May 2024

Bob Malloy

Bob Malloy received the Knight of the Month award for March. Since his transfer to Nativity, Bob has fully immersed himself in many Council activities. He consistently supports the monthly food truck collections and has served as a canopy carrier at several Eucharistic Processions.

February 2024

Arturo Esparza

Arturo Esparza was honored as Knight of the Month for February. He was recognized for his hours spent working the food truck and his support of the PB&J ministry.

November 2023

John Fitzhenry

September 2023

Tim Kasprzyk

Chosen as Knight of the Month for September for his dedication and direction of the successful 2023 8th Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

July 2023

Neil Waid

For an outstanding job in producing the Council Newsletter.

March 2020

Steve Mirabole

February 2020

Jonathan Lodrigues

December 2019

Richard Spinelli

September 2019

Tim Ashcraft

August 2019

David Kadiri

July 2019

Don Carpenter

May 2019

Ray QuiƱones

March 2019

Rick Zemke

December 2018

John Houseman

September 2018

Danny Diaz

August 2018

Neil Waid

May 2018

Tom Babiarz

April 2018

Vinnie Urso

March 2018

Don Carpenter

March 2018

Danny Diaz

February 2018

Chris Gladu

January 2018

Stephen Curcio

December 2017

Tom Rusher

August 2017

Bob Dunn

July 2017

Neil Waid

May 2016

Vinnie Mallen

April 2016

Bob Dunn

March 2016

Richard Spinelli

January 2016

Tom Rusher

December 2015

Joseph Clemis

October 2015

Tim Kasprzyk

September 2015

Eduardo Crespo

SK Eduardo Crespo exemplified Patriotism and became a United States Citizen as well as our Knight of the Month. GK Herb Swoope, DGK Chris McManus and PFN Bill Queenan attended the citizenship ceremony in support of their Brother Knight!

August 2015

Mark Nobolsky

July 2015

Howard Baum

May 2014

Tom Babiarz

Tom Babiarz was instrumental with the success of the Tootsie Roll Drive. With his organization, leadership and recruiting, Tom helped raise over $1000 in the weekends first Tootsie Roll Drive. As a result of his hard work, the Council is well on its way to surpassing its goal of collecting over $2000 for the Lopez School for Exceptional Children. Thanks for all your hard work Tom!