March 2024

Mark Studer

Congratulations to Mark Studer for the March Knight of the Month. Mark is very active in the Knights, the KC Walleye Classic, our Parish, and Hospital/Homebound Ministries, to name just a few. His volunteer tasks are too many to count. But, if you look around at any event at St Philip’s, you are likely to see Mark there helping. Thank you, Mark, for all you do to support our St Philip’s Parish Community. You’re a wonderful Catholic Role Model.

February 2024

Doug & Cory Gish

Doug & Cory, this father/son/family make the hard work at Pancake Breakfasts look easy. Both are active in our Parish, Doug is an EMHC and Cory is a Lector and sons are often ushers. Active also in many other Knights activities, Doug has been on KCWC committee. The board selected these gentlemen as great examples of strong Catholic role models.

January 2024

Glen Laginess

Congratulations to Glen Laginess as January Knight of the Month! Glen's dedication and volunteerism in our parish, his exceptional salesmanship of KCWC raffle tickets, his help at KC events and his strong participation with the St Vincent de Paul has made him another example of an extraordinary Knight. Thank you Glen for being a strong Catholic role model.

November 2023

Larry Mack

This months knight of the month is Larry Mack. Larry spent 15 years working at St. Philip’s as facility director. Upon retiring 3 1/2 years ago he could have left and just enjoyed retirement. He hasn’t though. Over the last years Larry has continued to help out at Mass, helping with the fish fry crew, volunteering at Holy Cross Cemetery and has been heading the 602 daycare project. As we draw to an end of the building project next door, it is safe to say you would see Larry at the building everyday making sure things are getting done. He has put in a lot of hours and we are very grateful for all that Larry has done and continues to do. Thank you Larry.

October 2023

DJ Bakken

DJ is our Knight of the Month for October. Recently, he worked on the ministry fair, worked on the school Glow Run, and cooked at the Trap Shoot. DJ also spends a lot of time working on the Walleye plus is at many other events that we do. He also sings in the choir plus is a part of the St. Gianna group in the parish which is a pro life group. Thank you for your service to our council !

September 2023

Joe Bofferding

We're thankful for Joe's efforts to keep the membership information straight.

May 2023

Bernie Marshall

Bernie Marshall is our May Knight of the month for his dedication to our Council and Parish. Bernie is a Knight that attends Council meetings on a regular basis, volunteers as a Lector and as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Most recently he did the most amazing thing when he retired and instead of having a party, he asked for a $500 gift be donated to a charity of his choice which was our Council. Bernie’s work is a visible example of why he is our May Knight of the Month.

April 2023

Tom Kern

Since retiring, Tom has stayed busy volunteering in a variety of ways. He is a Eucharistic Minister, serving at Mass, and is also a Sanford Hospital volunteer as a St. Philip’s Hospital minister, bringing communion to Catholics in that facility. Tom is a member of the KC Rosary group leading the Rosary on Sundays and regularly helps at the Knights Hot Dog stand during the summer. He has also been known to pitch in and help move furniture (thanks again Tom). Tom has been a Knight for 40 years. His strong faith sustains him as he helps out in these and many other areas. This is why Tom has been
selected as our April Knight of the Month.

March 2023

John Carlson

John Carlson is our March Knight of the month. He recently helped organize and manage the volunteers of the pancake breakfast in February. John participated in the March for Life and helps with the walleye classic. He also helps in the parish by playing music and being a lector. He has also been a member for seven years. He does all of these and many more things to support our council and parish,
even while serving as the District 5 Commissioner for Beltrami County. This is why John is our March Knight of the Month.

February 2023

Ron Arel

Ron recently helped organize the lunch for the March for Life. He also ran the Free Throw Contest for the youth. Through his connections, members of the Elks approached Ron and asked if they could run their free throw contest in conjunction with our Council’s. What an opportunity to work with another organization to accomplish a similar mission. For these and many more things is why Ron is our February
Knight of the Month.

January 2023

Dale Johnson

Dale transferred into our Council not that long ago and has been very involved ever since. Already in this year he helped with the roadside cleanup, helped at the recent walleye fundraiser fish fry, helped to design, and quickly get out the Walley Classic brochures and he has helped at the pancake breakfasts. For all of these and many more things is why Dale is our January Knight of the Month.

December 2022

Charlie Patnode

Charlie Patnode is our December Knight of the month for his dedication to our council. Charlie most recently organized the cleanup efforts at the Holy Cross cemetery. He frequently attends Council
meetings and helps with food sales, pancake breakfasts and the Walleye Classic when he can. Charlie’s work is a visible example of why he is our December Knight of the Month.

November 2022

Jim Gavin

Jim Gavin is our November Knight of the month for his dedication to our council. Jim is a Knight that not only attends Council meetings on a regular basis, but he volunteers in the hot dog stand and at pancake breakfasts throughout the year. Also, he is a member with more than 30 years of service to the organization. Jim’s work is a visible example of why he is our November Knight of the Month.

October 2022

Glen Aagard

Glen has been a Knight for over 21 years, like so many others he supports the parish and his community in many ways. In our parish he is a Eucharistic Minister and Usher. In the community he regularly helps at the Food Shelf and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) by attending their meetings and helping with their clothing program. For our Council he volunteered to work in the hot dog stand for our various events this past summer and regularly donates his maple syrup for our drawings. For these significant contributions to our parish, church, and Council, we recognize Glen Aagard.

September 2022

George Gardner

George was selected as September Knight of the Month for his willingness to haul the Hot Dog Stand to Summer events and volunteer for the hot dog stand. George is an Honorary Life & 43 year member of Council #1544 and also 4th Degree member of St John Paul Council. Thanks George!

May 2022

Mark Studer

Mark has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for 34 years. Mark serves as our Advocate on our Council 1544 Board. He recently helped with the Lenten Stations of the Cross with the Holy Hour including Adoration and was the leader with the discussion for the series “The Chosen” during Lent. Mark is also involved with the Walleye Classic. He also had an active role in our January Pro Life event. Mark also serves as a Sacristan and Eucharistic Minister at Church and as a hospital minister. His work and dedication to our parish and council is why Mark is our May Knight of the Month.

April 2022

SK Dan Shea

SK Dan Shea has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for 48 years. In that time Dan has served as a District Deputy, the Faithful Navigator of the Pope John Paul II Assembly, and the Financial Secretary of our Council 1544. He has also served as an insurance agent and been responsible for recruiting many members including our current Grand Knight. He currently serves as the Faithful Admiral of the Pope John Paul II Assembly, leads the Rosary, and has served outstandingly as the Chairman organizing fellow Knights and helping for our 2021/2022 Pancake Breakfasts. Dan’s contribution to the Church, to the Knights of Colum-bus and our local community have gone above and beyond the norm and we are pleased to recognize him as our April Knight of the Month.

March 2022

Ed Daigle

Ed is busy! He befriended an elderly parishioner by giving her aride to mass each Sunday. This person requested help from Ed to help with some maintenance of her apartment in which she
fallen behind in basic care. Ed made calls and lined up other Knights to help her out. He shuttled her to other living arrangements across town while repairs were to be made. It ended up being a bigger job than expected – the KCs made way for the professionals – we pray that she got the help she needed. He volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Center for maintenance duties, Ed is also a EMHC and Captain, he, and his wife Geri, foster infants in the Cass Lake area – you often see them with these little ones in church. Congratulations Ed and thank you for your service to the those in need.

February 2022

Dale Johnson

Dale is our February Knight of the Month. He is a 29 yr member of the Knights and has been a 4th Degree member for the last 7 years. Dale volunteers at the Clothing Depot and has stepped into an integral role with the Walleye Classic committee. Recently he spearheaded the printing of the
sponsorship brochure used to obtain business sponsors for the Walleye Classic. In his spare time, he homebrews beer, growing his own hops! Dale is willing to step up where needed and lives the tenets of the Knights: Unity, Charity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Congratulation Dale, our February Knight of the Month.

January 2022

Terry Belanger

Terry has been a Knight since October 1999. Terry regularly gives of his time and talents to the Church, council, and community. He organizes and puts on the activities for All Pro Dads every month. He serves on the Council 1544 board as a trustee and regularly attends the monthly Council meetings. For many years Terry has also organized and called out Christmas bingo for our December meetings. Terry has also taken on the huge responsibility of handling the Walleye Classic Raffle since the Knights took over the tournament. He also serves as the Faithful Navigator for the St. John Paul II Assembly of the 4th degree. Terry’s service is an exemplary model to others in our Church, Council and Community and why he is our January Knight of the month.

December 2021

Don Theis

Don Theis, our December Knight of the month, has been a Knight since January 2002. This past year I had the pleasure of working with Don in the hot dog stand at Art in the Park and at the Blackduck Wood Carvers Festival. He told me when he joined the Knights, he had a young family and many commitments and didn’t really do much other than pay his dues every year. He said that now that his kids are grown, and things are more settled down he wanted to start participating more. Don’s example of helping how you can, when you can is why Don is our December Knight of the month.

November 2021

Travis Zachman

Travis is just like many of our young family men, busy with work and family. And he still has some time to donate for things we as Knights do. Travis had time to help with the Knights food serving for the St. Philips School color run and again for the Knights food preparation for the parish bingo event. Congratulations and Thank You for helping with our projects when time allows.

October 2021

Tony Kramer

Our October Knight of the Month is Tony Kramer. Tony is a great Catholic man who frequently contributes effort to our Council and our Parish. Tony has helped with our hotdog and walleye stand,
the KC Walleye Classic, and the color run. He is always a willing, enthusiastic member who works hard and is a pleasure to work with. Tony reliably sets aside time from his family and his busy schedule to contribute his talents to the Knights.

September 2021

John Marcum

John Marcum, our Sept Knight of the Month, gives his time and talents to the Church, council, and community. John is the Tournament Director of the KC Walleye Classic, and is Deputy Grand Knight of the council. These roles require additional work and meetings each week. John also serves as a EMHC and Usher. John has gone above and beyond and that is why he is our Sept Knight of the month.

May 2021

Dan Voss

April 2021

Dave Brooks

March 2021

Ben Baird

February 2021

Mark Studer

January 2021

DJ Bakken

December 2020

Brad Arel

November 2020

Ron Arel

October 2020

Dave Bretschneider

Dave volunteers his time as well as his blessings to support the Council in many ways. Dave is also very generous in his support of the Knights of Columbus Walleye Classic.

June 2020

Stephen Aultman

Each year he amazes everyone with his Walleye Classic ticket sales. This year I understand that once again he was one of the top three selling ticket salesman. At the pancake breakfasts, you'll find him greeting everyone and collecting their free-will donation. He is always friendly and is willing strike up a conversation with anyone near. Brother Steve Aultman is a great Knight and good example for all to see. Thanks for all your work.

Dan Voss

May 2020

Joe Bofferding

Joe Bofferding is the reason many of our Knights are a little round in the mid-section. We are the envy of every council in the state when it comes to our meals as well as our fundraising events. For decades, Joe has ordered and prepared most of the meals served up during Council Meetings. He's also quick to help at BBQ Rib Dinners, Fish Fries and pancake breakfasts. Joe's conservative personality also ensures he is there to help at the March for Life. Thank you Joe for always being there for your Brother Knights.

Dan Voss

February 2020

Bob Schlichting

Brother Bob is a great example for all Knights. Over the years, Bob has volunteered for many positions including Grand Knight and now is our Treasurer. But there is much more to Bob than meets the immediate eye. Visit the Food Shelf warehouse on Mondays and you will find Bob leading a team of other parishioners as they work to feed the hungry. When Bob heard Al Nohner ask for volunteers last year, he stepped up in a big way. They now call him Warehouse Bob. If there is a K of C function, unless Bob is ill, you will find him there. From Hot Dogs, to regularly volunteering for All Pro Dads, to managing our Spring Social, Bob is always elping out. Bob is also a great Christian and works as an usher at St. Philips. Bob is a great example of a strong Knight of Columbus member.

January 2020

Patrick Welch

A quiet and humble man, Pat is a great example for all of us. A few years ago, it was he and Brother Rick Coe who lead the way with our KC Helping Hands program. Then recently Pat brought us all back to the important things in life through his reminders to pray for family members and brother Knights who have past away. Pat reminds us that we need to pray for others so they may enter heaven. He also reminds that if we set a good example, future brother Knights will pray for our souls as well. A concerted effort is now being made to update the KC website to list all our brothers who have past away. Thank you Pat for your great examples of a Knightly man.

December 2019

John Tesar

As a new Knight, John has been very active in our council. The day after John became a Knight, we found him volunteering in the kitchen for a pancake breakfast. Then we noticed him regularly attending our council meetings. Finally, John is the living example for each of us. John came to Bemidji to help take care of his elderly mother. This is a true example of our Knightly duties as we work to take care of our family members. Thank you for all you do!

November 2019

Ron Arel

If you enjoy reading our monthly newsletter, you need to thank Brother Ron for his continued leadership in this effort. He along with Deacon Rob and others spends lots of time editing, printing, and mailing out our newsletter. Ron is also the chair of our annual BBQ Rib Dinner, is an active officer, is an un-official historian to our group and is always there to help along with his "Budddy". Finally, brother Ron assists the parish in the planning of all funerals at St. Philips. Thanks Brother Ron for all you do.

October 2019

DJ Bakken

This month DJ was selected as the Knight of the Month for always being there. He volunteers at many events to help cook and can often be seen wearing a blue apron.

September 2019

Joe Vene

March 2019

Rick Coe

When a brother Catholic needs help, Rick Coe is the guy you want leading the way. Our Brother Rick learned that one of the parishioners at St. Philip's Catholic Church had been severely injured in an auto accident. When Rick found out, he took it upon himself to look into building a ramp for the gentleman. Rick spearheaded the effort to raise the funds for the ramp and along with a few brother Knights, they were able to build the ramp. Thanks to all our brother Knights for helping and for Rick's leadership. Rick has also been instrumental with the KC Helping Hands effort. Thanks for all you do. Pictured with Rick, brother Bob, George, and Claude.

February 2019

Lloyd Sobieck

February 2019

Jim Gavin

January 2019

Brad Arel

When it comes to smoke and barbecue there are very few knights who shine as brightly as Brad Arel. He's like the mail service, neither sleet nor snow nor rain will stop him from cooking up hundreds of pounds of ribs for the KC Barbecue Rib Dinner.

However, Brad is also being recognized for his work with the youth at St. Philip's Catholic Church. Brad has built a new youth program that brings together students who went to Catholic Church camps over the past year. He recognized that many of the students came out of camp closer to God. Yet far too often, many slowly drifted away from the relationship with their Lord. Brad thought that if we could bring them together once a month, we may be able to prevent that. We recognize him for his work and bless him in this endeavor.

Grand Knight,
Dan Voss

December 2018

Randy Lipsy

Sine it's inception, the Knights of Columbus has been all about volunteering. Brother Knight volunteering to help out the widows and children of fallen Knights. Volunteering in the church and community. Yet some brother Knights take this a step further and volunteer to protect the United States. This month we recognize Brother Randy Lipsy for his service to God and country. During his last deployment, Brother Randy was instrumental in growing our order by enrolling new Knights from his unit in the Air Force. Brother Randy is also willing to lend a hand at KC events. Thank you Randy for all you do.

November 2018

Phil Hodapp

A great husband, father and grandfather, very strong in Catholic his faith, caring, a just man, willing to help those in need, a great sheriff, brave in the face of evil, a powerful leader, a great example for young men, a strong Christian, stands for what he believes in, a mentor to many, and a good friend to his brother Knights. These are just a few of the attributes that make Phil Hodapp a great person and a great Knight. He is truly a great example of what it really means to serve others.

Dan Voss
Grand Knight

October 2018

Glen Aagard

Quiet and very humble, Glenn is a great example to all. Be it a pancake breakfast or the KC BBQ Rib dinner, you will find Glenn hard at work. Even when presented with this award, his first response was "there are many others who deserve this award more than I do". Glenn's humility is a great example to all Knights.

September 2018

DJ Bakken

When it comes to volunteering for the Knights of Columbus, DJ leads the pack. You will find him cooking for our council meetings, flipping pancakes for All Pro Dads, serving on the Walleye Classic Committee and more. He also is a strong Christian and Catholic as demonstrated by his help with the Rosary, choir and more.

April 2018

Joe Vene

On most Sunday mornings you will find Joe praying the Rosary at St. Philips Catholic Church. During our council meeting Mass, Joe's string baritone voice keeps us all alert during the readings. Yet Joe's ministry shines most of all when he shares his most wonderful gift, his singing voice. Joe can be heard singing the National Anthem for different KC events and as a cantor, he is absolutely outstanding. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

March 2018

David Brooks

Dave participates in the Sunday Rosary along with the Planned Parenthood silent prayer sessions on the 3rd Sat of each month. He also helped out with the Free Throw competitions that was recently held. Dave is also there in the praying of the Rosary for our fallen brothers. Dave is a great asset to our council.

February 2018

Terry Belanger

Matthew 5:16 states, "your light must shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father." Among our brothers there are many who cast a bright light. Whose good deeds are noticed. Yet few cast this light as bright as Terry Belanger. Terry's support of our Council, the Walleye Classic, All Pro Dads, St. John Paul II Assembly, St. Philip's Catholic Church, and its youth are a shining example of the call required of a Knight. Terry's love for our Lord is a shining example for all to follow.

January 2018

Richard (Rick) Coe

Assisting others seems to one of Rick's goals in life. When the council agreed to establish a local Helping Hands program, Rick quickly volunteered to help. He also is one of the co-chairs of our annual Tootsie Roll drive and can be found helping at numerous council events. Rick is a great example of how Knights help those in their community.

December 2017

Ron Hendricks

Ron can be found helping out at most KC events. During the Wilton Pancake Breakfast, Ron and his wife both helped create a successful event. Council 1544 recognizes Ron for all of his hard work and dedication to the KC's.

November 2017

Peter Aube

When volunteers were needed on the KC BBQ crew, Pete stepped up to the challenge. Then after grilling for many hours, he volunteered to join the team on a regular basis. You'll also find Pete helping out at church as a drummer. Pete is a great example for all Knights.

November 2017

Peter Aube

When volunteers were needed for the KC Barbecue Crew, Pete stepped up and quickly volunteered. After a full day of grilling, Pete stepped up and decided to join the team. Pete can also be found volunteering at church and playing the drums during mass. Pete is a great Knight.

October 2017

DJ Bakken

DJ Bakken is always there to help out at all KC events. Recently DJ assisted Real Presence Radio with their radio tower.

September 2017

Richard Riewer

When the council decided to hold the first soccer challenge, it quickly sought out Rich who accepted the job. Rich organized and executed the first soccer challenge. Rich and his family also help out regularly at KC events including pancake breakfasts. Rich is a great Knight.

December 2015

Terry Belanger

Terry was instrumental in securing the location for our council coats for kids promotion. With Terry's help, Grand Knight Phil and Chancellor Dan were able to distribute 62 coats to those in need at the Ponemah elementary school located on the Red Lake Nation Indian Reservation.

March 2015

DJ Bakken

Attend a Knights of Columbus council 1544 event and you will see DJ Bakken up to his elbows helping out any way he can. Carrying pancakes, reading the rosary, and helping clean up after a council meeting, DJ is a great example to us all.

February 2015

Bill Batchelder

Bill is a Knight of the Month for February 2015. Bill's devotion to his fellow man shines brightly in the way he helps those most in need. Caring for the less fortunate and providing them a ride to church is a model of a Knight's way of life. Bill exemplifies charity and fraternity and is a good example for all Knights.

January 2015

Gerry Cardinal

Gerry exemplifies the duties required by a Knight to serving his fellow man. Gerry is one of the first to volunteer for council events. His devotion to our council is represented by the works he performs at meetings, pancake breakfasts, and more. Gerry volunteers to read the rosary and is a great example of a good Knight.