November 2022

Michael Kunigonis

Mike is a stalwart Member involved in all phases of Church activity.

October 2022

Kevin Bradberry

Past Grand Knight was honored for his contributions to the Council.

September 2022

Rev Santa Teresa

Our Chaplain and Parish Parochial Vicar Knight of the Money

June 2022

Blankenbuehler Ken

Ken is the Treasurer and a PGK.

March 2022

Avis Jask

Jack was instrumental in the movement of donated pews for the church basement reconstruction.

February 2022

Joe Jacobs

Joe is a consummate sales man selling our Super Bowl subs,

January 2022

Gallo Greg

Knight of the month Greg Gallo has distinguished himself in his first year as a member.

December 2021




November 2021

Joe Jacobs

Joe is a consummate salesman and leads the Council in raffle sales. He is the Knight of the month.

October 2021

Dan Norman

Dan and Jim Norman were selected to be the Knights of the Month for their work in cleaning the kitchen after 20 months of idle kitchen work for our October Breakfast. Dan and Jim also showed up the Saturday after the Breakfast to do the Street Clean with Bernie and Ken.

Congratulations Jim and Dan.

September 2021

Mike Kunigonis

Mike is our September Grand Knight an active member who heads of the parish Columbus Day Golf Tournament with Sir Knight Tony Cannata and other volunteers.

August 2021

Ken Blankenbuehler

Ken handles the Baptism assignments for the COUNCILS FOUR Baptism Knights, Sir Knights Ken, Mike Kunigonis, Ed Roff and Sir Knight Rich Gisondi all Past Grand Knights.

April 2021

Ray Norman

Ray our member recruitment Chairman has been working diligently to get Walmart of Egg Harbor Township to agree to allow the Council to have a fund raiser outside of their facility. Walmart has approved the Council request and it will be implemented when the Company approves these activities.

December 2020

Kenneth Blankenbuehler

Chancellor Blankenbuehler was awarded the Knight of the Month for December

October 2020

Jerry Griffin

Jerry is awarded the October award for service to the Council

September 2020

Joe Jacobs

Joe is our Knight of the Month for September. He is a tireless worker for our Council and the best at gathering donations for our programs.

July 2020

Michael Kunigonis

Our Knight of the Month Mike Kunigonis assisted the parish in the reopening the church. Designing the seating system and scheduling our Council members for Saturday and Sunday masses as ushers. Members were also briefed on cleaning methods to utilize after mass.

April 2020

Kevin Bradberry

Kevin was awarded the New Jersey State Council Knight of the Month for May 2020 by District Deputy Christopher Tomasello, JR.

December 2019

Bernie Griffin

Congratulations to Bernie Griffin our Knight of the Month for December.

November 2019

Kevin Bradberry

Kevin is being honored for his efforts in resuscitating a customer at Harbor Pines Golf Club. Kevin is our Deputy Grand Knight and a credit to our Order.

March 2019

Gerard Griffin

Our Knight of the month was instrumental in selling tickets to fill the theater for the movie UNPLANNED.

January 2019

Don Cheatle

Don as usual does a great job organizing our Super Bowl Sub sale each year.

December 2018

Alan Parmalee

Alan displayed his skills as Santa Claus during our December Breakfast with Santa.

November 2018

Rafael Maldonado

Rafael distributed turkeys to needy residents of Atlantic City, NJ prior to Thanksgiving. Rafael has continually put charity to his community in his endeavors as owner of City Wide Towing.

August 2018

Joe Jacobs

Our Knight for the month of August Joe Jacobs raised significant donations in our American Flag giveaway at the Atlantic City Air Show. Joe's untiring work on the boardwalk also helped in our sales of the Thunderbird Gear.

July 2018

Ray Norman

Ray organized the KofC State Tootsie Roll Drive raising money for the Special Olympics, Faces For Autism.

January 2018

Dominick Yacovelli

Congratulation to our January Knight of the Month Youth Chairman, Dominic Yacovelli.

December 2017

Dennis Flanagan

Dennis started out as our Santa Claus at the December Breakfast but passed the banner to Alan Parmlee. Dennis has always been a volunteer and outstanding Knight of Columbus

November 2017

Tom Vasallo

Tom has been our Sunday breakfast cook for the past year. He has done a great job for the Council.

October 2017

Michael Kunigonis

Mike has been integral member of the Parish Team in the success of the Annual Columbus Day Golf Tournament raising thousands of dollars to support St. Joseph's Parish. Mike is an involved member Past Grand Knight and Color Color Corps Commander of Assembly 662.

May 2017

Jack Avis

April 2017

James Armstrong

Our Knight of the Month Jim Armstrong has been with the Council since December 2016 having advanced to the third degree of full knighthood. Jim has already proved to be a credit to our council with his dedication to our programs. Congratulations Jim.

November 2016

Ray Norman

Our Trustee Ray Norman shows again why he is a valuable member of the Council.

October 2016

Lepre Chris

Our Knight of the Month for November is Chris Lepre. Chris has maintained the kitchen as well as performing needed work around the church over the last few years. He is an invaluable member of our Council and we will miss him as he ventures to Philadelphia to live. Good Luck Chris.

September 2016

Danny Norman

Dan is recognized for his contributions to our Council at Saturdays 5:30pm mass and tending to the cleaning of pots, pans, utensils and miscellaneous items at each Sunday breakfast held during the year.
We should call him "Dan the dishpan Man".

August 2016

Glenn Monroe

Glenn our First Year Trustee has been the rain maker for our annual Atlantic City Air Show event.
Glenn works tirelessly for the Council.

July 2016

Raymond Norman

Knight of the Month Ray Norman continues to devote his time to our Council. Congratulations Ray.

August 2015

Ray Norman

Ray is a hard working doer for the Council.

January 2015

Jamie Mazzara

Knight Jamie Mazzara is always available to assist our Council.

November 2014

Ray Norman

Ray is our Knight of the Month. He has worked to fund the Feed The Needy Program which this year is being run by Bud Hanlin. Ray is a tireless worker always involved in Council activities and willing to what is necessary for success. He is one of a kind.

October 2014

Michael Kunigonis

Mike along with Joe Craddock and Tony Cannata were instrumental in the success of the Councils sponsorship of the Parish Columbus Day Open on October 13. Mike is a Past Grand Knight and tireless worker for the Knights And Parish.

October 2014

Michael Kunigonis

Mike was instrumental in the success of the Parish Golf Tournament. He is a tireless worker for the Council, Assembly and Parish

September 2014

Bernard Griffin

Bernie Griffin is our Knight of The Month for September. He has shown true volunteerism by placing himself at all the events in September including the breakfast and three donut and coffee weekends. Coming in early and setting up.