February 2019

Keith Caldwell

November 2018

Al Vargesko

Al Vargesko is recognized for managing the educational materials in the ‘Gathering Space’ at Our Lady of Lourdes Church and all the work he does in support of Council activities.

October 2018

Larry Fick

Larry Fick is recognized for all the work he does with Hall Rental and cleaning and organizing around the Hall.

August 2018

Ed Harre

Ed has and continues to help maintain the property on which our Knights of Columbus Hall is located. Most recently, Ed removed weeds and brush from around property even though the weather was setting or close to setting record high heat conditions. Thank you Ed for all your service to the Council.

June 2018

Frank LaMantia

Frank has done more for our council than I can count; he’s cooked some mighty fine meals for us, keeps the Wifi running, and plays a decent game of pitch. Frank also represents the Knights as a volunteer in our community; he operates Camp Hickory Hill for diabetic youth and is always happy to offer his time when the Knights have a project.

May 2018

Al Hopkins

Al has dedicated countless hours to the Knights; at the Hall, church, and in the community. He volunteers many hours for our Fish Fries and a faithful BINGO worker. He has been repairing the fence between the hall and the FOE lot, he also worked to get the storage container behind the hall to help eliminate the unsightly trailers from the parking lot. He wouldn’t like us bragging about him, but go ahead and brag all you!

April 2018

Knight Shift

This group, led by Tom and Carol Fick, can be found praying out front of Planned Parenthood in the rain, wind, sun, snow, and whatever else may be there bothering them. We truly appreciate their dedication to Life and thank them for their dedication.

March 2018

Tim Vargesko

Tim serves the Knights as the Newsletter Editor /Publisher, Chancellor, and elected Board Member of CKC. He also volunteers for the Fish Fry, the Financial Committee at Our Lady of Lourdes, and Parish Council. He assists with AED, and tirelessly promotes the Catholic Faith.

January 2018

Larry Fick

January 2018

Charlie Schuster

December 2017

Norb Sutter

One of our hardest working Knights; daring enough to change ceiling lights in
the hall, make roof repairs, and do just about anything thing that needs done. He is also a
consummate representation of the Knights of Columbus. Thank you, sir.

November 2017

John Becker

John Becker has been keeping our taxes and tax status up to date for a multitude of years.
He has done countless behind-the-scenes duties for the council, and we are very lucky and
grateful to have him in the council.

August 2017

Nathan Roberts

For his service to Knights through BINGO, Council and Assembly Officer positions, Volunteer on Service Programs, and for representing the Knights and the US Air Force with Mid-MO Honor Flight

July 2017

Dave Neville

Brother David Neville became a knight on February 5, 1972, and took his second and third
degrees in March of the same year; he had continuously served as a Knight since 1986. In
1990, he joined the 4th degree, he also served as a Faithful Captain and Color Corps.
Commander for most of the past 5 years. David was a key member of our Recruitment and
Retention efforts. We were proud to have him representing the Knights, and he will be
greatly missed.

May 2017

Scott Snow

Fry Shack Captain, near endless time dedication to preparing fish, the shack, and fryers, producing some fine fried fish, and doing it all while being heckled mercilessly by many of us helpers in The Shack! Thank you

April 2017

Lynn Ash

For his service as a Trustee, the endless amount of time he dedicates to BINGO, and his dedication to the Fish Fry Drive Thru and making it a continued success.

March 2017

Don Hawn, Bobby Pezold

November 2016

Greg Pezold