July 2022

Lamar "Sonny" Hendricks

June 2022

Ashish Devassy

May 2022

Charles Strong

April 2022

Ken Lerchie

March 2022

Jeremy Erwin

February 2022

David Madere

January 2022

Fr. Kevin Slattery

December 2021

Gary Kippe

Gary and his wife Maureen are always willing to volunteer for any of the Council activities throughout the year. In Gary's short tenure as a Knight, he has exemplified the true meaning of the organization and is most worthy of this recognition.

November 2021

Dennis Strong

Dennis serves as Chancellor for the council. He has helped with many of the activities the council has worked on lately including the Parish Hall ramp decking replacement and boxing of food for the Hispanic Food Drive.

October 2021

Samuel Rust

Samuel serves as Chancellor for the council and volunteers countless hours towards the Youth Program of the parish. He also leads the rosary before mass and attends the monthly rosary in the Mary Garden.

September 2021

Ivan Cunningham

August 2021

Brian Horn

Brian has been a very active member of our council, volunteering for just about every activity.

July 2021

Nick Thomas

Nick has volunteered for many of the recent activities: Cemetery Cleanup, Chickenpendence Day Fundraiser, and sauerkraut canning to mention a few.

June 2021

Bill Weisenberger

Bill serves as a Guard for the Council. He has volunteered for the St. Joseph cemetery beautification project and has helped multiple times with lawncare at the Carmelite Monastery.

May 2021

Michael Hepburn

Michael currently serves as Warden. He is one of the faithful (along with his wife) that attend the monthly rosary in the Mary Garden the second Saturday of each Month.

April 2021

Chip Williams

Chip, once again, pulled off coordinating a Lenten Fish Fry for the parish.

March 2021

Ned Darbonne

Ned functions as the Deputy Grand Knight, has attended many state meetings, helps with lawncare at the Carmelite Monastery, and provides after-meeting meals.

February 2021

Joe Best

Joe is a past Grand Knight and functioned as a lector for the parish for many years. Although residing at St. Catherine's now, he attend mass at St. Joseph as often as he can.

January 2021

Yeck Gary

Gary functions as the Life Program Director and has tremendous passion for Life. He coordinates the monthly Rosary for Life in the Mary Garden and coordinates the annual Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser to support local pro-life charities.

December 2020

Stanic Steve

Steve has been very active since joining the council in 2020 - he has volunteered many times to usher the 8:00 am mass to help with seating during the pandemic. He also helped serve meals for our Red Beans & Rice fundraiser a few months ago.

November 2020

Arrington Paul

Paul is a silent hero when it comes to cooking for council events. He also helped with the pre-term baby burial by digging the graves.

October 2020

Stephen Muzzi

Stephen functions as the Treasurer for our council. He has religiously kept us supplied with checks for our Seminarians and other needs during the pandemic.

September 2020

David Madere

David was recognized this month for recording, editing, and posting videos for mass during the pandemic. He has also been coordinating ushers to help with seating for each mass.

August 2020

Mark Doiron

Mark has also helped with lawn service at the Carmelite Monastery multiple times (even broke his lawn mower the last time) – he has also provided meals for meetings in the past.

July 2020

Ron Baldwin

Ron served 2 years as Grand Knight and coordinated the purchase of new hats and shirts for the council. He has also helped with lawn service at the Carmelite Monastery.

June 2020

Chip Williams

Chip coordinated the annual blood drive this month, once again. He also coordinates the cooking team for the council.

May 2020

Fr. Kevin Slattery

Fr. Kevin has supported the council for many years as the Chaplain with his guidance and knowledge. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, he has sent out daily homily's via email to inspire parishioners during this trying time.

April 2020

Schirmer Eric

Eric has been very involved in our council and in the 4th Degree Assembly. He stepped up to be a delegate for this year's (virtual) State Convention.

March 2020

Patrick Beasley

Patrick has faithfully served as Financial Secretary for many years. This is the toughest officer position since they are responsible for membership dues, membership cards, paying Per Capita and filling out a multitude of forms, including tax forms, audit forms and other reports.

February 2020

Jerry Guillory

January 2020

Eddie Adkins

December 2019

Duane Stevens

November 2019

Samuel Rust

October 2019

David Madere

September 2019

Jon Vargo

August 2019

Billy Endris

June 2019

Joe Jones

May 2019

David Madere

April 2019

Nick Thomas

April 2019

Kevin Sparks

March 2019

Kevin Sparks

February 2019

Dennis Strong