April 2023

Craig A Lacour

Craig has been a key part of the team working on the food pantry renovation project. He has donated time for sanding, staining, filling, and painting the woodwork to make it look bright and new.

March 2023

Mr. Daniel T Kuttner

Dan has been very active in March working several nights at the Fish Fry and working a two-hour shift at the Knights on Bridges for Life on March 25th. Dan also coaches girls' volleyball teams at Holy Angels School.

February 2023

Steven Ondrla

Steve is active in several areas in the parish. He is a member of SVDP, is a regular at adoration from 4AM to 5AM, and attends daily 6:30 AM Mass on a regular basis. Steve has been a key resource in the recent drywall project our council did at the Holy Angels Food Pantry.

January 2023

Patrick J Gengler

Pat supports our Council and the parish in my roles. Pat is the Recorder and maintains our Meta/Facebook page. During our large events such as Fish Fry and ID Drive, Pat play leading roles. Pat is also the head usher.

December 2022

Tom Wright

Tom currently serves as Family Program Director. In the past Tom has held many council positions including GK. Tom is active each year in our major events such as Lenten Fish Fry and ID Drive.

November 2022

Martin T Hieronimi

Marty has been very helpful with Knight projects over the past several months. He was part of the team who assembled the new playground area for the school. He also assisted 2-3 times with the pantry renovation including landscaping and restoration of the pantry bathroom.

October 2022

Martin N Wolding

Sir Knight Marty Wolding is one of those brothers that every council would like to have with his tireless service to the council and community. When our parish picnic BBQ grillers dropped out one by one, Marty stepped up to cook hot dogs and burgers along with another brother Knight. He participated in the Holy Angels Confirmation Honor Guard, and he took charge of the Holy Angels food pantry basement repair and landscaping projects spanning several weeks. He always provides valuable insight and guidance with his 26+ years as a Knight. He is a true blessing for the council.

September 2022

John D Schreiber

John has shown excellent leadership by being the overall chairman for the 2-day Intellectual Disabilities (Tootsie roll) drive. His duties include coordinating the locations and combining tootsie roll orders with other councils and delivering them. John's role also includes many administrative duties that involve time consuming paperwork.

August 2022

Ray Froehlich

Ray is a steady hand for the council in all financial matters. This year he agreed to return to the Treasurer's position. Ray's insights on the financials leads to a successful and painless semi-annual audit. He also submits the list of KC volunteers to the city for our ID drive.

July 2022

Rick Marsh

Rick has shown leadership in many roles this past year. Rick is the Financial Secretary for our council and was recently elected Faithful Navigator for Assembly #188. Rick is also co-chair with GK Phil Brink for the Annual 5K Walk and Run to be held in October. Rick is a regular lector at Sunday Mass.

June 2022

Joseph D Didier

Joe has been active in many areas the past several months. First, being part of the Lenten Fish Fry Team. Also, he had leadership roles with Free Throw Contest, Mother's Day Flower distribution, and St. Joseph card hand out on Father's Day.

May 2022

Gary L. Jesenick

Gary did his usual outstanding job as part of the kitchen team at this year's Lenten Fish Fry. Gary is also a key member of the Saturday Food Pantry team.

April 2022

James L. Griffin

Jim is a new Knight who has been very active since joining. Jim was a key participant in assisting Angie McGehee move to a new apartment, even breaking out his toolbox to fix some shelfing. Jim also assisted at the Fish Fry during Lent.

April 2022

Christopher Boes

Chris has been a very active Knight since joining in March. He participated each week during the Fish Fry during Lent. Chris is a regular attendee at weekday 6:30 AM Mass, volunteers at the Food Pantry, and also lectors at weekend Masses.

March 2022

Reverend Michael G Lavan

Fr. Lavan is VERY active in the parish in his role as pastor. He does so many things like Masses at the nursing homes, visiting the sick, ministering to the dying. PLUS, he has to endure challenges like having natural gas fumes fill the church TWICE this year, and he still allowed us to do the fish fry. After most morning Masses, he can be found in the confessional even though it is not scheduled.

February 2022

Philip T Brink

Phil has been involved in many Knight events and parish activities. Phil was one of the key leaders for the very successful 5K event last year. Phil volunteers at Hesed House, is one of our master grillers, participated in last year's Knight on Bridges for Life, and is a regular at weekly adoration.

January 2022

Joseph M Williams

Joe has been a Knight for 18 years and served in a variety of roles. Recently, he has served as acting leader of the Family Program, filling in for Tim Dallas. Joe has helped at Fish Fry last year and at Major Degree ceremonials when scheduled in previous years.

December 2021

Ronald F Kloc

Thanks to Ron for his generous donation of 10 boys and girls coats, purchased from Macy's during a Black Friday event. This purchased brought our total coats donated to 136.

November 2021

Timothy J St.Clair

Tim was a great resource supporting the Mark Bancroft 5K Race this year. He provided a race coordinator and timer to Rick and Phil which improved event efficiency and improved profitability. Tim also serves as Inside Guard.

November 2021

Martin N Wolding

Marty helps at most events sponsored by the Knights such as being on the 5K team and helping with the free throw contest. He was chairman of the recent pancake breakfast which was a very successful event. Marty is twice past Grand Knight and a valuable member of the council.

October 2021

James R Power

Jim has done a fantastic job as our council LIFE director, leading and coordinating many activities, including some recent unplanned ones like the "National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children" and Knights on Bridges for Life". He is also a great liaison to the parish social justice director.

October 2021

Patrick J Gengler

Pat did a great job during the ID drive with his team as they raised a large amount of donations at the Intersection of Galena and Orchard. Pat also contributed by cooking at the recent picnic along with his regular role as Recorder.

September 2021

Deacon Thomas R Hawksworth

Deacon Tom did an outstanding job leading the National Day of Remembrance for the Unborn Prayer Service on Saturday September 18. He does a great job each month with spiritual insights at the Council meeting. Also, Tom has been a key leader for many years at the men's Saturday morning prayer group.

September 2021

Paul M Fleming

I would like to nominate Paul Fleming for September Knight of the month. For his enthusiasm, dedication, and most of all for his commitment to prayer. For the success of the ID drive.

August 2021

Martin N Wolding

PGK Marty Wolding did an excellent job leading the Silver Rose program at Holy Angels on August 17. He recruited council members for the Reader and Lector positions and made sure the program was listed in the Bulletin and as a pulpit announcement. Marty also drove to Rockford to pick up the Silver Rose and then deliver it to St. Therese after our program was completed.

July 2021

Raymond W Froehlich

Ray does a fantastic service to the council, but many of them are behind the scenes. In addition to his assistance with the council financials, he has recently been very active for our upcoming ID Drive, securing our city permit to solicit as well as contacting the Charity he volunteers with. He also spearheaded the effort to replace our KofC sign at the church with a more robust sign.

June 2021

Rick Marsh

Rick has done an outstanding job in his leadership role overseeing the Council's finances. Rick, in conjunction with Phil Brink, has organized and managed the very successful Mark Bancroft 5K Run. Rick is also active in parish ministry as a lector

May 2021

Joseph D Didier

Joe took a leadership role in the Mother's Day flower distribution at all the Masses. He was responsible for picking up the flowers and coordinating the Knights who worked at each Mass.

April 2021

John Schreiber

John showed great initiative and leadership in contacting Woodman's to schedule another weekend in April for the ID drive. The two day drive was a great success with total receipts of $3197.74.

March 2021

Gary L Jesenick

Gary was very active in March as lead cook for the kitchen team during the Fish Fry. Gary also supports the Food Pantry and assists at Mass as an usher.

February 2021

Martin N Wolding

PGK Marty Wolding for his guidance for the council, and chairing the take-out fish fry to help our parish community as well as our charitable causes.

January 2021

Dean G Myles

Dean has always been an outstanding member of the council, volunteering for many activities including chairing our annual roadside cleanup and helping with the ID Drive at the intersection, and coordinating a Leave No Neighbor Behind food packing event with Feed My Starving Children. Also, this year as Community Director, he has been VERY busy coordinating our essay contest, coats for kids (and adults, an eyeglass collection for February and a virtual blood drive for March. In addition, Dean lectors at Mass and helps to clean and disinfect the church. He has also worked many years with SPRED (Special Religious Education) with his special need's daughter.

December 2020

Richard H. Marsh, Jr.

As Financial Secretary, Rick has arguably the hardest officer position in the council. He is one of the best. Rick has assisted Phil Brink with running the 5K fundraiser each year. This year it was questionable whether we could have the race due to the pandemic. It turned out to be one of our most successful fund raiser of the year.

November 2020

John Heneghan

John's 5K team was the highest fundraising team with $1480 collected from the event including John's individual sponsorship that he does. A great effort from our local financial services expert who also helps many in our church with their retirement savings and life protection efforts!

October 2020

Jerry Knudtston

For the generous support of our council for both the ID Drive (aka tootsie rolls) and for the sponsorship for the virtual 5K walk/run so we can continue to support our charities which are in most need. He also helped with a contact person for our coats for kids to obtain additional new coats.

September 2020

Tom Wright

Tom is one of the many go-to guys, especially in the month of September during our annual ID drive. His dedication is outstanding especially during this pandemic.

August 2020

Ray Froehlich

For all Ray's work on the financials, help with the semi-annual audit, and for his efforts with the ID Drive, especially the City of Aurora permits.

July 2020

Ron Nolan

Ron passed away July 19, but he was always available to help at fish fry's, pancake breakfasts, and our degree team.

February 2020

Ryan Reuland

One of the Council's unsung heroes for all the work, advice, and donations he provides for our annual fish fry and pasta for priesthood dinners. Thank you Ryan!