April 2022

Bill Lamping

The Knight of the Month recently joined the council and immediately stepped up to help. He assisted with most of the Lenten dinners; he has helped out with the Tides games; he volunteered to be a guard for the next fraternal year; and he volunteered to coordinate the Tidewater Area Hospitality Room during the State Convention

Please join me in congratulating Brother William (Bill) Lamping for being the April 2022 Knight of the Month.

March 2022

Daniel Knaus

This Knight has distinguished himself as a Round Table Coordinator. When Father asked him for assistance with Tuesday Adoration, he coordinated with the council to help ensure all time periods were covered. His efforts led to a successful Rosary March led by Sir Knights from Assembly 1162. When the chapel celebrated its 80th anniversary, he coordinated between the chapel, the council, and the assembly to have Sir Knights and Knights leading the procession for the Military Archbishop, Archbishop Broglio. He worked with Father to have the Consecration of the Holy Family celebrated on February 2nd. When the council discussed the Pilgrim Icon Program, he quickly volunteered the Chapel for the service on May 3rd.

He has also helped with the Lenten dinners and has volunteered to help with the Norfolk Tides baseball games. Please join me in congratulating Brother Dan Knaus for being selected as the March 2022 Knight of the Month.

February 2022

Peter Laurin

The Knight of the Month has been key to the success of the Council’s recruiting goals. He assisted with all three Delta Church Drives. He personally contacted every person that filled out a contact card or signed up online.

He frequently volunteers to sell beer at the Scope and Harbor Park, and he serves as the Round Table Coordinator for St Pius X.

Please join me in congratulating our Chancellor, Peter Laurin,

January 2022

Dave Harris

The Knight of the Month is a member of the Council who has stepped up to serve as Financial Secretary. He took over the position without any turnover. During the first two months of his three-year tenure, this Knight dove head-first into his duties and responsibilities. He initiated the annual collection of dues from the Membership and tirelessly pursued every piece of returned mail or email to help maximize the receipt of funds. Prior to serving as Financial Secretary, this Knight served as retention chairman and the Round Table Coordinator for Sacred Heart. His willingness to step up to plate should be commended and emulated by all.

Congratulations to January’s Knight of the Month, Dave Harris.

December 2021

Patrick Brennan, PGK

The Knight of the Month is one who sets the example for service to others and has coordinated the Council's Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Basket program for many years. Through his efforts, he ensured that sufficient canned foods were available for over 100 Food Baskets.

His personal efforts ensured the council paid lower prices for the turkeys and hams. Furthermore, he ensured that the 2300 pounds of canned goods were properly inventoried and cataloged, he was able to provide additional goods into 59 Christmas Food Boxes. Because of his efforts, the Council had one of its largest ever Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Basket programs.

Please join me in congratulating the Knight of the Month for December, PGK Pat Brennan.

November 2021

John Person, PGK

This Knight consistently contributes hours of service to make the Council a well-run organization.

He coordinates the monthly Shrimp Dinner Program. He served as a team lead for the TIDES baseball games and assist with the Norfolk Scope events. He oversees the annual Coats for Family Drive. He helped assemble food baskets for the Thanksgiving Food Basket Program.

He spends many hours as the Council and Assembly newsletter Editor, and he manages and updates our Council website and Facebook page.

He spends numerous hours as the Columbus Club Treasurer, the 500 Club coordinator, and the Football pool coordinator.

Please join me in congratulating PGK John Person for being selected as the November 2021 Knight of the Month.

October 2021

Dave Listol

The Knight of the Month is a man who has tirelessly supported Council activities. He can be counted on to volunteer to help when needed and to step forward when asked. He was responsible for the meal planning, purchasing of the food, and oversaw the meal preparations for the Installation Social, the Priest Appreciation Dinner, and the Shrimp dinner. At the last minute, he stepped in and helped prepare the breakfast burritos for the Crusader 5k. He regularly prepares the meals for the membership meetings.

He is a supporter of the Forty Days for Life Prayer Vigil. At St Pius X Catholic Church, he is member of the men’s club, serves as an usher, and has served as the parish NEST coordinator. This Knight is an outstanding example of an involved and committed Brother. Congratulations to Dave Listol, on his selection as October Knight of the Month.

September 2021

Kent Rhodes

The Knight of the Month is a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to support charities such as the Special Olympics and KOVAR. Back in February, he willingly poured numerous buckets of ice filled water on himself to raise money for the Special Olympics. To raise additional funds for KOVAR, he covered the costs of the dunk booth used during the Council Family Picnic and helped raise $575.

To help those less fortunate, he coordinates and prepares food for Sacred Heart’s Sunday Soup Kitchen once a month. For the council, he serves as the Treasurer, he has helped during the Friday Night Dinners, and he prepared the food for the Fraternal Benefits Night at Sacred Heart. Join me in congratulating Brother Kent Rhodes for being September’s Knight of the Month.

August 2021

Bill Doane

Although this Brother Knight has been a member of 367 since the early 1990s, he has not been in the area for a while due to a military career and other job opportunities. Coming back to his home council within the last couple of months with a desire to get involved in the various activities he jumped in with both feet to make a difference. With a rental and the In and Out approaching fast; we had a disaster in the lady’s restroom with a partial ceiling collapse in 2 of the stalls. After the cleanup was completed, the next part was to get the restroom back online for both events. This brother had a lot of construction experience and stepped up to the challenge to help install the ceiling before both events.

With materials in hand on a Saturday morning, he took charge and got the area of repair cleaned up and installed the drywall with precision. With the events behind us, he spent the next 2 days applying joint compound and tape to the repair area. He came back to complete the sanding, priming, and painting of the ceiling plus the cleanup. The cost of supplies was $200, but the cost of his time and talent was invaluable to the council & Columbus Club and very much appreciated.

Congratulations to Brother Bill Doane, Knight of the Month for August.

July 2021

Daniel Doyle, PGK

"Through his devotion to Council 367, the Knight of the Month devoted numerous hours over the past two years to ensure that the Council kept open and was active. His efforts directly contributed to the Council receiving Star Council two years in row. His devotion to the Knights and his "can do" attitude was recognized by the State Deputy by appointing him District Deputy for District 1.

While he has passed the mantle, he still is an active member of the council by overseeing the council's fundraising efforts. Join me in congratulating our Immediate Past Grand Knight and District Deputy, Dan Doyle for being July's Knight of the Month."

June 2021

Daniel Malaki

The Knight of the Month for June is a new Brother who has only been in the Council for a short time. During that time, I have seen him at several meetings but have not engaged in much conversation with him. Most other Knights might not even recognize his name or be able to pick him out of a lineup of other Members.

Many of you will not even realize that what he did for the Council and the Assembly in June is something that made him one of our most valuable Knights. Nonetheless, I have selected this newer Knight as the best of the best because he stepped up and volunteered to fill not one but two Officer positions in the Council and the Assembly. When asked, he valiantly stepped to the front of the pack and took on the responsibility for two different roles. When asked to serve, he did so without hesitation. When asked, he said "Yes" to being Council Warden and Assembly Comptroller. This Knight is the kind of Knight that every Grand Knight dreams he has more of in his Council.

This Knight is being selected as Knight of the Month not only for volunteering as he did but also for what I believe he will do going forward. Any Knight who steps up like this Brother did, is certainly destined for greater things in the future. I am confident that this Knight has a bright future in the Council.

For all of those reasons, I have selected Daniel Malaki as Knight of the Month for June.

May 2021

Bob Place, PGK

The Knight of the Month is very active in the Council. He has initiated two programs this past month: a blood drive with the American Red Cross and a first-ever spiritual retreat. The blood drive is the third one that the Council has helped to sponsor as part of the Leave No Neighbor Behind program. He took the lead, contacted the ARC, and coordinated the selection of a weekday for the 5-hour blood drive at the Columbus Club. He supervised the printing of the flyer announcing the event, coordinated its distribution on social media platforms, and personally promoted the blood drive to his fellow Knights and others. He set up the ballroom and manned the check-in table for the entire event. He was directly responsible for overseeing the success of the blood drive which collected enough supply to save 60 lives.

Additionally, he conceptualized and directed the execution of the Council’s day-long spiritual retreat at Saint Assisi Retreat Center in Hampton. He was responsible for bringing the idea to the Council, did the liaison work with the Center, and coordinated all the details to make the retreat an outstanding Faith In Action program. He spearheaded the entire process to make it a reality. Finally, he expertly supervised the Council as the Advocate and steered us carefully with his deft interpretation of the By Laws at all the meetings. This Knight has proven his value to the Council and is a model for others to emulate.

Congratulations to PGK Bob Place for his selection as the Knight of the Month for May