April 2024

Paul Tracey

March 2024

Shawn Hudson

Exemplary support in creating Website for both annual Superbowl brisket sales and Last One Standing Fund raiser.

February 2024

John Kennedy

January 2024

Ron Tarpley

December 2023

Jeff Aurit

Dec 2023 for Support of Kolbe Prison Ministry

November 2023

Nelson Jetter

For efforts leading support efforts for Boerne Christians Men's Thanksgiving Turkey Fry event Nov 2023

November 2020

Bryan Meyer

February 2020

Adam Herbst

January 2020

Edmund Guerrero

December 2019

Marco Nunez

November 2019

Mike Lyle

October 2019

Phillip Clemmons

September 2019

Monsignor Flood

August 2019

Shawn Hudson

July 2019

David Boerner

June 2019

Jim Mazurek

May 2019

Leander Bockholt

April 2019

Harvey Hubertus

March 2019

Mark Rohde

February 2019

Ed Hoeppner

January 2019

Bob Fahy

For all the work and effort for our Memorial Service

December 2018

Bill Wladika

November 2018

Wade Dillard

work on the "Coats for Kids" project

October 2018

James Pospisil

October 2018

Tony Gobernatz

October 2018

James Pospisil

October 2018

Tony Gobernatz

August 2018

Raymond Macias

Raymond was the lead for the Parish Pool Party.

July 2018

Jim Abshire

June 2018

Deacon Paul Rayburg

June 2018

Deacon Ken Nichols

June 2018

Mnsg. Peter Flood

June 2018

Fr. Tony Cummins

June 2018

Fr. Norm Ermis

June 2018

Deacon Mike Matteson

May 2018

Gregory Wolf

Greg Wolf did an amazing job with the Last One Standing. Greg and his wife Darla created this years event which allowed people to move around the ballroom and interact like never before. Great job Greg!

April 2018

Jesse Martinez

Jesse is April's co-Knight of the month. Jesse is serving the Church, and the community daily. He quietly jumps in and goes to work without calling attention to himself. Jesse is a true servant and we are glad he is in our Council.

April 2018

Harvey Hubertus

Harvey Hubertus is April's co-Knight of the month. Harvey is another typical Knight who goes around quietly doing service here and there. In the last couple of months he dedicated every weekend to help generate interest and signing up parishioners to donate blood.

Thanks for your dedication and testimony Harvey!

March 2018

Peterson John

SK John Peterson is March's Knight of the Month. John is involved with the youth at the Boerne elementary schools and Rotary Club to help promote good character through a program called First Knights and Early Act Club. Traits of character include tolerance, responsibility, confidence, respect, honesty, compassion, friendliness, and service. John also participates in activities with Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and many other activities at the Church.
John is a great example of good Catholic man, and a great Knight.

February 2018

Tony Gobernatz

Tony was chosen as February's Knight of the month for his selfless contribution to the super bowl brisket BBQ. Tony served his brother Knights dinner for two evenings while we seasoned and cooked briskets. Tony works silently behind the scenes, and his service is greatly appreciated!

February 2018

Al Nuncio

Al Nuncio was also awarded February's Knight of the month for taking on a huge project for our council. He was the lead for the super bowl brisket BBQ, and helped make our fundraiser a success with his dedication and leadership.

January 2018

Bubba Simnacher

Bubba was chosen for Januarys Knight of the Month because of his efforts in helping with the Memorial service and the Texas Right to life bus trip to Austin.

Bubba is full of integrity and is always open to giving a helping hand when needed.

December 2017

Wladika Bill

Bill was voted Knight of the month for December. Bill shows up for most of of the events with an eagerness to serve, and a smile on his face. His enthusiasm is contagious and we value him as a brother Knight.

November 2017

Elmer Pavlas

Elmer Pavalas was awarded the Knight of The Month for November for his countless hours that he spent making appointment, cleaning up, and making sure that the Knights and the Christian Men of Boerne had access to the old Kendall County Fair Grounds where we were able to fry 400 turkeys, and provide Thanksgiving meals for the those families less fortunate in Kendall County.

Thanks for your service Elmer!

October 2017

Edmund Guerrero

Edmund Guerrero is October's Knight of The Month. Edmund is a man with a huge heart and has endless energy to help our Council, individuals in need, The Church, and loving his wife and family. What a great example he is for the Knights and Catholics in our community.
Thanks Edmund!

September 2017

Jerry Muehlberger

Knight of the Month
Jerry was asked to created a RCIA program for the Kolbe Missions Team which serves 35 prisons in Texas. Since 2009, Jerry and his team of men have set up RCIA/Sacraments prep for most if not all of the prisons. They started off the first year with 40 baptisms/confirmations, and now there are in the 100's every year. These men were called to bring Christ's presence into prisons where they have answered that call. What an amazing act of selflessness and charity.

Way to go Jerry and Kolbe Team!

July 2017

Bruce Anderson

Bruce is instrumental in keeping our Council records update to date and accurate. He's on the job for us every day and very much appreciated.

July 2017

Crews Mark

Mark has helped the Council to record many of our events through the pictures he takes. He is always lending a hand and is a valuable part of our Council.

April 2017

Charlie Wasson

Charlie Wasson held a very successful Tootsie Roll Drive that supports the Knights of Columbus Charity projects. Charlie has helped on several other events throughout the year. We are proud that Charlie is a member of our Council

March 2017

David Detelich

David's work on the Station of Cross helped the parish and the Knights of Columbus present an excellent program.

February 2017

Rob Walz

Rob Walz and his wife Barb hosted our winter dance (The Snow Ball). It was a very nice event, and everyone who attended had a great time.

January 2017

Fred Hernandez

Fred hosted the Free Throw competition, and it was a huge success.

December 2016

Jim Mazurek

Jim Mazurek is the most helpful Knight in our Council. He helps whenever he can, and is also at the main fundraising events. Jim's work at the church is very important, but often not recognized. He opens up the church, he takes the collections to the bank, he helps with week day masses, and everywhere he is needed. He is the that guy in the background we see helping out selflessly always.

October 2016

Elmer Pavlas

Elmer Pavlas is awarded Knight of the month for October for his participation at the Fall Festival, Fish Fry and Boerne Rod Run. Elmer cooked extensively at all events, and his involvement made each one a very successful venture.

October 2016

Al Nuncio

Al Nuncio is awarded Knight of the month for his work at the Fall Festival and Boerne Rod Run. Al manned the burger booth for the entire Fall Festival, and was instrumental in getting all the food served for the food booths served by the Knights at the fall festival. Without Al's help and assistance the Fall Festival would not had been successful for St Peters this year.

September 2016

Richard Meneses

September Knight of the Month - Membership Retention

August 2016

Hicks Ken

August Knight of the Month - Pancake Breakfast fundraiser

August 2016

Gonyer Greg

August Knight of the Month - Blood Drive