February 2023

Jon Hofer

September 2022

Ron Blanchard

Ron is one of those men you can always count on to pitch in and help. He serves as our Lecturer, collects and recycles aluminum cans and volunteers for our events. He is a real asset to the Knights.

August 2022

Tom Donahoo

July 2022

Michael Losada

Mike has distinguished himself in many ways in service to our council and parish. Besides serving as an officer he chairs our blood drives and is always present at our activities. He is on his way to Spain to participate in the Camino de Santiago

June 2022

Matt Angiulo

Matt has done an outstanding job as our recorder (and Scribe to the assembly). He will undoubtedly do a great job as our Deputy Grand Knight.

May 2022

Tony McFarland

Tony is one of our Knights who is always there, ready to help He can be seen at all of our fund raising events and is a regular at our Friday Rosary. He is a bit camera-shy as we have no photo for him!

February 2022

Brian Landry

January 2022

Ron Blanchard

Ron has given much of his time and talent. He single-handedly runs our aluminum can recycling program. collecting and crushing hundreds of cans and taking them to the recycling facility. He also volunteered to handle sales of the Roadrunner hockey game tickets as part of our PWID program. He serves as our Lecturer.

September 2020

Matthew Angiulo

SK Matthew has done an outstanding job of reorganizing and publishing the council's meeting minutes. He is to be commended for his diligence and patience.

October 2019

Wayne Mikolewjeski

Wayne worked tirelessly as our chef for the Polish dinner. He ordered and picked up the food supplies, did all the prep work and cooking. We received many compliments on the food. Thank you Waynt.

September 2019

Brian Landry

Brian's constant and seemingly tireless devotion to our council is very much appreciated. In addition to all his other activities, he organized and oversaw our support for the parish's 50th Anniversary Jubilee.

August 2019

Charles Beaty

SK Charles is an exemplary Knight. He volunteers for nearly every event including ceremonials (although we did give him the night off on his borthday)! After joining, he quickly moved through the degrees including the Patriotic Degree. Congratulations Charles.

January 2019

Richard Snow

Dick became a Knight about four months ago. He is now a third degree. He is active in feeding the poor and in our Council activities. He is very faithful to our Church. He has become a powerful example for all his brother Knights in his response to the calling of Christ. This recognition is a small token of our thanks to our brother.

October 2018

Robert Brandt

December 2017

Patrick Brena

Brother Patrick Brena is our Knight of the Month for December for the work that he has done over this year to help set up halls per our request and the many personal hours he put in for the new cabinets and storage closets for our Council and Assembly. Patrick is often overlooked for his helpfulness in our endeavors to get paper goods from Church stores for us to conduct our functions. The Cabinet project was a large undertaking for him and if we had to contract or purchase the replacement unit we would of spent more time and possibly be still discussing what to do.

December 2016

Tony Pennisi

Tony has served the council in an outstanding manner. He took on the chairmanship of the Breakfast With Santa event. His skillful planning and organinzing were key to its success. He has now volunteered to chair the State Raffle for 2017 and I am sure that will also be a success.

March 2016

Grant Pieper

Brother Grant has devotedly and with excellence served as the Council Deputy Grand Knight for the past three years. He does his duties in a quiet, efficient and diplomatic manner, establishing strong and viable teamwork through his leadership. He also serves as chairman of vital Council functions. During the Lenten season, he revamped our Parish Lenten dinners using his highly honed executive skills to build a team, develop a menu, insure product excellence and control costs leading to a very successful season widely accepted by the Parish. He is the ideal Knight who serves as a beacon for other knights to emulate. It is our honor to recognized him for his achievements.

February 2016

Brian A. Landry

Sir Knight Brian A. Landry, PGK during his many years as a member of this Council has served in almost all Council Officer positions and presently serves as the Recorder. He was the Grand Knight for 3 years. He is involved in most of the Council activities and serves as Chairman on many Council committees and for vital activities. His leadership is unparalleled which coupled with his unflagging energy, patience and diplomacy have insured the excellent reputation enjoyed by this Council within the Knights of Columbus. Without Brian, this Council might very well have been just a mediocre group going through rote participation. He is looked up to by all who know him in the Knights of Columbus and this Parish. A more deserving honoree would be hard to fin.

November 2015

Anthony S. Pennisi

Tony Pennisi has been the mainstay of our Council's monthly Red Cross Drive for over 4 years. He works closely with the Red Cross, our Council and our Parish to insure required resources and manpower which has led to always successful blood drives. Even though Tony is still actively employed in a job which requires numerous trips out of state, he remains involved with all Parish and Council activities whenever possible. He is a faithful Knight and a devoted and practical practitioner of his faith. He is an example well worth emulating by out membership. It is our Council's honor to give him this award.

October 2015

Fred Falgiano

Fred has served as our Council PWID chairman and Arizona Special Olympics coordinator for many years. Through his tireless efforts, positive spirit and ability to draw people to his projects, he is able to involve large numbers of volunteers from the Parish and Council which has drawn the admiration of other Councils and the administration at the Arizona Special Olympics. Each year has been more successful then the preceding year earning thousands of dollars and huge numbers of hours to benefit these activities. He is truly awe inspiring. In his way, he walks the talk as a Knight of Columbus and a special Catholic gentleman. He is well deserving of this award.

May 2015

Christopher Ortiz

Christopher serves as an example to all Knights. Although suffering from intellectual disabilities, he does not let this stop his enthusiastic support for all his council's activities. He is proud to represent the Knights of Columbus in his council red shirt urging parishioners to support various council events. With the help of his mother he is at almost all council functions. His smile and enthusiasm is infectious and inspires all of us to do better. I can think of no better honoree for out council May Knight of the month nomination.

November 2014

Grantley Pieper

SK Grant Pieper is our St. Peter, since he is the rock and foundation of our Council. As the Deputy Grand Knight for the past two years, he has been the right hand of the Grand Knight, assisting where ever he is needed. From the first day in his office, he demonstrated his outstanding leadership skills, knowledge of organization, and a keen insight into the abilities of others. As chair of the various directorates in the Council, he has insured that the Council has become one of the most active in Arizona with meaningful activities which exemplify what the Knights of Columbus is all about. He readily fills in for the Grand Knight when needed and always does an excellent job. He is also one of our most industrious worker bees to insure the job gets done. He can be relied upon in all things. For the aforementioned attributes he is highly admired and looked up to by all his brothers in Council 10762. His fellow knights feel that he is definitely one of the most deserving recipient of this award. It is truly an honor to recommend him.

September 2014

Jim Nicklaus

Jim is that quiet, hard working Knight who through his volunteer effort ensures the success of this Council in meeting its goals. He has given freely of his time to help with the Special Olympics and for the numerous hours he expended with the PWID drive helping us exceed our goals this year. He walks the path and talks the talk of a true Knight of Columbus. He is a truly deserving Knight for the Month of September.

July 2014

Tony Pennisi

Even with a busy work schedule, Tony has capably performed the functions of his office as Council Recorder this past year. This adroitly shows the character of this hard working Knight. He meticulously insures that all Council assignments and tasks are done in the best interest of the Knights. His cheerful demeanor, deep abiding faith and love of everyone, makes him a perfect candidate for this singular honorl

June 2014

John V. Caccitolo

Although Sir Knight John V. Caccitolo has only been a Knight of Columbus for a little over one year, his presences has been felt from day one. He has become an inspiration for us all. He has taken the teachings of Fr. McGivney and the tenets of the Knights of Columbus to heart. He willingly gives of himself where needed in Council activities. His warm smile and quiet hard work has endeared himself to his brother Knights. He was instrumental in the success of this year's State Raffle Program, personally selling over $1,000 in tickets. The respect and trust of his brother Knights can be seen in the fact that he was elected as our Chancellor for Council year 2014/2015. He is very worthy of being honored as our June Knight of the Month.

May 2014

Chuck Chap

Chuck Chap is one of those Knights who works diligently and quietly year after year and we often fail to notice. He has been the key man for our doughnut program for several years as well as an essential for our annual flea market. Without fanfare, he accumulated over 250 hours of voluntary service at the VA hospital in Tucson - serving those who served. To my knowledge we have never honored Chuck with Knight of the Month. It is time.

April 2014

Dcn Dennis Ranke

Deacon Dennis is looked upon by all Council members as a truly religious mentor. He looks out to insure he meets the spiritual needs of all Knights in our Council. Th is is his 25th Ordination Anniversary and it is appropriate we honor him for his work. He truly is a man of God and is an example of what all knights should strive to be.

March 2014

Maurice Ouimet

It with great pleasure and admiration that I nominate Sir Knight Maurice L Ouimet as Council 10762 Knight of the Month. Maurice is that essential unassuming hard worker who can be depended upon to do the work of our Council. His strong belief in charity and service to his fellow man, leads him expend numerous hours in this quest to his Church, Parish and Council. He does this with no thought of self aggrandizement and is held up by his fellow knights as a beacon to follow in their own quests to be better Catholics and Knights of Columbus

February 2014

Joe Gulotta

Joe has always been very active and involved in the activities of the council but he has really stepped up his efforts in February when he has taken the role of running the St Patrick's day Dinner Dance to assist one of our ailing knights without missing a beat. In addition, Joe is heavily involved in state raffle sales and is coordinating the Diocese Priests Appreciation Dinner for our council. Joe does all of the above with a smile and the usual humor that makes it a pleasure to work with him.

January 2014

Dan Pinda