February 2024

SK Dave Wagner

SK Dave is always standing by to pitch in in the kitchen. His popular beer-batter fish started out as a choice at our annual Fish Fries, but its popularity has made it our standard. Check out the various KofC banners around the Church's campus, and you can probably bet that they came from SK Dave's company and his effort.

January 2024

Mike Pontius

Mike has joined the Council recently, and he jumped right into serving. He served at our recent Angel Tree Celebration, and we're looking forward to seeing him at many other Knights' events.

October 2023

SK Kevin LaPratt

SK Kevin will be seen every Saturday at the 5:00 Mass serving as Lead usher or usher. He also works at the Knights' Pancake Breakfasts, and other events like the Ice Cream Social. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Knights of Columbus and has been active in the St. Bernadette Council for many years.

September 2023

SK Perry Wilson

SK Perry has stepped up when the Council is in need. He is our new Family Director, and he takes his responsibility very seriously. He is a relatively new member of the Council, and he has become a 4th Degree Knight already in addition to assuming the vacant position of Family Director. He is working regularly as a "guard" outside the church during Masses to protect our church from violent intruders. He is a valuable member of our St. Bernadette Council.

August 2023

SK Robert Mastro

SK Robert has become an asset and active supporter of our Council. He served at all of our Friday Fish Fries in the spring, and he served on the CUV Team in our first "live" ceremony. He most recently stepped up to serve as our Council's Chancellor for the 2023-24 Fraternal Year.

August 2023

SK Robert Mastro

July 2023

SK Richard Welp

SK Dick Welp has served our Council well. Back in 2017, he stepped up and served well as the Council's Deputy Grand Knight. He gave up his position as Treasurer to fill that need. He served well as Grand Knight the next year, and his flare for meticulous bookkeeping set a standard for all Grand Knights who followed him to emulate. After serving as WGK, he returned to his previous role as Treasurer. Each of those years he served as the co-chair of the Fr. Pete Memorial Golf Tournament. SK Dick is a hard working and dedicated Knight, who I'm sure, will continue to serve the Council, even as he steps down from his post as Treasurer.

April 2023

SK Michael Smalley

For his constant support of the Council and the Parish, and for his skilled recalibration of the Council's payment system for its events.

March 2023

SK Duane Moore

February 2023

SK Dave Wagner

December 2022

SK Brian Light

SK Brian has stepped up to assume the duties of our Council's Financial Secretary. We welcome him to this very important position as SK Michael Smalley steps down to tend to his health issues.

November 2022

Ignacio Hereria

Iggy is the master of bike building! He organizes the bikes given to the children as Christmas presents at the Angel Tree Breakfast. He stands ready to assist with everything, but he takes charge of this very special activity.

September 2022

Brian Beckwith

September 2022

SK Vinny Cefalu

August 2022

Andrew Spiteri

July 2022

Andrew Spiteri

Congratulations to Andrew. He is a new Knight to our Council and has already made a positive impact to our Council. Congratulations Andrew!

June 2022

SK Jerry Wood

Congratulations SK Jerry Wood on being selected our June Knight of the Month

June 2022

SK Jerry Wood

May 2022

Tony Lugay

May 2022

SK Tony Lugay

Knight of the Month, May 2022

May 2019

MIchael Dill

Knight of the Month, April 2019

May 2019

Vincenzo Cefalu

Knight of the Month April 2019

March 2019

Brian Weber

Brian Weber is February's Knight of the Month. He is active in the Men's Bible Study program and has been central to the organization of the Men's Conference in our council. He is currently working on a Men's Retreat for our Parish.

January 2019

SK Dr. Antonio Lugay

Tony is always there as a chef for pancake breakfasts or any other need for a chef in the kitchen. He is also a pretty good Santa Claus!

January 2019

Dennis Logue

Dennis suggested and initiated the first Snow Family Event, which provided a field of snow for children and others to play in as well as a snow slide. He also Headed the Free Throw Contest, and he continued as the director of the Council's Blood Drive. He certainly earned his status as Knight of the Month for January 2019.

December 2018

Jerry Wood

Knight of the Month 2018

November 2018

Gene Arvizu

Gene Arvizu - Knight of the Month - October 2018

October 2018

Vincenzo Cefalu

Vincenzo Cefalu - Knight of the Month - September 2018

August 2018

Jerry Wood

SK Jerry Wood, Knight of the Motn August 2018

July 2018

SK Daniel Conway

SK Dan Conway, Knight of the Month

June 2018

Richard Welp

SK Richard Welp, Knight of the Month, May 2018

May 2018

Martin Perez

Martin Perez, Knight of the Month, April 2018

April 2018

Dr. Antonio Lugay

Knight of the Month, March 2018

March 2018

Jerry Price

Jerry Price, Knight of the Month, February 2018

March 2018

Mike Miller

SK Mike Miller, Knight of the Month, February 2018

February 2018

Edward Dunai

SK Ed Dunai is the Knight of the Month, January 2018

January 2018

Robert Franciosi

Knight of the Month, December 2017

December 2017

Ron Angelo

November 2017 Knight of the Month

November 2017

Conrad Franks

Conrad serves every Sunday in the Usher Ministry and quite often in the EM Ministry. He supports Knights' events by doing some of the "heavy work" of setup, tear down, and serving on the food oline when appropriate.

October 2017

SK Larry Bleichroth

September 2017

SK Frank Scarpone

SK Frank Scarpone, Knight of the Month August 2017

July 2017

Don Tellis

Knight of the Month July 2017

June 2017

John Young

Knight of the Month June 2017

May 2017

Lou DeLuco

Knight of the Month, May 2017

April 2017

Jeff Pinto

March 2017

Michael Dill

Michael Dill, March Knight of the Month

February 2017

Santo Graziano

Knight of the Month, February 2017

January 2017

Daniel Conway

December 2016

Tom Davey

Tom just became a Knight in our October 1st Degree Exemplification. On the first weekend in December he made his 2nd and 3rd Degrees. He has volunteered for every event that we've been involved in since then. He is the kind of guy who understands what it means to be a Knight. We need a hundred more just like him.

November 2016

Harry Cameron

Harry is one of those guys who is always there when we need someone. He serves most every Sunday as an usher, he crafted ice cream sundaes at this year's Ice Cream Social. He was also active in the Tootsie Roll Campaign.

October 2016

Richard Welp

September 2016

William Torresala

August 2016

Michael Smalley

Knight of the Month August 2016

July 2016

Jerry Price

June 2016

John Young

May 2016

Gary Vycital

April 2016

Mark Sunkel

March 2016

John Smith

February 2016

Larry Bleichroth

January 2016

Brian Weber

December 2015

Andres Blanco

November 2015

Derek Fichera

"Ric” is one of those unique souls in Arizona: a native. He has been a parishioner at St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Parish for twelve years. He has been a Knight for eleven years and has attained the Fourth Degree. He works “long and crazy” hours as a cashier at a local gas station.

He is active in the St. Vincent DePaul ministry as well as serving as a deliverer of food to St. Matthew’s. He has served in several officer’s positions in the St. Bernadette Knights of Columbus Council. He has been the “Warden” and both inside and outside “Guard.”

He is also active in the usher ministry. On Sunday evenings he helps out in the Life Teen ministry.

He can often be found jumping in to help out with any event, which is going on, and he happens to be there.

If other parishioners do not know his name, they certainly recognize him as someone who jumps in to help out with whatever is going on at the time. He has mentioned several times that his greatest ambition is to open a center in downtown Phoenix to assist homeless people. He looks for ways to be helpful whenever he can.

He says, “I just love helping the homeless and making people happy.”

If you did not know him before, now you know his name, and you can thank him for all he does the next time you see him working at an event.

October 2015

Vince Cefalu

Vince has been a St. Bernadette parishioner for 17 years. He is from Porticello, Italy. His family immigrated to Wisconsin in 1958. He is married to his awesome wife, Susan Cefalu. They have five children (Gina, Lori, Carrie, Joe, & Matt) and seven grandchildren.

He is a retired Information Technology Manager who worked in technology for 40 years. He is involved and supports the following activities: Food for the Poor, Andre House, Pancake Breakfasts, Tootsie Roll Drive, Ice Cream Socials, Pall Bearer; I am also an Usher. He has participated in every event during this September. He participates always with a smile and is always ready to contribute a helping hand with whatever task he is asked to perform.

He has been a Knight since March 2014, and became a Fourth Degree Sir Knight on June 13, 2015. He enjoys traveling, gardening, genealogy, and spending time with family. He and Susan have been on 31 cruises, have traveled to more than 80 countries, and have visited all 50 states. For sure he will be helping out with the Italian Dinner. When you see him, say "Buon giorno!"

September 2015

Lou DeLuco

Lou DeLuco come to Arizona from Chicago. He and his wife, Arlene, have been married for 42 years. They are charter members, i.e., they have been members from the beginning of the St. Bernadette Parish back in 1995.

Lou and Arlene have three children: Mark, who is also a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus; Jill; and Chris.

He has his own business in the Valley called Deltech Industries, Inc.

Lou has been an active Knight for more than twenty years and has attained the 4td Degree. He contributes to most every event our St. Bernadette’s Council offers. He always supports the Italian Night with his expertise in the preparation of Italian cuisine. You will see him very often at the monthly Pancake Breakfasts as well.
He serves at all of our events if his business does not cause him to have to travel out of town.

Loo is an avid golfer. He lists golf as his first, second, and third hobbies. Because of his dedication to the game, he has also become dedicated to the St. Bernadette’s Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament. He is instrumental in the planning of our annual golf tournament. He calls the various golf courses and negotiates the best green fees he can manage for the participants in what is one of the St. Bernadette’s Knights’ most important fund raising events.

Now you know why he moved from windy Chicago to the golf courses of the Valley of Sun.

July 2015

Jerry Wood

Although Jerry Wood spent the greater portion of his adult life in and around Baltimore, Maryland and was born in Southern Kentucky, he grew up in Fairborn, Ohio near Dayton. He is a Buckeye through and through, but his favorite football team is the Baltimore Ravens. He is the father of two sons, Thomas and David, and the proud “Gramps” of Matthew. Tom is a detective sergeant with the San Diego Police, and David is a computer engineer, who still lives with his family back in Maryland.

After his retirement from the Baltimore City Community College in 1996, Jerry and his wife of 30 years, Suzan, moved to Phoenix. They are both retired, but Jerry continues teaching as an adjunct professor of German and Communication at Glendale Community College.

Jerry became a member of St. Bernadette Parish in 2009. He serves in the lector and usher ministries. He joined the Knights of Columbus in 2012, and completed the 4th Degree in 2013.

He has participated in several Council activities, among them Rosary Sunday, Catholic Men’s Conference, Mothers’ Day Roses, Italian Night, Casino Night Parish Fundraiser, and his personal favorite, the Oktoberfest. He looks forward to this year’s Ice Cream Social in September.

As a teacher of German, he is active also in the Phoenix German/Austrian/Swiss community. (Yes, there is such a thing!) He serves as the president of the Phoenix Chapter of DANK (German-American National Congress), whose home office is in Chicago. He invites everyone in the Parish who has interest in the German culture to join DANK. One doesn’t have to speak German.

He joined the Knights because he sees it as an extension of his Catholicism. St. Bernadette’s Council is very active, and the camaraderie of the Knights provides incredible friendship and true brotherhood. Working together on projects is both rewarding and fun. Jerry feels very privileged to have been chosen for this esteemed honor as he looks forward to participating in 4th Degree Regalia in the first Mass offered in the new church building.