December 2023

Keith Coates

November 2023

Herman Stewart

September 2022

Charles Roswell

August 2022

Doug Angradi

July 2022

Bill Blum

June 2022

John Sniezek

June 2022

Frank Arlinghaus

May 2022

Ryan Dworsky

April 2022

Bryan Teague

March 2022

Stan Lang

February 2022

Gary Trotter

January 2022

Andy Santo

December 2021

Bryan Teague

November 2021

Paul Pellegrino

October 2021

Ryan Dworski

September 2021

Frank King

August 2021

Johnny Young, Charlie Roswell, Ben Feaga , Chris Pasis

The Hospitality Team - awesome work adjusting to new rules and procedure & great pork loin and mash!

October 2020

Brothers Blum and Ostlie

Bros. Blum and Ostlie for their continued and sustained support of Drive Thru confessions and food collection and delivery.

September 2020

Brothers Angradi, Opatick, Sniezek, Tavary, Stewart, Spain

• The Knight of the Month (for September) goes to Bro. Angradi for all efforts in pulling off the first Virtual Race in our history.
• Knight of the Month goes to Bro. Teague for his continued support of the fund-raising activities.
• The Exemplification Team consisting of Bros. Opatick, Sniezek, Tavary, K. Stewart, and John Spain for the work done on executing the recent Exemplification ceremony.

August 2020

Brothers Regnier and Dunn

The Knights of the Month (for August) goes to Bro. Regnier for all efforts in pulling off a successful blood drive. Also, to Bro. Dunn for the Adopt A Highway clean-up.

July 2020

Bros. Dennison, Coates and Arlinghaus

The Knights of the Month (for July) goes to Bros. Dennison (Membership Dir.) and Coates (Family) for assuming directorship positions. Also, Bro. Arlinghaus for jumping in and taking the lead on our LSOP.

May 2020

James Lazarek

For his support in volunteering for the drive-through confession and with supporting the food drives.

March 2020

J Sniezek

KoC Knight of the Month for running the Free Throw Contest with St. Francis for the Council and District.

March 2020

F Arlinghaus

KoC Knight of the Month for running the Free Throw Contest with St. Francis for the Council and District

February 2020

Hospitality Crew

Our Hospitality Crew!

January 2020

Rick Opatick

Knight of the Month for Organizing the Christmas Dinner

December 2019

Brother M. Leumas

Knight of the Month for December 2019.

November 2019

Brother F. Arlinghaus

November 2019

Brother B. Blum

October 2019

Brother J. Knight