June 2022

John Maloney

For undying support to all things written by the council, all Compass News and being willing to continue publishing!!

May 2022

Baumgart Charlie

For his work all year keeping the council apprised of Pro Life activities, coordinating activities and donations to the local Pregnancy Help Center and leading our council in the May 2022 Walk for Life - best attendance ever supporting PHC.

April 2022

Moises Salas

For jumping in and helping in several fundraising events and agreeing to serve as a an outer guard. A new member contributing mightily!

March 2022

George Nassaney

For George's constant participation and leadership serving as acting Warden and doing our meeting setup and teardown, doing all the St James Coffee and Donuts arranging, bring the council and assembly PIZZA to all meetings. This month SK George helped us promote the fishy fries by tirelessly placing flyers on parishioners autos during mass! Thank you George!

February 2022

Van McKenny

For all the tremendous support to the Tri Tip Success. Cutting Meat, cutting veggies, planning, grilling, clean up...thank you Van. Could not have done it without you.

January 2022

Baptista Alan

Creating an online Tri Tip order form, executing 5 weeks of online orders with patrons, being sublimely patient, following up with questions from patrons, sending confirming emails and all things meat purchasing planning for the Super Bowl Tri Tip fundraiser

December 2021

Fernando Corral

For his impactful guidance in the always festive and fun activity of St James Parish manger setup

November 2021

Rob Wiessner

For taking Charge of the painting of large 27x10 gates at House of Yahweh - all the painting, prep and finish coats. Organizing and planning too. Kudos Rob for your efforts

October 2021

Mark Sullivan

Member of the month is like to nominate Mark Sullivan for his heroic support of our booth during the mad Sunday rush for fried food. He, at times, was ALL ALONE in the booth taking orders, smooth talking patrons while they waited and serving them when the orders were done. It was total madness, but Mark kept his cool and did the Knights of Columbus of Council 1990 very proud.

September 2021

Rob Wiessner

For tremendous support to all shifts and cleanup and prep for the SJF Tri Tip fundraiser

August 2021

Matt Straup

For executing all the Heavy lift cooking duties for the highly successful August 2021 Family Pasta Comedy Night

July 2021

Mike Baranowski

June 2021

Alan Baptista

Organizing items at St James

April 2021

Mike Baranowski

Pregnancy Help Center Support

March 2021

Tom Lopilato

For quick response to the request for help with re-erecting the St James canopies. Tom immediately stopped work on a home project and came over to O'Gorman Center to help.

February 2021

Chris Charan

January 2021

Alan Baptista

Tri Tip Fundraisng planning

December 2020

John Brouillard

For Toy donations collections!

November 2020

Alan Baptista

October 2020

Rob Wiessner

July 2020

Nick Tesi

Restarting retention initiative

June 2020

Ken Fogg

May 2020

Bill Munday

April 2020

Rob Wiessener

March 2020

Robert Brouwers

February 2020

George Nassaney

January 2020

Bill Munday

December 2019

Ranil Fernando

November 2019

Robert Brouwers

October 2019

Haney Francis

September 2019

Dan Thomas

August 2019

Alan Baptista

July 2019

Jim Kouroupis

For all activities, including Catholic Habitat for Humanity contributions

June 2019

Nick Tesi

April 2019

Robert Woods

March 2019

Charlie Baumgart

February 2019

Robert Wiessner

January 2019

Mitchell Tabaldo

December 2018

Cliff d'Autremont

November 2018

George Nassaney

October 2018

Nick Tesi

September 2018

Alan Baptista

September 2018

Alan Baptista

August 2018

Robert Brouwers

July 2018

Habib George Nassaney

February 2018

Franks Kraus and Schneider

January 2018

George L

November 2017

Chris Charan

August 2017

Robert Brouwers

July 2017

Jorge Rodriquez

July 2017

Jorge Rodriquez

May 2017

Sam Crescibene