February 2023

Greg Theisen

Greg has been super involved with recruiting new Knights for Council #12480 and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

Greg has done an excellent job with the membership Chair and is always available to assist with furniture moves - most recently to benefit moms from Project Gabriel & Mater de Filius. He is always there to assist our brothers as well when needed.

The Council has already exceeded its membership quota for the year at 107% for the Fraternal Year and we haven't processed in all the new candidates from recent Donut Sunday & Church Membership Drives.
We may just hit 200% - Double Star by the end of June!

Congratulations to Greg and his team for a job well done.

January 2023

Vinny Bedus

Vinny has been working extremely hard at the Church. He often serves multiple Masses each weekend in many roles - Facilitator, Sacristan, Usher, and even as an Altar server when needed. He works for the ACTS Core Team and guides & supports ACTS retreat team. He was appointed to be acting Chaplain for our Council when Father is not available and leads the St. Francis Liturgy team.

Vinny also received the 2023 Service Award from Bishop Burns recently at the Cathedral. Way to go Vinny!

December 2022

Ed Forster

Ed goes above and beyond keeping our finances accurately reported. He is always available for questions to assist. He keeps accurate records of all our Council finances and does this with a positive attitude.

Thank you Ed for all that you do for the Council!

November 2022

Art Avila

Art is our Recorder and has done a great job in that role for the Council this year. He is involved with almost all the community and charity events the Council has and served as the Co-Chair of the Tasting event that was held this fall. The success of the event was due to his efforts. Well done Art & Congratulations!

October 2022

Michael Brandone

Michael Brandone has been on fire leading a team of Knights to help in the kitchen with various meal events and to single one out the 4th degree exemplification meal was fantastic. Various attendees from Fr. Rudy to Ken Franch complimented the food and excellent service--the group fed 50 to 60 dignitaries and no one had a negative comment. Great Job Michael!

September 2022

Mark Hutto

What can we say about Mark...The guy truly sets the example. He does Tuesday prayer meetings early in the morning...he leads the 1st Saturday Rosary prayer sessions. He was also the Spiritual Companion on the recent Men's ACTS Retreat. The guy is truly involved and should be honored. He truly Loves the Lord and you can feel that when he speaks. Congratulations Mark on being named Knight of the Month for September!

August 2022

Raul Perez

Raul has been a great example for our Youth and worked with the Squires to conduct a successful E Games (Smash Brothers) Tournament at St. Francis in August. He also organized another successful BBQ Social at Rudy's BBQ. The place was packed with Knights and their families! Great Job Raul!

July 2022

Ricardo Gonzalez

Ricardo organized the Silver Rose event that was held in July. The Knights of Columbus Council #12480 hosted the Silver Rose at St. Francis of Assisi at St. Francis on July 17th. The KofC Assembly #3004 4th Degree Color Corp., Council #12480, Squires and Squire Roses were all involved in the event and worked closely with St. Francis of Assisi to make this a success.
Ricardo coordinated with all those groups as well as the St. Francis Staff. He had 1 Knight read a script at each Mass and personally guarded the Silver Rose all day Sunday. Hats off to you Ricardo for a job well done!