May 2024

David Piasecki

We selected Dave as our Knight of the Month for a couple reasons. First of all, Dave is a relatively new member of the council who has really jumped in with both feet… accepting various responsibilities, learning the café oven duty and so forth. Secondly, for much of this year, he has shadowed our outgoing treasurer, and will now be assuming the Treasurer position directly. For these reasons, and also for being a generally nice guy, we name Dave Piasecki as the May Knight of the Month

April 2024

Lou Rundio

Our April Knight of the Month is Brother Lou Rundio. And it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to call this ”The Knight of the last 84 months or more”! Lou has been our council Recorder for at least seven years and he’s taking it on again next year. The Recorder is a job that is pretty much under the radar screen… not noticed by many and rarely given any praise or thanks. Somewhat invisibly, taking the meeting notes, getting them typed up and posted on the website is all behind the scenes work. Supreme guidelines requires this work gets done … especially because for various reasons, we we get called upon to ID “what we did and when we did it”. I also want to recognize “Mr Pancakes” for his contribution to the Café...especially, again under the radar, making sure the grill is squeeky clean at the end of the day. So, for those reasons, and also because he’s a great guy and a honorable gentleman, we grant the April Knight of the Month to Lou Rundio Let’s hear it for Lou!

March 2024

Frank Landowski

March ushered in Spring Training and Frank certainly took it seriously making the team as our utility infielder par excellence! At first base, he’s become a regular on the Poker team. At second, he fielded fish fry set up. He played shortstop, excelling at food serving. At third, he shone with rolled up sleeves to clean dishes. And, in extra innings, a few days after the last fish fry, he stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park doing a lion share of the work to clean out the fryers! For all this and more we honor Frank as our March Knight of the Month !

February 2024

John Posch

John works tirelessly procuring food and supplies for all of our Knights Events. In February - March John procured for 5 Fish fries, causing 5 consecutive weeks of shopping, inventorying, set -up and serving.

January 2024

Mike Gilbert

Our January Knight of the Month is Brother Mike Gilbert. We’re recognizing Mike for two particular reasons.
As you know, for a number of years the Holy Family Gala has had an auction item called “Dinner with Terry”. In fact, a couple brothers have been the winners of that item. The Knights have provided the funding as well as the preparation and serving of the event. Mike has been the lead for the last three events and has done an excellent job of managing the budget while presenting a very attractive and tasty dinner to the guests. More visibly to most of us, Mike is a key member of our café team. He leads a good share of the kitchen staff, making sure we get things going at the right time and the food is out on the line on time and when it needs to be supplemented. Mike also serves as our council Chancellor. So for those reasons, and more, we name Mike our January Knight of the Month!

December 2023

Mike Colby

Mike took the Job as Community Director this year, and he has been "Very Busy" in his first 5 Months! Mike helped run a successful ID Drive, and then planned our first post covid Christmas Party. The Christmas Party was a great success due to the planning of Mike and his wife Marie!

November 2023

Bob Vanselow

Besides Bob's work as a Council Director, Bob also volunteers for the majority of events. Bob is usually among the first to arrive, and the last to depart. Bob's uplifting spirit and work ethic multiplies every event assignment he fills!

October 2023

Dan Ostermeyer

First - Dan is a new addition as Director of our Life Programs, and in his first 60 days he helped coordinate a Blood Drive and Holy Families participation in the Right to Life March. Dan is also our hot beverage manager at the Cafe. Thanks to Dan for Stepping Up, and Stepping Quickly into his new duties!

September 2023

Deano Dalaly

For his work coordinating money and other logistics for the Intellectual Disabilities Drive. This required lots of hours over two weekends for a guy who is very busy already! The council thanks Deano for his outstanding effort!

August 2023

Glenn Yamamoto

For his great work on the Vocations Drive and Adoration Schedule.

July 2023

Steve Scheifers

For Steve's work on the Marian Ministry, promoting devotions and adoration

June 2023

Rick McMahon

For Rick's work on the council website.