December 2022

Michael Laboe

Mike has been leading the Rosary before most of the daily Masses, including Saturday. Thank you for making our Council more visible and accessible to the St. K parish.

November 2022

Mike Todisco

Mike is recognized for his work with organizing the upcoming religious retreat with Leo Francoeur. Also, he helped in the kitchen to make our Christmas Party a success last weekend.

October 2022

Angelo Mingolla

Angelo just joined our Council and he has attended all the meetings so far. Great to have you on board, Angeol!

September 2022

Bill Reilly

Bill has been leading the Tootsie Roll drives for several years now. In the last one, he had to fill in for 5 to 6 hours, because there were so many blank two-hour time slots. He brought in good money for our donations in the two drives we ran this year. Thanks for all you do, Bill.

August 2022

Leo Francoeur

Leo has been active in our Council for many years. He was Grand Knight years ago as well. He is now organizing a religious retreat with Mike Todisco in a few months. Thanks for all your work, Leo.

July 2022

Jake Izzo

Jake is our latest Past Grand Knight. He has served for 2 1/2 years, when the Lord called Brother Ray Masson home and two more terms after that. He has always volunteered for all our activities. Thanks for your service, Jake.

June 2022

John Frechette

John has bee active with the Council since he joined us. He volunteers for all our activities, and he is our latest Grand Knight. You will do great things for our Council as GK! Thanks, John.

May 2022

Ron DiStasio

Ron has been our Advocate and State Pro Life Chairman for many years. He helps us with many of our fundraiser dinners as well. Thanks Ron for all you do for our Council.

April 2022

Wayne Nadeau

Wayne has been extremely active with our Council since he joined us. He rose through the Officer ranks and was GK for two years. He went on to the Fourth Degree Assembly and went through the ranks there as well. He is the 120 Club Chair and the Fourth Degree Honor Guard Commander. Wayne, you do the work of 3 or 4 of us. Thank you so much!

March 2022

Jerry Jaggers

Jerry has been very active in our Council since joining us. Last month he gave us a really successful St. Patrick's Day Dinner fundraiser for us. He is also our Fundraiser Chairman and is full of good ideas. Jerry, you are doing God's work for us. Awesome work!

February 2022

Mike Chouinard

Mike has been very active since joining our Order several years ago. He is an altar server at St. K and. he also is a Fourth Degree Honor Guard. Thanks for all you do for us, Mike.

January 2022

Paul Roy

Paul has been a highly contributing member and officer since he joined the Council. Thanks for all you co for us.

December 2021

Bob Cassidy

Bob has been supporting our Blood Drives and other Council functions for many years. He worked at the latest Blood Drive in December. This is Bob's first KOM recognition. He earned it a long time ago. Thanks for being there when we need you, Bob.

November 2021

Mike Todisco

Mike worked at the St. K Bazaar for two straight days, all weekend long. Thanks Mike for your support.

October 2021

Adam Florczak

Adam chaired the Italian Night Dinner and fundraiser again this year. He's been running it for many years. We turned the most money ever thanks to his work.

September 2021

Chris McKay

Chris has been active since he joined us a couple of years ago. He has supported us at our Council functions and is now our Outside Guard. Thanks for your service, Chris.

August 2021

Dave Oslin

June 2021

George Gleason

May 2021

Warren Azevedo

April 2021

Jack Madden

March 2021

Kelly Frazier

February 2021

Ed Gleason

January 2021

Ken Doubleday

September 2020

Mike Chouinard

August 2020

Jerry Jaggers

May 2020

Mike Todisco

February 2020

John Coughlin

John is an active Brother and we are blessed that he joined us.

January 2020

Paul Dumont

You would not believe how awesome Paul is. Wait, he is writing this.

October 2019

Jay Malette

Jay is from Pelham, but he volunteered to become our First Degree Captain. Thank you Jay for your dedication and efforts.

September 2019

Frank Zarba

Frank has just joined us and he has been spotted helping out at our events. Thanks for your help Frank.

August 2019

Mike Todisco

Mike has taken over as Webmaster and Knightline publisher. He has done an excellent job with both responsibilities. Thanks, Mike.

July 2019

Bob Marceau

Bob has supported us by helping us out with our culinary fundraising events, especially the Lenten Soup and Salad meals. Thanks Bob for living the example of a Knight exercising Charity and Faith by your works.

May 2019

Fr. Joe Cooper

April 2019

Bob McCarthy

Bob often volunteers for our Council functions throughout the year. He is a 4th or Patriotic Degree Sir Knight who serves in the Color Corps whenever he can. Thanks Bob for your contributions to our Council and our affiliated Assembly as well.

March 2019

Warren Azevedo

Warren is our Knight of the Month for March 2019. Warren is very active with our Council. He is the Financial Secretary and participates in the many activities that our Council has through out the year. We thank you Warren for your service! We would not be able to keep our numbers on track with out your help!

January 2019

Jake Izzo

Jake has been an active Brother since he took the Degrees just a few years ago. Presently he is the Warden and is rising through the Officer ranks. His faith is strong, as it is with his three teenage children and his wife Stephanie. He is a role model to them and to our Council. Thank you for all you do, Jake.

November 2018

Richard "Dick" DeRosa

Dick has been active in our Council since he joined our Order. He is a Eucharistic Minister at St. Kathryn's Parish. Thank you for all you do for the Council.

October 2018

John LeDuc

John joined the Order last year and he is active in St. Kathryn's Parish. He has. been volunteering at every Council function since he joined. Thanks John for helping us

August 2018

Paul Dumont

Paul is our newest Past Grand Knight. Not sure what he'll do now, so we'll just have to wait and see.

July 2018

Wayne Nadeau

Wayne has been contributing 110% to the Council on a bad day and considerably more on good days. He has just retired as Faithful Navigator at Assembly 1506. He also organizes the monthly Cribbage game, and does a lot for the Council and the Assembly. Thank you Wayne for your contributions. Also, the guy is fun to be around.

May 2018

Mike Chouinard

Mike has been committed to all K of C activities 100% since taking all four Degrees, just a few years ago. He is Color Guard Commander in the 4th Degree and can be seen often with his regalia- old and new- as well. Mike has been an altar server for years. He is a great Santa Claus, or St. Nicholas when required. Mike will soon be our next Grand Knight. Thank you Mike for your service and dedication to our Order and to the Church.

April 2018

George Gleason

As a Scoutmaster he makes the time to contribute to our Council functions. For several years he has cooked the corned beef and cabbage, and has helped cook for the Italian Night. Thank you for all you do, George!

March 2018

Ed Gleason

Ed has been volunteering a lot of time for our activities since he transferred into our Council several years ago. Most recently at the St. Patrick's Day Dinner-fundraiser he was at the hall early in the morning and he stayed the whole day and night, not leaving until the hall was clean and everything in the kitchen was picked up. This is typical of the effort Ed puts in for us. Also, he was there at every Clam Chowder supper during Lent helping from beginning to the end. Finally, he has been leading the Rosary upstairs after Benediction before each Business meeting. He will be leading the Rosary downstairs at 7PM from now on. Please come early and join in before the meetings. Thank you Ed and God Bless you for all that you do.

February 2018

Warren Azevedo

Warren has taken on the huge responsibility of being our Financial Secretary, while juggling his time with a full time job and a special needs Son. He has kept me up to date with all that the FS has to do and has visited my house for signatures when necessary. We very much appreciate the time and effort he puts in to our Council.

January 2018

Jack Madden

Jack has been really active since joining our Council two years ago. He is now the Blood Drive Chairman and the Baseball game Chairman as well. I'm sure there's something else I'm not mentioning that he does. Also, he helps out volunteering for many of our activities as well. We really appreciate all your hard work, Jack.

December 2017

Roger Beaudoin

Roger has taken over publishing the Knightline since last July, and has offered to chair the Council Christmas Party. Our party last month went very well and we are glad to have Roger running these two activities. He also helps out with our other functions as they come up. Thanks Roger for your work!

November 2017

John Eppolito

John really supported the Bazaar food serving function all weekend, from planning to purchasing and to help cook some of the menu items for sale that weekend. Thank you John for your support to the Parish and to the Council.

October 2017

Bill Reilly

Bill has been our Tootsie Roll Chairman for several years and he always does a great job, planning and reaching out to the merchants in the community, asking for our help with the collection of donations and finally collecting money himself. Thank you Bill for all your service.

September 2017

Paul Roy

Paul helps us with all activities. He had just served two terms as our Financial Secretary and remains very active. He had some bruises most evident at the St. Kathryn Parish Picnic in September and still volunteered his time despite his temporary injuries. Thank you Paul for all that you do

July 2017

Peter Krauss

Peter Krauss is KoM, for his Herculean efforts chairing the Cookout around our July meeting- planning, shopping especially for the meat, getting cooks and help.

May 2017

Ken Doubleday

In May Ken received his Admission Degree, and then in eight days received his Formation and Knighthood Degrees. He has signed on for the next Patriotic Degree. Ken has been active in our activities this Spring, even before he was admitted into our Order. Thanks for your enthusiastic service!

March 2017

Dan Murphy

Dan is very busy, self-employed as a fisherman an hour from the coast. He has given generously of his limited time helping us at the St. Patrick Day Dinner. He is often seen at Mass with his wife Tribia and his children. When you see him please congratulate him.

January 2017

John Coughlin

John joined us last year and quickly advanced to Third or Knighthood Degree. He has been a Lecturer at St. Kathryn's for years. John has been volunteering his time helping us with every activity we have held since then, such as the Italian Night, the Coffee and Donuts in the fall, the Christmas party, and the the December Blood December Blood Drive. Thanks. John for all your service.

December 2016

Ralph Parker

Ralph has been publishing our Council bulletin Knightline for years, which includes printing them and mailing them to Brothers who only receive it by USPS. Also, every December he purchases and distributes poinsettias to the widows of our deceased Brothers. Ralph, we salute you for your constant work for us and for Christ.

November 2016

Mike Tadisco

Mike just joined our Council this fall. So far he has helped with every activity we have conducted. Thank you for your contributions.

October 2016

Ron DiStasio

Ron has been an active Brother for over 20 years and this year is no different. He has tirelessly advocated for the Culture of Life for the State Council and is our Council Advocate as well. He attends all State Quarterly meetings, as well as all Pro Life functions in the state. He is also good traveling company for the Grand Knight toad from all the State Quarterly meetings as well. That you Ron for your service.

September 2016

Mark Manning

Mark was the organizer for the Movie Night. He scheduled the movie, set up the audio/visual machinery that worked perfectly, and provided more comfortable, cushiony chairs for the small audience on which to sit. Mark arranged for pizza to be donated, and the free will donation monies were given to the Council’s billboard. For his efforts he has earned the September Knight of the Month.

August 2016

David Jarry

David joined us as an undergraduate at Norwich University in Vermont. He was a ROTC candidate and after graduating he has been commissioned in the United States Army. We wish more young people are as faithful as he is. 2Lt Jarry will be deploying after the Holidays.

Godspeed and Vivat Jesus, Brother David!

July 2016

Albert "Pete" Deschenes

Pete has generously offered his house, his back yard and his large garage as the venue for our July annual cookout and council meeting. This year he came back from Maine just to get the place ready for us. Over the years he has done a lot for our fund raising and just getting men interested in joining us by his actions.

June 2016

Peter Krauss

Peter was preparing and shopping for the Council Picnic at the end of June. His efforts were really appreciated. It made the rest of us realize just how much effort he puts into everything. Thanks so much, Peter.

May 2016

Dave Willey

Dave has been an active member since joining and is often seen at our activities. He was willing to help out on Corpus Christi Sunday with the procession, but ultimately wasn't needed. Thanks Dave for all you do.

April 2016

Angelo "Joe" Anziano

Joe joined us not long ago, and he made Sir Knight (4the Degree) last fall. He has been active in many of our activities since joining and we appreciate his volunteering.

March 2016

Warren Azevedo

Warren joined the Council this winter and has been actively helping us out at our activities, including the St. Patrick Day Dinner. He is now a 3rd Degree Knight and is going to earn his Knight in Shining Armor soon.

February 2016

Ed Gleason

Last year Ed joined our Council after some years of inactivity. He has been contributing to numerous activities. Furthermore, he is a Lector at St. Kathryn's.

January 2016

Keith Sheridan

Keith joined us this past year, and has already helped us out with some of our activities. He has been seen with his Scout Uniform on on occasion.

December 2015

Dick StOnge

Dick presided over the Council when I was out of town two months. Than you Dick for running the meetings smoothly in my absence. It is good on-the-job training as well

October 2015

Peter Krauss

Peter devoted two full days to our Italian Night Dinner. He was there for kitchen prep, for cooking, serving and clean up. Peter has put his all for us as a Knight after joining us last year. Thanks, Peter for an amazing first year.

September 2015

Ron Ignelzi

Ron is very active in St. Kathryn's parish. He is a Lector, a Eucharistic Minister, and leads the Rosary and Angelus before the Saturday morning daily Mass.

August 2015

Christopher Gleason

Chris has joined us now that he turned 18. He is George's son and an Eagle Scout

July 2015

Paul Roy

Our Financial Secretary always updates me with the things I need to pay attention to as your Grand Knight. Without him I would be clueless. Excellent job, Paul!