April 2023

Dr. Louis Shallal

Br. Louis has been awarded the Knight of the Month Award for March 2023 by our Grand Knight. He has served as our Council's Lecturer for the last 2 years attending all Executive and General Meetings and providing valued input at both levels. He also has brought to this position a regular presentations of interest while being a strong supporter of supporting our website, facebook and twitter postings.

March 2023

Mark Danelon

Brother Mark Danelon has been named as our Knight of the Month for is chairing our Basketball Free Throw competition which made it's return after a 2 year break due to Covid. We had a very successful event again this year a result of Br. Mark's commitment to the program, an event in which he participated in as a youth growing up in South Windsor. Brother Mark has also served as our Council's Treasurer for the last 3 years.

January 2023

Alexander Berg

Congratulations to Br. Alex Berg for being named Knight of the Month at our January General Meeting. Br. Alex serves our Council as one of our Guards and has had to do 'double duty' often in fact he recently stood in as our Warden who was away.

December 2022

SK Br. Clyde Labonte

For his on going support of our Council's parish and fundraising events Brother Clyde is deserving of this recognition. He has also been helpful in the training of newer members of our kitchen staff as well as assisting other groups operating out of our parish hall. Brother Clyde in addition to this support is a regular Usher on Sundays at the 9 am Mass.

October 2022

SK Br. Marc J. Morneau, PGK

For his continued support and leadership that makes our council stronger Brother Marc is deserving of this award. His wealth of experience has been a resource for advice and direction tha has been appreciated by our last 3 Grand Knights. In between 2 of the PGKs’, Brother Marc led our Council through 2 terms as our Grand Knight and is our first PGK to serve as the Faithful Navigator of the 4th Degree Dean Wagner Assembly

September 2022

SK Br. Lawrence E Coleman

Presented to our DGK Larry Coleman. We are in need of experienced support and experienced Officers to serve and assist our Grand Knight, and SK Br. Larry has stepped up in a big way. During the transition period over the summer months his guidance and support to our GK has been respected and appreciated.

May 2021

Marc Morneau PGK

For his on going support and contribution to our Council it was the Grand Knights pleasure to present the Knight of the Month Award to our Past Grand Knight - Br. Marc Morneau. Br. Marc as been a mentor for the Grand Knight has continued to serve on our Executive as our Lecturer and manages our Website. He helps in many ways to make our Council better!

April 2021

Terry Bachmeirer

Congratulations to Br. Terry Bachmeirer in being awarded with the Knight of the Month for April, 2021.
Brother Terry is a Past Grand Knight and although he stepped away from the Executive a few years ago, he none the less remains a very active and engaged member of our Council. He serves as a member of our Retention Committee as well as chipping in when phone calls are necessary. He has continued to act the lead for the OLGH - one of our standing committees. A true example of a proud and loyal Catholic gentleman and true credit to his family, his parish our Council! Congratulations Brother Terry!

March 2021

Daniel Lovell

Congratulations to our Worthy Recorder Dan Lovell on being selected as our Knight of the Month for February, 2021. Brother Dan transferred his membership to our Council two years ago and in very short order became a supporter and active member of our Council. This started by attending our regular meetings, helping at breakfast events, attending and supporting fish fries and St. Patrick's Dinner - Dance. He agreed to join our team of Executive Officers this year as our Recorder, becoming even more involved and showing his commitment to our Council, our Order and our Parish.

February 2021

Luis Rincon

The Knight of the Month Award has been presented to Brother Luis Rincon. Brother Luis has to deal with on going health challenges and despite this, he was a key member of our team of Knights who assisted with 5 Confirmation Masses while dealing with restrictions due to COVID 19 regulations. Beyond supporting this event which covered a month long commitment, he offered his help at our first ever bottle drive and has assisted in our recruiting efforts.

Brother Luis has been humbled by this presentation as always, but he is a true example of a Knight of 'gives what he can' to serve our Council and our Parish. We know that everyone joins our Grand Knight in congratulating Brother Luis for this well deserved recognition.

December 2020

SK Brother Chris Kowalsky PGK

Brother Chris chaired our first ever bottle drive in November 2020 and the results exceeded all expectations. Beyond the funds raised, the involvement and support secured from our membership was a reflection or his organizational and leadership skills. Brother Chris is a Past Grand Knight of our Council and is also presently serving as a Trustee. His continued support of council and parish makes a valuable asset to our fraternity.

February 2020

SK Brother Anthony Osula

It is my pleasure to present our Knight of the Month Award to our Worthy Financial Secretary, Brother Anthony Osula.

Brother Anthony is quiet by nature but is a very humble, decent, a true Catholic gentlemen in so many areas. He supports our parish as an Usher, acts as a driver for one of our elderly members who cannot drive, and frequently visits members who have been in distress.

He most recently has become our master pancake maker at our breakfast events.

It is with pleasure that I present the Knight of the Month to Brother Anthony Osula.

December 2019

Marc Vallee

I am pleased to present our Knight of the Month Award to our Lecturer, Brother Marc Vallee. Beyond his duties as our Lecturer, Brother Marc has steadily increased his active participation in our Council since transferring to Council in 2015. He continues to manage the Ontario State Lottery, is a regular supporter of the Youth Dances and is a steady resource of help at selling tickets for our Fish Fry events.

This recognition is overdue, Brother Marc since his arrival here has jumped in and become one of our Councils more involved and active members and is truly a valued asset to our Parish and our Council.

October 2019

Silvio Carlini

I am pleased to present the Knight of the month award for October to Brother Silvio Carlini. Brother Silvio has been a Knight since October of 1989. At some point he re-activated his membership and joined our Council and has served in the past as one of our Guards as well as one term as our Chancellor.
He has continued to be active he works at every breakfast, fish fry and is a resource to me as a back up to fill in when an Officer is unable to attend a function. Beyond all of this, Brother Silvio is our official photographer as he provides pictures following our events which are posted on our website, Facebook, Instgram and Twitter applications.
Congratulations Brother Silvio!

May 2019

SK Brother Garry Hawco

Sir Knight Brother Garry Hawco for his leadership and management of our Fish Fry program this year. We held 3 events this year capped off by Good Friday. This program is a major contributor to our Councils bottom line and this allows us to support our parish building fund as well as our many charities.

Brother Garry quietly goes about his business and through his leadership we continue to get the help we need as well as the support we secure from our parish. We served approx. 500 dinners this year – no small feat and for his commitment and support I am pleased to present this award of recognition to Brother Garry.

March 2019

SK Chris and SK Mark Kowalsky

For their continue work and contribution to our Council and our Parish, I am pleased to present the Knight of the Month for March to the Kowalsky Brothers – Chris and Mark.

For taking on the role of co-chairs for our second annual St. Patrick’s Dinner Dance as well as their continued support as members of our Council and important roles on our Executive. Br. Chris is one of our Trustees and has served as our Grand Knight, and Br. Mark has served as our Council’s Advocate for the last 2 years, continues to support our Youth Group’s monthly dances and provides energy and enthusiasm to any project we take on.

February 2019

Br Mark Dandelon

Brother Mark Dandelon for his work in chairing our Council’s Basketball Free Throw and helping at the Regional Championships.

We had 31 children from both parish schools participate this year – the largest turnout in recent memory for this event which we didn’t even run last year due to a lack of support and interest.

A very nice turnaround this year under the leadership of Brother Mark!

December 2018

Brother Ron Meloche

For his continued contribution and support Ron Meloche has been presented the Knight of the Month Award for December, 2018. At events such as our Parish BBQ, Fish Fries, and following every General Meeting, Brother Ron has made every effort when called upon to work in the kitchen for us. Remarkable commitment, and support for our Council and love for our Parish. A well deserved award for a real great Knight!

November 2018

Terry Bachmeier

I would like to recognize our PGK Terry as the Knight of the month award for a couple of very good reasons.

As most of you know I am away from the city for most of the months of June through October. While most of this time is ‘down time’ for our Council, Terry stayed the course to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities took place between the two of us.

Beyond this, I cannot say enough about the diligence, commitment capped by many phone calls and emails to the Ontario State and Supreme Offices to overturn their original position to not award us Star Council for the last Fraternal Year.

This is a Council Award that less than 20% of Councils receive, and I know Br. Terry felt strongly on behalf of all of us to ensure that the powers to be had a good, second look. With the help of our own PDD Mario, and with the support and intervention of our current DD Alan Sims, we received confirmation that Supreme overturned their decision and that we are a Star Council.

I saw the many emails, letters and constant follow up Terry put into this, and this is a testament of his deep conviction towards our Council, and the well being of our members.

It is with pleasure that I present our PGK Terry with the Knight of the Month Award for November.

October 2018

Brother Murray Harris

Knight of the Month Award – October 2018
Presented to Brother Murray Harris

In the last year, Brother Murray has assumed the role of our lead in supporting our Parish Youth Dances which are held here the first Friday of the month from September through June.
Brother Murray has also assumed the responsibility of managing our parish breakfast this year. This provided some relief for our Treasurer Br. Jonathan, and Brother Murray’s organizational skills and ‘hands on’ approach to getting the job done is already evident after only 1 breakfast.
Brother Murray also played an active role in supporting our Parish Family Day in early September by attending all pre planning meetings and was the lead in the purchasing of the food which fed approx. 400 members of our Parish.
For his continued support of our Parish, and our Council I am very pleased to present Brother Murray with the Knight of the Month Award for October, 2018!
Marc J. Morneau, Grand Knight

September 2018

Thomas and Robert Brownlie

Our Knight of the Month for the month of September goes to the team of Tom and Robert Brownlie. They co-chaired this year's Parish Picnic and Family day event which drew close to 400 people from our parish community. This effort stated in June and required a lot of organizing and pulling some 40 workers together to make the event a success.

While in the middle of this effort, Brother Robert took the time to get married - so congratulations again to the Father - Son Team of Tom and Robert.

May 2018

David Blain

The Knight of the month award goes to Brother David Blain.
Brother Dave acts as our Council's Membership Chair, and is the lead contact on our retention Committee. We have achieved 175% of our membership quota as assigned by Supreme under Br. Dave's watch and this alone is worthy of recognition. Brother Dave also has become a member of the St. Joseph's Partners and helping our at GH home by cutting the grass and doing yard work this summer. Congratulations Brother Dave for a well deserved reward!

March 2018

SK Br Mark Kowalsky

Our Knight of The Month, this month it is Sr Knight and our Advocate, Mark Kowalsky. Brother Mark has been a stanch supporter of our council and it’s activates. He is usually one of the first to offer to help when and were ever it is needed. He has been consistent with the clean up after our youth dances usually bringing his two children with him. Mark takes his roll as a husband, father, parishioner very seriously and is a true model of a Christian man who lives his faith right on his shirt sleeve for all to see. Mark is our council’s Advocate and has been diligent to learn his responsibilities and quick to act on them. He is the co-chair of our first St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance on March 17th. As a successful business man in our community and owner of Beaver Ice, Mark puts God first and leads his employees in morning prayer before starting their day. And his company makes Damn good coffee.

November 2017

Dennis Sylvester

For his tireless efforts in support of our Council, and our Parish Brother Dennis has been awarded 'Knight of the Month' in November, 2017. Grand Knight Terry is shown presenting Brother Dennis with his Certificate of Appreciation.

October 2017

Keith Brown

Our Knight of the month award recognizes a brother Knights considered to exemplify the values taught by our Church and our Order and who have made a particular contribution to their parish, community or council. We recognize here the Knight of the month in the current year, chosen by the Grand Knight.

Although new to our Council, this Award is widely presented by Councils and Brother Keith is certainly deserving of this award.