one of those guys that always involved. A Past Grand Knight, Bob is always there to help with Council events. He plays an important role in the council’s fund raising efforts and sits on committees that provide the leadership for the council. He seems to do these things always staying calm cool and collected. He is the captain of the Bingo Team 3, a main driver for our charitable efforts and a grill master at the Friday cookout, grilling delicious barbeque that we all love which is one of our main social events. Bob sits on the Charity Corporation Board, and is a member of the House Committee. This past year Bob chaired our nomination committee which is responsible for recruiting the great group of officers we have this year. Congratulations Bob. You are our September Knight of the Month.

August 2013

Rollie Babcock

Past Grand Knight Rowland “Rollie” Babcock has been a dedicated member of the council and the order with 35 years of service. This past year Rollie and his wife Merry moved to Ruther Glen, VA but still wanted to be active in council events. Because of the distance the Babcocks knew that they could not participate in all the events they used to so they would pick a few to do. The Dale City Independence Parade was something they have enjoyed doing every year. Rollie and Merry drove up and helped as marshals in the parade. Rollie and Merry have also been spotted at a few Friday Cookouts. We appreciate the continued support and participation from PGK Rollie and for that reason are rewarding him with our August Knight of the Month.