February 2024

Jim McDowell

January 2024

Emmet Jones

September 2023

Gary Haworth

For work on golf tournament.

July 2023

Marciano Lopez-Cortez

May 2023

Pat Boland

January 2023

Clark Hayes

December 2022

Ace Tupasi

October 2022

Bob Weiler

September 2022

Stuart Conser

For all the work Stuart did on the parish picnic

August 2022

Tom Radel

July 2022

Chris James

March 2022

Stephen Radel

February 2022

Clark Hayes

January 2022

Bernie Covino

Bernie has worn every hat in the book as far as being an above and beyond a Exemplified Knight of Columbus! He is our Chancellor, Budget Chair, liaison to the Scouts for many years! Editor of the Team App and our council website, you can always find him helping at our Pancake Breakfast Events! As a Sir Knight in our Assembly 906, he is our Trustee, Editor of the Website, and our Budget Chair! He also somehow finds time to be one of our Eucharistic Ministers!

December 2021

Ken Duclos

November 2021

Gary Haworth

October 2021

Jim McDowell

September 2021

Dane Campbell

August 2021

None Selected

July 2021

Rev Mariano Escano

June 2021

Charles "Chuck" R. Wert

May 2021

Tuan Nguyen

April 2021

Stuart Conser

March 2021

Al Correia

February 2021

John Harshberger

January 2021

None Selected

March 2020



February 2020

Albert L. Correia

January 2020

Patrick Parson

December 2019

Christopher James

November 2019

Tuan Nguyen

October 2019

Evan Trautman

September 2019

Bernie Covino

September Knight of the Month - Honored due to the hours he works supporting Scouts, Helping cook the breakfast pancakes, and Extraordinary Minister.

August 2019

Bob Pace

July 2019

Jim Conser

Jim coordinated with numerous businesses for sponsoring our Special Olympics Golf Tournament ensuring our successful Tournament.

June 2019

Mike Woody

For his Service at State level as well as support for the State Wide exemplification where he cooked the Tri-tip.

May 2019

Charles Wert

April 2019

James Conser

Jim had produced numerous bumper stickers regarding the right to life of the Unborn. The bumper sticker, "All people have rights - Even the UNBORN" Jim passed them out to the Council and then ensured the stickers were distributed at the State Convention.

March 2019

Trent Shobe

Trent provided an interview for the Catholic Sentinel expressing his reasons for joining the Knights of Columbus as a young man.

February 2019

Basil Lamaestra

January 2019

Dan McDowell

Sir Knight Dan McDowell has been an outstanding Leader for our Council not only serving as our Advocate but also stepping in as the Budget Chairman. Dan set up our budget for 2019, presented it to the Council and had it approved at the January Meeting. Dan also was a key leader for the "Come Follow Me" men's retreat held in January.

December 2018

Father Edwin Sanchez Romero

November 2018

Al Barrios

For the outstanding fun bus fund Raiser

October 2018

Jon Keefer

September 2018

Tuan Nguyen

Organized and lead the Open Mic Night

August 2018

Gary Hawoth

For his support in coordinating and running the 1st Annual Golf Tournament for Special Olympics

July 2018

Bob Pace

June 2018

Randy Martinak

May 2018

Stuart Conser

Stuart Conser is an outstanding Knight and our selection of the Knight of the Month. Stuart is our Church Director and coordinates our activities. He leads the Men's Group for the parish whicih helps us further our spiritual growth. Stuart serves on the Parish Council helping to support Father Edwin's vision for the Parish. He is also a lecture reading at masses.

Stuart is working with Father to establish a Men's Hour program and continues to guide and coordinate the Holy Family Prayer Program. This month he also coordinated the Famlly Rosary having a Family lead a rosary before each mass.

Stuart's kind and gentle spirit exemplify the qualities we look for in Knights of Columbus.

April 2018

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen has been stepping "into the breach" for the council. At the drop of a hat, he was able to step in and pick up the convention book and deliver them to the home of the State Warden in time to have them put into the registration packet.

Tuan also stepped up for our Pancake Breakfast. He volunteered to lead the Kitchen Team and then volunteered to purchase the needed groceries. All this was new to him having never done this before.

March 2018

Paul Fischer

Paul Fischer is an exceptional Knight and a great selection for March's Knight of the Month. Paul has a great radio type voice. Paul used his voice to twice lead the Stations of the Cross. His presentation was very inspiring . Parishioners commented that his voice sounded a lot like Paul Harvey.

Paul is also a member of our weekly Men's Group and attend our Monthly Rosary for Life.

February 2018

Stephan Radel

Sir Knight Stephan Radel is our selection for Knight of the Month. Stephan is our Ceremonial Chairman for our Exemplifications. He coordinates the events ensuring we have Knights in each roll, the ceremonials, and sets up the facilities. He calls each of the prospects to ensure they are prepared for the Exemplification knowing what to bring and where as well as confirming they are coming to the event. He coordinates both the English version as well as the Spanish Version of the Exemplifications. Stephan works with the exemplification teams to ensure they know and understand their roles. He is very dedicated to ensuring new Knights have the best exeperience possible.

January 2018

Rodrigo Arellano

Rodrigo completed a hard period of activity for our youth. Rod completed the Free Throw Championship and the Keep Christ in Christmas for both the Council and State Level competition. I addition to coordinating the events themselves, he coordinated the judging and awarding the checks to the winners of the Keep Christ in Christmas competition.

December 2017

Bernard Covino

Bernie Convino is a stalwart of our Council. He is the hardest worker (contributing the most hours), the most dependable and most knowledgeable member of our council. He serves as our Budget Chairman now and rebuilt the budget for review and approval at the January meeting. The uniqueness of this budget are the short, brief explanations of the line items so non-budget members can understand the use of the funds.

Bernie is our Scout representative working with the Scout Leaders, Kiwanis and the Parish administration to Charter the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and the new Adventure Scout programs. He worked the last year with these organizations to establish the Adventure Scouts opening a program of men and women from 18 to 21 to continue scouting in a more extreme program. This month the Scouts were playing Underwater Hockey at a local pool. It's a new program that keeps our young adults in contact with the Church and scouting.

Bernie was our Youth Director for thirty years and continues to support our new Youth Director in organizing and running the Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Program, Soccer Challenge and the upcoming Free Throw Championship.

November 2017

Stuart Conser

Stuart Conser is our selection for Knight of the Month. Stuart in our Church Director. He lead the effort for the "Come, Follow Me" retreat for our parish and council. As part of this retreat is the creation of a Men's Group which he formed last year and continues to lead it. Stuart is genuinely concerned with the spiritual growth of our council and men of St Mary's. He recruited many men to attend the retreat, then helped present the retreat and continued his effort by bringing new members to the Men's Group. The last Men's group had over 12 men attending. He exemplifies the Charty, Unity and Fraternity of the Knights of Columbus.

October 2017

Mal Bellafronto

Mal Bellafronto is again our Knight of the month. Mal volunteers for nearly all events of our council. Notably, this month, he volunteered to help set up and tear down the gymnasium for the Council Blood drive. Mal arrived early and single-handedly set up the gym before the arrival of the Red Cross crew and the other Knights. He was one of only three people who should up to help with the offloading of the Red Cross equipment and providing support for there operation. After the blood drive, we experienced the perfect storm of multiple events at the parish which pulled away our support staff away. Mal Bellefronto was the only Knight left to help close down the Red Cross crew and the gymnasium. The Council staff and Red Cross team was very appreciative of the efforts made by Mal.

September 2017

Reyn Catala, Larry Beary, Mal Bellafronto

We have three equally deserving Knights of the Month, Mal Bellafronto, Reyn Catala, and Larry Beary. These three knights stepped up and through them self into the breech to serve 70 attendees at the Archdiocesan training taking place at St Mary's. The parish came to the knights two days prior to the need, and asked if we could cook the hot dogs and Hamburgers for 100 people to be served by noon two days hence. A cry went out to the membership to find people who didn't have plans and that were available to cook and serve. These three men stepped up. Larry was also a maintenance manager at the parish for years but retired due to health issues, yet he knew we needed help. Turns out he was instrumental in running our kitchen and providing guidance on how to use the facilities. Mal and Reyn provided the manpower to cook and serve all the attendees. How often is there a need and a cry goes out? These three heard the call and answered.

August 2017

Randy Martinak

Sir Randy Martinak is our selection for Knight of the Month for our council based on his generous opening of his home and property for our Council Family Picnic on August 12th. Randy not only opened his home for our invasion but he prepared a place on the property for a Golf Chipping challenge, Horse shoes, and other games. He purchased and prepared all the food and drinks for the event and cleaned up afterwards returning all the borrowed equipment. His generosity is in keeping with our principle of Charity.

July 2017

Thomas Radel

Sir Knight Thomas Radel is our selection of the Knight of the Month for July 2017. Tom coordinated our council's effort for the Special Olympics held at Oregon State University. He ensured all the councils were involved in the Special Olympic Games. Tom coordinated the "Water Brigade" to ensure athletes, parents and guests remained hydrated at all the Venues throughout the City of Corvallis and Oregon Stat University Campus. From Trysting Tree Golf Course to the Reiser Stadium, the Knights of Columbus were well represented and contributing to the success of the games. Tom traveled between all the sites to ensure adequate coverage and to reallocate resources as needed. Tom's leadership was instrumental in the success of our role at the games.

Simultaneously, he prepared the successful Summer Meetings for the State Council acting as the State Warden. Tom coordinated the facility, Boulder Falls Best Western Inn, in Lebanon. He ensured the readiness and continuity of the presentations.

Tom's hard work and dedication are indicative of our principals of Knights of Columbus.

June 2017

Randy Martinak

Randy Martinak is our selection for Knight of the Month for June. Randy works tirelessly for the community, parish, Knights of Columbus. Randy volunteers in the Soup Kitchen. He is a lector and Eucharistic Minister. He volunteers with the Linn County War Memorial Park and manages the process for families to have a memorial brick installed at the Memorial. Randy helped coordinate the Blue Mass held June 14th. He coordinated for, picked up, displayed and recovered the colors for all the Military branches. He personally greeted our honored guests and ensured they felt welcomed and understood the catholic mass.

Randy Martinak exemplifies the charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism of the Knights of Columbus.

May 2017

Bernie Covino

Bernie Covino is an outstanding Knight for this council, the 906th Assembly and St. Mary's Parish. Bernie rarely hesitates to jump in to help where needed. This month, Bernie stepped up to run our Pancake Breakfast, when the Grand Knight was out of town. Since it was a busy month with so many different things happening, Bernie had a minimal group of knights to help. He ensured the groceries were purchased and then worked 8 hours the day of the breakfast coordinating and leading both the service area as well as the kitchen area with a minimal crew to help. Bernie's experience of working a breakfast was instrumental in it's success. In addition to leading the Knight's efforts from the breakfast, Bernie was also working with the Scouts in putting on displays and activities of the scouting program. Bernie has been our Youth Director for over 20 years and has decided to step down this year. Yet as the new Youth Director gets on board, Bernie willingly steps in to help. This month we planned our Annual Altar Server Banquet. The new Youth Director was unavailable for the initial date planned and Bernie stepped up to coordinate the event for him. When it was moved to a new date, Bernie continued to help the new Director. Bernie also led the Honor Guard detail at the Timber Linn War Memorial on Memorial Day.

Bernie exemplifies the charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism of the Knights of Columbus.

April 2017

Tupasi Glicerey (ACE)

Tupasi Glicerey (Ace) was outstanding during the Lent and Holy Week celebrations. Ace is the right hand to Father Cit at St Mary's. During the celebrations, Ace coordinated all the groups, RCIA participants and the ceremonies at each of the event. Starting with the Stations of the Cross each week of Lent, Ace coordinated with each group who were leading. He provided the ceremonial displays and equipment, he coached each group to know and understand what their roll would be. Ace was the primary leader of the RCIA preparations culminating with the Holy Week celebrations. In addition to teaching and coordinating the RCIA students. He also served as the sacristan for each of the Masses. During the Easter Vigil, Ace, at one point, was coordinating with each RCIA participant and their sponsors, assisting Father with the Baptism and confirmation while maintaining the solemnity of the Mass.

Ace was the the "Go To" guy. Ace's exceptional knowledge and understanding of the church, took the pressure off the priests. Working in the background, Ace was able to handle any situation with a smile and utmost patience. His demeanor and kindness enabled all to enjoy the beauty and solemnity of the Easter celebrations.

March 2017

Alvin Barrios

Alvin Barrios joined the Knights one year ago. He has been active in the council. Alvin stepped up to run our "Spirit Mountain Fun Bus" fund raiser. He coordinated with the Casino to arrange for the Trip on Fat Tuesday. He handled the publication and advertising of the event, coordinated for the auction prizes and selling of the tickets. He sold out the bus and raised $797 for the Parish. Al worked with the Casino when the bus was late arriving and helped with contacting the bus service when some property was left on the bus at the end.

Al orchestrated the trip and made it a success by his efforts and leadership.

February 2017

Patrick Parson

Patrick Parson transferred into our council in December 2016 in three months, he's volunteered to be the Culture of Life Director and with his wife, Teresita, the Culture of Life Couple for our council. He's rendered reports on their trip to the March for Life and Prayer Protest outside the Planned Parenthood in Eugene. Patrick on his own initiative developed a Pro-life Newsletter for our council and with the help of his wife translated it into Spanish for our Latino community. Patrick has coordinated with Option Clinic to begin our Ultrasound initiative. He has also coordinated with the Parish Administrator to hold a monthly Rosary for Life. Additionally, he is coordinating for the March 25th Prayer for the Unborn to hold a Rosary Pray in a local Cemetery.

Patrick is a leader in the Knights of Columbus, who exemplifies the Charity, Unity and Fraternity of the Order.

January 2017

Dan McDowell

Dan McDowell was nominated as our Knight of the Month for his work at our Mercy Meals on January 15, 2017. Dan arrived early to support the set up all the serving stations and to assist with helping bring the food into the Parish kitchen. Dan helped get all the equipment turned on and running to assist the cooks from the restaurant who were not familiar with the kitchen. Dan ensured our food was prepared and delivered to the serving line. He helped serve the first meal, then moved done to the kitchen to wash dishes and cooking equipment. Dan repeated all this effort for the second serving and stayed to the last man to ensure all was cleaned and put away. Dan's efforts made the fund raiser easier for the other Knights and parishioners alike.

December 2016

Bob Martin

Robert (Bob) Martin is a long time member of our Council. Bob's health issues should keep him from actively participating but yet he continues to support our council as his health allows. Bob established one of our major fund raisers, the "Fun Bus." This fund raiser coordinates a bus from the Spirit Mountain minimal cost to the Council to set up. The funds are raised by selling tickets for the get-away. A raffle is held on the trip up and back. His efforts helped create a program that not only raised money, but also built community cohesion. Bob is a Knight that never says no to any project. He is a great example for our younger Knights to emulate.

November 2016

Stuart Conser

Stuart Conser has been selected as Council 1577's Knight of the Month. Stuart was one of the men who coordinated and lead a men's retreat for the entire district area, called "Come Follow Me." Nearly 100 men participated in the event at Mount Angel. Stuart is also a Men's Weekly Pray Group/Bible Study Leader for men of St Mary's Catholic Church. He is a facilitator for the Group. He organizes the weekly sessions and ensures we have access to the room, and equipment, have material and references for the study. Stuart is also a Spanish linguist and reaches out to our Latino Men for recruiting and socializing at Knight events. During Coats for Kids Distribution to our parish community, Stuart was able to communicate with the families whose primary language was Spanish, easing their fears and apprehensions. Stuart's love of God, mercy and compassion are in keeping with the Knight of the Month.

October 2016

Dan McDowell

We nominate Dan McDowell as one of two Knights of the Month for October. Dan was asked at a late date if he would be willing to lead our rosaries before each 11am mass for the month of October. Our parish priest decided the last week of September that he wanted to have a Rosary said before every weekend mass. Dan was one of two Knights that volunteered to do it on short notice and further agreed to read at each of the 11am masses of October saving the Church Director from having to find someone for the following week. Dan lead a full rosary prior to each mass fulfilling father's wishes, strengthening the Knights image as a religious organization. His leadership was well received by those that were in attendance.

October 2016

Paul Fischer

We nominate Paul Fischer as one of two Knights of the Month for October. Paul was asked at a late date if he would be willing to lead our rosaries before each 8:30am mass for the month of October. Our parish priest decided the last week of September that he wanted to have a Rosary said before every weekend mass. Paul was one of two Knights that volunteered to do it on short notice and further agreed to read at each of the 8:30am masses of October saving the Church Director from having to find someone for the following week. Dan lead a full rosary prior to each mass fulfilling father's wishes, strengthening the Knights image as a religious organization. His leadership was well received by those that were in attendance.

September 2016

Convino Bernard

Sir Knight Bernard (Bernie) Covino is an Outstanding Knight. He has served in numerous leadership roles within our Council and Assembly 906. Bernie has been the Grand Knight, served as our Financial Secretary for 12 years as well as the youth director for the council for the same period. His experience and knowledge of the Knights of Columbus has been instrumental to the success of our council. Bernie still volunteers more hours than any other knight. This month he coordinated and orchestrated our most successful Soccer Challenge for the youth in the area. Bernie works constantly for the Knights of Columbus promoting our charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Bernie as been the Faithful Navigator for Assembly 906 while serving as our Financial Secretary and is a past District Deputy . When Bernie stepped down as the Financial Secretary, he agreed be our Budget Chairman to help the incoming Financial Secretary get comfortable with his new position. His actions, attitude, and efforts are in keeping with the virtues expected of a Knight of a Month.

August 2016

Randy Martinak

Randy Martinak is a Knight worthy of high honors and recognitions. Randy is the most active member of Albany 1577 that makes himself available at every opportunity to lend a hand in humble service. Randy is a Sir Knight, distinguished veteran of the US Military who bravely served and protected our freedoms. Randy gives back time and talent to the many who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. Randy donates hundreds of hours to the Linn County Memorial Association in Albany and is always participating by coordinating community functions to honor all veterans of military service.

Randy was overseas for several months prior to our 2016 Council picnic yet was able to opened up his home to host. Randy donated a lot of the groceries and did a lot of the set up and clean up himself.

Randy is a true Catholic gentleman in humble service to his parish. He offers his time and talents whenever asked. Randy contributes his service at the Soup Kitchen, helping to provide food to the homeless of our community. He is a lector at mass, has served as a Eucharistic Minister, greeter, usher and has offered his life testimonies to many as he evangelizes his faith.

We are proud to honor Randy Martinak as our Knight of the Month for August 2016

July 2016

Bob Pace

Robert (Bob) Pace is our Knight of the Month for July 2016. Bob is the quiet servant behind many of our charities. Bob is consistently present at whatever we do. As a veteran Marine, he is always leading by example. In listening to the world events, Bob has volunteered to coordinate security at our Masses and Events.

Bob is Mr. Reliable. If he commits to doing something, you can considerate done. Bob agreed to help with greeting our hero guests at our Blue Mass, ensuring they were welcomed, and provided guidance and assistance through the mass as many were not Catholic.

Bob is an awesome recruiter having brought in five new members since our last Church Drive. He is always at our council meetings providing quality input to the discussion and humor when needed.

Bob is a gentleman who prefers to work from the background and let others take the accolades. He truly works to serve others in need.

June 2016

Leonard Omolo

Father Leonard Omolo has agreed to be our Council Chaplain. He has actively participated in our Council Business Meetings since becoming a Knight. Father Leonard is from Africa and had no concept of the Knights of Columbus. He came to St Mary's and saw these men of faith in red shirts and wanted to know about them. Father Leonard became a Knight and in June conducted a Blue Mass and Corporate Mass for our council He wants to ensure the continued spiritual growth of the Knights of our council. Based on his experience wile growing up in Africa appreciates the Charity, Unity and Fraternity of the Knights of Columbus.

May 2016

Rodrigo Arellano

Rodrigo Arellano is a new member of the Knights of Columbus Council 1577. He has been anxious to get involved with our charity and jump in as often has he could. Rodrigo jumped in to assist the Council in providing Dinner and to the Alter Servers and their families at our Annual Alter Service Awards Ceremony. Rodrigo led by example getting involved at his first opportunity.

April 2016

Larry Beary

Larry Beary was selected Knight of the Month upon his retirement at Our Lady of Perpetual Help for about 15 years.

March 2016

Jorge Lopez-Ganzales

Jorge Lopez-Gonzales was an outstanding Knight in March 2016. He has been instrumental in breaking through the cultural differences between our Hispanic and Anglo brothers. Bridging the communications gap has seen an understanding and building of trust of all brothers seeing more cross-cultural participation in the masses during Lent and the Easter celebration. Jorge took the lead in establishing what we're calling our "Mercy Meals" which will be the first time our council will be serving lunch to our parishioners from the Hispanic Mass. He suggested the addition of a meal for the Hispanic Mass since our breakfasts end prior to the Hispanic Mass. He coordinated with another Knight to cost out the meals, then coordinated with the leadership to organize the event. Jorge completed his 2nd and 3rd Degree and has stepped up to be considered for leadership positions with the Council.

Jorge's attitude, dedication and determination is an outstanding example of a Knight of Columbus.

February 2016

Michael Woody

Michael S. Woody was selected as our council Knight of the Month for February, 2016. SK Michael is the Grand Knight for our council and goes well beyond the call of his duties. In addition to the numerous responsibilities of Grand Knight, Michael has been an RCIA instructor and participating member of the Liturgy committee, assisting in the composition of each Mass and liturgy for the month. He's organized the Soup and Stations Event for our parish where the Knights provided a Lenten soup and salad dinner before our Stations of the Cross the first two weeks of the Lenten season. In addition to coordinating the meals, he set up, cooked and purchased items needed to build the domestic church through community and prayer. Michael carried this further by coordinating the ceremony and reading for the Stations of the Cross, acting also as the lead reader. Michael has led the council to be an integral contributor to the parish. Not just a ministry but a function of the parish relied upon by the Administrator, priest and staff.
Michael has coordinated support for numerous masses,where he serves as a lector, extraordinary minister and has been a spiritual leader for the current and past RCIA classes. Michael leads by doing, accumulating more service hours than any other Knight in the council. Michael could easily qualify as Knight of the Month any month but during this season of Lent, he has exceeded his usual high standards.

January 2016

Tom Radel

Tom serves as our Council Warden, and Habitat for Humanity Director as well as the District 7, District Deputy. Tom covers every council and assembly meeting in the district. He can be counted on as a Patriot Degree Knight in regalia whenever the need is there.

December 2015

Jack Gall

Jack L Gall
December 2015 Knight of the Month

Jack Gall joined the Knights of Columbus Albany Council 1577 on April 1, 1978 with 37 years of continuous service with our Order. Brother Jack advanced through the 2nd and 3rd degrees right away and then Full Knighthood by joining the 4th Degree on April 1, 1992 (23 Years of Service).
Jack is a Past Grand Knight of Albany Council 1577 and has served as an Officer many times when asked to serve. We are all blessed by Jack’s service to our Council.
Jack was born in Cando, ND in 1941 to Jack E and Orma Tolliver Gall. Jack is one of four children. Tom and Celia Gall live in Springfield, Bella and Larry Webster also live in Springfield. Jack’s sister Fernette and two husbands have passed on.
Jack attended and graduated from Granite high school and joined the Army in 1960 where he served his time in France. After returning from the Army he moved to Springfield, Oregon where his family had moved.
Jack worked many jobs until 1976 when he started work for Western Kraft. He stayed with them through many changes until 2004 when he retired.
Jack met his wife, Dorothy, on a blind date in 1965. They married in 1967, living in Springfield, OR for a few years then heading north a little at a time until they settled in Albany, Oregon.
Before Jack retired, he had gotten involved with Volunteer Care Givers and the Knights of Columbus. This was a great outlet for him as he loves helping people. Many of his people from Volunteer Care Givers have since past on which had left a little hole in his life but church and the Knights of Columbus filled that. He took quite a while getting involved with the Knights but when he did, he loved it.
Jack’s favorite program over the years was supporting the St Mary’s soup kitchen and he was passionate about blood drives and donating blood. He was a faithful double red donor.
Jack and Dorothy have 2 children, Jack Christopher (Chris) with his wife and Elizabeth Kraft (Gall) and her husband, Robert. Jack and Dorothy are blessed with 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
In July 2014, Jack suffered a severe stroke which left him unable to swallow anything. He also has a tendency to be weak and needs to use a walker. He continued his duties as Trustee until the end of his term and still helps with many projects where he can.

September 2015

Randy Martinak

Randy Martinak is a Knight worthy of high honors and recognitions. Randy is the most active member of Albany 1577 that makes himself available at Every Opportunity to lend a hand in humble service. Randy is a Sir Knight, distinguished veteran of the US Military who bravly served and protected our freedoms. Randy gives back time and talent to the many who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice to our nation. Randy donates hundreds of hours to the Linn County Memorial Association in Albany. Is always participating by coordinating community functions to honor all veterans of military service.

Randy opened up his home to host our 2015 Council Picnic.

Randy is a true Catholic gentleman in humble service to his parish. Offers his time and talents whenever asked. Randy is a lectur at mass, has served as a Eucharistic Minister, greeter, usher and has offered his life testimonies to many as he evangilizes his faith.

We are proud to honor Randy Martinak as Albany Council 1577 September Knight of the Month

April 2015

Terry Brillon

Terry D Brillion

April 2015 Knight of the Month

Terry Brillion is truly a “Knight’s Knight”. Terry is an example to us all in his heartfelt commitment to his family, faith, church, community and country. Terry lives his faith and his heart is full of Christ’s love for others.. You will find Terry at every activity we participate in.
Terry joined the Albany Council on 12-08-2003. Advanced to the 2nd and 3rd degree on 04-17-2004. At St Henry’s Parish in Gresham Terry was welcomed into full knighthood on 03-23-2013.
Terry has help office of Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight and Trustee of Albany Council 1577. Currently, Terry is our Immediate Past Grand Knight and Council Director. Serving each position with pride and commitment.
Please take a moment and congratulate Terry Brillon as April Knight of the Month. Well deserved!

March 2015

Matt Gamblin

Matt Gamblin for Knight of the Month for taking the initiative to purchase new safe extension cords for our breakfasts and dinners. He paid for most of the new items, asking for reimbursement for only a portion. This is the true spirit of Knighthood.

February 2015

Stephen DeGoey

Albany Council 1577 Knights of Columbus would like to recognize Stephen DeGoey as February 2015 Albany Council Knight of the Month

January 2015

Robert Aldrige

Bob joined the Knights of Columbus on Aug 29, 2012 and is one of our most active council members. Bob serves as our council as Chancellor and vocations chairman. Recently Bob is working on plans to re-instate our Squires Circle in Albany. You will easily find Bob at every council event in humble service to his partish and those in need.
On January 31, 2015 Bob became Sir Knight Robert Aldrich.
Thank you Bob for all you do for so many

November 2014

Jon Keefer

Congrats to Jon as the "NOVEMBER 2014 KNIGHT OF THE MONTH"

September 2014

Malcom Belafronto

Congratulations to Mal for being voted "September Knight of the Month" for Albany Council 1577. Malcom joined the Knights of Columbus on May 1, 2013. Mal is one of the most active and energetic members of our council. If there is an opportunity to serve the church, community or brother knights and their families, Mal is there with a smile. Mal is actively involved with guiding our council finance decisions. He has volunteered in Youth, Church, Community and may more activities.

The Great 1577 is truly great because Mal is a Knight and our Brother! Thank you Mal for all you do for so many.

Mal has journeyed on to full knighthood. Participating in his 2nd and 3rd degree on November 9, 2013

August 2014

Michael Woody

Mike Woody is making a great effort in energizing the Albany Council. In his first 2 months as Grand Knight he has introduced changes, addressed problem, and made improvements to how the council works.

July 2014

Bernard Covino Jr

July 2014 Knight of the Month

Bernard Covino
Congratulations to Bernie Covino as the July 2014 Knight of the Month for Albany Council 1577. Bernie has faithfully served our council since joining the Knights of Columbus on June 6, 1986. Our council and the entire order of Knights is better today because of Bernie’s selfless devotion to the principles we strive to adhere.
Bernie soon began his journey to full Knighthood taking his 2nd degree on September 13, 1986 and on to become a 3rd degree Knight on September 19, 1986. Bernie has 28 years of continual service to our order.
Entered into Full Knighthood on June 5, 2005 as a 4th degree member in Pope John XXIII Assembly 906 with 9 years of continual service today.
Bernie was appointed Financial Secretary of Albany 1577 by the Supreme Knight on July 1, 2012. He has shown great leadership and exemplary standards of conduct as Financial Secretary. Our Council is well respected in the State of Oregon thanks to Bernie’s involvement.
Bernie has served Assembly 996 as Faithful Pilot (07-01-2012 -- 06-30-2013) and Faithful Navigator ( July 1, 2013 to present)
Bernie’s service to Albany Council 1577 includes being the Youth Program Director (08-01-2011 to 6-30-2014). And currently the Ceremonials Program Director (July 1, 2014-Present).
Bernie is married to the lovely Martha Covino (40 Years) and has two wonderful grown children Kathryn and Jeremy.
Please share your congratulations to Sir Knight Bernard Covino Jr as Knight of the Month for July 2014
Vivat Jesus