March 2023

Spike Holmes

The Knight of the month everyone knows and has a ton of personality. He has been with Rosensteel for 30 years and is very worthy of this honor. Over the last year we have developed a good friendship both inside and out-side of the Council. His biggest flaw is that he’s a big Dallas Cowboy fan. He will disagree and tell you he’s sorry for me because I’m a big Redskin fan. I know this Knight to be very hardworking, has a big heart and is passionate and definitely wants to make a difference. He’s a family man and is very involved with his son Bobby in all the sports he plays. We speak often and I appreciate him taking my calls. I know sometimes I can be a bit much, but I just want to get the job done. This Knight is one of the leaders on the Clubhouse, doing many jobs behind the scenes, coordinating all the events at the Council. We all know sometimes that can be a thankless job when it comes to making challenging decisions. He has played a very large role in turning the clubhouse around over the last couple of years. Recently, I was at a meeting and financially the clubhouse is in the best position it has been in many years. That’s a huge accomplishment. I know it’s a team effort and this Knight gets the job done and shows that Rosensteel is strong and the clubhouse is doing an outstanding job under his leadership.

During my Fraternal Year on many occasions we have worked together and negotiated a fair price for the use of the facilities for many events. He has the best interest of the clubhouse and my best interest is with the Council. Recently, we had a meeting to discuss some new ideas and events and came away with a lot of information about having some live entertainment events. I know he really wants to work with the Council and give us priority and support in every way they can help build our fraternity. He invited me to attend a live event in the Columbian Room for the Buddy Holly show. It was a sold out event. I got to see first hand one of the ideas the clubhouse is doing to turn things around. Seeing Bob Wigmore, Kevin Carey, Geoff Conway, Dave Donnelly, Nick Carrescia, Brian Slattery and others putting our Faith in Action was very heartwarming. This was a 5-Star event and I spoke with the promoter and he could not have been more complimentary of the Rosensteel Council. At the end of the show he got up on stage and thanked our Council for hosting such a great fundraising event and for our volunteerism.
I’m very thankful for this Knight and we are blessed to have such a dedicated family man to make our Council better. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We very much appreciate you and all you do for our brotherhood. You are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB! So, the next time you see Spike Holmes congratulate him on being the very worthy March Knight of the Month. Thanks Spike, I Love you man!

February 2023

Bruce Cotting

The Knight of the Month who everyone knows has a huge personality and is very worthy of this honor. He’s a good family man with four adult children, two of whom have graduated from college. I met this Knight about six years ago on the Oversight Committee when he was Grand Knight. He would take charge of the meetings and we all know the look, the stare, that it was time to knock it off and let’s get back to business. He al-ways had an agenda and wanted to stick with it. Over the years we have become friends and I very much appreciate all his efforts for the good of the order. I learned very early after our first meeting that when it comes to parties, he is known as the Dancing Queen. He has a big heart and is very generous. We have built a friendship outside of the Council, having lunch together and have enjoyed a couple of football games. He has his own real estate business and has many talents. His large wingspan allows him to take awesome selfies. So, if everything fails, he has a backup plan. In fact, in my office he gave me as a thank you a large collage poster of our memories at one of the Redskin games. It was very generous and thoughtful. That is the kind of men we have at the K of C.

From the beginning of my Fraternal Year this Knight said he was going to help me in any way that he could be-cause he believed that my intentions were genuine and that my best interest was for Rosensteel and he was behind me. That was encouraging from the very beginning. I have reached out to him multiple times and he’s a man of action and a leader. All those attributes are important to me. I talk about our team frequently and he is definitely a team player. Currently, he is our lecturer and speaks at some of our business meetings. He is one of my go-to guys when it comes to interviewing prospects before we except them as members of our brotherhood. This Knight helps with promoting and participating in our Friday Night Rosary which is gaining momentum. You should check it out. It’s an opportunity to come together as a family and pray for one another. Occasionally, he works behind the bar. When we had our lobster seafood feast, for which he purchased tickets, he volunteered to help serve and make this a 5- star event. A short time later we held a Council Exemplification that I wanted to promote, welcome and re-engage members back to our Council to see this new ceremony. This Knight suggested we make a video. I took advantage of his offer and we made a 2-minute video; I was very happy with the turnout for the event. Bringing in about 80 members and guest. I’m currently working with him to better promote our upcoming Oyster Seafood Bull and Pig Roast. You better get your tickets; about half the seats are already sold. I could go on and on.

I’m very grateful for this family man who’s dedicated to the K of C. We are so blessed to have this Knight on our team. I go to him often and he gets the job done. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I very much appreciate all you do for Rosensteel. I appreciate our friendship and thankful for taking my calls and responding to my messages. You’re doing an OUTSTANDING JOB! So, the next time you see Bruce Cotting, congratulate him on being the very worthy February Knight of the Month. Thanks Bruce, I love you, brother!

January 2023

Brian McCaw

The Knight of the Month is a longtime member of 27 years. He’s very worthy of this honor and he’s a good family man with three young adult daughters and a son in college. This dedicated family man is a volunteer wrestling coach at Blair High School. I met this Knight years ago when I first got involved with the Needy Food Basket program. He would come in early and make breakfast for all the volunteers. He taught me another tasty way to cook bacon, which is in the oven. Over the years we have become friends and I very much appreciate all his efforts for the good of the Knights of Columbus. The more I’m around the Council, the more I see how dedicated he is to this great family organization. This Knight is definitely making a difference around the Council.

This is a team effort and this Knight has been helping me out on a monthly basis since the start of my Fraternal Year. He knows a lot about technology and runs the closed caption TV in the Knights Room, putting in Mass times, the list of officers and pictures of some of our events, etc. This Knight set up all cable connections for TVs in the Knights Room, saving us so much money. I’m in constant touch with this member because he adds new members to our membership role so that when we put out communications to our membership they members know what’s going on! This is very basic but it’s very important to make sure all members have a good idea of all the programs and activities that are happening at Rosensteel.

Most recently, this Knight volunteered to wash all the dishes at the lobster seafood feast fundraiser. This was a huge job. When I went down to the kitchen, the trays, pans and other dishes were piled up everywhere and it was going to take hours. I know he was there late. With some help everything was finished the next day. I'm very grateful for his dedication. Currently, we are in the process of remodeling the game room and this Knight is working on a new Wi Fi network system for the entire building, which will save us so much money. We are so blessed to have this Knight at our Council on our team. I go to him often and when he’s available; he gets the job done.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I very much appreciate all you do for Rosensteel. I appreciate our friendship and thankful for always taking my calls and responding to my messages. You’re doing an OUTSTANDING JOB! Keep on keeping on and thanks for being one of my go to guys. So the next time you see Brian McCaw, CONGRATULATE HIM ON BEING THE VERY WORTHY January Knight of the month. Thanks, Brian, I love you, brother!

December 2022

Geoff Conway

The Knight of the Month is a longtime member of 35 years. He is very worthy of this honor, he’s a good family man with two daughters and two grandsons. Since the beginning of my fraternal year, he’s been supporting me in every way. When the K of C Fourth Degree Color Corp wanted to do a flag presentation our flagpole needed repair and at the last moment, he climbed the pole and fixed it for our Council. I probably can’t list all the work that this Knight does for our Council, but I will give it a shot. The more I’m around the more I see how dedicated he is to this great organization. This is a team effort and he’s definitely a main player. I go to him on a regular basis always getting his advice and he hasn’t steered me wrong. I very much appreciate his support and his committed attitude to get the job done.
Most recently at the Council picnic he played a leading role in organizing and preparing all the food for our event. When we had the lobster seafood feast this hard working Knight came up the next morning and helped finish cleaning all the pots, pans and trays etc. Like I said. this is a team effort and it’s hard to pick one Knight with so many passionate Knights. We are so blessed. When I stop by the Council to see what’s going on, he’s cleaning, taking out trash, he’s in the kitchen, bartends on a regular basis, working the many repasts, ordering and picking up food. I could go on and on. Just two weeks ago we had a very successful exemplification for new members, and I turned to him and asked if he would bartend, he turned and asked, “What time do you need me there?”

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I very much appreciate all you do, being a leader, setting an example, your passion and your get the job done attitude. I appreciate your friendship and look forward to many successful events to come. You’re doing an OUTSTANDING job! So the next time you see Geoff Conway, congratulate him on being the very worthy December Knight of the month. Thanks Geoff, I love you man!

November 2022

Tom Griffin

The Knight of the Month is a longtime member who just got his honorary membership card for turning 65 and has been a member for almost 40 years. This is the first time he’s received this honor. He is very worthy of this hon-
or, he’s a good family man, very generous and a good friend. Over the years he has played music at our Council family picnics, was an active member on the Building Committee, keeping our facility running and president of that committee for several years, cooked pizza for bingo every week and helped put LED lights in the Council. Recently, with the help of Abe Jacobs, he installed and replaced the entire heating and air system in the Knights Room, saving the clubhouse about $8,000. Basically, doing the job for a minimum amount for his efforts. Most recently, last week at
the lobster seafood feast he was our DJ.

Everyone knows my slogan for my fraternal year is Love is Repaid by Love Alone. When we met to discuss the event he was making a playlist of up to 100 songs that all had love in the title. I thought that was so thoughtful and made me feel so good that he put so much effort into my first fundraising event. Lastly, he took time off to ride with me to Ocean City to get the fresh live lobsters from Sea Born Seafood right on the water. We picked up 111 of them in four large coolers weighing 178 lbs. During the trip he was playing his soundtrack. Thank you, thank you, thank
you! You’ve been doing an outstanding job, I very much appreciate all that you do for Rosensteel. So the next time you see Tom Griffin, congratulate him on being the November very worthy Knight of the Month. Thanks Tom, I love you, man!

October 2022

Nick Carrescia

Knight of the Month goes to Nick Carrescia. Nick can be found almost every Friday night at the kitchen window, taking orders for dinner. Nick has been a huge asset for me and we talk often. He plays a big role in helping me coordinate our 3rd Tuesday of the month happy hour/social meetings which are open to members, spouses, guests and Maryknights. This is where we serve complimentary food and drinks. As president of the clubhouse Nick does so much; bartends, opens and closes the Knights room, landscaping, parking barriers, meets with contractors - he just puts in many hours in for the good of the Order. I very much appreciate working with him on all the events so far and look forward to working with him on upcoming events. Behind the scenes, Nick has been redoing the bar rail, painting doors, working on prepping and painting the game room and getting things cleaned out. This is a big job and I’m motivated to make this happen for Rosensteel. Nick has taken the lead on this project. It’s a team effort and many Knights are getting involved. Recently, tile was purchased that matches the Knights room. Thanks Nick, for all your efforts around the building and clubhouse. You are definitely making a HUGE difference. Nick’s birthday is on Sunday, October 16, and if you see him around the Council, please congratulate him for being the Knight of the Month. Well deserved! Thanks for being such a good friend and I love you man!

September 2022

Tom Phelps

The Knight of the Month goes to worthy Tom Phelps. Almost every time I’m at the Council Tom is there. He is very worthy of this honor and has been a member of Rosensteel for over 30 years. Currently, Tom is the clubhouse supervisor, helping manage Council events and supervising other Clubhouse activities. Setting up for events and stocking the bars are just a couple duties Tom is busy with. Lately, it’s been getting busy at the Council and Tom is doing a great job. We very much appreciate all his efforts; helping to fill the shoes of the late John Matosian is no easy task.

Tom is to be congratulated for recently he passed the exam to get his cook certification. We have become friends and I see him frequently at the Friday night rosary and dinner. When I needed a recorder for my fraternal year Tom stepped up and is doing a very fine job. Getting me the minutes of our meetings for membership to review in a timely matter is important to me. Tom, your hard work and attention to detail is very much appreciated. Thank you for all your support and efforts, you are definitely making a difference. So if you see Tom around the Council please congratulate him on this very worthy honor of being the Knight of the Month.

August 2022

Jim Mannion

The Knight of the Month is PGK and current Treasurer Jim Mannion. Jim is very worthy of this hon-or. When I became Deputy Grand Knight Jim began to guide me and give me great advice over the last year on what it would take to have a successful year. I believe Jim has a big heart and definitely has the best interest of our organization. He’s been making recommendations to me for some time now and it’s paying off. He also volunteers as a bartender in the Knights Room, is part of our event planning committee and has taken a leadership role as one of the chairmen for our Installation Dinner. We have been talking frequently about all the many details of a successful event. There are many Knights and Maryknights who also have played large roles in this event; this has definitely been a team effort and that is very important to me.

Worthy Jim ordered my banner, my KOC GK cards, had our announcement on the Installation event made up and coordinated the Mass, readings, songs and a very special program. I could go on and on. Thank you Jim, I very much appreciate you and very grateful for our friendship. We are going to have a great year and having Jim in my corner will go a long way to make that happen.

Thanks Worthy Jim for your guidance and your words of wisdom. I have been listening and it has made a big difference. So if you see Jim around the Council, please congratulate him for being the Knight of the month. Thanks, Jim, I love you brother!

June 2022

Geoff Conway

Always ready to lend a hand. A volunteer at almost any event and always on call, a Friday Night kitchen crew member, bartender, lawn mower and groundskeeper, works every month with Little Sisters of the Poor, organizer of the Horner and family rosaries, helps with Nuns Appreciation Night and at numerous events throughout the year and an extremely tireless worker. His face and voice are synonymous with the spirit of Father Rosensteel Council. Our Knight of the Month for June is Geoff Conway, who makes our Council a better place.

April 2022

Steve Sullivan

This Knight is not in the spotlight but seems to just be there when needed. He is humble and quiet. He is a Knight that we wish we could have more of his time. Recently, he has been active in supporting our events and even Friday dinners. Help me give thanks to Steve Sullivan our Knight of the Month!

March 2022

Mike Miller

This PGK strives to make the Council better in all aspects. He always seems to have in-sight and wisdom that is sensible and reasonable. I have often sought him for advice and he has never let me down. This Knight passionately serves the young Catholics at the University of Maryland. This program is perhaps one of our most valuable. It supports the growth and unity of our young Catholics to follow their faith and to gather as a community. Please join me in thanking Mike Miller for all of his passion and work with our youth and future Catholic leaders!

February 2022

Nick Carrescia

This Knight maintains a low profile and you would not know about him if you do not frequent the building. He donates many hours to the operations of the build-ing and our events management. He has led our operations, with help from his dedicated team, through very difficult times and has done a fantastic job. Join me in thanking Nick Carrescia for his leadership and efforts.

January 2022

PKG Mike Koon

As a 46-year member, this Past Grand Knight has organized one of our Council’s most important events for years, the Pro-life Kickoff Dinner held every January (recently cancelled for snow and pandemics). It included fantastic and prolific
speakers, numerous clergy and several state officers coming together in support of this great cause.

January’s Knight of the Month has begun advising others for this year’s kickoff. This is a huge endeavor and one that he did not take on by himself; he enlists the assistance of numerous Council members and his lovely wife Katie. The kickoff dinner in past years was followed by a youth group coming in for the March for
Life on the following weekend. This Knight of the Month would entertain, feed and support them by marching with them as well. Mike has also recently served his Council as its Financial Secretary.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating PGK Mike Koon
as January’s Knight of The Month.

December 2021

Rob Seubert

This PGK certainly has been an icon in the Council. He has been through a lot and yet still finds a way to volunteer when we need it. With a smile on his face and a quick witted joke, he makes work seem easy. Many thanks to Rob Seubert, a classic example of Rosensteel’s strong volunteerism

November 2021

John Matosian

This member came from a family that is generational and historic to our Council. He was there for so many families of our dearly departed members, providing services for wakes and celebrations of lives. Many of us received calls from him just to make sure we were doing well. He will be forever missed and was truly an icon to our Council - our recently departed one and only John Matosian. Please pray for John in gratitude.

October 2021

Rick Horner

This member comes from a family that is generational and historic to our Council. When you think of volunteerism, the effort to drive over 110 miles to be part of a Council event defines what Rosensteel Strong means. He is never short of a smile, chuckle and warm greeting. You will find him at major events like the picnic this last week, grilling like he has for many years. Many thanks to Rick Horner for carrying on his family’s tradition of service and generosity!

September 2021

James Mannion

This PGK can be found behind the bar most Friday nights. He keeps the Council Officers informed on deadlines and tasks, making sure not a single ball drops. Good for a bar side joke or story, too. Always ready to lend a hand and join in on what needs to
be done. Certainly, a Knight you can count on anytime.

A big thanks to James Mannion, our Knight of the Month.

July 2021

Paul Girolami

He is a humble and passionate Knight who does not shy from leadership by example. He takes on the load and does not complain, just keeps moving forward. You may hear him raise his voice when things are out of place or order and the wise listen. He is the first two-time GK in our history, a Knight that is a living example of our Legacy … PGK2X Paul Girolami. Please join me in congratulating him and thanking him for all his efforts.

June 2021

Chris Langley

You regularly see this Catholic gentleman at the Council, working on projects including cleanup, cooking, shopping for Friday Night dinners and renovation of the Knights Room, kitchen hallway and ladies room downstairs. He’s an accomplished chef, head of a kitchen crew and always offers an excellent meal. He took his first degree in April 2010. He was sponsored by Geoff Conway. Our Knight of the Month for June is Chris Langley. Many thanks, Chris, for your hours of service to our Council. And thank you to Tina, with whom I had the privilege to work when she met Chris, and their children Nick and Ellie for allowing us to have Chris’s time.

May 2021

Bruce Cotting

If it were allowed, I’d have everyone be Knight of the Month because of the work you’ve done, continue to do and will do to support our Council and programs. I’d even recognize Geoff Conway who prefers to work behind the scenes but is a true hero to our Council and has supported me even before this Council year began. Our Knight of the Month for May always brings a smile to everyone, is a hard worker and a tireless advocate for our Council. He’s a cigar-smoking dance machine, a Past Grand Knight, current Trustee and dedicated parishioner. There’s no one else like him. Please give a shout to Bruce Cotting the next time you see him. He truly is a Knight of Columbus.

April 2021

Mike Quinn

He’s been a member of the Knights of Columbus since November 2013. Formerly on the Hibernian kitchen crew, this member has the difficult and often overlooked task of taking notes at Council meetings, transcribing them and keeping correct information in the Council historical records. He’s been Council recorder for the past two years. So the next time you see him either in person or virtually, please thank Mike Quinn for serving as our Council scribe and diligently taking and recording our meeting notes.

March 2021

Dobie "Spike" Holmes

He took his first degree in September 1993 and has been contributing to Father Rosensteel Council since then. Softball team captain, member of the Clubhouse Association and current president, one of the volunteer renovators of the Knights Room, bartender and kitchen worker – just some of the activities he does at our Council. When there’s a call for volunteers, he’s there whenever possible. He also volunteers at St. Andrew Apostle Parish, where he, wife Joy and son Bobby attend Mass. He’s also known for his big laugh. Yes, our Knight of the Month is our own Dobie “Spike” Holmes, one of the best volunteers our Council has.

Please congratulate Spike for being our March Knight of the Month.

February 2021

Frank Cavaliere

You’ll see him at the Council on Fridays and every now and then, but that’s because he’s volunteering elsewhere, too. St. John’s House, usher at St. John the Evangelist Church, arranger of home visits and service projects (such as help this past year at Joe Brannan’s house), Knight Life editor, participant of the Friday Night Rosary which was started when he was Grand Knight, District Warden to our Council and three other Councils, member of the Clubhouse Association and I’m sure there’s a litany of other service projects I’ve missed.

Our Knight of the Month is Frank Cavaliere – please thank him for his service to Council and community

January 2021

John McNamara

He joined the Knights of Columbus in 1983. He approaches tasks thoughtfully, carefully and logically - addressing both the “now” and “what’s to come.” When he lived nearby, you could see him bartending regularly and joining his wife Emmy on the former Crew 6 Friday Night kitchen team when needed. These days, he’s at the Council on Tuesday mornings, making the round-trip from/to Ocean View, Delaware, to review invoices and pay Club-house bills in is role as Clubhouse accountant. Hats off to John McNamara, our January 2021 Knight of the Month.

December 2020

Kevin Carey

He’s a well-known fixture at the Council. He joined the Knights and Father Rosensteel Council in 2005. Among his many accomplishments: bartender, cook, griller, kitchen crew member and stand-in for other crews, Steelers fan, bartender manager, Clubhouse Association member and current financial secretary.

He has a cool head, sharp wit and usually has a smile on his face. Of course we’re talking about Kevin Carey, one of the hardest workers at Father Rosensteel Council. Thank you, Kevin, for the countless hours you de-vote to the Council each year. You make our Council better by being with us. And thank you to your wife, Mary, and sons for letting us have your time, energy and wisdom.

November 2020

Bob Brown

He’s a 50-year member of the Knights of Columbus. Think all-around nice guy and it’s him. Among his many accomplishments: Council volunteer, Friday night Family dinner regular, former music man at Council degrees, charity fund accountant, and Table 21 life-time member. Our November Knight of the Month is Bob Brown. Thank you, Bob, and keep working on behalf of our Council.

October 2020

Steve Caffi

You’ve seen him at the Council for years. He worked on a kitchen crew with the Horners and spends hours at the grill at our annual Council Picnic. You can find him at our children’s parties, entertaining, cooking and serving food. He also makes a great Santa. His family also joins him at the Halloween, Christmas and Easter par-ties. We’re not sure about the safety of having our children’s parties this year, but that won’t stop us from thanking Steve Caffi, our Knight of the Month for October 2020.

Thank you, Steve, for your countless hours of volunteerism to our Council and families.

September 2020

Dave Donnelly

He’s the son of a Council member and became a Knight in October 2002. He’s a tireless worker who can be seen all around the Council. He has put in a tremendous amount of time with the Knights Room renovation. He’s a member of the Council softball team, a former member of our Clubhouse Association, co-hosts the Council Super Bowl party, was part of the team that built the fire pit and is now president of the Building Association. He’s also great with a chain saw. Ask him for help and if he’s available he’ll be there. Of course, we’re talking about Dave Donnelly, our Father Rosensteel Council Knight of the Month!

August 2020

Nick Carrescia

You may see him and not recognize him, certainly not recently. He works behind the bar with Diane Lynch on Friday nights. He’s a staple at our recent Friday night dinners, running food to cars wearing what looks like a combat-ready mask or cloth covering. He recently sported the Charleston Heston look from The Ten Commandments and you couldn’t see his face through his beard.

He’s a hard worker and has done considerable work in re-modeling the Knights Room. He also helps with cleanup around the Council – trimming bushes, removing trash, cutting the grass. He doesn’t like to be idle – he recognizes something that needs attention, asks to help and does it. He’s also a leader at St. John’s CYO. When you see Nick Carrescia, thank him for being our Knight of the Month.

July 2020

Brian McCaw

He’s a regular at the Council and volunteers for any activity or effort when time permits. He prefers to work behind the scenes and takes on tasks others would choose to avoid. He’s a member of the Council softball team, is our Council technology wizard and dishwasher extraordinaire, a staple at many Council events and is a proud father and husband. He has a quick wit and his smile is infectious. We thank his wife, Renee, and their children for letting us have so much of his time at the Council now and over the years.

When you next see him, please congratulate Brian McCaw for being our Knight of the Month.

June 2020

Brian Graham

Our Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month has been a member since 1988. Over the years he and his wonderful spouse, Molly, can be found attending our installation dinners, appreciation (both volunteers and PGKs) dinners and even an occasional Columbus Day Ball event. He always comes through in a big way whenever we have a fund-raising event; for instance, our Tootsie Roll fundraiser.

He is a Sir Knight and has recently become more active, taking part in Building and Clubhouse meetings. And did I forget to mention that he is our esteemed field agent? When

May 2020

Paul Girolami

This Father Rosensteel May Knight of the Month has been a Knight for just over 40
years. He can be found in the kitchen, behind the bar, outside mowing the grass and digging in the garden. He is a regular at both the Friday evening and the Horner Rosary.

He brings enthusiasm and energy to our Council and not only is he a Past Grand Knight, but he has agreed to be our Grand Knight for our 100th Anniversary year! He is either a real standup guy or a glutton for punishment. And did I
mention that he has his own adult beverage named after him, courtesy of Brother Geoff?

He has personally been a huge resource for me. Profferingadvice and counsel and, along with all the other PGKs and officers, providing valuable support. And in the spirit of full disclosure, he has edited and corrected this Knight’s prose
and has even done a stint or two as my ghostwriter.

Of course, you know who I am talking about, SK Paul Girolami. So, when you see (or talk to) this Catholic Gentleman with the sparkling smile, congratulate him on being the Father Rosensteel May Knight of the Month.

April 2020

Robert F. Wigmore

This Father Rosensteel April Knight of the Month joined in 1983. He has been active in many facets of the Council. He has worked in the kitchen, at the bar and pitched in wherever needed. And he has a knack for drawing a crowd. He recently chaired the Father-Daughter Dance with Geoff Conway and his daughter Sara shared front desk concierge duties with him. There were over 50 fathers and grandfathers and over 80 daughters and granddaughters in attendance! He is well spoken and a very gracious man with a huge heart.

There is NO doubt that everyone knows who I am talking about, so when you see (or speak with) the Father Rosensteel Council April Knight of the Month, Robert F. Wigmore, better known as Wig, congratulate him and thank him for all that he does for our Council.

March 2020

Dave Donnelly

This Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month is and has been involved in so many areas of the Council over the years. You might catch him in the kitchen, behind the bar, on the deck, manning the grills, quietly making repairs around the Council, or quietly helping PGK Frank Cavaliere at St. John’s House. On a Friday night, or
at any of our functions, you might find this Knight attending with his wife and children. He is a Third Degree Knight, serves on the Clubhouse Association and has been a member since 2002. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that he is a
member of our world-class softball team.

I am sure that by now you know to whom I am referring. When you see Dave Donnelly, thank him for all of his contributions and congratulate him on being the Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month!

February 2020

Bruce Cotting

The Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month can be found all around the Council. You might catch him in the kitchen, behind the bar, on the deck, manning the grills or on the dance floor. He works hard and plays harder. He is a Sir Knight, Past Grand Knight and a current Trustee. And his efforts and contributions
have been significant! He has been described by a friend of mine as “a party.” He is one of the Council Knights who have “outplayed their coverage” when referring
to his wife, Lady Jen. And his children have participated at Rosensteel, too!

I am sure that by now, you know to whom I am referring to. When you see PGK and Trustee Bruce Cotting, tell him Si Yu’us ma’åse, which is more than a big thank
you in Chamorro, and congratulate him on being the Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month!

January 2020

Geoff Conway

The Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month joined the Knights of Columbus over 30 years ago. He can be seen behind the bar, in the kitchen and manning the grills at the crack of dawn for our Council picnic. He puts in more hours than you would realize. And just because he has an overactive sense of humor, don’t let that
fool you. He is devoted to the Council. You will see him and his wife Ann at most Council functions. When you see our Knight of the Month, Geoff Conway, give him a big thanks and congratulate him for his dedication … and for becoming a new grandfather!

December 2019

Jim Mannion

The Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month for December has been a member since 2013. He is a big volunteer in an easygoing sort of way. He has participated in verything from Tootsie Rolls to Keep Christ in Christmas, to tending bar, working
at bingo and is a Rosary regular. He is a past Grand Knight and a Fourth Degree Sir Knight and you will never hear him utter a bad word about a fellow Knight! And did I mention that he has provided the current Grand Knight much needed advice and support?

Even though he cheers for the Giants and Yankees, when you see PGK Jim Mannion thank him for all that he has done and continues to do at the Council and congratulate him on being the Father Rosensteel Council December Knight of the Month!

November 2019

Ed Jordan

Our November Knight of the Month has been a member of Father Rosensteel Council for 52 years. He is an Honorary Life Member and a Third
Degree Knight. His father was the Grand Knight for the 1967-1968 Fraternal Year, and he has a brother and an uncle who are also Knights.

Currently, he is the Council treasurer and has been working diligently to keep our books in order. When he isn’t at Rosensteel, a minimum hour-long commute, he can be found traveling the countryside to support and cheer on three grandchildren in their sports – volleyball, baseball and basketball.

When you see Brother Ed Jordan, congratulate him and give him a big thanks for being our treasurer.

October 2019

PKG Terrence Moore

Our Father Rosensteel Knight of the month has been a member of our Council since 1996. He is involved in all aspects of the Council. Tending bar, kitchen crew, working events and has spearheaded the new Council volunteer and building initiative. Oh, did I forget to mention, a Past Grand Knight too? His wife is a Maryknight and they have two sons who are Knights.

When you see him, the hardest working man in show business, give PGK Terrence Moore a big thank you and congratulate him for being the Father Rosensteel Council October Knight of the Month!

September 2019

John Matsoian

The Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month took his first three degrees in 1981. He is a longstanding member who flies beneath the radar. He is at the Council almost every day, mostly working in the back-ground. If you have ever had a meal at the Council, there is a good chance that he had something to do with it. As one of our Clubhouse managers, I am sure that you know him. When you see him, give John Matosian a big thank you and congratulate him for being the Father Rosensteel Council September Knight of the Month!

August 2019

Tim Twomey

The August Knight of the Month has been a member since 2010, obtaining his
Second Degree in 2014. He maintains our council website, updates the Knight Life archive as well as events and pictures. You can see him around the Council and
he is a willing volunteer when something needs to be done. He is one of the Knights who has helped in maintaining other Brother Knights' yards and just recently
provided his time to aid the Council in protecting one of our neighbors from the storm water runoff from our property.Please join me in congratulating and thanking Brother Tim Twomey as the Father Rosensteel Knight of the Month.

July 2019

Father Joseph Callis

This month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 1999. He wears many hats – financial analyst, fundraiser and spiritual adviser. He changed careers 20 years ago. He is the spiritual leader of our Council who works to remind us of the true principles of the Knights of Columbus. He nurtures our faith through spiritual direction and redirects us when we lose our direction.

He just received his Patriotic Degree last month. We are truly blessed to have Father Joseph Calis, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Parish, as our Chaplain and Knight of the Month. When you see him, thank him for being our chaplain and spiritual navigator. And congratulate him for getting his Patriotic Degree and being our July Knight of the Month!

June 2019

John Kennedy

This Month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 2003. He is very active in the Council kitchen, can be seen helping on a Friday night and managing a Friday Night Family Dinner sometimes with a special dish (not shrimp!) and accompanied with an extra treat at no cost. He is one of our Brothers who is also a Hibernian. When time permits supports many other Council events. Please congratulate Brother John Kennedy when you see him, the Rosensteel Knight of the Month for June 2019.

May 2019

Gus Gussman

This month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 2013. He quickly rose to Knighthood Degree and in 2014 became a 4th Degree Knight. He is a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish. He always has been seen as someone willing to help at the Parish and the Council. Right from the beginning, he has been a regular at Business and Social meetings. Not more than about 35 - 40 Rosensteel Knights can say that. He has a role in the Ushers Program at the Shrine in Washington, DC. Three years ago after being asked, he made the step to take on a Chair Officer Role and became our Warden when PGK Terrence Moore was Grand Knight.

He is one of many who give much of his Time, Talent and Treasure to Charity and the Council. Please congratulate Deputy Grand Knight SK Gus Gusman when you see him and give him your vote for Grand Knight next month. He’s our Rosensteel Knight of the Month for May 2019.

April 2019

Brodie Wise

This month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 2017 and obtained his Knight-hood Degree nine months later. A very active member of St. Andrew Apostle Parish in Silver Spring, MD, he still finds time when he can to make our Council a better place. He has given support to the Council’s Faith and Life pro-grams, never hesitating to help when asked. Recruited into the Knights by his father-in-law, Brother Matt D’Antuono, please congratulate Brother Brodie Wise when you see him; the Rosensteel Knight of the Month for April 2019.

March 2019

Mark Borkoski

This month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 2006. He obtained his Knighthood degree in 2006 and became a Sir Knight in 2008. He currently is
and has served as a Council Guard and an Assembly Inner Sentinel for many years. He serves on many degree teams and ispart of the Cardinal O’Boyle Assembly #386 Color Corps. He helped organize the Dance for the Intellectually Challenged
held at St. John the Evangelist Parish each year. He attends many events at Rosensteel and has even taken a turn or two behind the bar in the Knights’ Room. Please congratulate Mark Borkoski when you see him; he’s the Rosensteel Knight of the Month for March 2019.

February 2019

Brian Graham

This Month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 1988. He obtained his Admissions, Formation and Knighthood degrees all on the same day, May 1 (he must have slept all day on the 2). He is a Fourth Degree member of the Cardinal
O’Boyle Assembly #386. You have met with him at least once since you’ve become a Rosensteel Knight. He attends most meetings and volunteers at our Tootsie Roll campaign at grocery stores and at Good Counsel football games. He can’t be missed helping at many other events. We thank you, Fraternal Insurance Agent Brian Graham F.I.C., for caring about your Council. Please congratulate Brian when you see him, the Rosensteel Knight of the Month for February 2019.

January 2019

John Liddi

This Month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 1994. If you’ve been to a Business meet-ing this Fraternal Year you’ve seen him in his role. He was not originally a Rosensteel Knight. When he transferred into Rosensteel he made the move to become more involved. He currently is serving as a director on the Clubhouse Association and has volunteered to work on many Council and Clubhouse events. He is your current lecturer. Thank you John Liddi for caring about your Council. Please congratulate John when you see him; the Rosensteel Knight of the Month for January 2019.

December 2018

Bill Zimmerman

This Month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 1984. He became a Fourth Degree Knight in 1985. You see him all around the Council because he is quick to help as a volunteer. You’ll see him behind the bar in the Knights’ Room. He has also taken the role of managing many functions around the Council, He was a Bingo Program Manager for many years, served on many roles in the Clubhouse, including recently as its president. You see him in the kitchen working Friday nights and at every First Sunday Family Breakfast. He is Bill Zimmerman, our December 2018 Knight of the
Month. Thank you, Bill.

November 2018

Dobie "Spike" Holmes

This Month’s Knight of the Month has been a Knight since 1993. He is a Second Degree Knight and is one of the “Corner Knights” in the Knights’ Room. He has served on the Building Association Committee and is the Council building locksmith, so if you want access please be nice to him. He is on a kitchen crew, brunch crew and volunteers as a bartender. He has been seen covered with diamond dirt after managing the Father Rosensteel Council Softball Team on Sunday afternoons during the summer. He is married to Joy and is very proud of his son Bobby. Next time you see him congratulate Dobie “Spike” Holmes who is November’s Knight of the Month.

October 2018

Tim Stocker

Recently, he has stepped up his involvement in the Council. Seen once a month for any years calling Bingo numbers in the Columbian Room or volunteering at the Nuns’ appreciation Dinner, he recently was elected Council Recorder for the current fraternal year. He helped last year with his accounting skills by serving on the Clubhouse Oversight Committee and has joined the Council’s Food for Family Program. A Knight since 2000 and a practicing Catholic gentleman, let’s all thank Tim Stocker, the Knight of the Month for October.

September 2018

Mike Miller

He became a Knight in 1979 and currently serves as our Trustee-One Year. He was the Rosensteel Grand Knight for the Fraternal Year 2010- 2011. He has served many non officer positions at the Council and leads the very popular Rosensteel First Sunday Family Breakfast during the school year. Seen often in the kitchen supporting a Council event such as Officer Installation, he is part of the team that prepares a dinner at the University of Maryland for the Catholics Terps at the Catholic Student Center. He has and still mentors Council officers as they rise through the chair positions.

PGK Mike Miller is the Rosensteel Council Knight of the Month. Tell him thanks for all he does for Rosensteel.

August 2018

Russell Sutton

He became a Knight in 1990. He has been a Rosensteel Council Grand Knight (Fraternal Year 1996-97). He is the Faithful Navigator of the Cardinal O’Boyle Assembly 386. Recently, he just became the District 11 Warden. To top that off he was awarded the 2018 Master’s Citation for Distinguished Service for the Archdiocese of the Washington District. He involves himself in all aspects of the Council. Since I’ve involved myself in the Council he has been a great resource for me on what an officer at Rosensteel means. I’ve used him as a sounding board for ideas and he in turn has suggested things to me that are “Good for the Order.” He always puts Rosensteel in its place, right after God and Family. And he even co-chairs the Craft Beer Committee in the Knights’ Room.

He is Rosensteel Council member, District Warden SK Russell Sutton, the Rosensteel Council Knight of the Month for August 2018.

July 2018

Bruce Cotting

If you had a child or grandchild who was between 5-9 years of age in the mid 1990’s, you remember that there was a Disney-animated feature titled, “The Lion King.” In the opening scene there is a baboon named “Rafiki’ holding up the young lion cub “Simba” who will grow up someday to be King of the Jungle. All this animation is done while a very emotional song is playing called “The
Circle of Life.”

It is this scene I saw carried out at this year’s Maryland State Knights of Columbus convention in Ocean City when this Knight of the Month held up a large stack of awards to show his fellow Council brothers what they had accomplished this past year. Not quite the Circle of Life, but let’s call it the “Stack of Life, Family, Community and Faith Program Awards.”

The theme of this past Fraternal Year was “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” This Knight of the Month approached his tasks with that belief. In his very first article as a Grand Knight he told us, “Charity - we will strive to increase the funds that we donate to our various charities. Unity - we will focus on deepening the camaraderie and fellowship within Rosensteel. Fraternity - our Council strength will be demonstrated within the parishes we support. Patriotism - we will personally exemplify the privilege and honor of being the Greatest Nation
under God.”

The Knights are guided by Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. This Knight has practiced each of these during the six years he has been a Knight. He has given all of these principles his time, talent and treasure. We’ve seen this up close this past year.

We still have him as an officer for three more years, but I suspect his wonderful family started to see a little bit more of him starting July 1. When you see the Past Grand Knight, please say “thank you, Bruce.” If you get real close he’ll make you laugh. This Month’s Knight of the Month is PGK Bruce Cotting.

June 2018

Matt D'Antuno

June’s Knight of the month is a well-known entity around the Council. He holds down the fort every Monday night in the Knights’ Room and volunteers for many Council functions. He’s known to man the kitchen from time to time and serve up some tasty meals. He and his wife Carol are faithful attendees of Friday night dinners and liven up many Council events. Please congratulate Matt D’Antuono as your Knight of the Month!

May 2018

Jim Mannion

This May’s Knight of the Month is a well-known entity around the Council. He volunteers for most of our charitable functions, with the quintessential “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!” enthusiasm. He attends many Council meeting and functions with the intention of learning more about how best to infuse a positive attitude; ensure that we are a high-functioning business entity and personally displays a welcoming spirit to all who visit. This guy went so far as to put in his retirement papers earlier this year so that he could focus on his next mission: the continued success of Fr. Rosensteel as we enter our 98th year.

Please congratulate our DGK Jim Mannion, he’s been preparing diligently and is ready and raring to go as our next Grand Knight!

April 2018

Francis Moran

This Knight of the Month has been instrumental in deepening the integration of the
AOH within our Council. For those unfamiliar with The Ancient Order of Hibernians, it is America’s oldest Irish Catholic Fraternal Organization, founded concurrently in the coal-mining region of Pennsylvania and New York City in May 1836. The early Irish societies were born of a need in the mid-1500s to protect the welfare of fellow Irish Catholics, especially the clergy who risked immediate death to keep the Catholic Faith alive in occupied Ireland after the Penal Laws of 1691, and to provide aid and comfort their people by whatever means was available.

It is a natural synergy that exists between the Knights of Columbus and the Hibernians, whose motto is: “Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.” It was
in this spirit that this Knight championed our hugely successful St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser for the Clubhouse, the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and the event would not have been possible without his tireless efforts (and his lovely bride Mary Claire,
too). Please congratulate Francis Moran as Knight of the Month!

March 2018

Jeff Conway and Bob Wigmore

Knight of the Month - Are you familiar with the adage “He can’t see the forest for the trees?” And are you familiar with the philosophy of Yin and Yang? If not, let me help explain. The first is a reference to myself, because I can often get so micro-focused on minor details that I fail to see the bigger picture. (I see a lot of heads nodding in agreement over this one!) And the yin-yang reference is to the Knight(s) of the month. Our new-world reference source Wikipedia defines yin-yang as “seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, inter-connected, and interdependent ... and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.”

In the last two months, this month’s recipients have continued their significant roles in maintaining Rosensteel programs that appeal to audiences of all ages. A new Rosensteel year does not commence without their New Year’s Day football extravaganza. They kick it off behind the scenes at 6 a.m. and carry on til early evening, generating vast amounts of camaraderie, good natured ribbing and cash for the Council. And after they’ve recharged their batteries for a month +/-, they come right back and run a renowned Father-Daughter Dance that continues to grow in attendance and in spirit. It would be impossible to list everything managed by these two for each of these events, let alone their regular volunteer efforts, but for all they do, please congratulate Geoff Conway and Bob Wigmore as our March Knights of the Month!

February 2018

John Fox

While sifting through the rich his-torical legacy of Fr. Rosensteel Council, it became clear to me that this month’s recipient has had a significant role in maintaining a wonderful legacy for us. This guy is the strong silent type; he enters the room quietly, speaks with a soft tone, yet yields enormous value when he peaks. He has been a Knight for over 30 years and has risen through the chairs. He has served as a trustee, and continues to remain a willing resource of knowledge and reasoning, and occasionally a defacto arbiter. While it’s easy to recognize this night in his Fourth Degree Regalia on our Rosensteel Council Facebook page, what you may not realize is that his fingerprints are also all over our Fr. Rosensteel Council website, specifically in the wonderful History reflection. Please congratulate John Fox as our February Knight of the Month. Thank you for your invaluable devotion to our Council, John. We appreciate you!

January 2018

Phil Atzert

While sifting through the long list of worthy candidates in the making for Knight of the Month recognition, it can be easy to overlook the obvious candidate. The guy who you see at the Council at various times on various days. No consistent schedule of appearances and yet always just around the corner. Someone who show up for the majority of the Friday Rosaries and for the family meals afterward.

This Knight can be consistently found working hard to keep our Hall’s public presence as clean as possible. Whether picking up trash outdoors, raking leaves, shoveling snow, he does everything in his power to help the building stay clean and presentable. Someone who toils away on behalf of the Council and his Brother Knights, asking for no compensation or accolades, satisfied in doing his part to make the Council shine.

Please congratulate Phil Atzert as our January Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Phil, we appreciate you!

December 2017

Brian McCaw

The Knight of The Month is someone that maintains a consistent presence at the Council. Be it a sports night, a Friday family night or another volunteer function, this guy is there. Yet what most don’t know about this Knight is the role he plays in keeping our Council in touch with member-ship and with the rest of the world. This person finds the time between work and youth coaching to assist with ensuring our internet is up to date and properly functioning. He frequently will squeeze in requests for the installation of television monitors during his regular workday and is consistently ready, willing and able to pitch in behind the bar or in the kitchen. This Knight never complains, is always upbeat and chip-per, and delivers as promised. Please congratulate Brian McCaw as our December Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Brian!

November 2017

Ed Jordan

While there are consistently a long list of worthy candidates-in-the-making for Knight of the Month recognition, there are a few that fly beneath the
radar. As I mentioned last month, I’ve come to understand a little-known secret: the Knight of The Month isn’t necessarily the one you see at all the functions. Many of you might not even know this Knight’s role within the Council. He’s someone that willingly accepted a huge challenge and a huge role within the Council. He works long days into the night on many occasions, giving far more of his time as he toils unseen. He pours over reports, invoices, checkbooks and scribbled notes, all in an effort to keep Clubhouse books as accurate and thoroughly detailed as possible. What may seem to be a straightforward task is quite the opposite, yet this gentleman never complains, and always delivers as promised. Please congratulate Ed Jordan as our November Knight of the Month. Thank you for all you do, Ed!

October 2017

Danny Bongero

As I spend more time at the Council, I’ve come to understand a little-known secret: the Knight of the Month isn’t necessarily the one you see at all the functions (and
by all, see my column as a frame of reference). You’ll hear his name mentioned far more times than you’ll see his face. You’ll have benefited in some form or fashion as a result of his quiet, unseen hard work behind the scenes. And it’s exactly this kind of unselfish giving of time and energy that goes into the making
of a Knight of the Month. While there are many candidates in the making within our ranks, this month’s recipient is a star in everyone’s book. From the many, many meals he makes for Council functions to the sangrias he concocts when bar tending,
Danny Bongero is a crowd pleaser! Please congratulate Danny
when (or should I say - if) you see him next.

September 2017

Rick Horner

There walks amongst us a silent sentinel of his family legacy. A guy who draws no attention to himself, yet makes you feel instantly welcome when he sees you. A
brother Knight who always answers the call for volunteers. A son who honors his father and brothers by being the living example of their selfless devotion to their Rosensteel family. Someone who can effortlessly pull together the menu, the volunteers and the equipment necessary to host an outdoor gathering for your family and 130+/- of your closest friends. You’re thinking of a Horner, and this Horner is the one and only Rick Horner. Please join me in recognizing Rick’s familial homage and excellent leadership yet again in captaining the kitchen crew. The Baron is beaming down upon you, Brother.

August 2017

Tim Lynagh

At times the Knights’ Room can be a raucous reflection of our membership, with animated banter about sports, politics and life in general. It’s always interesting to make a step back and watch the scene unfold; the ebb and flow of discourse between those engaged, the volume swinging high and low as points are made and rebutted. And through it all there’s always a soul or two amidst the crowd that participates merely by taking in the banter and smiling at the spirited back-and-forth.

Our Knight of the Month is just that kind of guy. He is a man who prefers to contribute to the soul of our Council through his volunteer efforts. You seldom hear his voice raised in banter, but you always see him when the call for volunteers goes out. Veterans’ cook-out? Check. Prepping meals for Catholic Chari-ties? Check. Helping out in the kitchen? Check. Bartending? Check. The list of his volunteer contributions is endless and for his quiet yet extremely visible contributions, I raise a toast to Tim Lynagh as an exemplary Knight of the Month.

July 2017

Terrence Moore PKG

Let’s see...how does one earn this accolade? Oh yeah, I remember now: the recipe calls for dedication to the Council, a hand that consistently goes up when the call for volunteers goes out, a man that is the backbone of the Council, a pillar of faith and is on speed dial for everyone who knows him. Someone who considers the Council a second home, so much so that his family is always by his side, whether building a chair, decorating for events, or cooking practically every Bingo meal over the last (I can’t count that high) months.

Please congratulate PGK Terrence Moore as he gives up his prime parking spot and moves three spaces down. He’s earned more than just this recognition and this is the very least I could do to show him our appreciation.

June 2017

Geoff Conway

I am pretty sure this is the longest span of time that this member has not received Knight of the Month. I will take responsibility for him not receiving this title for the last 18 months. Was this because he was not worthy? Of course not, he has been in consideration ever since I have been making this choice. We are friends. There, I said it.

This makes him no less deserving. Nearly every time I am in the kitchen he is either right there next to me or he just finished asking me if I needed assistance. Even he doesn’t know how many kitchen crews he is on. He has never sat in the chairs nor do I expect he ever will, but he has bent many a Grand Knight’s ear. He is present and supportive of most every Council function and program.

Please join me in thanking Brother Geoff Conway for his service and support to

Family of the Month - This choice may not fit within everyone’s

May 2017

Paul Girolami

This Knight took his first degree in January 1980. He is a PGK and has served as a trustee and newsletter editor years ago. He is an officer of the Clubhouse Association, leads a kitchen crew, and helps with numerous events and projects throughout the year. He has acted as a mentor for all the current officers and as such keeps us all on our toes. All of this and he is ready to give it another go, as your (Council willing) 97th Warden. I would have to run this by the historians, but I am pretty sure this might be a first and “firsts” come few and far between here at Rosensteel.

Please join me in thanking and congratulating PGK Paul Girolami
as May’s Knight of the Month.

April 2017

Frank Zarrelli

This month’s Knight of the Month took his First Degree in 1989. He is presently our Building Association president. He is currently implementing the largest Council renovation project in the last 50 years. He has procured bids, managed, presented proposals, kept the books, maintained within budget and actually performed hands on renovations for this huge project. All of this while communicating the process to Council Officers and Membership, and working with Clubhouse to minimize the effect on bookings. The results are OUTSTANDING! And he is not done yet. I can’t wait to see the new Columbian Room bar and stage. Carpeting is on its way, as are updated electrical switches and outlets, improved handicap access and much more.

Please join me in thanking Frank Zarrelli on his tireless efforts and commitment to this renovation project.

March 2017

Dave Donnelly

This Knight has been a
member since 2002 and obtained his Third Degree
in 2004. He works on the Breakfast Crew and a
Kitchen Crew, is a regular bartender, plays on the
softball team and is a director on the Building Association.
Most recently, he ran the Super Bowl Party,
which was another overwhelming success. I am
pretty sure he didn’t get to see much of the game as
he was constantly shuffling food back and forth. He
can be seen most Friday nights with his family and
rarely misses a Council event. We could use more
39-year-old members like him.

March 2016

Stan McLeod

This month’s Knight of the Month could
easily be every month’s Knight of the Month.
One can find him at the council nearly every
day and while you may find him sipping
on an adult beverage many of those times
there is something many don’t see.
He heads a Kitchen Crew, he is on the
breakfast team, he is the treasurer of the
Clubhouse Committee and he has run the Super
Bowl pool for many years. He helps
manage the kitchen by monitoring inventory
and expenditures.
To this day Grand Knights have always relied
on him to do whatever was asked of him,
except when asked not to park in their parking
Therefore, please congratulate and thank
Brother Stan McLeod and remind him his
space is two spaces down from the Grand
Knight’s, at least for March.

February 2016

Frank Cavaliere

It is rare that you see a PGK under this title except in
July when his term is up. Is this due to the lack of effort
and commitment once they leave office? I think not!
Rosensteel is fortunate to have dozens of very active
and committed PGKs. Many had terms that were filled
with conflicts and huge challenges, yet they stay committed
and involved. Many assist the current chairs and
all are eager to jump in when needed.
February’s Knight of the Month fits that description.
He continues to build the ties between his parish and
our Council. He leads the charitable efforts with Cup of
Joe and Catholic Charities. He is a huge part of the production
and distribution of the Knight Life. He assists
the current chairs on a day to day basis. He is a Trustee
and delegate to the Convention. His most important
undertaking has been to improve the current tap beer
selection; just kidding but he does take this seriously.
If you don’t know who I am talking about yet, you
might want to up your level of partition and involvement.
Please join us in thanking and congratulating
PGK Frank Cavaliere as February’s Knight of the

February 2014

Robert Seubert, P.G.K.